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How To Get The Best Armour in God of War - Mist armour guide

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We've found out how to get the best armour in God of War, and we've put together a guide on how you can get this set yourself. Subscribe to GR+ here: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1
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Text Comments (927)
zombiekinggamer (2 days ago)
I KNEW I HAD THE BEST ARMOUR IN THE GAME!!! Thanks for confirming it!
D V (3 days ago)
Wait, I got all the language ciphers before I went inside the world serpent.
Rich Feliz (7 days ago)
Sounds like Korg from Thor Ragnarok
Aura Brown (8 days ago)
I got my armour 2 days ago lol im in fhe process of platinuming the game. So close yaaas
Whisp3R Juni0r (9 days ago)
The Mist of F O G
Wulleee (10 days ago)
This is utter bullshit. This youtuber doesn't even know anything about the best armour in the game since obviously the Exile armour is the most OP armour in the game.
Dawson Luciano (10 days ago)
Even Though I believe the Traveler's chest plate armour is the best, Theirs always room for improvement so🤷
Dawson Luciano (10 days ago)
Actually I might not, im at level 6 right now
Quentin Duhart (13 days ago)
I already been to nipheim u need ti get mist echoes and u look good enough its a valykryie and 3 realm tears u need to open and u will go up a whole level and its three different ivaldi gear i picked the third one
Stepz97 • (14 days ago)
Only clicked because Kratos had my chest armour in the thumbnail. Looks like I made the right choice.
Joe Tan (20 days ago)
i got my mist armor set max , except the chest armor which need cost 12 great crest of flame .... with this set of armor i got to lv9 , and kick every valkyrie ass without dying LOL , not even revive once
pacmam08 (21 days ago)
were can i find a pristine scale of the realm anyone plz?
edism3 (21 days ago)
what is the point to be fully upgraded in end of the game, have Valkyrie set and have nothing to do :D
Eyüp AAA (21 days ago)
They all reduces cooldown what is the good point?
WheresMyBuns (24 days ago)
I didnt even know I had the best armor.... But I did.... Im proud....
Rolando Gamboa (24 days ago)
cool advise!!! :-)
Very_Honorabru (24 days ago)
why is this even a video 😂 why are there any guides to god of war other than how to beat the valkyries, literally EVERYTHING in this game is self-explanable as long as you play the game thoroughly
509g1 (25 days ago)
Why are all these items names.and locations fucking with my brain lmao. Can't even say them.properly. I'm just gonna complete the game and platinum it.
Alisha Gilliam (25 days ago)
do the ciphers wind up in different places for different people because I didn't go to the places you said to get the ciphers to get to niflheim like I haven't even gotten to a couple of the places you mentioned and I can already get to niflheim
Martin Crowley (28 days ago)
This video is so misleading, as I got all 4 niphelheim ciphers AND subsequently got the Mist armour set, and didn’t get anywhere near where they said in the story! Just got all the cipher pieces through all side quests and exploring all the various areas... *spoilers* I’ve only just completed the bit where Kratos and Atreus get back after finding themselves stranded in Helheim. So yeah... goes to show that there’s more than one way to milk a cow 😅
edgarr (1 month ago)
Valkyrie armor is better for runic and cooldown
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
There appears to be a lot of confusion, so I'm going to try to explain. The Deadly Mist set has higher stats overall. It has higher strength, luck, vitality and defense than the Valkyrie set. But the Valkyrie set has higher cooldown and runic, it's good for runic attacks. In the end it's your opinion on which set to choose. Would you rather be hitting your enemy with powerful runic attacks, or would you rather be more well rounded? It's up to you. But know this, it is entirely subjective. Neither armour is objectively better than the other.
James Strosahl (1 month ago)
Lilkevcrazy (1 month ago)
Valk armor all the way
valdr22 (1 month ago)
Dam lot of grinding
Thicc Dan (1 month ago)
Friends, much of this information is false... almost all of it. I’m sure there was an update from the game creators. It’s much easier to get this armor now, find a different guide!
Wan (1 month ago)
The purple dudes in the mist are getting me rekt
Samurai Gaming13579 (1 month ago)
Hey bro Which is better invaldi cuirass of endless misteri or invaldi pauldron of Deadly mist
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Samurai Gaming13579 Deadly Mist.
allen medenilla (1 month ago)
holy shit! that is a lot of work, I'll just stick to the various story lines...
steffan pedersen (1 month ago)
Got the armor💪
Scythe (1 month ago)
That you can "*buy*" at level 7...Craft**
Sartaj Khan (1 month ago)
I will clear the game without the armour
Richard van Tricht (1 month ago)
Thought the game would be pretty straight forward. But there is alot to do
Pau Solsona (1 month ago)
That's wrong, i have gone to nifelheim before that thing of the chains
Pau Solsona (1 month ago)
Oh okay, I now understand
Pau Solsona (1 month ago)
Can someone explain to me? I'm actualli at nifelheim and I haven't done anything of what you say
gurren124 (1 month ago)
I didn't even have to go in the snake, I already made it.
Tyler Durden (1 month ago)
Okay so I figured out the best build but im not a youtuber so here it is: Chest: ivaldis spaulders of cursed mist Wrist: gauntlet of the valkyrie Waist: ivaldis war belt of cursed mist Talisman: shattered gauntlet of ages (because it has 3 enchantment sockets) Now the reason why this is the best end game build is because if you play around with your enchantments you can get your Runic and Defense to 250 which will grant you all the bonus perks for those skills and your cooldown to 100 which also unlocks the additional perks. So in total you should have 15 bonus perks in the skill tree which is the most you can have. These are my stats right now: Strength: 232 Runic: 252 Defense: 252 Vitality: 54 Luck: 53 Cooldown: 102 Boom. You’re welcome
123beserk (27 days ago)
Tyler Durden hmm well. Thats pretty damn good I like my stats tho. Full valk set Str:264 Runic:200 Defense:309 Vit:72 Luck:52 CD:138. Bring it on new game plus.
Tyler Durden (1 month ago)
A Sean with the enchantments. Just play around with the enchantments that you have and try to get your strength and defense to atleast 250 and your cooldown to atleast 100
A Sean (1 month ago)
Tyler Durden Also are those stats without the enchantment or with?
A Sean (1 month ago)
Tyler Durden What enchantments are you using?
Idtelos (1 month ago)
I upgraded all three versions of the mist armor and I say the deadly is the best. Though personally, I think the Valkyrie armor looks the best. With the right stones, you can achieve better stats than the mist armor.
Joshua Benites (1 month ago)
Guys, I'm caught in a dilemma. I have both the mist armor and the valkyrie armor but I don't know which one to equip. Can someone please tell me which one's better?
Joshua Benites (1 month ago)
Megashark 101 Thanks
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Deadly Mist Armour is better for defence, strength, luck and vitality. Valkyrie armour is better for Runic and Cooldown, and buffs.
darren jones (1 month ago)
Finished the game with bog standard armour.these ahem special sets are just a troll to keep you talking about the game.free advertising.
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
darren jones You really like playing on the easiest difficulty in the game don't you? You really like doing only the story don't you? Listen, if you actually play on a real difficulty, or actually want to kill the Queen of the Valkyries, these great sets are crucial.
Coffee Arcadium (1 month ago)
Cant believe im doing this on god of war mode difficulty.
Gus Amies (1 month ago)
Coffee Arcadium you're a special kind of crazy, man! Give me a challenge was enough for me haha
Brad (1 month ago)
To all the fuckboys crying and bitching about spoilers stfu lol if you don’t want spoilers don’t click the fucking video. Go play the game and then look for the best armour. Just play the fuckin game. It’s end game content ofcourse there will be spoilers. Fuck outta here
Badger (1 month ago)
Fuck this realm
Big Riz (1 month ago)
Stop saying flip the temple. It's starting to sound normal
Frumpltn Kronclbottum (1 month ago)
you spelt armor wrong
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Frumpltn Kronclbottum Only Americans spell it your way. Everyone else in the world spells it Armour.
tamboyistheman (1 month ago)
So after you get this armor. What can do you with it? Not much, I'm guessing because you'd be in endgame before you have access to any of this and you can't really carry it over to a new game because there isn't an new game+
Luther Darling (1 month ago)
Valkyrie armor is better
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Luther Darling Not for overall stats.
Mo 25 (1 month ago)
Thank you sooooooooooooooo muchhh its very helpful
Zachary Davison (1 month ago)
Funny thing is, he says the 4th is in the world serpent but I haven't been inside it yet and I have the mist armor
Martin Armenta (1 month ago)
I always thought Mist Echoes sounded like Mixtecos.
Erick Esquivel (1 month ago)
Own both the mist and Valkyrie sets fully upgraded and the Valkyrie is better
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Not for overall stats. Deadly Mist has higher.
Steve Bourque (1 month ago)
Too much work
Boogie Knight (1 month ago)
which is the best of the three to get, deadly, endless or cursed?
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Aasir .Ali Wrong. Deadly Mist has the highest overall stats. That's a fact.
Aasir .Ali (1 month ago)
toogood6t9 I personally like deadly but tbh when both armors are fully upgraded, Valkyrie shows to have the best stats.
Todd Rodgers (1 month ago)
Valkyrie armor is pretty damn good I'm st 208 cooldown 8 points over the limit
Collins Eban (1 month ago)
Ouch... Made a mistake watching this. Spoilers.
Dofus iop (1 month ago)
Best Armours are always end game content, so... expected
Don Juan (1 month ago)
Fuck, to me a while to get those Armor-Set. But was worth it! The Endboss was a piece of cake. One of the best game ever! Can not wait for GOW 5.
Azza Gamal (1 month ago)
What armor did you guys use to finish the favor? I managed to craft the entry stone but my armor isnt strong enough to enter again complete the favor. Any armor recommendations?
Aasir .Ali (1 month ago)
Azza Gamal I just used valkyrie to complete the realm tears. It's not that hard. Just do a whole round of Niflheim(I have around 1/4 to half of the time remaining) and that'll get you at least 5000 must echos. Just do that 2 times for the first year, 3 for the next, and 4 for the last realm tear that needs 20000 echos. The anchors aren't a problem. You will find them before you have enough mist echos. If you haven't killed the valkyries first, I suggest you do.
Zane Turbyfill (1 month ago)
Honestly I have both but I use the Valkyrie because it looks better XD. Also it does more damage and has just as many enchantment slots after you upgrade it, so I personally think it’s better anyway.
Zane Turbyfill (1 month ago)
Megashark 101 yeah I’m aware of that, after some research Valkyrie armor makes a better DPS player and the Mist one makes a better all-round. Normally I’m a tank, not at all a DPS guy or even a high K/D since I seem to enjoy sacrificial tactics (dig in for as long as I can, dying inevitably while my buddies accomplish the objective) but in God of War and especially on the difficulty I play where one attack takes a little over half my health DPS seems more fitting.
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Deadly Mist has higher overall stats.
Aasir .Ali (1 month ago)
Zane Turbyfill for me, I've upgraded both armors and the Valkyrie is better
Panzy (1 month ago)
Got this game May 21st, currently I have Max Valk, Max Mist and Max Fire armor, currently working on upgrading Sindri's armor. I just explored everything that was avaiable all the time and did every side quest. Ended up level 8 before even completing the main story. This game too dope so I'm no lifing it fuck off. Still barely find Odins god damn spies tho... 9/51???
Aasir .Ali (1 month ago)
Panzy but if you really feel like completing the game 100%, there are many videos on YouTube. It's kinda tedious but it works
Panzy (1 month ago)
Nah Idgaf bout those birds. I did literally everything else in the game and the birds seem like a waste of time imo. Im at like 22/51 now just from completing the Rift Tears.
Aasir .Ali (1 month ago)
Easiest way is to look at the goals in each section(it usually says how many birds are in a section unless it is undiscovered) and listen carefully as you walk down important paths in an area. They are either flying in the air, stationary on some building or statue or hidden behind some sort of rock around the area. If you are really struggling, there are many YouTube videos in which they show you the locations of the birds per Midgard sector and the rest of the realms.
TheMig0 (1 month ago)
Hey Just watched the video Nice one,,but Which is better, The Mist Armour or the Magma?
TheMig0 (1 month ago)
Haha I ended up using the Valkryie ..love it more xd
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
TheMig0 Mist, EASILY!
Santo Craft (1 month ago)
For those who say the Valkyries set is better, you really love to play the easy mode don’t you? Or I mean “give me a story” hahaha the armor set shown in the video is far more stronger and powerful to deal with stronger enemies in give me the god of war difficulty, even the Valkyries set reduced my stats compared to that.
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Aasir .Ali You are mistaken. When both are fully upgraded, Deadly Mist has higher overall stats. That is a fact.
Aasir .Ali (1 month ago)
Santo Craft I play the hardened version and have both armors fully upgraded. The full Valkyrie has higher stats all around. The only one that seems to be better with the mist Armor is runic and strength and that's reducing the rest significantly and only increasing the 2 stars by a couple of points.
parker Azz (1 month ago)
Ant noboy got time for that.. nope.
Saiyajin (1 month ago)
I have 345 defense lol
pandaBear (1 month ago)
It's kind of amazing in this day and age you don't have just one spoiler warning. Especially with the way that this game allows you to unlock "end game" stuff midway through the game. I'm still gonna play through it and enjoy but damn did you just spoil the shit out of this game for me.
Dofus iop (1 month ago)
That is one thing to do, and also watch nothing that is related to what you don't want to be spoiled about. When i watched a let's play of GoW4, i just went on youtube to rewatch some scenes and i got spoiled in my recommendations, that's why you shouldn't watch anything related, youtube doesn't care about spoiling.
pandaBear (1 month ago)
Dofus iop I dunno man seems like you have no idea how people like to watch videos. Here’s some advice to you: put a spoiler warning before everything and anything as it’s really shitty being that one person who ruined something for someone else. Super simple stuff.
Dofus iop (1 month ago)
One advice: When you don't want to be spoiled on something, do not search anything about that thing or you're very likely to get spoiled. And generally, best armours in games are at the end of the game, so it's one the first thing that you don't want to know until you reach the end.
pandaBear (1 month ago)
Dofus iop absolutely not. I was only halfway through the game when I unlocked muspelheim and 3/4ths of the way when I unlocked niflheim, there’s absolutely no reason NOT to include a spoiler warning for people that either A) are ahead of the average player or B) just looking through random videos on YouTube about a game they are enjoying (hint: I’m the second one).
Dofus iop (1 month ago)
Best Armour are meant to be found after the main story line because you're are not strong enough or you don't have the necessary elements to get them halfway through the story. It's was expected that there was going to be spoilers in this video even without saying it.
wxz (1 month ago)
The only reason i came here was i wanted to get the best Armor in the game, Story side doesn't really use much of the armor stuff but Valkyries ? they pose real challenge. I didn't bother to meddle with the game on youtube before i finished it. People here are so fucking dumb.
yousif (1 month ago)
He won't make me the key to the workshop. I don't know if it's a glitch or what. Please help
yousif (1 month ago)
محمد البحراني yes i know. But he won't give that option. I tried everything
yousif he wont give you free you should buy it from him
Silvanous (2 months ago)
so am I best to farm on easiest difficulty or stay with what I finished the game (ie. 2nd to hardest difficulty)?
SHAKY SPIDER (2 months ago)
This will be too much for me. I’ve finished the story and loved it. Time for Detroit Become Human!
Vidal Carrillo (13 days ago)
Indeed, he is a weak boy.
Ar.In.G (15 days ago)
mama muda aku suka what do you mean Krato doesn’t have an army, he’s a one man army himself
Collus Sane (15 days ago)
I see you're a man of culture as well.
mama muda aku suka (16 days ago)
kickbuttme kratos army is way better
kickbuttme (29 days ago)
come. come and join the connor army
Gunitxyooj (2 months ago)
For some reason, I thought he said the Realm of Fok.. heh
fsabouni (2 months ago)
Is the mist armour even physically possible to get in GOD mode (hardest difficulty)?
juan cardenas (2 months ago)
Literally this armor is the best I rip through valks*
Rage Reaver (2 months ago)
Two things you got wrong are: 1. You can unlock Niflhiem just you get to the summit again, as the other 3 parts of the cyphers can be found around the lake of the nine. 2. The Valkarie armour is better.
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Rage Reaver the Mist Armour has higher Base stats than the Valkyrie. That is a fact.
JADiaz10 (2 months ago)
Click on this vid to get help then I see Kratos with his original weapon like 😱
Jeremy Chase (2 months ago)
Anybody having as much trouble as I am collecting all 12 Greater Crests of Flame?? I've fought through acquiring six keys already and also hoping this video would mention it.
Triple OG (2 months ago)
Uh I got to niflheim before the world serpent mouth quest and tyrs chamber.
schloOnzo (2 months ago)
Thx for the spoiler right at the beginning, moron
Mat (2 months ago)
Idk why the spaulders reminds me of a fetish outfit lol
prod scxr (2 months ago)
Ima just stick with the basic shit. All these otha shits makes the game easy.
Darko Dajko (2 months ago)
Khm,spoiler alert?
Madoshi (2 months ago)
You can find all the cyphers way before going into jodenhiem or whatever you call it and just because it has health regen doesn’t make it BiS.
Wally West (2 months ago)
Bullshit, this armor is nowhere near as good as the Valkyrie set
gamerboi 200 (2 months ago)
Which one of the three sets are the best tho
Mike Walling (2 months ago)
Lol love how ppl start talking shit and probably everyone grown ass men. It's cool to see this game is so bad ass it gets us all talking shit like kids again. This is by far the best release yet, they really earned their money with this one
Incog2k6 (2 months ago)
Seriously, the Valkyrie Armor set shits on any of the Mist Armor sets. Why? Because of its way higher Defense and Cooldown stats. You can get the latter, in particular, to 200 with the right Enchantments, which will allow you to spam Rune Attacks all day. Use the Blades, use the Light Rune Attack, then the Heavy, then switch to the Axe, use the Light Rune Attack, then the Heavy, switch back to the Blades, RINSE AND REPEAT. That way, the final parts of the game turn into a joke (except for the Valkyrie Queen, ofc). Also, the passive stats are way better on the Valkyrie set. The Mist's healing perk might as well be non-existent -_-.
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Incog2k6 Actually, some of your information is wrong. Deadly Mist Armour has much higher defence than the Valkyrie armour. Valkyrie armour has worse stats that the mist armour, except for Runic.
Cody Burton (2 months ago)
When you try calling your side chick, "knowing" you can focus on two things at once but miss 90% of the info, having to watch the video again -_-
Dan (2 months ago)
the worlld serpent died? fuck you man! this s it is full of spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
juan YT (2 months ago)
Tiene ps3 jajajaja gayyyyy yo.la ps4 puto.
Joe Jones (2 months ago)
well, seeing's that the game maker "Santa Monica Studios" has nerfed this game, I stopped playing it, That's just crazy to nerf a single player game.
TheElm1ster (2 months ago)
Valkyrie armor is the best armor.
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
TheElm1ster Not for overall stats.
Dingo Yang (2 months ago)
Huh haven’t reached jotenheim but got full armor already.
Evan Shade (2 months ago)
This is so much work I can’t do
TheAlmightyHux (2 months ago)
I got this set by playing naturally, had no idea it was the best in the game
Patricia Holmes (2 months ago)
But the armor is useless because the soonest you can get it is right before the final boss fight which you dont even need
Devon Baker (2 months ago)
I have upgraded all 3 sets to max and they are weaker than my brimstone chest and arms and my magma waste. The only thing useful from the mists armors is the regen. But i don't give them a chance to hit me to have my health regen.
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Devon Baker You're completely wrong. The Mist Armour has FAR higher stats than any of the Fire Sets.
Giacomo Giovannini (2 months ago)
Valk armor is better
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Not for stats. Deadly Mist has highest stats.
Max Essink (2 months ago)
I like the valkery armor a lot better than this on. The only reason to obtain this set is for it's massive runic stat and that is only usefull together with the CD reset talisman which will not get you to max lvl (9). In 95ish % of the end game encounters the valkery set is vastly superior to this one. I also perfer the muspelheim set over this one because of the fire shield it provides. This is the 3rd best set in the game in my opinion.
Tomekkplk (2 months ago)
Valkeryie armor is the best.. but that's my opinion
Hannya Majima (2 months ago)
Yeah I found the ciphers long before this video shows which means I didn't find a piece of the cipher inside the snake, and if I found any in Tyr's vault, it was one, not two. In fact, I found most of them up on the shores in optional areas. I have recorded video of my Kratos wearing the Ivaldi armor set in the belly of Jormungandr, and it glowing in the pitch black. I'm guessing it would take very little effort to figure this out before posting a video
TuNGamerOn (2 months ago)
I prefer the valkyrie golden armor, they are close in stats but the golden armor is shiny :D
Orion Alathorn (2 months ago)
i had all the travel runes way, way before going into the world serpent. as you noted, there are more chests than you need, so you will get them all just by continually exploring.
Harry Waters (2 months ago)
spoilers spoilers spoilers
Frank Y (2 months ago)
Valkyrie armor is best.
Megashark 101 (1 month ago)
Frank Y Not for overall stats, that's Mist.

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