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Top 10 Anime Games 2018 Android / iOS | EPIC CONSOLE - QUALITY GAMES

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Text Comments (276)
44th Gaming (13 hours ago)
Roses are red vieolets are blue j got clickbaited and so did you.
Tre TheDeku (18 hours ago)
Yees Tokyo Ghoul
Panda lyziic (19 hours ago)
[Music List] (In order) Intro: WRLD - Triumph 1. Jim Yosef - Can't Wait 2. Distrion & Electro-light - You and Me 3. Vanze - Forever 4. Far Out & Alina Ranae - Chains 5. fripSide - Only My Railgun 6. Neptune - Arc North 7. NEFFEX - Fight Back Outro: Desmeon - Undone
Panda lyziic (19 hours ago)
[Music List] (In order) Intro : WRLD - Triumph 1. Jim Yosef - Can't Wait 2. Distrion & Electro-light - You and Me 3. Vanze - Forever 4. Far Out - Chains 5. fripSide - Only My Railgun 6. Neptune - Arc North 7. NEFFEX - Fight Back
Hruven Seven (23 hours ago)
Why is Lemnoid posting games that require internet connection?
Alifanibrohim Rosid (1 day ago)
Tanks for info
Hruven Seven (2 days ago)
Every rule of anime:the small ones r always da strongest one😊😊
Diky Arjuna (2 days ago)
Ever Gamer (2 days ago)
Tamb fake!!
Safar Muhammad (3 days ago)
Intro Song one piece?
Sard A (3 days ago)
Can’t deny the click bait
ボキアナBoWTF (3 days ago)
Honkai impact 3 =)))
pppppp (4 days ago)
At 0:00 what song is it
Frizly GamerZ (4 days ago)
Naruto mobile is the best
R LALCHUNGNUNGA Ralte (4 days ago)
Love that intro
nick g (5 days ago)
What about ninja arena ? It's a mobil version of "bleach vs. Naruto" which is only on pc
NARUTO UZUMAKI (5 days ago)
Which if these are offline
That’s Tokyo Ghoul War Age not dark war.
Battle Software (6 days ago)
The Humble Warrior DEMO trailer: https://youtu.be/v9ZnjEyMsqA
Carlos Miguel Medina (8 days ago)
Does anybody know the name of the song?
pkij pukj (8 days ago)
itu ofline apa online
Sweet Coffe (8 days ago)
Is it all free?
Muh Risal (9 days ago)
Bahasa jepang
Gabriel Robias (11 days ago)
Is the naruto game offline??
some one add me in honkai impact 3
vignesh rao (11 days ago)
I download naruto which is 800 mb but when I opened the game it asking for more 1+ GB data why?
Firman sah 2126 (12 days ago)
Games semua itu online, atau offline
That Black Dude (12 days ago)
how do you download dbz awakening
fanny rowy (12 days ago)
Lol that one piece game it's actually a movie hahaha
Duen (12 days ago)
Only android games....
Ivan Pratama (13 days ago)
Mau nanya min .. itu opening ke 2 game apa ?? Yang ada tangan nya ??
shadow fan #3 (13 days ago)
how to download that naruto game? !!!
shadow fan #3 (13 days ago)
shut up naruto is the best fool
Mr. H1D4N (14 days ago)
Is honkai impact an anime?
abraham kun (15 days ago)
Tell me how to dl naruto i cant understand chinese word...idk how to fl plisss
Amr Saber (15 days ago)
The first music name
Belle B. (16 days ago)
Why dont have S.A.O Integral factor or Memory defrag
Bintang Anggara (17 days ago)
One piece GK bisa
LEGEND • (17 days ago)
So kawaii
Angel Mae Montes (18 days ago)
w0w to aru majutsu no index,the actual story from the anime
bolsinhas gamer (19 days ago)
I really like tokyo ghoul dark war but its really hard to get carachters
Oppai So (19 days ago)
Hokai takes ages to load
Jackie Hound moderator (19 days ago)
Click bait
Agnes De Torres (19 days ago)
Sao integral factor? Where is it we need it all!
DeathPlayz HD (20 days ago)
Best intro sir :D
Koi Nichu (20 days ago)
Tokyo Ghoul Is Best Game Forever
Andrew Gabaldon (21 days ago)
We can’t download half these games because it’s on another store
Eggyo Egg Plantz (21 days ago)
Honkai impact Is cancer.
TØXİC (21 days ago)
waiting for gta v android ver. waiting 17 years ago
Heaversbone (22 days ago)
What name the music intro?
Faisal Alsalamah (23 days ago)
Marvel strike game (deadpool) is free now 😍😎 get it http://cut-earn.com/tSMWMWT
YassirGunz !!! (23 days ago)
yup your right it is the best
Arktria (23 days ago)
Sao integral factor and db legends us out in iOS omggggg
Qwertz (24 days ago)
"One piece" part song name?
Mamat Remaja Mesjid (24 days ago)
Ap kh game ini offline
Patricia Centurión (24 days ago)
The Real Jesus Yeshua (24 days ago)
That is not rap thats crap
아마즈키 (24 days ago)
스메싱 더 배틀은 진짜 붕괴 이전에 3d모바일계중 에서 나름 대로1위였는데 이런 외국 영상에서 볼수 있다는게 흐뭇^^
Igore simic (24 days ago)
some of this dont exist at my playstore wtf?!
Dubstepz Xtreme gaming (25 days ago)
For some reason I can’t find dawn break on os
gonzalo cabuche (25 days ago)
shitty music
iRas Makonnen (26 days ago)
You don’t have the bleach game ,,you fail. https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/line-bleach-paradise-lost/id1166829509?mt=8
Dante Rebellion (26 days ago)
I'm new here and I join into the most sickest intro yet
Mason plays- zelda (26 days ago)
Some of them are fake
Yudi Apriansah (26 days ago)
Or this all game online?
Yudi Apriansah (26 days ago)
Dawn break online game?
Andro GameZone (28 days ago)
Awesome keep it up
Neelix (28 days ago)
All of them you need to login in to Facebook
I.D. K (28 days ago)
By the way fate/grand order is THE best mobile anime game Ever!
Narootoo Ouzo (29 days ago)
Why Google Play???? 😡
Drexzz Satira (29 days ago)
Cheers to awesome games and music Here Triumph - WRLD 0:00 - 0:13 Can't Wait - Jim Yosef ft Anna Yvette 0:14 - 0:49 You &Me - Soos 0:50 - 1:17 Forever - Vanze ft Brenton Mattheus 1:18 - 1:47 Chains - Alina Renae & FarOut 1:48 - 2:19 Only My Railgun - fripSide 2:20 - 3:10 Neptune - Arc North 3:11 - 4:10 Fight Back - Neffex 4:11 7:16 Undone - Desmeon 7:17 - 7:44
JonesLaw (30 days ago)
where's your song list? wtf
Rex Sheet (30 days ago)
Pls don't delete ur link or video
Jesan Rai (1 month ago)
The dragon balls was not been in my ipad
Rama Raditya (1 month ago)
No music please. Just original sound from the game
Triathe _ (1 month ago)
I can't find Reverse D
王禹嘉轩 (1 month ago)
Honkai is the best! Honkai ist am besten 崩坏第一
WEIRD Weed Pro's (1 month ago)
*You say Music after 100 likes YOU HAVE 4.522 + ME 4.523*
WEIRD Weed Pro's (1 month ago)
Ohh boy You're best Like Sub
John Brylle Emperador (1 month ago)
Honkai impact is good but...it waste my battery on my ipad
TurtleNeck 32 (1 month ago)
Who else watched Rail Gun
Asenla Lkr (1 month ago)
What is the song name in ' one piece bounty rush'
Asenla Lkr (1 month ago)
4:17 song pliz
Slinging Neo (1 month ago)
This video is already at 4.2k likes. Get the links on already.
Lucas Santos (1 month ago)
>>>>>>>Music List<<<<<< Triumph Can't wait You and me Forever vanze Chains Only my railgun Neptune Fight back Undone
Roland Sebuc (7 days ago)
Lucas Santos you have 6000 iq
Hanru 77 (1 month ago)
Thts not tokyo ghoul dark war thts tokyo ghoul war age their two different games
Android Relife (1 month ago)
Already 100 like where are the links of song
Sarah Sims (1 month ago)
These are all so fake... I go on Google play store and no game came up
Saskeyo (1 month ago)
just *wow*
No One (1 month ago)
Is this online? Or offline.
TakiGames (1 month ago)
Nothing beats Honkai, best anime / 3D style anime / action hack n slash type game on iOS. As for actual “anime” 2D graphics Unison League and the more recent Blustone are pretty fun and have cute anime style graphics.
Gamers Yusuf (17 days ago)
TakiGames ada
julian12465 (1 month ago)
TakiGames Honkai's good, but Toaru majutsu no index has better battle mechanics and Forever 7th has more depth in team composition. And SAO Menory Defrag is much more difficult when you're not massively over geared, with some reaction-only parries having timing constraints comparable to the links in SFIV, that is, one to four sixtieths of a second. Honkai's the best overall, but not the best at everything.
Kevin Hou (1 month ago)
The gacha gives me cancer tho
bored man (1 month ago)
funny how the no.1 top grossing anime android game is fate grand order and its not even on the list
Bam boo (1 month ago)
The thing that make Toram is good is the freedom in game, the skill and weapon system are great, true mmorpg but not the graphic 😬
pure _1106 (1 month ago)
online, offline?
TakiGames (1 month ago)
pure _1106 smashing the battle is the only offline one in this video that I’m familiar with. “The world 3” is very similar to these games and it’s offline aswell surprisingly.
manga nanatsu (1 month ago)
musicas ?
Sasuke Does Stuff (1 month ago)
Thumbnail is click bait that was shinobi striker with a d-pad
ANIME SOFT (1 month ago)
I subbed to you
ANIME SOFT (1 month ago)
These are some good games
ANIME SOFT (1 month ago)
Honkai is the best game ever!
Kaneki Ken (1 month ago)
ANIME SOFT umm what about tokyo ghoul ?
NightShade Jules (1 month ago)
the game you show was not tokyo ghoul dark war it was tokyo ghoul war
Mario Cuellar (12 days ago)
NightShade Jules no its tokyo ghoul dark war
Iki Mulyadi (1 month ago)
Mana nihh link music?
Aldrich Garcia (1 month ago)
the Tokyo ghoul need WiFi and one piece

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