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Top 10 Upcoming 3DS Games of 2016 | HD

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10 of the most anticipated new Nintendo 3DS video games this 2016. These are the best 3DS games that people are highly anticipating. ORDER these Games NOW! Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games ($39.68) http://goo.gl/0TsLcN Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice ($39.96) http://goo.gl/iTYR1M Final Fantasy Explorers ($18.85) http://goo.gl/x94is6 Project X Zone 2 ($20.00) http://goo.gl/6IjZf6 Hyrule Warriors: Legends ($38.97) http://goo.gl/y86I5L Bravely Second: End Layer ($34.99) http://goo.gl/zKxxlu Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam ($36.99) http://goo.gl/wwH1Ae Fire Emblem Fates http://goo.gl/rr8T3r Whatoplay is your source of the latest, most anticipated and the top pc, console & mobile games today. Watch more of the Latest PC & Console Games at http://www.whatoplay.com/ To keep up with the latest & the best video games, subscribe now to: https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/whatoplay, Twitter @whatoplay https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay and Google Plus https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/. "Early Riser" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Call to Adventure - Comedy by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300022 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Opus One by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/ Jaunty Gumption by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300017 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Crunk Knight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400044 Artist: http://incompetech.com Beachfront Celebration - Latinesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1200022 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (834)
luciano perez (2 months ago)
4:55 que sound track es?
光銀 (7 months ago)
So recomenda os piores jogos do 3ds vsf
Lenin Rodriguez (10 months ago)
What's the song at 4:23?
lol watching this in 2017 mighty no 9 really sucks
GoksengWeneng (1 year ago)
Intro song?
whatoplay (1 year ago)
"Early Riser" by Kevin MacLeod.
Grim Dark End (1 year ago)
Why isn't terraria on this list? Why is the sonic game here? Why the hell are half the games on here utter failures that I couldn't see myself playing? Honestly, I want to see the 3ds used properly, it has a great interface that is not being taken advantage of for genres that have eluded the console for so long, like RTS and turn based 4x strategy, or a port of Dark Souls on the N3ds (required of course for the inputs) would go a long way to endear the system to a wider audience. I guess i have to settle for remote-playing my ps3/ps4 with my vita 2.0 and running souls/borne games on them over the internet :)
Dom Petrut (1 year ago)
Pokemon sun and moon
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released this Nov 18, 2016.
Livetuber (1 year ago)
All these games are horrible ughh Nintendo is really leaving the shit games for the 3DS
kilerzone1213 (1 year ago)
Livetuber says the sad person who likes his on comment
LadyLynxie (1 year ago)
Virtues last reward was my number 1 anticipated game of the year when it first announced and its most definitely on my top 10.
Cyrill Guillen (2 years ago)
And where's Kirby planet robobot
Cyrill Guillen (2 years ago)
U son of a bitch there where no mighty NO.9 game for the 3ds u bitch
Daniel Rodriguez (2 years ago)
i need the tune of mighty n°9 to survive please anyone!!!!
Chris R (2 years ago)
The 3ds lineup has literally been so shit for its entire release. A few good jrpg games, a good zelda game, and a bunch of remakes some good some bad. Where are the new titles, or descent sequals. The 3ds should be renamed the re release console.
Ryu, the N U T master (1 year ago)
+Chris R Bravely Default was good, the Shin Megami Tensei series, while being the same franchise almost always has an original story everytime. You must be thinking of the Nintendo games, i don't really like them either, like Mario or TLOZ, i'm talking about the other exclusives....
Chris R (1 year ago)
+ryudhal There are some real gems but i am sick to death of all the same characters come on you cant say you wouldn't love a completely new franchise
Ryu, the N U T master (1 year ago)
Chris R Well i for one like the games on it. Maybe it's just not suited to your tastes but fo most people the lineup is pretty good. Especially since most are exclusives....
Chris R (1 year ago)
+feliz ecap resident evil? not a fan of a game like that on a handheld especially with the terrible c stick design. smash bros is good but typical nintendo recycle everything. What games do i want? tbh at this point i just want nintendo to come out with original games, i have played so many mario games at this point.
actually ecap (1 year ago)
smash bros? kingdom hearts? fantasy life? resident evil revelations? and it is still shit. what exactly are the games that you want.?
Ravus 9 (2 years ago)
Zero Time Dilemma anyone? Why does nobody like Zero Escape?😢
nok machine (2 years ago)
playing it right now and im kinda hooked..
Daniel Rodriguez (2 years ago)
it's my favourite series of games for 3ds after pokemon of course...
juzztine jay coraraton (2 years ago)
your list is dumb
O K (2 years ago)
Its not opinion based
Luciano Irigoyen (2 years ago)
Funny that you put Mighty No. 9. The hype was real, but it ended up being a pice of crap.
Kristrace RPG (1 year ago)
Like Street Fighter X Tekken?
whatoplay (2 years ago)
Yeah, it happens to some of the games too. Gets too hyped and turned out to be a disappointment.
james irlam (2 years ago)
had to dislike because mighty no 9 was on it
Gabriel (2 years ago)
pokemon sun and moon?
whatoplay (2 years ago)
Pokemon Sun and Moon weren't announced yet when this video was published. Although, Pokemon Sun and Moon was mentioned on our E3 video for Nintendo. Please click this link to watch the video: https://goo.gl/eACJxX
SionCore (2 years ago)
mighty no.9 is in the number nine spot.
NeoGear (1 year ago)
Lol well its all good..really wish it could've done better though. R.I.P megaman qq
spoongasm (1 year ago)
That's what I meant lol I accidentally put 'if'
NeoGear (1 year ago)
I didn't say anything about removing the vid. all I said is that mighty no. 9 never got released on handhelds and that it was a failure
spoongasm (1 year ago)
Why? Tf's the point if removing it
NeoGear (1 year ago)
I know, still wasn't released on 3ds tho 😐
UltimateGamingEmpire (2 years ago)
I haven't had a 3ds but I am going to get one. does anyone have any recommendations
Sen bhapiro (1 year ago)
UltimateGamingEmpire fire emblem fates
Peter Panpai (2 years ago)
You should Definitley get Mario and Luigi Paper Jam or DreamTeam
whatoplay (2 years ago)
Check out our latest video of the top 10 best 3DS games of all time. Please click the link to watch the video: https://goo.gl/CFQrVb
Nigel Perren (2 years ago)
Check out the Mandela effect on youtube!! You'll be shocked!!
The Fiddler (2 years ago)
i just realized that nintendo has far more superior games compared to what's on ps4 and xbox one. MOST the games right now are all about guns and fps. Kinda tired of it. I THIK I REALLY NEED TO BUY A 3DS
riDQlous (2 years ago)
3ds is the only essential console of this generation... (no im not a pc person)
hallmason11 (2 years ago)
Fire Emblem Fates was epic! The final battle is just amazing!!!!!
HinaX (2 years ago)
wheres pokemon? T.T
whatoplay (2 years ago)
You're missing out! This is an old video and here's our newer one: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpt4B7g5frE) :)
HHUUHHUUHH (2 years ago)
A couple of these games came out BEFORE 2016
whatoplay (2 years ago)
This video was published in 2015, highlighting the most anticipated games that will be released in 2016 based on the information that was available at that time. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon wasn't announced yet when this video was published.
HHUUHHUUHH (2 years ago)
And where is Pokemon Sun/Moon? Those are two of the biggest games ever!
iso nbyo (2 years ago)
Why monster hunter generations isnt there? AND WHY PAPER MARIO is in the top ten? Oh my GOD
iso nbyo (2 years ago)
+mike rubin i think that it wasn't announced yet
whatoplay (2 years ago)
Monster Hunter Generations wasn't announced yet when this video was published. All of the upcoming games listed on our list were the most hyped and anticipated by that time this video was published.
Sam Chaney (2 years ago)
What's with the music? Why is there no narration? Why do you put the game titles after you show the footage? Besides that the content of this list is uninspiring, the presentation is annoying
Sam Chaney (2 years ago)
Awesome, I definitely will. Thanks!
whatoplay (2 years ago)
Your request has been granted long ago. We're doing commentary for all our new videos. You might want to check it. :)
Lord Gaben (2 years ago)
errrr i dont like 3ds the grafic look so shit than the vita and i wos thinking to get one thank good for this vidio
Stealthy (2 years ago)
AnytimeHomeboy Games (2 years ago)
What about Pkm sun and moon?!
yexon (2 years ago)
what about pokemon sun and moon
whatoplay (2 years ago)
Pokemon Sun and Moon wasn't announced yet when this video was published.
Lawliet L (2 years ago)
I hate it when users dont post the list in the deacription#10 Mario & sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic games#9 Mighty no.9 #8 Sonic boom fire & ice #7 Final fantasy explorers #6 Project X zone 2 #5 Hyrule warrior legends #4 Bravely second #3 Mario & Luigi paper jam #2 Fire emblem fates #1 Dragon quest 8
whatoplay (2 years ago)
The reason why we did that is to instill curiosity to our viewers. Writing the countdown in our description box defeats the purpose of making a video in the first place. It's kind of like spoiling Game of Thrones before you watch the latest episode. But if it comes to a time when we have to put it in the description, we'll put it.
David Johnson (2 years ago)
I just met a special mii OMGOD!!!!!
Django (2 years ago)
The 5th Zelda Game...the beat is amazing :D how its called? darude sandstorm?
Crated2 (2 years ago)
Monster hunter generations arent there??!? Wtf man
Thomás de los Santos (2 years ago)
Pokemon sun and moon fans, r u here
Brian Sham (2 years ago)
Quick summary for those lazy to watch 10 Mario & sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic games 9 Mighty no.9 8 Sonic boom fire & ice 7 Final fantasy explorers 6 Project X zone 2 5 Hyrule warrior legends 4 Bravely second 3 Mario & Luigi paper jam 2 Fire emblem fates 1 Dragon quest XI Btw Mario and his chums are played out to death with all these money grabbing games and franchises, its just selling the same brick with a different wrapping paper and its not even funny anymore
Cocimarciano (2 years ago)
Yes cuz I dont watch a shit
whatoplay (2 years ago)
Thank you captain!
Luis Hernandez (2 years ago)
sonic boom is dead takeing along sonic himself
Stephen Lucky (2 years ago)
Pokemon sun and moon would be #1
Real Bass (2 years ago)
It wasn't announced back then, since this video is from November 2015 and Sun & Moon were announced in February 2016
Elliot King (2 years ago)
why wasn't pokemon sun and moon on there
No Wifi (2 years ago)
+Elliot King no one cares
Elliot King (2 years ago)
+whatoplay ooh. well either way I'm hyped for it
whatoplay (2 years ago)
By the time this video was created, Pokemon Sun & Moon wasn't announced yet. :)
Pokemon Guides (2 years ago)
Metriod prime federation force looks like the funnest game ever
Fernando Jimenez (2 years ago)
Jesus what a weak-ass lineup, there's nothing I can put on my 3DS flashckart that's on this list, except Pokemon on November. oh well
Frostare (1 year ago)
Give Dragon Quest VII a shot, game of the year for me.
I luv U bb (2 years ago)
Try Monster Hunter Generations. Comes out July 15th. Tops all the games on this list easily
C Johnston (2 years ago)
Anthony Orosco (2 years ago)
I wouldn't have made this video a month before 2016 actually started honestly. Because for one thing we have new Pokèmon games coming holiday 2016 and I can say a few more then a handful of people are hyped for that game. (Myself included)
Trevski 1982 (2 years ago)
Final Fantasy Explorers was very disappointing... No 3D and grainy graphics really hurt it for me...
ildemaro zerpa (2 years ago)
whats the name of the video song for mighty 9?
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+ildemaro zerpa "Proctor" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
sumit3175 (2 years ago)
what is this rpg year for 3ds sadly i have to use my 3ds as a paper weight this year too.
Brobore (2 years ago)
I meant number 9
Brobore (2 years ago)
number 2 looks too good to be a 3ds game tho, it looked like a wii u game to me at first
Collin Douglas (2 years ago)
"Sonic Boom Fire & Ice" Sega took a gigantic shat on the Sonic franchise with Sonic Boom, looked at the mess they made and said "Huh, how 'bout that" and proceeded do it again.
Luis Macedo (2 years ago)
FireEmblem and DragonQuest!!
Mark Plott (2 years ago)
my top 10. Dragon I/II/III for both the wii U and the 3DS on a multicart. they already did one for the Wii in Japan, but never made it to American shores. its based on the Super Famicom version with HD sprites. Awaiting the arrival of Dragon Quest 7 for the 3DS and Dragon Quest 8 as well for the 3DS. Nintendo had a opputunity to remaster Dragon Quest 8 on the WiiU in full HD, but looks like they are not going to do that. DQ monsters Terrys wonderland sadly will not be for the NA 3DS. I would like that game as well. Next is Dragon Quest 11 however is has NOT been confirmed for the NX. I am basing my purchase of the NX console weather or not Dragon Quest 11 comes to the NX. but , I will buy a copy for the 3DS when it becomes available.while I am mentioning NX , I hope Nintendo makes the entire catalog of Dragon Quest games available on the NX console either as actual games or virtual console.
Mark Plott (2 years ago)
paper Mario looks nice. I just wish Nintendo would do a minecraft Mario game out.
Mark Plott (2 years ago)
from looking at sonic fire and ice, looks pretty good. but, I'm wanting more from my 3DS. like dual screens that are full length and of equal size . also I would like dual analog stick controls of equal size. and Bluetooth audio for wireless head/ear phones or just a remote speaker to rock it old school.
Mark Plott (2 years ago)
Mighty #9 is a ripoff of the Megaman series. I'll stick with the Blue Bomber from Capcom.
Isa Chan (2 years ago)
I was waiting for Dragon Quest :D
Mark Plott (2 years ago)
+Isa Chan we will get DQ 7 this summer then DQ 8 most likely during the holidays.
sushn29 (2 years ago)
My goodness! I can't believe how long it has been since first Dragton Quest came out. I am looking out for it~
Rolf .Großklaus (2 years ago)
where is Monster Hunter Generations D:
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+StormSoft Monster Hunter Generations released dates wasn't announced yet when this video-ranking was published. None-the-less, Monster Hunter Generations will be available on 3DS this summer of 2016. We're very excited to know about this development.
Nyx (2 years ago)
What's the song on 3:47?
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+CryoNyx You're welcome.
Nyx (2 years ago)
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+CryoNyx "Crunk Knight" by Kevin MacLeod
MisterLuo (2 years ago)
joyconboyasmr 64 (2 years ago)
what about dragon quest 7 and 8???
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+jeff johnson A localized version of Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII was announced to be available for 3DS "early" and "late" of this year respectively. We're very excited to know about this amazing announcement. Although, we already published this video before the announcement was made, hence both Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII wasn't mentioned on this list.
kunkashi (2 years ago)
DQ 9 was my favourite game when it came out, as long as DQ 11 is in the same layout I'll be happy
KingCharlesQ2 (2 years ago)
Now everything gets bumped down 1 spot for Pokemon Sun & Moon
Frostare (1 year ago)
It can also take Dragon Quest XI's place since that one's no coming out until 2017... bummer.
Jojohallbrook (2 years ago)
I knew this was a huge TROLL right after they've showed Sonic Boom #2... 😒
Kblaze195 (2 years ago)
and sonic boom fucking beat mighty number 9??
Kblaze195 (2 years ago)
when number ten is a damn sports game... sad
Alenoba (2 years ago)
Etrian Odyssey V, anyone? No? ._.
Patrik Görög (2 years ago)
Ah I see, so this is one of those "sponsored" lists...
Patrik Görög (1 year ago)
Im not sure what I meant by that 6 months ago xD
Frostare (1 year ago)
It is?
MX Tung (2 years ago)
What's the background music during Fire Emblem Fates ? Thank you !
Serge da silva gomes (2 years ago)
Always the same thing :-\ No Western rpgs in this console.
Mark Plott (2 years ago)
+Serge da silva gomes Dungeons and Dragons is dead.
Luther Brown (2 years ago)
Pokemon sun and moon
Matito (2 years ago)
who's waiting for Sonic Boom Fire & Ice? i mean Sega just pooped with the original Sonic making Sonic Boom! they're going so well with sonic generations! and they just gave a toilet paper for sonic! ah, man... what's wrong with then? just... i dont know! made a game 2D with the Classic Sonic From Sonic Generations!? that will be better than Sonic Boom
Matito (2 years ago)
mighty nº9 its just like a copy of Megaman,i mean, it can be cool *BUT* the character's design it's just like a copy of X and Zero from megaman, and diferent suits that gives you diferents kinds of shoots? neh, i'm just saying
Matito (2 years ago)
+dekudruglord true
ProbablyAFilthyWeeb (2 years ago)
Well it is a spiritual successor to Megaman
stereofused (2 years ago)
are they only for Japanese version?
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+stereofused Nope, all of the video-games mentioned in this video of the most anticipated upcoming 3DS games in 2016 have announced released dates world-wide or in NA.
zabu642 (2 years ago)
Pokemon Sun & Moon !!!!
Sami _ (2 years ago)
are all these games for the 3ds or for the'new'3ds
Nikunj Majithia (2 years ago)
Aran Doski (2 years ago)
If you guys are watching a fe months after this vid was released Pokemon sun and moon have been announced
Stalgic Kris (2 years ago)
Hylrule Warriors Lengends already pre ordered
Star Hustler (2 years ago)
Man, fates was so disappointing
ProbablyAFilthyWeeb (2 years ago)
It wasn't that bad...
Star Hustler (2 years ago)
Oh thank god we get a new sonic boom game
Peyton Brush (2 years ago)
Well then I'm screwed
Picadie (2 years ago)
is the old 3ds xl still a good buy in 2016 I'm 14-15 years old?
Picadie (2 years ago)
it doesnt sell in my country would have to import it
Sheev for Senate (2 years ago)
Depends on if you want to use the 3D a lot. If so, use the New. The New also has better performance.
vesna poduschka farkas (2 years ago)
Wait a sec... What' with LEGO STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS??!!
goldandvideos (2 years ago)
I cant fucking wait for Hyrule Warriors Legends.
Alex Tarzwell (2 years ago)
why is sonic on here?!??!
Timelim (2 years ago)
Fire emblem fates better be in here I said  to myself as number 5, I appeared to be correct.
Timelim (2 years ago)
+Tim Åhman at* not as.
Gerald van Buel (2 years ago)
The guy from dragon quest looks like trunks from DBZ
NerdyHokage XL (2 years ago)
+Mrshortcircuit it all make sense now
Mrshortcircuit (2 years ago)
That's 'cause Akira Toriyama (the creator of DBZ) designed the characters for the Dragon Quest franchise
NerdyHokage XL (2 years ago)
he actually looks like trunks, it's trucks I'm 100 percent right that is trunks, the hair, the face, that's trucks
Shootaskillsz (2 years ago)
Where is Pokemon?
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+Pharrell Geremay You're welcome.
Shootaskillsz (2 years ago)
+whatoplay Alright thanks
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+Pharrell Geremay Hi, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow was announced to be available for 3DS as a digital download on eShop. However, this announcement was made after we had finalized the list for this video-ranking.
TotalOp SSB4Wizard24 (2 years ago)
2 days until FIRE EMBLEM IF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aodhan (2 years ago)
did you forget about monster hunter X?
Aodhan (2 years ago)
Monster hunter X better be released in the UK!
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+AdinPaidIn Hi, Monster Hunter X was released for 3DS only in Japan. We've anticipated that the game will also be available here in NA. We hope announcement about the game's localization will be made soon.
Ryan Tyson (2 years ago)
we need super mario maker on the 3ds as well as super mario sunshine
GroovyDoggo (2 years ago)
I have no hype for sonic boom  I didn't like the boom show or first game then I saw knuckles they made him a body bilder and a dumb guy go watch sonic X if you want to get into sonic
GroovyDoggo (2 years ago)
yes RIP sonic
LINEAGEIII (2 years ago)
mighty number 9 is lame need to include monster hunter x monster hunter stories and Shin Migami Tensei 4 final, Return to popolocrois a story of seasons
Rolldo Dragon (2 years ago)
Fire Emblem fates....should have been first or actually top three due to it being three games conquest, birthright, and revalation.
Patricio Núñez (2 years ago)
Ace Attorney 6. Monster Hunter Stories. Project X Zone 2. Bravely Second. Fire Emblem Fates. 7th Dragon 3. Dragon Quest 8. Dragon Quest 7. Dragon Quest 11. Detective Pikachu.
Jimmy Wharton (2 years ago)
5.hyrule warriors 4.dragon quest VIII 3.dragon quest VII 2.Fire Emblem fates 1.dragon quest XI (ps4 looks amazing tho)
Jared Khan (2 years ago)
Mojo Anime (2 years ago)
rite?! smh
Mojo Anime (2 years ago)
rite?! smh
Nintardo 64 (2 years ago)
Why is sonic boom on this list?
zdvdr (2 years ago)
+whatoplay Dude he was asking because he thinks it's going to suck.
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+Joseph Jose Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice released date on 3DS was pushed backed this year. It's sad to hear about this announcement. None-the-less, we're very excited for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice release this year.

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