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8 Upcoming Nintendo 3DS Games of 2018

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Listing all 3DS video games coming soon this 2018. These are the most anticipated titles that will be releasing on the Nintendo eShop this 2018. Support this channel by buying these games thru the Amazon links below: whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover and Share your video game choices at http://www.whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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hazindu (10 days ago)
Radiant Historia is so good it makes me rethink my hatred of Atlus. Then Aliance Alive assured me that Radiant was a fluke and Atlus is indeed the LJN of RPGs.
Dark Arisha (22 days ago)
0:34 "Main character a 16 year old girl" .... eh? O_o
viclops Xmen (2 months ago)
Nintendo not about to abandon what kept them Alive for years
Ayumii (2 months ago)
remco moerland (2 months ago)
U guess im moving on to the switch now :/ Rip quality 3ds content ;-;
Chaseing Rainbows (3 months ago)
Jappo Crappo
RumoTu (4 months ago)
King knight is 4th campaign, not 3rd. It's 3rd DLC
Lauren SapphireMoon (4 months ago)
I don’t really want the switch coz tbh it looks really bad and I think the 3DS is much better and has much better games in my opinion 😊
MotherBear Taylor (5 months ago)
And Dragon age.
MotherBear Taylor (5 months ago)
I want Skyrim on 3DS. Please.
Michael Switzer (5 months ago)
Number one on the list is a Kirby game are u kidding me!
?????? Loner (5 months ago)
I'm not sure if 3ds game are getting better or worse.....
salah hbs (5 months ago)
sooo is it a good idea to buy a 3ds in 2018 ?
Badongski (6 months ago)
Sushi striker actually looks cool imo haha
When the guys voice is do dull it sounds like a text to speech robot
Eikichi Onizuka (6 months ago)
Dq 11 3ds is japan exclusive lol
GamerFromJump (7 months ago)
Even if nothing else comes out after this year, my 3DS will see a lot of use. The library is damn *_huge_* and there's plenty to play.
Lary Rauh (7 months ago)
Anyone remember Dragon Quest IX? Will I ever get to know what that ending was all about?
Garret Tously (7 months ago)
Unfortunately, seems like its time to sell my 3DS on ebay...
TheMike0088 (7 months ago)
so, this is the first video of this channel that I'm watching, and right from the first entry I can tell that you guys are terribly informed. 1) the main character of DQ XI is a boy, not a girl. 2) this was not known back when the video came out, but the 3DS version is actually not being localized, DQ XI is only going to be on PS4, steam and, at a considerably later date, the switch outside of japan. Now I could forgive that (since it wasn't known in november last year) IF you guys weren't EXPLICITLY saying that the games on this list are definately coming out in 2018 for 3DS, but you are. long story short: terrible first impression y'all left, will not ever be watching a video of you guys again.
Bryan Yoga (7 months ago)
Whatoplay how to download 3DS emulator+bios please if you know can you give me the link?
Porygon-Z (6 months ago)
Buy the actual 3DS console.
TheLonelyNihilego 2702 (7 months ago)
Just want a third bravely default game ):
Antonio Brother (7 months ago)
Kirby Battle royale is included as an alternate game mode in Kirby Plabet Robobot
mazrimalthor (7 months ago)
Might as well drop No.8 in the trash. No DQ XI for us Gaijins!
Audrey Daoust (7 months ago)
Sushi Striker is evil, makes me sooo hungry!
Lloyd Duff (7 months ago)
DRAGON QUEST 11 isn't coming. Its been confirmed as Japan only so sadly 3DS RPG fan will lose out on this
Toratan123 (7 months ago)
I'm not seeing a RF5 yet....
Allen. Piid (7 months ago)
I don't know about you guys I want my Pokemon game back for the ds3d it belongs to the 3ds not no switch .they show but can't do I don't know why people even buy the dumb switch it is junk you need all the switch just to play one game
Grandleon (7 months ago)
Grandleon (7 months ago)
With characters
Jaume Rodriguez Peralta (8 months ago)
I thought 3DS would never beat NDS in terms of good games. And I was right, they just keep doing remakes of NDS games lol. Radiant historia, shin megami tensei....
Tom Alba (8 months ago)
These games suck
Jason Ruiz (8 months ago)
they need another Street Fighter game! or Mario Kart or its going to die! not really into RPGs.
AmaneChan (8 months ago)
A lot of undub works need to be done. Counting on you, gbatemp community.
Stabby Taco (8 months ago)
Currently playing Radiant Historia: PC, I'm getting Aliance Alive at the end of march and I might get Dragon Quest XI for 3DS if it comes out before the Switch version, so yeah the 3DS is getting many great games in 2018.
Elion Useini (8 months ago)
When does come a gta Part like in the DS
FOR Wii ARE MANY (8 months ago)
Radiant Historia is one of the best RPGs ever made! I hope a lot of people play it and discover just how amazing this game is!
Hugo Munizaga (8 months ago)
Melodyofthesea78 (8 months ago)
The legend of legacy....(cringes) that was a bad game.
A.H.K (8 months ago)
Noo... All of these games look so boring :(
Allen. Piid (9 months ago)
Nintendo is not fair to ds3d holders they take away our Pokemon game for the damn stupid switch and damaged our sun in the Moon people say the game is all jam up they don't care so long to get the stupid switch people should sue Nintendo I swear if I could shoot him I would all those lies to talk about creating game for DS and all ds3d and all is a lie stupid switch I just wish it didn't shut down and close up signed a mad customer
kayleigh materi (9 months ago)
no project mirai?
Apathy Guy (9 months ago)
Morbid murders? Do you know of any uplifting murders?
Tattorack (9 months ago)
I'm sick of all these turn based JRPGs. The original DS has variation, but here it's always the exact same game.
vance astrovik (9 months ago)
As much as I enjoyed Radiant Historia and SMT Strange Journey, I'd like to see developers coming out with brand new RPGs instead of recycling classics from the DS. I'm gonna get that Alliance game, it looks a lot like Bravely Default, if it's half as good, then it's worthy
un grasoso (9 months ago)
Wheres operation cobra? Dont you see the care and love the developer put'd into it?
chocchipshortbread (9 months ago)
Detective pikachu
Jurriën (9 months ago)
You forgot Zelda
Joel Liaw (9 months ago)
Boy ain't girl. And it is dragon quest 11, not 10
Mary Fontamillas (9 months ago)
"an 16 yr old girl" finally a female protagonist in DQ
zidane vents (9 months ago)
The alliance alive and rradient histora last 3ds games for me
??? b (9 months ago)
Holy shit I forgot about Jake Hunter. Can't wait!
Rudi Hartono (9 months ago)
I hope my old 3ds can play dragon quest at least
montork (9 months ago)
im begggiiinnggg for that dq game
swey (9 months ago)
only dragon quest on my list
ACE 1986 (9 months ago)
Everyone should play radiant historia 👍🏻
Muad Dib (9 months ago)
Please stop saying "this 2018", it's driving me nuts. THERE IS NO OTHER 2018. Nice video otherwise.
Axel Arnal (9 months ago)
Well... the 3DS is now dead
EveryoneLikesLemons ! (9 months ago)
Where’s detective pikachu? That’s the game I’m most excited about!
The Boss Man (3 months ago)
It's here lol
Matt Gales (8 months ago)
Detective Pikachu 99 I just saw 5 NES And SNES classic editons at my local target today
Tani Carucas (8 months ago)
Cosmic Cream Cake well it has been released here in Australia...
DetectivePikachu 99 (8 months ago)
Cosmic Cream Cake Fyi Nintendo confirmed Detective Pikachu is getting a western release along with the Detective Pikachu amiibo that's twice as big as a normal amiibo. It's worldwide release date is March 23,2018. Nintendo also released the Pikachu edition 2ds xl this January to coincide with its release as well.
Cosmic Cream Cake (9 months ago)
EveryoneLikesLemons ! That has already been released... Sorry to inform you it's only Japanese
Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan (9 months ago)
*sigh* gotta sell my 3ds soon.. or maybe after dragon quest 11 thats the only thing im waiting for...
Jan Feeder II (9 months ago)
I donou, but you really mess up release date and inclusion of kirby battle royale, that game was released in november 3th. Btw its good, but it reuse games a lot, mostly just throwing in some twist on win condition or something. Its fun, but will get boring fast.
Brandon O'Dell (9 months ago)
I miss the days when rpgs got all the attention in the world now all people care about is the next gun shooter
Alex Ganz (9 months ago)
I already played DQ 11 it's on JP eshop lol...
JamesAqua9 (9 months ago)
The alliance alvie reminds me of bravely default
Star Killer (9 months ago)
Lmao in thoihht ultra s and m where last ones
Ruben Estrada (9 months ago)
I want final fantasy vii on the 3ds
Vincent (9 months ago)
god you say 2018 weird
Swetzie (9 months ago)
I'm still waiting for information on Persona Q2. STOP PULLING MY LEG, ATLUS! My body is ready.
Kinder Schok (9 months ago)
damn yacht club... you are my favourite developers. i love you.
Kemuel Cardoza (9 months ago)
Please something mario related
Shy Kaiman (9 months ago)
All bad games, nintendo doesn't know how to make good games to portable anymore, they all look like a bad copy from bad steam games, apart of Shovel Knight that's the only one good. Even kirby series were ruined on portable
I love my 3ds,so many games too play!
Asuka Seitou (9 months ago)
Looking forward to all of the Story games/RPGs :3
Sha Hir (9 months ago)
can someone suggest summon night game for 3ds plsss
Marina Di Pasquale (9 months ago)
Yes! I' m Italian! Sto giocando ora a Bravely Defoult! I' m playng the Bravely... In this time in my house. 👍👍
Matthew Clark (9 months ago)
SMT for the win!
Morgana Kurusu (9 months ago)
The shin Megami strange journey was a nightmare I hope the redux is not a nightmare this time
Sofeathe Furst (10 months ago)
I want Mario games :3
Butter Muffin (10 months ago)
Sunday Scaries (10 months ago)
These are all cheap Japanese games that were not made available right away in the US because they were not promising enough. And I sure don't understand the hype... Nintendo is like "Oh you've been waiting for a good game I see... Unfortunately we stoped making those a while ago, but here; have these short unsuccessful games for only 39.99$ minimum. And stay tuned for the next glorified remake!"
Matt Fighting (10 months ago)
I have both the switch and the 3DS and sadly im always on my 3DS :( Best console ever
Cerystal Gaming (10 months ago)
wow, uploaded on my birthday... Love it :)
Shira Tea (10 months ago)
the alliance alive was made by the people who made bravely default and bravely second so im hyped
Kris kevz (10 months ago)
is the 2018 shin megami tensei a good game to start the series. if not which should i play
luvkirby4ever (10 months ago)
"Come on Reggie give us Mother 3!" ...On a more serious note, I'm looking forward to some more 3DS Kirby- he's doing very well on the platform.
Busy Bee (10 months ago)
Can't wait for the next Pokemon game
No_Space (10 months ago)
Wow, I'm sorry. But those games look like a load of dogshit. I know the 3ds isn't that popular anymore because the switch came out but damn. Can't they at least try and give us games that we aren't going to play once, regret buying and then never touch again?
Vincente Peretti (10 months ago)
these games a shame
cydashlee (10 months ago)
I liked how The Alliance Alive looked until I look it up and realized that its a part of legend of legacy. I'll pass...
Ray01X (9 months ago)
The game seems to be a vast improvement over LoL. Don't judge a book by it's cover.
ivan tri mundial (10 months ago)
nothing relevant...
Emmanuel Jess Sala (10 months ago)
Hi Earnest...
Thot Slayer69 (10 months ago)
I watch a video about the Nintendo 3ds, yet I get an ad for ps4,👏👏👏 Now this is advertising.
Ditch Man (10 months ago)
I want a new Mario and Zelda for 3ds sorry if some of you guys like these games, but WTF?!?!?! (except for Kirby) I think Nintendo would have done better, and once again, SORRY.
Alejandro Kimachi (10 months ago)
..... .......
Kip Neischen (10 months ago)
Everyone must play Radiant Historia its a masterpiece and a gem from the DS
Top Anime Genesis (10 months ago)
are you kidding me? WHERE's AOT and PERSONA q2 morherfuckers..................ебал мамок
Genaro Quintana (10 months ago)
Oh hey have you heard anything about a Person Q2 game 🤔, it was announced on a Persona concert a YouTube er posted a video two songs from persona 5 before they announced it at the end and before you asked it’s already too late the video got taken down 😑
Ghost656 Metal (10 months ago)
the main character for Dragon Quest 11 is male not female
Needs a CoD port like the DS did
Rose pendulum_princess (10 months ago)
I'm getting Dragon Quest XI.
MacKenzie Prestage (10 months ago)
They really need to make higurashi for American release for any console

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