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The Walking Dead Game - Official Trailer #3 (2018) Zombie Game

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The Walking Dead Game - Official Trailer #3 Grant (2018) Zombie Game • Release Date: Fall 2018 • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (5921)
Joseph Christian Roldan (14 hours ago)
The Walking Patay....
Magenta Freak (9 days ago)
Walking Dead, Survival Instinct? 5:05
João Rabelo (9 days ago)
Vai ser melhor que the Last of us
Prismal (11 days ago)
i played the beta, it aint that good..
6ix9ine Guy (11 days ago)
Where is Lee?
lachflip (12 days ago)
I hope Clementine somehow is in this lol 😂 na but seriously 😐
Min Jingled (12 days ago)
I wonder if we'll see Clementine
Brandon Pinheiro (13 days ago)
Interesting but need to see more zombies 2018
subaruWRX (13 days ago)
This game ain't what we expected 😭😭. Its going to be crap! I had high expectations
Sophiih Zz (13 days ago)
Vovka Kobilinskiy (13 days ago)
Ух ты бля. У деда железные яичка!
Crash Play TV (13 days ago)
Все будет завтра.)
Noruss Noruss (14 days ago)
Is it the first road? In the beginning
Random Video (14 days ago)
Please subscribe my channel 😉🙏🙏🙏
Matheo (14 days ago)
Il sort quand ?
ELLLER (15 days ago)
Тот момент, когда на трейлер было потрачено больше средств чем на саму игру...
SurvivorPlays 45 (15 days ago)
The game let me down, I thought it was going to be a cool free roam game but it is confined into defending a spot 😭
Canal Animado (15 days ago)
Esse jogo promete quem acha também da like
Gabriel Ferreira (15 days ago)
não promete não, saiu a gameplay já e ta uma merda.
J J (16 days ago)
When will this come out
Abiel B (14 days ago)
J J it already came out
4:55 Клементина и Ли
The last of as 2.0
Nazareno Cuello (17 days ago)
Por fin harán un juego de TWD descente no como las mierdas esas de tomar decisiones , igual prepárense para el downgrade que tendrá...
ken kaneki (18 days ago)
his like angry gramdpa
kumara herath (18 days ago)
Rezko master (19 days ago)
crazy grand pa 😂😂😂😂
jenicek 2007 (20 days ago)
It is sad
Domzdream (20 days ago)
Regardless whether or not the game will look as impressive as the cinematic , that scene looked fucking amazing!
Martin Lee (20 days ago)
Seems fun...
Happy (21 days ago)
skkarface 61st (21 days ago)
Tell me why the car looks like the one from amazing world of gumball
Javier Larreynaga (21 days ago)
Where is Lee and Clementine
Min Jingled (12 days ago)
That's what I wanna know
Brendenisholy (21 days ago)
Looks dope
Theblack Pearls (22 days ago)
Austin Hall (22 days ago)
I like how he talks to a walker, and “hoping” that the guy it use to be is listening
Pong Krell (22 days ago)
Is that Daisy from the amazing world of gumball ?
Misterio Anonimos (22 days ago)
CITY COPS (23 days ago)
Dale Werkheiser (23 days ago)
Never go to a hospital
Claudiadude - (23 days ago)
This game is so dissapointing
Lana vlane (24 days ago)
OMFG !!! I love this game !!!
Octavian Ortega (24 days ago)
Wow is that older Clem or something
Min Jingled (12 days ago)
Imagine tho
ANGRY F.O.X ZD (25 days ago)
This old man has balls of steel! I'd never get in a car with a zombie let alone talk to it.
Ravens Daily Life (25 days ago)
Fucking old ass NORP! THAT was what his life was built around? He already a fucking zombie ☠💀☠
JAEK Yeet (25 days ago)
I thought I would see clemmy clem
Find your way (25 days ago)
The world is to much bad whitout that things 😞😐
Toad :v (26 days ago)
The other game of the walkind dead is better :v
Nicole The Author (26 days ago)
I really wanna play this and it looks great! I hope the gameplay is just as good! (Probably will be but you never know)
CongamingZ (21 days ago)
If you seen on YT it's pure shit
underrated _life (27 days ago)
is this an actually game?
A 22 (27 days ago)
siavash ghomayshi
Prof. Lithium (28 days ago)
Holy shit, the graphics..
Aloventor Gaming (28 days ago)
I want the game just to see if the old guy finds his granddaughter, I'm rooting for him!
Derpo McRandom (28 days ago)
This trailer was so... promising, yet when I saw the gameplay, I saw that it was so... Disappointing...
DIEGOYUTUB (28 days ago)
Prefiero the walking dead, clementine
Forever Produções (7 days ago)
Concordo muito melhor
Yousra Lane (15 days ago)
The car that the guy was in, does it not look like the car from "The amazing world of gumball" ? Pause at 1:56
Dwight 21savag753 (15 days ago)
Annabelle Lewis (25 days ago)
It looked like Anais' doll too
Look at the colors on that station wagon. In Telltales there's many references to a station wagon with those colors. Same as the helicopters in the tv show?
Sparkles_2k5 (29 days ago)
That's fuuuuuuuuucked but looks good
The Ultra instinct (29 days ago)
Now tell tale is dead this is our only hope
Afonso Ferreira (1 month ago)
4:54😔Clementine and Lee
Nina Takarina Wati (1 month ago)
Vidio ini anjay banget
Jeraldy Quispe (1 month ago)
ni entiendo nada
Alex Mitchell (1 month ago)
Just tells em a story then shoots the bitch
Felipe Estronda (1 month ago)
He look like Dale
ELLLER (1 month ago)
Тот момент, когда на трейлеры было потрачены больше средств, чем на игру...
Crash Play TV (13 days ago)
Будем глядеть.)
Alpha Rim (1 month ago)
Sashy Sushi (1 month ago)
R they trying to imitate the walking dead telltale series?
2:44 Bet you wont
lazar stojicevic (1 month ago)
Im confused, is this the Walking Dead OVERKILL (the Left4Dead copy) that came out or this game is gona release and its a different game?
MR. Creeper (1 month ago)
graphics is so sick better than fortnite
Matilde Tubæk (1 month ago)
Clementine needs to be In this!
Alexander Tanks (1 month ago)
Dark Riot (1 month ago)
Telltale should sign over the rights to the walking dead so overkill can help them work on the game since they have all gone to shit
DikHeadBoi (1 month ago)
What if you snore really loud,but then the apocalypse starts?
Conners Coin (1 month ago)
Sorry but I don’t care about what other people say but nothing can beat tell tale walking dead...nothing
jake star (1 month ago)
I thought this was a real life man and that. The graphics is so damn good.
TheKirinDP (1 month ago)
After seeing gameplay.....wow this was disappointing
Leo Desilva (1 month ago)
Whose here after watching the gameplay lmao?
creep 2610 (1 month ago)
Marc C. (1 month ago)
Richard Dreyfuss?
Luigi Capasso (1 month ago)
È un gioco o un film?
Teenature Gameplay (1 month ago)
God i hope the gameplay is good
Aidan Spencer (1 month ago)
Teenature Gameplay glolook at the gameplay it is out
The PurplePanda Gaming (1 month ago)
Wow, I'm speechless
Risf Vvn (1 month ago)
I am confused wether this is game or real
Silent Record Breakers (1 month ago)
So real
SVK_Poseidon (1 month ago)
I must buy this game :D
Goku (1 month ago)
1.3 k dislikes from fortnight players
Sometrashartist _ (1 month ago)
Clem’s grandpa? Is that you?
SwelixTV (1 month ago)
Spaz ? (1 month ago)
Days Gone shits on this game
SaitamaxD :3 (1 month ago)
Y clementine :'v
KokoPush Gaming (1 month ago)
It's like when clementine shoot Lee😥
wesley snipes (1 month ago)
Is the grandpa suppose to be Rick when his like 70?
joaquin13 tv (1 month ago)
Riften Guard (1 month ago)
would be an amazing plot twist if his granddaughter was clementine
Wot you Lookin at? (1 month ago)
I wish i could talk to a walker like that
mark shepherd (1 month ago)
Brilliant trailers . The gameplay is SHIIIIIIIIIITE! Really disappointing!
Sryczek (1 month ago)
Nair Harshith (1 month ago)
Is this graphics or real
StormierTrout92 (1 month ago)
Daisy the donkey

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