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The Evil Within 2 - FIRST Gameplay Demo (New Horror Game 2017)

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The Evil Within 2 - FIRST Gameplay Demo (New Horror Survival Game 2017) Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (676)
The Silence Of Hell (7 months ago)
The silence of hell channel for horror games take a quick look if you like the contents subscribe
Terry Rushine (9 months ago)
Nathan drake has a cousin
Preston E. (9 months ago)
I'm so excited!
Ra y (9 months ago)
Please don't be a jaggy mess like the 1'st. Take your time Bethesda, you can do better.
Eimantas Butkus (9 months ago)
>can bust through walls >can't break down a door please balance the immersion of your game
That's me!! (9 months ago)
Sebastian looks like a frigging granddad already wtf?
DeboSc2 (9 months ago)
Daniel Rosamond (9 months ago)
the laugh reminds me of the beasts off MGS4
bepis boy (9 months ago)
Game would be 100% scarier in 3rd person
Echevery (9 months ago)
We do agree that Stefano is kind of "helping" Sebastian by throwing this knife on him, so that he can kill one of these monsters head, right ? Pretty strange
Its Pr0m3theus (9 months ago)
This game releases on Friday the 13th!? I think they did that on purpose
Gameplay Powa (9 months ago)
Going to make a walktrough of this fantastic game
Austin Wayne (10 months ago)
I was too much of a pussy to finish the first game
Shane (10 months ago)
I think she's hot. I'll have sex with her...even thought it'll hurt like hell.
Shane (10 months ago)
Larsson thank you. Tell your mom I said "mooooOOOoooo" haha.
Shane (10 months ago)
Nathan drake + resident evil = the evil within
Yves Gomes (10 months ago)
The slide at 3:00 was a nice touch.
Jehutyy (10 months ago)
Them ps3 graphics tho BARF.GIF
lilithxzyg (10 months ago)
this woman is sexy
PrimeTimeChriz (10 months ago)
holy fuck that is so fucking scary!!!!!!!!!
Cy97s (10 months ago)
Greg da cool one (10 months ago)
Thatcher (10 months ago)
4:01 is that a juggernaut?
Caress of Venus (10 months ago)
This game is so triggerd
TheRenji94 (10 months ago)
Georgy Jojo (10 months ago)
Well then the Nurarihyon is in this game
weed75 Black (10 months ago)
Why does the sprinting seem slow?
David Grave (10 months ago)
for some reason this game doesn't look scary anymore, the first part yeah, but this, nah.
Justine Matthew De Leon (10 months ago)
Spoilers: The rat dies
Wasted Punk (10 months ago)
Yeah totally 2:30 a little ass door like that will hold that monster For real though they did s great job making it super scary
Lucky Wize (10 months ago)
mister reck (10 months ago)
ima buy a ps4 now shit..bought a 3 for the first one lol my nose was stuffed until that shit started chasing him xD
mister reck (10 months ago)
wait this isn't the last of us -.-
HILALMUSIC HD (10 months ago)
so scary
zafir bleach (10 months ago)
Japanese horror games developer are the best, take note western crap
B Flakes (10 months ago)
I was just about to buy the first one but then I was like " I'll just buy the second it's good"
B Flakes (10 months ago)
Is this the same dude from the first game?
Gerald W (10 months ago)
The joker.
Charles Cook (10 months ago)
Must...not...watch...before....i...play..the suspense is killing me
Marcus Phantom (10 months ago)
Tom Britton (10 months ago)
Friday the 23th release date. Spooky
Silvio Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Really? that was it?? the game comes out in October and this is all they have to show? Some running gameplay with shitty graphics?! I may be alone here, but this was very disappointing.
bepis boy (9 months ago)
Silvio Rodriguez Shitty graphics? Do you exclusively play The Order 1886?
I AM FARHAN (10 months ago)
not that fucking bitch again
Karis (10 months ago)
The woman could break walls, but couldn't break a door. Lol.
Hazman (10 months ago)
Huh, what so scary about this?are you kidding me?Who create this?
Power is Everything (10 months ago)
Less action more horror mother fuckers.
As tro (10 months ago)
This game made me cringe so fucking hard
el gringo latino (10 months ago)
Max payne don't kill people anymore. Now he kill monster. (If you play max payne 3 you'll understand)
San4es (10 months ago)
Всем привет! кому не тяжело подпишитесь на мой канал,,, отвечу взаимностью
Neru619 (10 months ago)
If this is ps4 gameplay then it already looks like it runs way better than the first
Josh (10 months ago)
What happened to that other person that did the voice of Sebastian in the first one?
Quang Thái Phạm (10 months ago)
very impressive
Joel Joel (10 months ago)
All those heads and she didn't think of ripping him to shreds while he was in her grip for about 5 seconds
Ferdi (10 months ago)
Ethan Byrne (10 months ago)
Am I the only one turned on by her laughing? Yeah? Ok I'll go
Red (10 months ago)
Sebastian's reaction upon seeing many crazy head Laura: "Shit! Not you again! Nope! Nuh uh! I don't do crazy. Bye!"
V (10 months ago)
Please have a survival/raid mode
Ashton Grey (10 months ago)
At 4:05 was kind of a dick move Lol
Alien4UFO (10 months ago)
isn't it like Silent Hill?
MacDougal (10 months ago)
That bitch was so incompetent, how did she not kill his ass? She must have been trying not to at the end.
Samy (10 months ago)
man , this game is always the same shit the stupid guy put him self in trouble and try to save his ass i never played it more than 20 min , shitty game as always 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 same SHIT !!!
antonio bortoni (10 months ago)
Why women are always ghosts or demons or witches because they are scary in real life. Never mess whith a angry woman. Never.
夏阳 (10 months ago)
cant find it scary because i cant tell what it is ,the monster dosent have a distinctive look,that spiderbitch in the first game was awsome though
Mracznyj Zvezdoczot (10 months ago)
Шаблонно и прогнозируемо.
Crypto Crap (10 months ago)
R.I.P. Silent Hill...
ivy absin (10 months ago)
she can't burst through the door , but she can with walls ... 😐
One Hundred (10 months ago)
I like all the scary games. They are so intense when playing especially at night.
Adderly Puntiel (10 months ago)
I don't like his running animation it looks stupid :/
Usman Baloch (10 months ago)
It's a better RE7... new resident Evil looks like outlast sidekick
Sir. Funnik (10 months ago)
mother fuxxer
Yamadaisbae (10 months ago)
I want this gaaaaaaaammmmmmeeee!!!!!! but I also doooooooooooooooon't
This scared me so hard... no sleep tonight...
飛張 (10 months ago)
幹你娘機掰 恐怖梗破表
Mania (10 months ago)
he shouldn't ask a lot of those questions that he was blabbing, after what happened to him in the first game ...
Critical Mass (10 months ago)
Please no kitchen with traps and saw blades moving around on the floor.
Jc Rozos (10 months ago)
It looks SO good :O I can't wait
Ohh Kaczii (10 months ago)
I lost my Balls cause of this Bitch xD In the first Part she scarred me that much too.. xD
TomozukiII (10 months ago)
Dead Space meets The Thing?
Dare to Know (10 months ago)
The tension is real, boys
Grotesquebrianharves (10 months ago)
Jacob Stienburg (10 months ago)
They made a sequel? Really? Did the devs not play the first one?
Casper 415 (10 months ago)
This looks promising :) can't w8
JigsawJay007 (10 months ago)
I hate how u can't fight back, u just gotta run away. You don't get any weapons?
War Chaos (10 months ago)
Better than last of us
Top 10 Mark (10 months ago)
Was thoroughly surprised as to how smooth and different TEW2 felt from its predecessor. And for a demo to have been terrifying... I'm on board.
Joker games (10 months ago)
I Can't wait 😍😍😍
Λnthony Hughes (10 months ago)
I hate being chased... 😲😢😱😱😱😱😱☠☠☠
cringycam (10 months ago)
i didnt play the first one but i feel like i would enjoy the second one. it def looks better.i hope it makes me cry like outlast did hahahahaha
Mauricio Calderon (10 months ago)
Como saver q tarjeta grafica puede correct ps4 games
Hollow Jack (10 months ago)
great replacement for Silent Hill
Cristo Dias (10 months ago)
This woman is kinda lame
Joshua Henry (10 months ago)
Dated gameplay, but the creepy atmosphere makes me want to play it.
Saint Boot (10 months ago)
I actually really like the new voice actors. they actually DO sound like voice actors now, and the voice acting was very dry and boring and uninteresting in the first game.
Dvo (10 months ago)
Struggle to Go through a door but 1 Hit to Break a wall
ravager lizard (10 months ago)
This maybe a little off topic but who here misses dead space?
ZambieMau 5 (10 months ago)
Did he quit smoking cause HE CAN ACTUALLY RUN FOR MORE THAN 3 SECONDS!!!!
EnRionPC (10 months ago)
RE7 , Outlast 2 or this guys ?
Zodiac84 (10 months ago)
@ 3:14 R.I.P to the rat mwehehehehe!
Monte 2x. (10 months ago)
I haved to get this. this is what you called a horror survival game!!
CenCal Stang (10 months ago)
What the fuck was that thing tho ??
mgkpraesi (10 months ago)
I hope this Time its a Horror Game from Start to Finish and dont become a Action Game half way through with shitty Controlls like the first Game.
The Engineer (10 months ago)
I want it to be like the beginning of the first one ! Horror not action! Re4 was horror, scary shit

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