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Metallica - HardwiredTo Self Destruct (2016) - Full Album

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Text Comments (3821)
Cuzjudd (1 hour ago)
This has the best Metallica thrash in 25 years so yer. Not saying the album is amazing but they got back on the right path here. Best in ages can't be denied
DavidDavidsonful (2 hours ago)
Would be better with shorter song structure and no Kirk solos, also kinda sad that they can't play this speed live, especially Lars and Kirk. Very dishonest.
山崎雄二 (23 hours ago)
Nia Estrella-Payne (1 day ago)
Another great album
Paulgaming15 Beta (2 days ago)
All albums ranked: Kill 'Em All. Score: 10/10. Why? It is the album with the most fast songs. Ride The Lightning. Score: 8,5/10. Why? It's a good album but not what I'm searching for. Master Of Puppets. Score: 9,5/10. Why? Fast songs but not like Kill. ... And Justice For All. Score: 8/10. Why? I don't really care about how famous a song is. The Black Album. Score: 7,5/10. Why? Well here we start the Metallica let down with a hard rock album. Load. Score: 5,9/10. Why? OH MY GOD IS DAT METALLICA?!? ReLoad. Score: 5,5/10. Why? A sequel to Load that's even worse? What is happening to them? St. Anger. Score: 3,8/10. Why? I think that this one is even worse than Load and ReLoad?!? Death Magnetic. Score: 7,5/10. Why? Phew we needed an album like that! Hardwired... To Self - Destruct. Score: 8/10. Why? The problem with the albums since Master is that they had not even two fast songs. Well that problem is solved with Hardwired and Spit Out The Bone. So now what is going to be Metallica's next album? Is it going to be good or is it going to be bad?
Enzo Rivas (2 days ago)
I had a puppy, I played this and now I have a wolf
KRTeam (2 days ago)
Album cover is same with Crowbar-Odd Fellows Rest album
Brent Edward (2 days ago)
sounds a lot like their real early stuff.. i'm not a super big fan of the band, but this is back to the original formula, not commercial at all.
Borys Iliew (3 days ago)
Jesus, i came here after long sesions with Portal, SuperJoint and Pantera...and this is such a bullshit. Its not a band, its a pop metal business company. With those catchy, straight from the book riffs and funny, pretensional singing. You can even dance to this crap😂
ArgentOrangeOK (5 days ago)
Wow.  I haven't listened to Metallica since Load came out.  When did they start sounding like Metallica again?  This sounds great.
Плохо. Очередной слабенький альбом. Опять дудки ни 1-го хита. Переслушивать ни одну песню не буду.
Nick A (8 days ago)
At 38 I've heard enough metallica to easily be tired of it, but this kinda rocks
Elmetalero1234 Grt (9 days ago)
Esto es metallica carajoooooi arriba el metal metallica esto es metallica locoo
VincenzoAureo (9 days ago)
Best vocals in the past like 20 years lol
Luke G (9 days ago)
I give it a B- as as an old school fan
Jugis Morales (9 days ago)
Is good , but it will never be another Black album!!!
atila iles (9 days ago)
🤘🏆🚧🛫🚀🛰️🛸☀️🌠⚡. METALLICA is the best.
Raffaele Pezzella (9 days ago)
Very good album. It's a shame for the clipping. Loudness war not over.
YOWIE HUNTER (10 days ago)
Luca Agazzi (10 days ago)
I love this album!
terriblecertainity (10 days ago)
their worst so far. i liked all their prevous stuff, including St.Anger, but these songs are just uninspired to me.Get back to experimenting, not just pleasing metal fans
alexxkidd33 (10 days ago)
Roderick de Leon (10 days ago)
Cant hear the bass again,another justice album?but i like it!
RJDCR (10 days ago)
Visionaryness (11 days ago)
ads in the middle of the song whyyyyy
phil sg68 (12 days ago)
Super album de Metallica : Ça envoie du napalm : 🤘💀🤘🎸
Scott Patterson (12 days ago)
Goddamn Kirk serves up some tasty chops like never before. Damned good Album.
Stealthcola (13 days ago)
Avraham Greenhut (14 days ago)
Lehel Balázs (14 days ago)
山崎雄二 (14 days ago)
今の時代が求めているpowerがある。だからいいと思う。。There is power that this era is seeking. So I think it's good. .
Abdu ben zayed (15 days ago)
They still alive - great album MetallicA
Lolo Lolo (15 days ago)
Muy bueno el disco pero la propaganda me arto . No me gusta. No me gusta
indra0704 (16 days ago)
Instant goosebumps => "Spit Out the Bone"
ThePriestLightning (16 days ago)
Great Album!
Gkeros Filippos (16 days ago)
2.800 people should fade to black
kammen1flatza (16 days ago)
Atlas, rise sounds so Iron Maiden! Was there a cooperation?
Mαธ๐η Μαฤ (16 days ago)
..... and Jamesus came down from the place where moths burn unto flames and said unto thee, *I, your Phantom LORD of Summer, have thine ten Commentallicaments of Stone and Metal and Liquor, and thus I say unto Just Us and All* ... 1. *Thou shalt not Hit the Lights, except for when in Darkness* 2. *Thou shalt not Seek and Destroy, except for Wherever I may Rome* 3. *Thou shalt not Blasphemetallica against the Jamesus, your Phantom LORD of Summer* 4. *Thou shalt not forget these Disposable Heroes* 5. *Thou shalt not covet The Thing that Should not Be* 6. *Thou shalt not be the sower of seed for the Harvester of Sorrow* 7. *Thou shalt not be Blackened, for it is the End, and winter it will send* 8. *Thou shalt not Ride the Lightning, for thou shalt be Trapped under Ice* 9. *Thou shalt not desire Sanitarium, for thine shall Fade to Black* 10. *Thou shalt not look the Four Horsemen in thine Eye of the Beholder, for To Live is To Die and thou shall become the Master of Puppets* *Say I these things unto thee and maketh thee exclaim the Call of Ktulu*
hisvorpalsword (18 days ago)
Big 3.
Юрий Plate (18 days ago)
Good album, but i like old version of Lords Of Summer.
Салон House (18 days ago)
Это написала Металлика !!!??? Какой кошмар !!! Это не металл а священник какой то. Стыдно и бесчестье Металике ))))) То же мне образ Металла )))))))!!!!!
serban roman (18 days ago)
Spit Out the Bone is one hell of a track!
Mohd jais Bin kamar (18 days ago)
Masuk keje am layan lagu sebegini boleh membuat kitaceriaaaa!!!!
Gnarly Red (19 days ago)
Thanks for all the ads, your doing someones work
MDN 83 (19 days ago)
Pantera is soooooooo much better!!!!
gotohellaaron (20 days ago)
I should've bought this.
EJ Taylor (20 days ago)
Anyone else remember the "full album leak" before it was released and it had a slowed down version of "into the lungs of hell" hahhaha
Juang Alfarisi (21 days ago)
ehhhhh aaaaah.....
Vitor Roque Da Graça (21 days ago)
Number one album 🤘🤪🤘
Tombstoned. (23 days ago)
Imagine Jason playing Dream No More live. Madness!
Micha Schwartz (23 days ago)
Wooohooooo! Thanx for it! My car-audio-system blows up! It is my new number one album of Metallica. Love it!
Jere Cayu (24 days ago)
This disc is shit
Leandro Rodrigues (24 days ago)
HellBent Game (25 days ago)
Dang the ads in this 'video'.
EPHEMERAL (25 days ago)
About the songs composition: Dream no more = Sad but true (both have very heavy riffs) Halo on fire = Fade to black (fade to black is a masterpiece compared to halo) Hardwired = Battery (kinda similar speed and riffs) Now that we are dead = I dissapear (the beginning mostly, dead is such a better song) Here comes revenge = All nightmare long (nightmare is faster, but both have some grunge stuff on it) The other songs are pretty unique, specially ManUNkind, whose beggining reminds me of Wherever I may roam a little bit. Atlas, rise! and Spit out the bone are pure trash. And Halo always gets me chills while playing or listening to it. The end is fucking amazing!!
MightyCrystal (26 days ago)
Алло, тянки, пишите)
Alvin the Chipmunk (26 days ago)
God damn! Surprisingly thrashy! Good stuff. Reminds me of old Metallica. Not quite Master of puppets level goodness, but definitely better than St. Anger.
Leszek Dudek (26 days ago)
Old Best trash
Vitor Bonfa (26 days ago)
Kick ass album!
Vitor Bonfa (26 days ago)
Thats the Metallica we all want ! Awesome
Marcus (26 days ago)
since 1982 to nowadays this bitches still playing good heavy metal .. the kings of heavy
Synthstream FM (27 days ago)
I was here for about 2 minutes... then I clicked on the "Ride the Lightning" full album link.
Injo (27 days ago)
Good album, best since Black Album. If a few of the worse songs from Disc 2 were cut I think it could have gone from good to great. Spit out the Bone is so ridiculously good that it would have been one of the best songs on any of the 80s albums.
Camelia1 Bratfalean (27 days ago)
56:36 Is this Sasuke ? 😂
idealmethod (28 days ago)
real good album. easy going rock tunes, dam that rhythm guitar is good.
Trey Hildesheim (28 days ago)
Fuck Lars and their pathetic attempts to be like their old-school self's, pretty sure Cliff is still continuing to be rolling in his grave...
Peter Lightning (28 days ago)
I'd rather be listening to MegadetH.
shonz88 (28 days ago)
Metallica is the original Linkin Park. They both got more and more famous with every album they put out, but at the height of their fame, they didn’t like the same music the fans did. The fans don’t realize that our favorite albums were the ones the bands hated the most which is why all their new stuff sucks. Neither band has been relavent for at least 4 albums which is why Metallica still putting out new stuff is sad. Either tune it like And Justice or stop making music. Nobody wants to hear your grungy garage crap; just like Linkin Park, it sounds like a bunch of old dudes trying to re-live the glory days....
J. Creller (28 days ago)
This sounds like the MetallicA I grew up with.
Albeit_Jordan (29 days ago)
Gotta respect them for sticking to their roots and keeping with that 80s sound. This album sounds like 1985 captured on 21st century technology.
MrElRockero (29 days ago)
MetallicA is back!!!!
Tommy pedersen (29 days ago)
This is a grat album, but funny enough, i Think that the titel number sucks. Med vennelig hilsen, fra en af Lars Ulrichs landsmænd.
Paddy Pentatonic (29 days ago)
06 . 2019 in Germany 🖒🙌🙌🙌
Andrea Bosetti (29 days ago)
Merdallica. ...che brutta fine
Ivan Lyutiy (30 days ago)
fuckin emo metal
Gaston Kundt (30 days ago)
Lampwired to self destruct Lamp, turn on now that the lamps are broken burning lamp no more lights Lights on fire Lamp-fusion lampUNkind here comes the lamp i Am a lamp?
Sebas Musso (30 days ago)
es horrible este album de Metallica demasiado trabado le falta melodias, no suena a canciones buenas compuestas simplemente un machacado atras de otro.
Marcus Simoes (1 month ago)
good album but i was hoping for more versatility and cooler guitar riffs. like dystopia. but good album for sure
citanaf (1 month ago)
wow, all this fame, glory and money and they end up having THIS as their album artwork? My eyes and head hurt, what fucking utter shit it is
Mario4life (1 month ago)
@ little kids during musical chairs
Frank Landry (1 month ago)
Marin Cheshmedjiev (1 month ago)
Perfect, as allways!
Diego Andrade (1 month ago)
6:26 that riff you respect!
Buddy Banks (1 month ago)
Album was alright. Nice to know they're still jamming. Guess I'm a fan of their old stuff, like kill em all, Justice for all, and master of puppets. Speaking of which, think I'm gonna jam to ride the lightning album!
Petruccikakias (1 month ago)
Mukhlis Saidi (1 month ago)
modern metal
Amon Ra (1 month ago)
R W (1 month ago)
I think they reach their end
B T (1 month ago)
Una Snell (1 month ago)
dadloves it
sativaf84usall (1 month ago)
Savage as fuck!!!!!!! All hail speed metal and rock video girls!!!!!
Dion Martin (1 month ago)
(dmetl) #190 - finally get to hear this gem 2 years after it's release
k'in krownhibb (1 month ago)
best metallica album after the black one......but there are so many megadeth lines here people, many, and it is a good thing........
A.J. Giglio (1 month ago)
I think it would be sacrilege if one were to say this is good as and justice for all or the cliff burton records. But I believe this is better than the black album
cammpinno2018 (1 month ago)
Absolutely great songs: 1 - 6, 12. Would have been an awesome single album with 7 of these (+ maybe Confusion), right up with their best albums ever. But still I like the whole thing.
PepeGearSolid (1 month ago)
This shit sucks. Everything after AJFA sucks.
The Besttttttt
Derrick Mckenzie (1 month ago)
I was very surprised by this album. I love it, I listen to it often.
Yerman Tovar (1 month ago)
What a great álbum...
Nick Stoltz (1 month ago)
It's like nu-metal... except it's good what? how?

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