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10 Stealth Game Concepts That MAKE NO SENSE

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10 weird stealth game problems that don't make too much sense. Sneaking fans, let us know your gripes! ★ Gameranx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gameranx ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV
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I’M M7AMD (10 hours ago)
The dumb thing i mgsv when a guard shotes : No one notices When you shot a gun : CP CP THIS ZULU 666 WE GOT A FUcKING ENEMY FUCK ThIS SHET
Tales Azisaka (18 hours ago)
"hey Vladimir, remember when we killed that guy..." Lol
KINGPIGY (1 day ago)
Assasins creed is not really a stealth game but there was a stealth mission once and i droped down behind the gaurd and made a huge noise but was not spotted but jump angain and die in front of the gaurd face and he just stands there like nothing even happened
Maxwell Zephyr (1 day ago)
I think the 3rd person view is cheating, being sneaky is half not being seen, half seeing the people or things you don't want to be seen by, and if you can manouver the camera over or beside objects your character is completely behind, it gives an unrealistic advantage, one game that does fix this is Monaco, where you can only see where your character can see
lapiz yt (1 day ago)
Hic Am (1 day ago)
Hey in Skyrim. it's funny when a Khajiit bandit says: Skyrim belongs to the Nords!
warfighter1988 (1 day ago)
Dont take it so serious
Ryan Davidson (1 day ago)
At #10, if you talking about splinter cell games you need to stop playing on easy and play on realistic. They will immediately react and call om the radio to everybody else there is an intruder then will hunt you down. Same thing as in #9 they will notice that shit. Don't know about other games but splinter on realistic they will notice Actually after finishing the video, almost all of these points would be wrong om splinter cell realistic. On realistic on that game once you're found (or they at least expect you to be somewhere) they will never end their search for the rest of the level. Ya though the #1 is dumb, i hate that they added mark and kill on later splinter games. Was soo much better before that
HOOVY_PLAYZ (2 days ago)
Kert Gebruk (2 days ago)
Battlefeild 2 logic : Enamy: a war is going on 😑 😀better look at the sky the time I am not seeing a enamy.
Rockwell Molion (2 days ago)
Bro Hitman has This Small Little Detail That makes Guards Recognize your Face by Communicating so Didnt you know that?
hemanthveera sanjay (2 days ago)
Last of us🤩🤩😍
Chewbacca Murray (3 days ago)
killing a guard 1 millisecond after he sees you but some how every other guard gets alerted is the worse stealth concept ever.....love ya Assassin's Creed, but damn your a crap game.
Md Farazuddin (3 days ago)
my favourite stealth game is splinter cell blacklist
MUASX YT (3 days ago)
Payday/Payday 2 Sees a man/woman with a mask and a pistol in hand. Guard: Must be a citizen.
random plays (3 days ago)
when you're playing fallout and the enemy walks right by you stealth:💯
David Johnson (3 days ago)
I couldnt stop laughing
123 456 (3 days ago)
Assassins creed big pile of grasses:totaly the pile did not move after i jump from a tower into it
Taimur Jamil (4 days ago)
Basically every Assassins Creed game..
Alexy Breust (4 days ago)
First dungeon in Skyrim that I went to, I walked through a room, then crouched because there were 2 people... ONE OF THEM WALKED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND DIDNT SEE ME! THEY WERE LOOKING FOR ME AND I WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM! Skyrim logic. It wasn’t the first time.
ThëGëaeGamër (5 days ago)
On the skyrim part everything you said was wrong. Skyrim isnt a needed stealrh game, and a arrow through the head is fine, its a magical world afterall
Blu Dragon (5 days ago)
Never thought how dumb it is till now.
big moron (6 days ago)
The last of us bro hahaha
CandyEye UnicornSkull (6 days ago)
*HIDES IN BOX* -....you don't see me-
Draconis 57 (6 days ago)
If hard stealth is your thing try Dark, the most challenging stealth game I ever tried. If you kill someone and don't hide the body it will still be there after progressing through check points and making your way back.
Industrial Sandwich (7 days ago)
Who else looked behind them a lot while watching this
MegnuS3Rs (7 days ago)
My fav is fc4
Inspector Steve (7 days ago)
Maybe these guards don't get pay enough to care.
rio aristo (7 days ago)
Whistle for distraction
Koksoak (7 days ago)
The stealth game concept that makes no sense is hoxton literally answering a pager, seriously does that pager guy even notice that he sounded like a fugutive
BoxCaT studios (7 days ago)
Metal Gear solid 2
Night Stick (7 days ago)
Number 7. Number 7... Yeah, Number 7. The wind picked this arrow up from who knows where, blew it down into a cave, around corners, through locked doors, past puzzle doors, into the room where you're at and directly into your companion's skull. Makes sense.
Neil McDonald (8 days ago)
super old video but I will comment anyway. the first dishonored game did a really good job of giving you heaps of cool power ups that technically punish you for ever using them as any killing etc meant that you would not get the ghost achievement.
JackTheGerman (9 days ago)
Spotlights that go left to right or up or down doesn’t make a lot of sense if there are already guards on petrol
Hirnlego999 (10 days ago)
Best: Thief 1 and 2.
SeFu2006 (10 days ago)
Or how about if a guard sees you then all the guards are alert even if the dude is far from his friends and didn’t shoot anything. Source MGS5, I accidentally let a guard go from chokehold and he knifes me then whole base on alert. BULLSHIT!
Aryan Sarrafha (10 days ago)
Farcry 5 when some one notice you the other gaurds will jump on you without any alarm from the first gaurd
razor claw18 (10 days ago)
Skyrim when a guard literally walks into you and then walks away
Yes, yes and yes.
Wtf o clip de gameplay está em portugues
Insomnia Burger (11 days ago)
Whose footprints are this?! What was that noise?!
Xavier Tyler (11 days ago)
1 is when allies walk right in front of the enemy and dosentvsee them you pop of for half a second and they are guns blazing
Timotius Austin (12 days ago)
I played watch dogs 2 and there's one funny stealth trick I always use when playing. On a a mission when there's a lot of guard or police, you can use hacking abilities to call gang on them to deal with it and I just laugh seeing them just killing each other until all the guard dead and I can continue with the mission without feeling guilty :v
Jo Tube (12 days ago)
I know this Video is 3 Years old but two words: Assassins Creed, Bushes...
N E (12 days ago)
i m a fucking ai not a real human dick head
Nariopolus (13 days ago)
What about when an entire base is alerted even though a guard didn’t call you in
Anirudh Sharma (13 days ago)
"Must have been the wind" 🤣🤣🤣
Legendary Legend (13 days ago)
Killing a clicker in TLOU makes so much noise but the other infected does'nt seem to be botherd by it
Dricon1997 (14 days ago)
Why aren't certain enemies screaming whenever they are "stealth killed"? How are all people deaf? *Chokes someone and the person screams in agony* "Huh? Must've been my imagination", continues path with his comrade dead.
Zedikine (14 days ago)
Was playing the new hitman. Knocked out the target with a fire extinguisher but someone saw. He told the guard to investigate, so I hid. They didn't find me or the body because I hid it in a closet. So the guard resumed his patrol, and the citizen that saw me just walked away and just decided to go over to his friends and gossip and completely ignored the fact that he just watched someone get hit across the head with a lethal weapon.
Sedatus (15 days ago)
I have actually successfully pulled off circling a 180 around someone. Nearly gave them a heart attack when they turned back around
Flykope (15 days ago)
Detection meters.
Gaming Nerd (16 days ago)
Oh a brick to the face must’ve been the wind
MC (16 days ago)
MGS2 get the stealth camo. punch a guard. guard calls for help. "i'm under atta..... zzZzZzZ" interrupt the call and put him to sleep. HQ will send back up to investigate. wake the sleeping guard with coolant spray before back up arrives. hold him up as he wakes up while in stealth mode. back up arrives and will see him in sleeping status for some reason. back up will kick to wake him up, but instead will knock him out. back up will say "the situation is normal. all clear." back up will see the guard he KO'd. back up will report to HQ "it's him! everyone stay on guard!" wat
How You (19 days ago)
Pearl the Gopnik (20 days ago)
MGSV's guard AI seems to be the best when it comes to stealth. Calling to CP occasionally, nullifying number 10 by noticing dead bodies right next to them, noticing movement and immediately investigating then that area going on full alert because of a "possible intruder". It could easily have been the best MGS had Konami not fucked up with Kojima
Cate Peace (20 days ago)
5:00-5:17 I feel like TLOU does something similar with clickers. If you alert one, it doesn't follow it's original AI path anymore.
Daniel Smith (21 days ago)
when you are crouching 10 meters away, infront of the enemy and he doesn't see you. Makes you go: "You had one job...."
Pauline Poirette (21 days ago)
Here's another one : in Uncharted, if you are hiding and your partner is running around, going from a hiding place to another, literally in plain sight, the enemies don't see them as long as you're in stealth. I always find it hilarious.
Gaming HardX (21 days ago)
UpdateDotExe (22 days ago)
My most favorite stealthy game is Splinter Cell: Balcklist. Solely the knife animations are lit af. I love this.
Aaron Cato (23 days ago)
3:47 I dont know why you show the last of us here? The A.I. in that game actually do investigate where the brick came from
CANDJ27 GAMING (24 days ago)
Oh yeah here’s what makes no sense so if you kill like a target and he sees you before you kill him you still fail
Amin Saw Li Meng (24 days ago)
I kill 6 swats and six truck loads of swats appear. me: Russia stay out of this.
Noah Watson (25 days ago)
My favorite stealth game has to be Flappy Bird
Billy Mays (25 days ago)
PayDay 2 just put a dead NPC's head through a wall that is as thick as the NPC's head and no one will notice him.
I Like far cry 5 because is more realistic and ez to do stealth mode
Your Senpai (26 days ago)
*sam fishers sensors that show your in the shadows in splinter cell*
4:21 what is this game name ?
Project Fire Blaster (27 days ago)
my favourite stealth game is beyond good & evil a cool thing with the guards is that if they find you but then you get away from them to the point where they can no longer see you for long enough they send a drone in that shoots in the last area they saw you if one bullet hit's you u dead however even though i get around that drone so many times before dying they never suspect a thing after the drone has finished even though they've been attacked like 20 times by the exact same person
Monstrosity of Memes (27 days ago)
In MGSV the Gaurds actually notice a kill
Adrien Miller (28 days ago)
The Assassins Creed games skip most of these...
スバルGNP (29 days ago)
Florián Kontra (29 days ago)
Payday 2 they on the search all the Time expect of U manage to Take everyone out
Sabio Yanenggar (29 days ago)
Metal Gear Is My Favorite
Jacob Gittens (30 days ago)
In some games, like WatchDogs, guards wont investigate, only be on alert, if they get shot until you get spotted after coming into the area they're guarding, even if your using an unsilenced weapon, like when I played the game, they never investigate where the shots came from as I'm nailing guard after guard with an unsilenced sniper rifle.
Besteres PT (30 days ago)
Splinter cell conviction Wen u get spotted by one guy everyone knows were u are even if u kill he after that Wen u are on Shadows u are completely invisible ;-; Even if The shadow is on The Middle of light ;-;
Just Adrian (1 month ago)
GTA 5 logic -get 5 stars - 10-15mins police lost you - goes in a front swats - they dont remember You -Isaac Newton
Red Black (1 month ago)
When I walk upstairs and the guard(s) is alerted and immediately comes to investigate. What, your comrades' footsteps don't make any sounds?! Or when one sod sees me and the WHOLE premise suddenly knows exactly where I am.
Poodn (1 month ago)
When stealth and combat have exactly the same effect in any type of game
Alexander Khioe (1 month ago)
Throwing a rock across the room exactly just before the NPC goes to your hiding place. Rock flew past his face. Rock lands, turns around, stealth kill, bam, FAR CRY.
Flux (1 month ago)
Don't forget, DeadPool can use two giant fucking hammers to stealth kill someone. Wouldn't they hear the skull cracking? Or even just the fact that swinging two big ass hammers would make a loud swishing sound? No? Ok.
WsSCaTaLYn CaTaLYn (1 month ago)
Dont make sense but thats why we love them
mayonnaiselover8000 (1 month ago)
*9/11* *happens* eh must have been the wind
Meme on console I (1 month ago)
Subscribed at that Skyrim joke
Botond Ferencz (1 month ago)
My favorite stealth game is Splinter Cell: Black List and once, when i played with my friend, we were killing people on the third floo,r and throwing them out of the window. And there was a guard who was walking next to the corpses very calmly, then we set them on fire and the guard did the same thing XD
Amelie Phillips (1 month ago)
Desert dimension bake burning married neck however weak division grand knee gear.
Cottoneyejoe (1 month ago)
I really like Skyrim's stealth, as when I'm playing as stealthy character I use areils now with the sunhollowed arrows
Lucas Chase (1 month ago)
My favorite stealth games are Uncharted and Assassin's Creed
Grim Wills (1 month ago)
What about when a Gard spots you for a second and you kill him but then the entire base gets alerted
David Riblett (1 month ago)
Far cry 3
Captain Crab (1 month ago)
That skyrim pun tho...
Some American doods (1 month ago)
You could be blaring noise and shining lights out of every inch of your body, however if you just bend your knees by 1 degree then there is no evidence that you exist
Ledgebringer X (1 month ago)
Where is whistling? Character hiding behind an object: *Whistles* Guard: “Better check it out without reporting it”
Balls of Steel (1 month ago)
I think Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is pretty much the only game to this day to make stealth as realistic as possible in a realm where green glowing goggles are normal accessory and don't attract attention
Carlos Fontanez (1 month ago)
Did anyone else think that the level design at 5:49 looks just like the starting level of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2? No, that was just me? Ok....
saitama -san (1 month ago)
My favorite is splinter cell blacklist
elitedeathsquad (1 month ago)
dishonored:throw a corpse at someone from above... (none of the 5 guards notice at all)
Kai Xu679 (1 month ago)
One more when we play game the dead body will gone
DIVYANSH SHARMA (1 month ago)
Splinter cell is best and hard

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