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Nintendo Switch Leaks!

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Nintendo Switch game leaks for E3! 💥💥💥Stuff I Use💥💥💥 Music Source: https://goo.gl/X3yZVS Camera: http://amzn.to/2AN6tbV Lens: http://amzn.to/2jMWdG9 Mic: http://amzn.to/2jNFwKF Game Capture: http://amzn.to/2jOQgsq ⚡️Social Network Things!⚡️ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Kevin Kenson (6 months ago)
What games would you like to see on the Switch?
Zer Thecooler (2 days ago)
sunshine super mario 64 and paper mario
HyruleMaster022 (2 months ago)
SBV CLIPS (3 months ago)
Farcry 5
tony playz (3 months ago)
Fallout 76
HDhdhdhdyd SJrhsunueis (4 months ago)
Call of duty black ops ll and gta 5
Darknight (20 days ago)
Black ops 2
Wero Ortega (1 month ago)
0:53 Mario walks in the background
Daniel Levy (1 month ago)
why is there a mario walking by at 0:50?
kris198921 (1 month ago)
F-Zero doesn’t need another game
Ash Ketchum (2 months ago)
If the switch leaks call in the plumber mario
SuperDoom1 Unrevealed (3 months ago)
I'm late to the party, but I can safely say: You only got one right. Unless you said they were gonna talk about Smash Bros., which...hoo-boy.
BlazeBytes (3 months ago)
did anyone else notice the smb3 mario walk behind the gameboy?
squid din (4 months ago)
I think if Mario maker would be announced it would be around the time of the release of the online service.
The Gamer Jalen (4 months ago)
Mario Maker Deluxe!!!
Joseph Wynne (4 months ago)
We need Wii Sports Club with online support and local multiplayer single joycon play
Joshua Englehart (4 months ago)
SUPER Smash Bros
Anton Kravets (4 months ago)
Man. Those games are for kids.
Emulation Obligation (4 months ago)
I want a port of Mario clash
Chromebook User (4 months ago)
I want Tomadachi Life.
Super Slimer (4 months ago)
I want them to bring Disney infinity over to the switch 😯😯😯
DARKPOTATO18 (4 months ago)
4:19 look at the wood stick and gameboy
Theodd3 sout (4 months ago)
Mario maker Remastered
Dakotah Crawrford (4 months ago)
Did you see that MARIO at 0:53
ewafnfgaweiawe (5 months ago)
SNES Mario World Remaster HD graphics.
Jak Silva (5 months ago)
Oh and this is 1 month later than the post but they making a mario party SUPER MARIO PARTY
Petabyte Productions (5 months ago)
Did anyone notice the Mario walk from the wood to the plant when he said super smash bros??
Jose Maldonado (5 months ago)
Can someone explain why Mario was walking around in the bottom left at 0.54 & 4.18... Just saying.lol
caspervnm27 (5 months ago)
Legend og Zelda: wind waker
DaWgTronic (5 months ago)
0:52 *i saw that*. 4:20
Ethan Davila (5 months ago)
Luigis mansion The classic Super mario brothers I mean it would be amazing to have a new super mario sunshine because that was by far the best game And if halo or COD havent been made yet im not sure if they are going to but they should
MANUEL X (5 months ago)
0:52 when you see it....
Head3D (5 months ago)
Foxy951 (5 months ago)
Is Mario in 0:52 supposed to be an Easter egg by the way it next to the Gameboy
Matthew Mosley (5 months ago)
I want a port for Ultimate Spider-Man!
MLHJA (5 months ago)
Omg the little Mario running in the back hahah so adorable
Mr Moskillboy 2 (5 months ago)
Skyward sword hd please
ALoafOfToast YT (5 months ago)
smash 5
Crystaluxray (5 months ago)
I would like them to put snes games like chrono trigger and earthbound
Ice Cold Squirtle (5 months ago)
4:18 Wut
Kenchi Yoriyoshi (5 months ago)
A new viewtiful Joe series would be dope!!!!
Kage Tsume (5 months ago)
Billy hatcher and the giant egg HD + Billy hatcher and the giant egg 2
Luke Nordone (5 months ago)
Who else noticed Mario in the bottom left at 0:53?
Ivo Dijkman (5 months ago)
just give me golden sun one last time plz nintendo and camelot plz
Dragon Gaming Alliance (5 months ago)
only me that saw the little mario walking on the table
LinkCat Gaming (5 months ago)
Dude tell me if i am wrong but these are not switch leaks they are hopes for switch
Usernames Ew (5 months ago)
0:54 Mario?
Andrew Bryceland (5 months ago)
Wii sports
LonelyGamer010 (5 months ago)
Strikers plsssss nintendo plssss <3
the best 200 finy (5 months ago)
3Way Stasis (5 months ago)
i really really want tomodachi life in the switch
Alex H (5 months ago)
Andrew Dittmar (5 months ago)
You forgot zelda brah. WW & TP would be amazing plus if they remade skyward sword with either better motion controls or no motion controls. Or better yet since it's going on 20 years a full HD remaster of Oot. Then majoras mask
randy's random facts (5 months ago)
Who else saw the tanookie mario
Victor Acevedo (5 months ago)
where you got that pokeball on the desk ??
Hamzah Ali (5 months ago)
0:52 look at mario
Liata (5 months ago)
I honestly want to have a remade Link's Crossbow Training game on the Switch. My brother and I adored it on the Wii and it basically covered our first person shooter interests at the time so a remade version (with an actual bow instead of a crossbow and BoTW elements) would be amazing.
Cabalex (5 months ago)
You should get a new Switch. You don’t want it leaking, that’s not good.
Tommy Ferland (5 months ago)
A new super mario bros. i guess ? But maybe in 2019
AngelFire550 (5 months ago)
What about Mario bros!? We need 2D again!
Expired Wafflez (5 months ago)
LOL I got a Nintendo Switch Add for a new game in the begging of the video
Texas guy (5 months ago)
I really want Mario party. Like I REALLY want it.
Carlos Luis (5 months ago)
You forgot to talk of yoshi that was announce almost last year
JWizGames (5 months ago)
I'm just waiting for Phoenix Wright.
TT Tasnim (5 months ago)
Pokemon Sory am a pokemon fan
Meng Thao (5 months ago)
Xenoblade X 2 When?
Stephan C (5 months ago)
That's right "Super Mario strikes" was great and I had more fun with "Mario strike" than with other Soccer titles.
Lee Beal (5 months ago)
Zelda Breath of the Wild cant wait by the game on my b-day and my mom and dad mite get me switch also
Lee Beal (5 months ago)
first super nintendo had it
sumit3175 (5 months ago)
There will be no game on switch It will be absolute Disappointin at e3 so dont be excited.
Mr. Springs (5 months ago)
I need an new 2D Mario game!
SuperLui 14 (5 months ago)
A new Pokemon snap
Dimize 3504 (5 months ago)
I did see one leak that called the new fire emblem was going to be called lustrous Daybreak idk if it's true but it sounds legit
PurplePencil1 (5 months ago)
this was made on my birthday
Anthony Mele (5 months ago)
Saw that Tanooki Mario. lol
Max Baldwin (5 months ago)
are we just ignoring the possibility of the next pokemon game on the switch?
Alfredo cruz (5 months ago)
I would want call of duty black ops 2 on the switch
WaluigiPlays (5 months ago)
I think a Wii Sports remake on switch would be awesome.
Electric Coconut (5 months ago)
Metroid Prime trilogy ported over and Metroid Prime 4
xvc00 (5 months ago)
odyssey 2
Gareth Sanders (5 months ago)
Leakery than a broken boat man
Matthew Hoang (5 months ago)
Mario.. sunshine.. 2... that is all
Rushi Manjarekar (5 months ago)
Still no fortnite?
Herbert Mackie (5 months ago)
ZombiU I love that game too the Wii U
My God, you have horrible taste for games. I hope Nintendo doesn’t listen to you. All the horrible games that do not sell or cause any excitement in the market are on your tasteless list.
Pat Gaming (5 months ago)
Super mario maker on switch.
droid4D (5 months ago)
Girishkumar Peddi (5 months ago)
what about wind waker?!?!
IBDfaystest (5 months ago)
At 53 secs there a mario in the background
Hupa (5 months ago)
what about a New Super Mario Bros game
KFZK Games (5 months ago)
I'd like a Super Mario Galaxy 3 and I know that they'll probably sequalize Super Mario Odyssey but I've been dreaming since 2010.
Jacob Wall (5 months ago)
....... Star Fox Zero anyone?
Xeno GearsX (5 months ago)
Funny I thought same thing was I loved to get with again square and do remake Mario RPG or 2
Elye Wise (5 months ago)
Dylan Brewis (5 months ago)
Imagine wii party on switch
KudkUday (5 months ago)
I want all the Nintendo Switch games for free in E3
SpaceCollosus (5 months ago)
angle galves (5 months ago)
Nintendo has said pikmin 4 is ready for a while (i think) Or mostly done
NewLeafSev (5 months ago)
You forgot Animal crossing
Aarian Malhotra (5 months ago)
Wii party u! Make it switch party
Aarian Malhotra (5 months ago)
0:50 look in the lower left!
GreenDestruction (5 months ago)
donkey kong 64 please
Sampie 345 (5 months ago)
I want Super Mario Odyssey 2 :)
HPruyle (5 months ago)
Secret 4:18 Mario with tail walks across screen
Daniel Ordonez (5 months ago)
They need to add Youtube, netflix and let us roam around the internet already. And also let us Switch between apps and games without it affecting the game like a phone for example. (pun intended lol). So we can look at tutorials when stuck on a level and then switch back to the game to do the steps from the youtube tutorial you just saw (for example). I would also love if we can add our own custom wallpaper. I know this is still a new portable console but damn, I'm tired of waiting tbh .__. There's really nothing else you can do besides play games which sucks. This would be a godly portable console if they added these features and other stuff that I'm sure people have thought of too. But as for games, I would really love Mario Strikers to come back lol

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