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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - stealth gameplay

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Phil and Matt take a look at the stealth gameplay in Kingdom Come Deliverance, exploring both its traditional and social stealth mechanics. Read more: http://www.pcgamesn.com/kingdom-come-deliverance/kingdom-come-deliverance-stealth ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: http://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (27)
JAVIER JAVIER (8 months ago)
impossible to play with the lag that has
Roger London (2 years ago)
Early 2015 `The Witcher 3` already has better Graphics than this upcoming 2017 title.. And Its a pity the players (on the KC:D forums) seem to be Led by hypocritical heterophobic thin-skinned losers who hate normality. .. For Most Normal people, the game "For Honor" will be a far superior experience, and will be much better crafted; Also, the gameplay of BANNERLORD by the Mount & Blade Warband team will have thousands more players online that this closed-minded indie title. No fairies involved. Note; This title is an era of Christianity, and Honorable Christina Knights do not support buggery. But if the Devs ban hererosexuals on the forums for being openly heterosexual, then they should remove Knights from the game, for wearing the Red Cross. Blood shed for the cause....
The mad king Aerys (7 months ago)
You're a wierdo you dude. What on earth are you on about.
Captain69Coma (8 months ago)
A Yr later and no one plays for honor anymore because it was a flopping failure lol. Deadliest warriors on ps3 was a hundred Times the game for honor was lmao. Also London is a huge hater for no reason. For the rest of us I'm quite happy with the game so far (ps4 user (so I'm new)). No it doesn't have the best graphics by a long shot but that wasn't why I bought the game. The gameplay is full of options and highly addicting. I'm glad London wont be playing this game. Missing out on it is his just desserts.
Dany Vyto (1 year ago)
For Honor, for normal ppl? This sentence isn't normal :D Nothing by Ubisoft is normal... U are a hater simply... because Witcher 3 is bullshit... except story ofcourse
Roger London (1 year ago)
+Niall Gifford PoS, you are blocked for supporting buggering kids.
Roger London (1 year ago)
You are an intellectual spastic. You should learn to read. Let HIV AIDS and its children reign supreme on your sort.
EKTELESTES (2 years ago)
This game has totally hyped me, finally some realism!!
Jay Rice (2 years ago)
looks amazing
Pizza Dude (2 years ago)
no 3rd person view? not buying this game then
Dietrich Kaufmann (8 months ago)
Sq1zZy (8 months ago)
Pizza Dude go play mount of warband
Ephraim Raj (2 years ago)
Wow you are acting as if you are playing it? You just took the gameplay footage.
TheProfessional (2 years ago)
Why are the Hungarians wearing cuman armor and you can just sneak past ? Weren't the Cumans invaders from Central Asia?
Chairman Cuddles (2 years ago)
Different groups culturally and ethnically. Tartars were Mongolians/Russian whilst the Cumans were more Turkish.
TheProfessional (2 years ago)
I am 25% Tatar and 75% Polish. Do you know by any chance if the Tatars and Cumans are the same people? It confuses me because both groups come from the same area but have different names.
Vojtěch Balcar (2 years ago)
Yes but they lived in Hungaria at the time for over 200 years. Emperor Sigismund/Zikmund hired them to fight for him in Bohemia so thats why you can meet them.
Spoert M (2 years ago)
Was this played on a console or on PC? Textures seem a little low quality if it's PC.
lack of optimization at this stage perhaps
PegranHimself (2 years ago)
lol at the hungarian part "i need to pee" "you can anywhere, we're knee-deep in shit anyway"
Esquire Chewington IV (2 years ago)
I don't remember subscribing but I'm glad I did. Great review.

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