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Top 17 INSANE Upcoming Survival Games in 2017 & 2018 (New Games For PS4, XBOX ONE & PC)

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In this video, we take a look at the Top 17 Best Survival Upcoming Games in 2017 & beyond. Some of these Games also Cover the Upcoming Open World Games Like Survive the Nights, Days Gone & WiLD. Which of these you want to play? Comment your thoughts also Subscribe. 00:00 Survive the Nights (PC) TBA 2017 02:12 Raft (PC) TBA 2018 02:58 Pathologic 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) TBA 2018 05:09 Rise of the king (PC) TBA 06:12 Ylands (PC) November 2017 07:07 Dead Matter (PC, Mac, Linux) TBA 09:06 Valnir Rok (PC) TBA 09:31 Scum (PC) Tab 2017 11:38 State of Decay 2 (PC, Xbox One) TBA 2018 13:52 Scorn (PC) TBA 2018 15:53 Frostpunk (PC) TBA 2017 16:42 The Day After (PC) TBA 17:30 Hunt: Showdown (PS4, Xbox One, PC) TBA 18:14 Days Gone (PS4) TBA 2018 20:25 WiLD (PS4) TBA 21:58 Breaking Point (PC) TBA 23:22 The Last of Us 2 - Part 2 (PS4) TBA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (854)
TheKins7 (2 months ago)
all zombi***WTF??
Yougurt Ck (4 months ago)
The scum looked nice
Jon dow (5 months ago)
Jon dow (5 months ago)
Jon dow (5 months ago)
David Haywood (5 months ago)
Survive the Night is much more what I thought Fallout 4 might have been like, back when New Vegas had JUST released.
ArmyCrab (6 months ago)
Honestly, none of these games besides a few of them are bringing anything new to the table.. Scorn.. Scum, I will say I'm still excited for days gone by since it has that last of us feel.
Dave Tyler (6 months ago)
That scum game has a very fair 3rd person camera
poo poo (6 months ago)
The Last of us 2 always looked like "domestic violence sim 2018" to me :p Way too much unnecessary torture.
Stephanie Matsuo (6 months ago)
You might want to search up what domestic violence means.
Ketia Fils Aime (6 months ago)
I wanna try all of these games
I own u U (7 months ago)
We all know it ain't coming to console nothing ever does
CottonCat (7 months ago)
has survive the nights come out yet? i would love to play it
Ben Rechakiewicz (8 months ago)
I wonder if these games get past the development process 🤔
Mylove5 (8 months ago)
pc always gets the best shit
CGX5 (8 months ago)
Can't wait for State Of Decay 2 to come out, it would be the greatest zombie game ever
Tristan Haddow (9 months ago)
Guide to survive the nights Step 1 buy the game Step 2 wiat about 4 years until the game is actually functional and playable
Ousman (9 months ago)
can we get a survival game that is original and not early access?
Chouxer (9 months ago)
Almost every game is on pc like normal 😞
Jeff Goldblum (9 months ago)
Here's to not playing any boring fucking zombie games in 2018
Wraithix (9 months ago)
PC tab = PC tba?
Snipy Boi (9 months ago)
pathologic 2? i have the first on CD on my top shelf on the back of it reads "Pathologic is a unique example of a dramatic game, which directly affects the player's state of mind." after reading that i never played it more than half an hour long i had a timer set to stop playing because i was afraid of what the game would choose to do with my state of mind and when i did play it for too long it got really scary and really really unnerving i am afraid i'll choose to buy the second game... after all... the nightmares always come back.
David Simpkins (9 months ago)
mental state = 7 days to die
w0bbl3r (9 months ago)
Can't we just solve the problem of third person perspective advantage by just doing the obvious? DON'T HAVE THIRD PERSON PERSPECTIVE IN THE FUCKING GAME. It takes away from the immersion of the player, it removes the attachment to the character you gain when you embody the character in first person, and it's just not nearly as good as proper first person perspective. Look at all the great first person games that have done things thought to be solely the domain of third person perspective games; mirror's edge, dying light, resident evil 7 and many many more have shown that first person perspective is better than third person in most games. Even driving games are better with the camera in the car. The only time third person is better is in more action/fighting style games and platformers. And even some of those can be done just as well in first person. I have held off from even thinking about buying pubg, battlefront and others purely because I want to play in first person camera but I know I will be owned if I do.
fortnite- rabbit raider (9 months ago)
The first one was sick
Disturbed Banana (9 months ago)
just to know, can someone explain me why the last of us is show in this video? I have the game since its release date wich is exactly the 14th of june 2013. If you want to make an interesting video, put a little of really good and informative content in it instead of putting just a full load of bullshit on games you don't know shit about ty for not posting any other video if you don't know the content that you want to put in it. L
Neon Knight (9 months ago)
i hope they fixed the grab animations in State of Decay 2
Brightstar (9 months ago)
Scorn looks like a family friendly game
Hunt3r v2 (9 months ago)
Well more of dayz coppies with nothing more than few new things... most of this games have poor audio animations grapgics and rest is just awfull (but not all games shown in this vid are bad ofcourse ;)
Clockwolf (9 months ago)
Frostpunk is being made by 11 bit studios the people behind this war of mine :D
Yung Brick (9 months ago)
My hopes for Pathologic are high idk about you guys but when was the last time someone told you they had to trade a gun for food in a survival game
Dalton Laster (9 months ago)
I love how most of these videos on YouTube say Xbox, pc and ps and it's just mostly videos of pc like really just make the video PC games coming out
FreddyKrugerGloves (9 months ago)
Why is not escape from tarkov on this list ??? Wtf ? :p
FreddyKrugerGloves (9 months ago)
The title does not say zombie anywhere :p tarkov is the best most upcoming survival hardcore game ever dude....
Stan Marsh (9 months ago)
FreddyKrugerGloves eft is NOT zombie survival
- M1StakeS (9 months ago)
Rise of the king
Furzkampfbomber (9 months ago)
Pathologic was a clusterfuck of a game that looked like it was made 10 years ago. Good to see that Pathologic 2 is staying true to this formula. And State of Decay 2? Hell, I will definitely not touch this game. Not after the mess the first one was, not after they've sold the game a second time; just for the same price; even for owners of the original with all DLC and with the same bloody bugs and glitches and flaws in design and story. Fuck, when I want to lose half of my playtime by catering to pesky, annoying, nagging assholes who just don't seem to realise that they are in the middle of a bloody zombie apocalypse... only to then walk straight forward into the next horde... then maybe.
MizzoXXX (9 months ago)
I can't wait for the release of SCUM !!! Check out their discord they have new updates https://discord.gg/MFvHSzg
CloverW (9 months ago)
I would have liked the pathologic 2 gameplay better if he let the dude wearing a bedsheet touch him
Bop Jordi (9 months ago)
Raft looks really fun
Elite Penguin (9 months ago)
5:06 ahahhaha
SuperJayXD (9 months ago)
The Day After was reviewed terribly.
Berk T. (9 months ago)
Aiden Snyder (9 months ago)
The first one looks lit
AnDanDan (9 months ago)
The whole time you put 'Tab' instead of 'TBA' in your video
dan kovač (9 months ago)
I like the new amnesia update
dan kovač (9 months ago)
Oh and the new skyrim survivor edition is nice
Fresh Marthini (10 months ago)
5:11 skyrim
Ryan 123 (10 months ago)
What is this minecraft with shaders
strategia criminale man (10 months ago)
5:13 skyrim
Alcatrax (10 months ago)
Wow these are INSANE
Vladimir Stroganoff (10 months ago)
The problem with online survival games, like DayZ is that you spend hours as a freshie looting and then some piece of shit hacker kills you and you have start all over again. You simply can't play any online games anymore without getting fucked by hackers, make a great SP survival game with a co-op feature instead cause online games are broken and sadly will be forever.
elias khalid (10 months ago)
Damaged brain hahahah
MisterTuno (10 months ago)
I sure will be playing & recording all of these games for my YouTube lol. Sure to be a BOOM! (Shameless Plug.. SUB ME PLEASE I'M DESPERATE)
JL Production (10 months ago)
Yland looks fun
FlashySenap (10 months ago)
My name is John Dick! ROFLMAO! XD
Par Kla (10 months ago)
Valnir Rok is utter shit. Nothing looks like what is shown in the trailer.
under the sea (10 months ago)
*Not every survival game is a fucking zombie game*
Wyvern Wolfe (10 months ago)
One reason I never enjoyed 3rd person multiplayer games, is purely that ability to look around a corner without giving yourself away, and then get gunned down before you can do anything. Its always been unfair and unbalanced. Compared to something like R6, whenever you see and enemy they can see you. Whether its leaning, lights on the camera/drone, compared with peaking round a corner with an invisible camera...
Liam Roberts (10 months ago)
Interviewer: So whats different about your zombie game? Me: Well, in this one the zombies come in different colors. Interviewer: You're hired.
Skilofey (10 months ago)
Where Metro Exodus?
unknown (10 months ago)
Why did you edit over The Last Of Us??
ChrisDoesGame (10 months ago)
raft is a game already?
GamingWalkthrough (10 months ago)
Most of these are just pc :/
SpaceLord (10 months ago)
YouIsMySon !!! (10 months ago)
12:09 is has a halo reach one liner by emile “Want some of this? HOW ABOUT YOU?!”
Firstname Lastname (10 months ago)
Survive the nights well definitely need some spit and polish done and the animations smoothed out but it looks like it has a lot of potential. Hopefully it doesn’t get abandoned like so many other projects. Same with Dead Matter. Also, Scorn looks fucking terrifying
Kristóf Szilvási (10 months ago)
Metro: Exodus?
Angel Camacho (10 months ago)
I wish state of decay 2 would be on ps4
Odin Harou (10 months ago)
The first game seems VERY interesting! I'm temped to play it when it comes out.
Sole arcarese (10 months ago)
8:16 gun with no ammo 👍
Allclass GamingTv (10 months ago)
Every good game comes as a early acces..and this sucks a lot...
Weeb Trash (10 months ago)
jeez, more zombies? yea the games look good, but its getting old.look at the long dark, no zombies, that game is still amazing.
Danganraptor (10 months ago)
It won't. Each time a zombie game or movie comes out, it takes-or attempts to take-a fresh turn on the genre, either by making the zombies basic (The Walking Dead,) adding stages/strains of infection (State of Decay,) or much more human-esque (The George Romero series of movies.) Zombies, ever since their conception in both movie form and video games, have been and always will be a huge market. On the consumer half, if you get a standard survival game (take 'The Forest,' but remove the mutants) it'll be declared "boring" and "uneventful."
Weeb Trash (10 months ago)
AgentRamirez1 yea but stil, dont you think itll get old after a while?
Danganraptor (10 months ago)
Zombie Survival is a popular genre, and as such, it will continue to happen.
Lewis Mcdermott (10 months ago)
I recommend the forest
TacoCentaur (10 months ago)
days gone looks good, shame its only on the plebstation 4 though.
HolyWrath (10 months ago)
Too much future steam greenlight cancer
Bogo Allahovic (10 months ago)
JASKA SETÄ (10 months ago)
Where is Escape From Tarkov???
Dark Vader (10 months ago)
Can’t get into my head that a game console is purely based around video games but a computor which is least designed for video games gets better games than the fucking consoles, so bullshit.
Nathan (10 months ago)
because consoles are basically stripped down computers that's way
FPSGeorge (10 months ago)
YaBoiMinhty (10 months ago)
How many years has it been since Survive the Nights was in development, 3?
Ƶєνєαι (10 months ago)
4:39 are you supposed to die to that?
DaKussh (10 months ago)
If State of Decay 2 map isn't randomly generated again I'm going to flip
Yung Rapid (10 months ago)
The first one is 7 days to die But not MineCraft
FuZy PlaYs (10 months ago)
I want to play all these games
Almighty Dongers (10 months ago)
No Escape from Tarkov eh?
Cameron_ McClaskey (10 months ago)
Looking forward to hunt: showdown
The Senate (10 months ago)
Why is no one mentioning Ylands?! That game looks pretty original and I think it has a LOT of potential.
Furoki (10 months ago)
Scum looks fun af
Your Ad Here (10 months ago)
20:22 nice cut
Stein871 (10 months ago)
scorn looks fkn beast
DuraheLL (10 months ago)
Jesus shit one look shittier than the other. What a pile of garbage games.
Aaron Walker (10 months ago)
Oh I'm excited for The Last of Us Part 2. <3
Ezra Sky (10 months ago)
Pathologic 2 looks interesting.
Darian Iler (10 months ago)
How do we solve people using lower graphics? Simple, "prepare a can of DELICIOUS beans"
Army Killer (10 months ago)
4:39 hell no, no noooooooooooooooo
綾波 レイ (10 months ago)
wow i really like SCUM that third person feature really changes the game
Arthur Bode (10 months ago)
Skyrim: Rise of the king
The Example (10 months ago)
survive the nights looks like something id play
Insta Slap (10 months ago)
Tintin (10 months ago)
5:09 skyirim remastered?
terpazoid (10 months ago)
Sergio Jetro (10 months ago)
zombies look dummies, they should be like in dying light, developers must learn somsing
Pavel Daniel 999 (10 months ago)
Raft is the most original survival game EVER! I frickin' love the idea and it was made by students!

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