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10 Stealth Game Concepts That MAKE NO SENSE

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10 weird stealth game problems that don't make too much sense. Sneaking fans, let us know your gripes! ★ Gameranx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gameranx ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV
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Gustavo Arzaga (1 hour ago)
best stealth game I like is metal gear solid and crazy thing was hitting a enemy with arrows and hiding and the enemy forgets you exist in Skyrim when you go into steaith mode
Trollololo (3 hours ago)
I miss Manhunt I wish they'd make another
shadow 123 (18 hours ago)
Guards never look up
Bruce tube (1 day ago)
Metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😹😹😹👑👑👑
The Ojibwe Warrior (1 day ago)
“Huh, must’ve been the wind” the gaurd in Skyrim says “SO THE WIND BLEW AN ARROW THROUGH YOUR FUCKING FRIENDS FACE?!?!” Says Youtuber
Royal Carpet (2 days ago)
Must've been the rats
katt boi420 (2 days ago)
In Hitman absolution I hid on a scarecrow and someone looked right at me and said nothing
beau ballinger (3 days ago)
Mgs V and in the same moment grabbed guard from behind his friend came over talked to him walked of didnt notice i was holding his friend
AntManFan934 (3 days ago)
Payday 2 Stealth Look at citizen for 2 seconds *ALARM POLICE* Run away from citizen without filling the the detection meter *BANK HEIST : SUCCESS
Nathaniel Stuart (3 days ago)
Golden eye 64... silenced pistol, shooting a guards helmet/hat off and they don't even notice... I used to always do it to the guard standing in the toilet on facility whilst in the vents. I'm sure you did it too...
Se bas (3 days ago)
I don't like how you can see around corners in stealth games. It helps, but it's not realistic. I think it would be cool for a stealth game to be in first person, and based on sound
Soraya Goga (3 days ago)
I’d like to complain that a lot of these can’t be fixed because the coding that is needed does not exist or would take days to code so don’t be unfair to devs coding is already hard enough.
Maximal Studio (4 days ago)
Far cry all day every day best stealth gameplay (in my oppinion)
Dishonored and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor are the two best stealth games i have ever played.
King Kracker (4 days ago)
2:00 I mean I guess you can say that because isn’t there a cyclone shout that can kill people
TheMegaBomb Bob (4 days ago)
I played sniper elite in which I killed a commander and 3 infantry and they searched for about a minute and gave up (knowing there was an assasin on the loose
evan lyle (5 days ago)
my fav game is dishonred and one time i was sneaking up behind a guard in fallout 4 to pickpocket him and he just spun around as quickly as he could.
lil Gun God (5 days ago)
Cardboard box makes alot of sense to me
vidiac2012 (5 days ago)
The Batman games and the new Tomb Raider games have the best stealth mechanics
pomare kaire (5 days ago)
In the original Splinter Cell, I always wondered why they didn't turn on more lights, because everything was dark
Sol gamer (5 days ago)
Now I think bob the rubber 2 on android is the best stealth game out there
Stacy Freeman (5 days ago)
inside the Assassin's Creed franchise when you're hiding inside a bush why don't they just searched the whole Bush and circle it so they know it's no one's in there and plus the dumbest thing inside Elder Scrolls V is when I just sneak right in front of someone and they're just like don't know what that is okay bye
Stacy Freeman (5 days ago)
Elder Scrolls V and the Assassin's Creed franchise
Julie Swindle (7 days ago)
Hiding next to 2-4 people in assassins creed
Futuristic Gaming (7 days ago)
1:36 you ruin my childhood
CGI Future (7 days ago)
Must been the wind I fucking died XD
Hype Capsule (7 days ago)
Assasins creed black flag oh yea I totally didn’t see a guy run to hide in a bush
Wet Sac (8 days ago)
Yeah. Talk more sense into these idiot game developers.
Ewan Rushmere (8 days ago)
In farcry4 I wingsuited through an outpost without getting spotted once
ligthen bolt77 (8 days ago)
Chocking someone in TLOS right in front of an anemy and he just goes like "oh they probably hugging that's all" and just go away
D T (8 days ago)
I was an adventurer like you once, but then I took a wind to the knee.
Jehad Tork (8 days ago)
All of the Metal Gear games and how the cardboard box makes you invisible
Reece Taylor (8 days ago)
*walks behind guard* (to get to a ladder or something) *enemy turns around and detects player* shit
Angel Lugo (8 days ago)
How about tenchu?
Gero Z (9 days ago)
Arkham Games... best stealth A. I. ever
Hmm what about payday 2? The guard are fucking blind and deaf
El Sucio Dan (9 days ago)
MGSV Is a gem frs
M Giebus (10 days ago)
Dishonored was a culprit for that right and wrong way to play. Still can't finish that game killing everyone
Berkley Nash (10 days ago)
*maybe every protagonist in every stealth game has sneak of 100*
Void Odin (10 days ago)
Thanks for not asking for the subs in the beginning. Never be that guy.
GUCCI MYTH (10 days ago)
#10 is easily warframe
Kwasi Gyedu (11 days ago)
i love metal gear
Mell Allen (11 days ago)
The warriors when they hide in the shadows infont of Ai it can't see your character and eventually forget about you but you're right there in front of the face that the whole time you just in the shadows
Mert Musubeyli (11 days ago)
In ac unity if you kill someone on the roof and falls to the ground, the guards on the ground won't notice
Astrosloth (12 days ago)
One of my favorite things in stealth games is when you are hanging about 3 feet above a guard's head and they don't notice
Miguel Vitorino (12 days ago)
Must be my imagination...
King Wrath (12 days ago)
BakaSnake (13 days ago)
A bush: a guard's worst enemy
MrJ (13 days ago)
How dare you call the cardboard box trick BS?
Casual Gamer (13 days ago)
Well nowadays games have improved a lot of stealth mechanics but most are still dumb af
lllRAPTOR lll (13 days ago)
Not to mention PAYDAY 2'S stealth missions
Veanix 98 (13 days ago)
That fucking Bush in Fortnite
tobey yeager (13 days ago)
Hitman is my fav. Stealth game
Jintian Meng (13 days ago)
Me playing Ghost Recon Wildlands: Me: hiding in a corner & peeking out and tagging enemies before being spotted A.I. Teammates: crouch walking right in front of an enemy soldier, pointing a machine gun towards his face while constantly moving Enemy soldier: normal duty, doesn’t give a 💩
Skyrim is me favourite y’all Only because I sit on rooftops shooting everybody and if anybody sees me I just moved to a new location or kill the whole town like I did that one time and white run and now there’s like one person left
Junior Chavez Reyes (14 days ago)
The Batman Arkham games have the best stealth
Hedgehog0zero (14 days ago)
When the enemy assumes that because their buddy is sleeping, they could only have ben tranqed. Or even better, they are walking patrol when suddenly "whose footprints are these?" You're walking around aimlessly and you can't attribute that to all these footprints!?
Brayden W (14 days ago)
Splinter cell an enemy seeing somebody falling on and killing their buddy then watching the player climb something and then the enemy walks under what you climb and just standing there
Afellowhuman (15 days ago)
What about when your in a fortress full of guards and they hear footsteps and they instantly think it's an intruder
Tristin Powell (15 days ago)
Gta got bad stealth.
Super Govno (15 days ago)
Me in Skyrim: Stands literally next to two enemies Shoots one Other one notices,looks around a bit,then quits looking I just stand up WHeRe DiD u CoMe FRoM?
Roguecellmedia (16 days ago)
C'mon, give 47 a break. A disguise will never work within a closely knit team. The game even gives you a hint. That's like saying 47 could meet you in the pub, wearing your mates clothes, and you'll be fooled. Also, people moan about the part with the sub... they try to walk into a place where they're making dirty bombs, the hint even says radiation... and they wonder why they're being shot? It's a mercy killing, radiation poisoning is not nice!
x East x Park x (16 days ago)
Payday 2
Sam Zarkeshvari (17 days ago)
In mgs v were your literally righty in front of a guard and he’s shining his flashlight at you but still doesn’t see you
Giangpro95 (17 days ago)
nobody have peripheral vision, anyone?
Han SoHigh (18 days ago)
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is dee best. Dumbest moment is Metal Gear n the Porn Mags.
terminator (18 days ago)
Hardest stealth game far cry 1 on pc.if you throw a small rock on a hill behind a giant rock big enough to hide a tank behind it,then a guard standing 300metres away looks at that rock in air for 2 seconds then aimbots on to your position and screams."it's him!" Then a small 2 seater gun boat fires a homing missile where a direct hit will kill you or it hits near you drop 80%of your health and constantly spams missiles even if every on the boat is dead by the way all this happens on easy difficulty
FwB-Q8i yey (18 days ago)
long live the cardboard!!!
Dextin Montgomery (18 days ago)
Stealth Games are starting to also have their protagonists have some type of “detective vision” to see pass walls, enemy positions, and how dangerous they are
Aly Khaled (19 days ago)
Number 1 should have been sitting on a bench in Assassin's creed like wtf
RATH3R (19 days ago)
payday 2
J (19 days ago)
What game is at 1:10??
Alexander McDiarmid (19 days ago)
Sniper Elite IV is a game I recommend if you wanna avoid these complaints..
Mohammadreza Fassadi (19 days ago)
AC series, and the dumbest thing's in 'em *Sits on a bench between two folks* Oh ! Where did he go ? Better stop searching , won't find him...
Wackytuber (20 days ago)
Assassins Creed 3 was really weird
TheRichGuest (20 days ago)
“The wind blew an arrow through your friends fucking face?!?” I died Xdd
Andre Montoya (20 days ago)
Why is Black Widow in the thumbnail?
Niclas Lehner (20 days ago)
Good video.
Oh Nice! (20 days ago)
In most stealth games you can throw a little stone and you can basically lure guards wherever you want and they will just follow the sound of the rock 🤤 they are just dumb as shit
stoneless Sum8 (21 days ago)
Assassins creed is my fav stealth game
CelestialPie (21 days ago)
Okay so I know half-life isn’t a stealth game, but I want to point out that if you manage to kill a combine soldier without anybody seeing you, then all the other combine will hear about it on their radios and go into alert mode, and won’t leave it until either they die or you die.. Maybe valve should make a stealth game?
Armada paints (22 days ago)
in skyrim Bandit dies other bandits wake up oh well i guess it was nothing goes back to sleep
Yumblat 101 (22 days ago)
Guard: There's someone here! Me: *walks in bush* Guard: Where'd he go?
TonyFlamingo (22 days ago)
*Skyrim* -Go to the room with the target -Kill him right in front of his/her buddy -Roll on oughta there -Repeat *Fort/Cave cleared*
buddy the fox (23 days ago)
Sorry hay bin
buddy the fox (23 days ago)
One time in assassins creed i was being chased and they were right behind me so I jumped in a bag him they just walked a round saying they were going to find me surprise they didnt
JacobTheSmart (23 days ago)
Fallout 4s stealth system is just crap
Meme Otaku (23 days ago)
[HTG] LTH Rage (24 days ago)
Must have been the wind 😂😂😂😂
Asefz Mulyadi (24 days ago)
The last of us, you hide at one side of table and guard is near you, just at other side of table. But he cant see your head. Really?!
Tank Body Pillow (24 days ago)
Stealth tip for Skyrim, Put a bucket of the head of the npc
BOOM! idc Tv (24 days ago)
10 is a little untrue
xXpheonix fireXx (24 days ago)
In gears of war 3 if you stay in a shadow whilst split up from your partner long enough, they forget your existence and attack your partner
ZMan1471 (24 days ago)
I hate how stealth games penalize you for killing people. Kinda a huge contradiction. I mean, it's ok to blow the whole base up, just dont snipe 3 people on your way. Also really hate how all the guards have this hivemind ability to spot you even if you kill that one guard who got a full detection circle on you lmfao super fuckin gay
DARKBOYQ (24 days ago)
the thing in skyrim that i love but hate is the fact that u can literally go into sneak mode and hide not even a foot by an npc and they don't detect you. but if u try this with a enemy they probably will see u coming even if you move at a snail's speed.
Xeno 2 Juneketsu (25 days ago)
1:50 😂😂😂 Love Fucking around in Skyrim
Xeno 2 Juneketsu (25 days ago)
0:30 That's funny
Redstone Boss (25 days ago)
Troops are walking in two parallel lines in assassin’s creed and you take out one in the back and nobody notices.
Folley Junkline (25 days ago)
a mobile game called assasins creed identity it has good ai

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