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Wait WHAT? Now SWITCH Got 11 Upcoming FPS Games!

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For real! Nintendo Switch got 11 upcoming First Person Shooter games!. We are so excited for the future. What do you guys think? Which one will you buy? Top 12 NEW Upcoming RPG Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p4rHcv5t2c ◆ Follow Us ◆ Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (1 month ago)
Top 12 NEW Upcoming RPG Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p4rHcv5t2c
Kai Rogers (1 month ago)
Fucking... Ark isnt an FPS... Doom Eternal IS Pixark isnt an FPS lol, these FIRST PERSON games arent exactly FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS
Thi3mo Cartoons (1 month ago)
SwitchPlanet Was ist ein FPS Spiel?
A Gamer (1 month ago)
+SwitchPlanet Stop changing the thumbnail lol
TheRetroGamingKid (1 month ago)
+Moot Point the only garbage here is the Switch itself
TheRetroGamingKid (1 month ago)
This console is just garbage
SYLVAIN GAMING 03 (9 minutes ago)
We need Borderlands 2 !! better than all of this shits
号E4514 (2 days ago)
Mr. Mrs. (2 days ago)
When in fall does ark comes out?
Gears 329 (4 days ago)
Shodow gun is an app game is on ios
Ers Lope (5 days ago)
i can say for first time,i prefer a NSWTCH than a PS4 OR XBONE
K G (8 days ago)
엥? 모던이ㅡㅜ....
Me3 Graal (9 days ago)
Powered by: *Android and google play*
SuperShadow 7220 (10 days ago)
For some reason I wanted borderlands 2 on switch
H.P 451 (14 days ago)
Thanks again switch planet. I was having trouble choosing my games, now I’m sure
Adam Xx (15 days ago)
waiting for HOLLOW2 should be better than first one !!!
Alex Sher (19 days ago)
Где хоть одна пригодная забава-то? Одна индюшатина конечно порты с мобилок. Разве что Doom Eternal на закуску веселит.
Kevin Guillaume (19 days ago)
Modern Warfare 5.....Shadowgun...... aren't those old Android games...really Nintendo🤨
Gustavo Menacho (20 days ago)
Mobile games.........
모호린 (20 days ago)
이중에서 한글화 몇개나 될까...
Born_Disturbed _92 (20 days ago)
Doom Eternal is going to set shooting game standards for switch and prove what its capable of..i think more shooters will come out after that
「Michael - Blox」 (21 days ago)
Yeah boi
I want destiny on the switch
Paul Lee (21 days ago)
Yeah enjoy Nintendo fanboys. Us ps4 fans will be enjoying black ops4, fallout 76, and Red dead redemption 2.
Ers Lope (5 days ago)
get it up your ass
2ez4u2c (19 days ago)
+Paul Lee god I can just tell your one of those 9-year-olds you say they're gonna fuck my mom and stop saying fucking noob your only embarrassing yourself kiddo
Paul Lee (20 days ago)
+Mr SneakZ in couple of years I'll be playing ps5 exclusives. Noob
Mr SneakZ (20 days ago)
+Paul Lee yeah? In a couple years you'd be able to emulate those games on pc, and if you do have an i7 pc why don't you use it for gaming? Do you not have a graphics card or is it just an old generation
Paul Lee (20 days ago)
+Mr SneakZ I have i7 PC but I barely use it for gaming. Noob
Luke Linares (21 days ago)
they will release a bunch of games that no one is playing, but they won't release games that everyone is playing like overwatch or cod black ops 4 or PUBG. why?
GameEditor Che (21 days ago)
mobile port to lol
SharkGamer 27 (21 days ago)
Cool fps games with 30 fps lol
Epic Døød (21 days ago)
Crap, I thought they were going to release BO4 :C
Epic Døød (21 days ago)
Shadowgun? Meh, if only I could transport my data from mobile to switch, I don’t want to start all over again on shadowgun and waste 4 more hours of gameplay :/
Epic Døød (21 days ago)
。このは (22 days ago)
Cris_Stark (22 days ago)
Battlefield, PGBG or nothing
Lord Of Admirals (22 days ago)
Only one im excited for is modetn combat 5, I play that game religiously on my s9.
君の疲労骨折 (23 days ago)
Philly Grea (23 days ago)
There where only seven FPS games....
Scott S (24 days ago)
RDR2? >_< Family man looks decent.
AGATH0R (25 days ago)
BoringStar (25 days ago)
Pls show first game is thumbnail game
BoringStar (25 days ago)
제발 썸네일 게임좀 먼저 보여주고 게임별로 움직이는 시간대좀 쳐박이라
expo marker (25 days ago)
Rico looks pretty good
lee greenhill (26 days ago)
Are we all sure that what we are looking at is on the switch at the start and is it a new doom game at the end a lot of games lately on the switch look so bad and crap people are getting fed up of it lately? And why are a lot of you games so expensive and thay look terrible mobile games.
黒猫神 (27 days ago)
LACOUCHE (27 days ago)
ARK 😍😍😍
Ed Simmons (29 days ago)
DOOM 60 fps?
+Jacksons Gurky oh...
Jacksons Gurky (28 days ago)
Ed Simmons 30fps
Ghost Smoke (30 days ago)
Какого хуя здесь одни амерекосы?
chaz kramer (30 days ago)
Nothing good
Zuher Tatli (1 month ago)
The last 5 apart from doom eternal aren't FPS games
Vanilla SHOT (1 month ago)
Akilah Tucker (1 month ago)
I cant wait to play doom eternal on the go
Fenrir Fire (1 month ago)
I want a Rainbow Six: Gold/Lone Wolf HD remaster with updated a.i., an on the fly touch-screen waypoint system, and a remastered hud, as well as updated sound effects and on-screen gun display...
René Hernández (1 month ago)
Rico: MEH ARK: GOOD Doom eternal: OMG. Es resto es escupo de comadreja
こ とみ (1 month ago)
Extended gameplay just so you’d get 10 minutes lmao you’re not fooling me.
Pinkarmada01 (1 month ago)
Omg shadow gun legends? That game is actually really good! And Mc5. Dang ok. Mc5 not so much. But shadowgun is so lit
Yard Byrd (1 month ago)
I just can't wait to play red dead redemption 2 on the switch!
kult_deyo_DHA (1 month ago)
Just give us bf4 and we're good
Xxx Xxx (1 month ago)
Wann kommt das Spiel Rico
DaylightAsFUCK (1 month ago)
RB6 Siege on Switch is my wet dream
Alexander Kroell (1 month ago)
Ark isn't Fps
辻晴心 (1 month ago)
Souleste (1 month ago)
Honestly kind of sad to see mobile as in phone games ported to the switch... it can handle a lot more than that.
Michael Myers (1 month ago)
Bullet Force and Forward Assault on switch and I'm good.
Ers Lope (5 days ago)
crazy bitch
Me3 Graal (9 days ago)
Lol. I'm gonna dominate with my scorpion. Can't wait until they announce *FREE FIRE*
contingent exe (1 month ago)
More anime games *MOAR*
Eddy R (1 month ago)
Lol most of the games are in the apple store
James R (1 month ago)
I can't wait for that rico game to come out i been wanting to play it forever now
Salvador Suarez (1 month ago)
WOW Shadowgun legends on NSW 😍
김호영 (1 month ago)
역시나 할게없다ㅜㅜ 한글화나해라ㅜㅜ
UhJayy (1 month ago)
i want my call of duty. heh if only the switch was strong enough ;-; it can barely run Fortnite
GeeLawjik (1 month ago)
Damn I was hoping to see CoD zombies or Borderlands
Why the fuck do you auto translate your titles and captions in French ? The translation is horrible. Keep it to English !
TOKA G (1 month ago)
Android game is coming on switch?
DRIAX (1 month ago)
I regret getting the nintendo switch because most games that i get in the switch are on the appstore
ぶるぅべりぃ (1 month ago)
SandmanCam (1 month ago)
If my ps4 can’t handle ARK, how is my switch going to?
bailey Campbell (11 days ago)
They just up then lens flares so everything is white. Problem fixed lol
narutofox180 (1 month ago)
What is the game in the thumbnail?
Aaron Toews (1 month ago)
Wait, what...firewatch is a fps?
Joseph Han (1 month ago)
why can't every game look as good as doom
Steven Seggerman (1 month ago)
How is firewatch an fps?
노스킬러 (1 month ago)
개쓰레기 게임기 ㅆㅂ 인디 폰게임 머신이잖아 이거 그래픽도 개쓰레기고ㅋ
Jackson Otto (1 month ago)
That second game was obviously recorded on pc
Thought the thumbnail was far cry 4. I would’ve been so hyped if it came on the switch lol
Tyone Field (1 month ago)
My iPhone has better graphics than the Nintendo switch
Tyone Field (1 month ago)
Nintendo switch graphics sucks
ForbiddenFateGaming (1 month ago)
Some of these are great and all , ARK , Doom Eternal , ect. But ..... *where's Overwatch*
Hayden Foxx (1 month ago)
I'm beginning to think my Switch was a waste of money. I haven't even touched it in two months. I went back to playing my 3ds. I'm just waiting for Pokémon to be released.
Micha Krabs (1 month ago)
Most of Switch Games are totally shit. Just Pokemon and Zelda are the reason why the Switch will survive. Sure other games too but not games like in this video.
Terd Cutter (1 month ago)
Hollow 2 will be another slow as shit turd sandwich who funds this garbage
さすけ (1 month ago)
あんなちっこいスティックで どうエイムを合わせろと言うのか…
Mòrag 23 (1 month ago)
Ashab Plop (1 month ago)
Soooo Much shit games man omg. Switch cost more than ps4 and ps4 have better grapich and som Much better games then fakings mobile games for kids.
Hon Man Hui (1 month ago)
I want Zelda remake and mario maker deluxe😢
Igor Blagus (1 month ago)
All this games - Doom will be much cheaper on IOS/Android. At least give us some Gamecube/Wii/Wii U ports at the full retail price, Nintendo. Even that would be better than nothing.
Forest Dave Sanchez (1 month ago)
I hope farcry will be ported
Martin Christensen (1 month ago)
Not all of these games are FPS games, some of them are FPP games (First Person Perspective) 😊
LeagueOfFox (1 month ago)
That cool still sucks that the switch can’t save all game memory unless you pay for membership and even with that if you lose/canceled it you lose all your i cloud memory
H1ro • (1 month ago)
Waiting for the inazuma announcement
Blooper • (1 month ago)
Pikmin 4.
ji (1 month ago)
John Mecca (1 month ago)
Some of these are Mobile games like Shadowgun.
Robert Willson (1 month ago)
That intro beat slap hard i immediately subbed
khaleel dye (1 month ago)
When we gone get some real games
BeauSSB (29 days ago)
>real games >Smash Ultimate >Pokemon Let's Go
ola ola (1 month ago)
Why only android games?
Hello donate
Sean Kennedy (1 month ago)

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