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Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii) Trailer

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Nintendo Life - Here is the official "Muramasa: The Demon Blade gameplay trailer from Ignition Entertainment.
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Text Comments (125)
Sin(π) (2 years ago)
i just got this game today. how the fuck did i miss this back then?
Marc Garcia Jovells (2 years ago)
Awesome game, still playing. :D
Ballin Holla (3 years ago)
I cameback for 1:12 and wished I could finish them all!
PokefanGames (3 years ago)
I am so addicted to this game... in 3 hours I got up to lvl 22 in Shura mode.....
PokefanGames (3 years ago)
This game is so awesome! Well worth the 16 dollars....
Misbehave (4 years ago)
Wii is such a great game machine. It's insane that people complained about waggle and the console not having games since it had loads of amazing and unique 3rd party games in addition to the best 1st party games on any platform.
Pancake1003 (5 years ago)
'cuz i can't understand what this game is about, especially storyline.
Rafael Cordeiro (5 years ago)
What? Why is it bad?
MaxCovington543 (5 years ago)
The game itself is ok, but the art style is beyond amazing.
Miku (5 years ago)
nozidnolram (5 years ago)
This a gorgeous looking game. Too bad your character looks like a total wimp!
Daniel Flores (5 years ago)
the ps vita version looks maybe twice as good. its an amazing game!!!
Pancake1003 (5 years ago)
sound very interesting to me. Just it's Japanese, too bad
yF_Namikaze (5 years ago)
Glad to hear that ^^
mekia 553 (5 years ago)
You English makes my eyes bleed :(
Jesus Savior (5 months ago)
mekia 553 (5 years ago)
A drawing from my 12y daughter beats Black Ops
Stephen QS (5 years ago)
its awesome, but from my experience, really hard. Vanillaware's most recent game is dragon's crown, and will be out in North America this August
HerrFinsternis (5 years ago)
The Sims is still the bestselling videogame of all times by far. Guess that must be the best game ever than, by far [/sarcasm] What a douche.
MelficeSephiroth (5 years ago)
The Tager picture makes this comment funnier!
yF_Namikaze (5 years ago)
The only right thing you said from all that shit was that your answer was 11 months later..
XixisII (5 years ago)
Fantastic! This game actually has depth, story line, replay-ability, and just a plain fun game. I prefer you never pick up this game, and stick to your constant stream of new Call of Shit games that come out every year. :D Yes, I know the comment was 11 months ago, but you know, fuck that guy.
OmegaDeathKitten (5 years ago)
Thank you.I think i'll get the Wii Shop points and get this awesome game(and I guess other games as well).
Naomi Wiggins (5 years ago)
wiki cites that Odin Sphere is much like it, except with Norse Mythology. Might be worth checking out though
Naomi Wiggins (5 years ago)
OmegaDeathKitten (5 years ago)
Is this on the North American Wii?
Dershanenin Askerleri (5 years ago)
love japan voice :D
William M (5 years ago)
0:58 dude seriously?
PJ McDaid (5 years ago)
Oh. I didn't read the comments string. I thought you mean this version. I didn't know the game was getting ported to the vita. My apologies.
TMALATERALUS (5 years ago)
I bought the vita version the day it released in Japan :)
PJ McDaid (5 years ago)
Uh...It has been for a while. But since so many modern games overshadowed it it's pretty damn rare. Though...I really hope to get this game.
Sayuri-Sama (5 years ago)
Mdfkjfjdms tskñdidjkrkvldkdKzkkxjxmm'jxxjnenfnxn&'fnxkntttrd
TMALATERALUS (5 years ago)
Will the game be released in the US?
RyuGoomba (5 years ago)
I remember first getting this game. I tried to like it, I really did, but I couldn't get into it. ;_; My brother loved this game, though, he beat it on all the difficulties with both characters.
xxl3th4lg4m3rxx (5 years ago)
my swords repair themselves while in battle. i just fought the first boss and this happened. is it supposed to happen? i thought when swords break theyre dont for.
AkemiHomura93 (5 years ago)
I played this on my PC on Wii emulator about a year ago, and damn its pretty amazing game. Addictive gameplay, beautiful 2D sketches, and two, sexy fox spirits.
Daniel Flores (5 years ago)
deadlysnap (5 years ago)
Man, that kid's eyes reminds me of L's from Death Note..... Or maybe, *gasp* it is him...
HDZ274 (5 years ago)
Obvious troll is obvious... :/
vezodus (5 years ago)
i ganna buy a wii now!!!!! =D------
Lucas Vieira (5 years ago)
looks like something you would play in your web browser flash player
TheLorDRex (5 years ago)
this game for the vita :O!!
Jon (6 years ago)
the reason why I bought a Wii and surely the reason why I'll get a vita
Tadddius (6 years ago)
lol wtf dude ur like 15 lol
battlerex123 (6 years ago)
This is what Im looking for...Looks like an Odin Sphere in wii. Definitely ply it !
loneaquila (6 years ago)
culd u play as ol 4?
AnimaxRules (6 years ago)
I plan to keep forever AND play forever...Is THAT good.
Jiokron (6 years ago)
this game is amazing
Indianadro89 (6 years ago)
This game also has 3 different endings for each character. I wish they would make a sequel. And while both stories are good i like the little ninja guys a little bit better. Awesomr game tho and as many said absolutely beautiful
Prince Ghidorah (6 years ago)
Why compare a FPS to a 2D sidescroller?
Game Channel (6 years ago)
Vita's screen isn't technically HD according to the current ATSC standards. But it can indeed display 1.5x more pixels per frame.
Game Channel (6 years ago)
Blast processing? I haven't heard that marketing jargon since the days of the Genesis. It's not a technical term and does not actually mean anything. (hence, jargon)
Miles Grande (6 years ago)
When I started this game I was like "meh, not bad" but iT's actually really beautiful and fun.
FredIsNeverDead (6 years ago)
Coming to vita!
KiiNGJOSH (6 years ago)
i had this on this on the wii but my tv made really blurry so im glad its comming to ps vita
delete (6 years ago)
Nice to see this game is being ported to the Vita, imagine those beautiful 2D sprites in HD!
Imadeyourun (6 years ago)
Cool looking game with all that 2d sweetness.
DjProfessorOak (6 years ago)
Art style looks just amazing, welcome addition to the growing Vita library. Vita's Blast Processing and OLED screen will do this game justice.
sweepyx (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you get here by the Vita announcement
Jerid Messa (6 years ago)
I dunno, this seems like the kinda game you'd put only about a months worth of play in and never touch again.
Cartoony Toons (6 years ago)
I still prefer 'Dust: An elysian Tail' what's actually a kind of copy of Muramasa. But I guess, I prefer Dust because it's with furries and I'm just a junkie for these creatures. These kind of games are gonna be quite popluare I think..
21Darthminky21 (6 years ago)
This was probably the most underrated game of 2009. The art style a fighting were just FANTASTIC, it's just a shame it was so short!
yF_Namikaze (6 years ago)
Yobama007 (6 years ago)
My my, with all those big words you used I wasn't sure if I was being insulted or praised. Stay in summer school kid, maybe you'll get to advance with the rest of your class come fall.
MtMarshi (6 years ago)
@JMystogan Wow so angry.Learn to accept other peoples opinions dude
yF_Namikaze (6 years ago)
shut the fuck up u piece of shit. i dont care 4 ur "awesome game" that i found accidentally. i just saw the 1st comm on this shitty video that it was soooooooo wrong :L
Yobama007 (6 years ago)
Yes because sales show how good a game is. Moron. Go play your generic FPS games and keep the hell away from our awesome games.
MichiDarkVamp2239 (6 years ago)
I still find Odins Sphere way better than Muramasa and Grim Grimoire. Although Grim Grimoire seems good, and Muramasa probably has more power ups than Odins Sphere, but theres something about Odins Sphere that u just can't stop playing it. Especialy because of the story line. It's amazing.
yF_Namikaze (6 years ago)
Jesus Christ! this game is BY FAR worst than Black Ops. i dont have 2 tell u this, u can c the sales for every game, u shithead fat loser :/ im not going 2 buy this game coz of u :L
a game that i would never get tired of is naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm generations!!!
Saby Cruz (6 years ago)
This is my favorite video game, and still play it, i believe it's the only game ive finished, cause i didn't get tired of it!!
YoungerOstrich9 (6 years ago)
we so need an anime of this i would become terribly addicted .___.
Chickengirl005 (6 years ago)
aaaaahh great platformer game, absolutely beautiful, everything was hand painted I believe? Very satisfying game. I'm kinda bummed tho that Vanilla Ware's next game will be a mmorpg, and the character designs are kinda ridiculous.
YoungerOstrich9 (6 years ago)
we so need an anime of this :O
scree06 (6 years ago)
@campernocamping1 Buy it and maybe they'll make a sequel
YoungerOstrich9 (6 years ago)
oh hell yes im so downloading this >:T
Luke Black (6 years ago)
@Messi19910 Did you try playing it on a higher dificulty?
Luke Black (6 years ago)
@ZeroXadvenTz I live in Argentina and played it perfectly in NTSC. I do have a softmodded Wii anyways
Luke Black (6 years ago)
@wingmasterjr1 I always take in consideration that while you use the swords specials your untuachable, you can use them to somehow dodge attacks, so thats my tip. Good Luck
goodman67100 (7 years ago)
i got this game 2 years ago when i was 12 and im STILL playing it thumbs if u want to keep this game forever! :D
Kurikara (7 years ago)
@ZeroXadvenTz Find a Pal dwnload on the pirate bay.
Kurikara (7 years ago)
@ZeroXadvenTz Torrent download and making ur wii use neogamma to read dvd games.
Vincent Jaeger (7 years ago)
@austinthebookworm5 Okami is great to me too
mavascar (7 years ago)
i beat this game 3 times . love it so much
Jamie Heartman (7 years ago)
it's sad that this game is almost unknown, it looks so epic
Cambria Paras (7 years ago)
Almost all of these have some sort of argument in the comments.... *Sigh*
mixiricabrasileira (7 years ago)
@maxX10114 LoL, yes, it´s look like L!!! =D
dazzPod (7 years ago)
One of the best games on Wii and not from Nintendo. The low sales are very frustrating for a game like this
EpicLPer (7 years ago)
harry781012 (7 years ago)
everything in this game looks so good! the combat, the women....the food :P
FikoReborn (7 years ago)
@Swiffers Me too... WELL worth the $12. ..
insertusernamehere51 (7 years ago)
@zanizika yep
zanizika (7 years ago)
I wanna buy this game, it is good??
Mr. Figure Nerd (7 years ago)
ZeroRequiemGX (7 years ago)
@lovenomoreXforever Demon blade is nothing compared to an all powerfull Death Note! LOL!
Mari Uzumaki (7 years ago)
this game SOOOOO AWESOME!! i beat in in 2 days tops
Danny Lee (7 years ago)
people are saying this game is great but I think its to easy
DeadEndFrog (7 years ago)
the level of detail in this games graphics is amazing, the animation of the environment and the character is some of the best iw seen. Easily one of the best looking games on ANY system.
Demonkai Mugen (7 years ago)
i gotta get this fuckin game. i only have one game for my Wii. im not a huge fan of the wii but i do know there are some cool games for it that gives me a SNES feel for some reason. This game has a hot ass soundtrack too....heh i know more about the music than the damn game......MUST HAVE!!
Foouhomeyg (8 years ago)
@ArtaniakaMafi the octopus isn't important to beat. And yes beat both stories. I looked it up and found out you gotta fight the last boss with 2 swords equipped in order to get the 2nd ending for both characters. Mumei Tamanoo and Tsukiotoshi or something like that are the 2 swords (you get them after you beat both stories once).
Artan (8 years ago)
@Foouhomeyg i've heard much of this white seal.. and also much bossfight in the i-net for example the octopus but i couldn't fight with him. should i have to make both stories ?? the kisuke and the other ?

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