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7 Steps Every Gamer Should Follow For The Ultimate Release Day

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Rob takes us through 7 steps every gamer should follow for the ultimate release day. Picking up God of War? Watch this and make the most of your time with Kratos. Any other release day rituals you always follow? Tell us in the comments! PlayStation Access brings you PS4, PS3 and PSVita news, features and gameplay every week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest titles on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub All music featured courtesy of epidemicsound.com (http://www.epidemicsound.com) One On Onesie jingle created by Pelle Kuipers / http://youtube.com/sketchysong Want more? Rob's Twitter: http://bit.ly/RobPearson Dave's Twitter: http://bit.ly/DavidJackson Nath's Twitter: http://bit.ly/NathanDitum Hollie's Twitter: http://bit.ly/HollieBennett Dan's Twitter: http://twitter.com/dan_wheeler90 Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetAccess
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Text Comments (1088)
Hunter Sutherland (4 days ago)
Coincidentally Spyro comes out today.
Randomizer (19 days ago)
Currently following these steps in prepping for Devil May Cry 5
James (26 days ago)
I'm pre-downloading Red Dead Redemption 2 now, thank you very much! 😊
Kyuubi Hiro (1 month ago)
Is it just me or did God of war released in 2015...? I think I have a case of the Mandela effect
GlitchyGaming (1 month ago)
Happy October 17th.
Angel Melgar (1 month ago)
It's been 6 months since GOW release day, and I havent been able to purchase it 😭😭😭😭
unome459 (1 month ago)
I never really have done this but I think I will, especially with kh3 when it finally rolls in
Nico Harris (1 month ago)
Love This So Much. So relatable😂❤
Najjim Hamad (1 month ago)
5:20 What is the name of this game?
DarkKosmic (1 month ago)
Going to Ben doing all of this for anthem when it eventually comes out
Evin Roof (1 month ago)
Puts in vacation days off, game release date gets pushed back......
Lee Stevens (1 month ago)
I’m very lucky my GF knows I’m a gammer and she lets me game all I want, and she don’t go mad when I book off a week for a new release.
cabbagemofo (1 month ago)
This is going to be me when borderlands 3 comes out
Tim Clark (2 months ago)
Preorder. Because it will sell out right away
The One Duck (2 months ago)
hey rob did it happen about spiderman for a week
Cmim gaming live (2 months ago)
Happy day!
Ainsley Murray (2 months ago)
Happy Spider-man release day! Just reacquainting myself with the rules 🙌
The Muffinman (2 months ago)
Got my soda pizza and been watching Spider-Man (1994) all day I’m ready
cam smith (2 months ago)
Who else is waiting for Spider-Man
Jonathan Walmsley (2 months ago)
I think this might be my favourite of your Friday Feature lists - it reflects your seemingly obssessive compulsive tendencies in hilarious fashion.
Roadman Tyler (2 months ago)
I'm getting a TV and Spiderman for PS4 on my birthday and am generally considering skipping school for the rest of the week
Coromon (2 months ago)
The only thing you forgot was the Depends(adult diapers), it may be a bit embarrassing but then you won't have to leave the couch, chair or bed unless you realize it wasn't a fart💩😨 from all that White Castle you had.
HARBRINGERZERO (2 months ago)
Anyone know the name of the game @ 2:21 where the character was riding horseback?
J Frost (2 months ago)
Happy 2 weeks to spiderman day
KillMyVocals (2 months ago)
perfect video for me ... september is so close yet...so...far...away T_T
asa hems (2 months ago)
I got god of war in june it took me two mouths to get the plat amazing game loved it
Game Station (2 months ago)
My friends are trying to organise to go out together, and I’m all organising a sleepover. But FIREWAll Zero Hour comes out. Guess which takes priority
Paul Hampton (2 months ago)
I will be saying goodbye to virtually everything when the FF7 remake comes out : )
Blackbeard 1985 (2 months ago)
I’ve already booked my vacations for this year 1 week for Red Dead 2 1 week for Anthem 1 week for The Division 2
jonathan guajardo (2 months ago)
Thankfully I live by myself and can just order out without having to worry about work. I just schedule my chemo treatments the week before and after, so I have at least one week of no distractions. When Spider-Man comes out I'll be hermited till RDR2, so I might not be seen from September till the following year, lol.
Quadro (2 months ago)
+jonathan guajardo I'm saving up to pre-order spider man.
jonathan guajardo (2 months ago)
Thank you I hope to also, trying to save up to get either the Spider-Man pro or the new 500 million pro which looks amazing and has a 2 tb memory.
Quadro (2 months ago)
+jonathan guajardo wow Hope you enjoy Marvel's spider man and Red dead redemption 2.
jonathan guajardo (2 months ago)
Yeah I'm currently battling an incurable cancer. Not much I can do, but accept it.
Quadro (2 months ago)
Wait. English is not my first language sorry if I have made a mistake But did you say chemo treatment Isint that for cancer
camhill567 (3 months ago)
Jc4 comes out when I'm at school noooooooooooo
Wacky-physics (3 months ago)
Ensure that my bowels are completely drained, all the comfiest pillows are fluffed, that reminders are put around to cheer me through the week before, and if possible that the home screen theme is changed in accordance with the game.
Jetsos (3 months ago)
Getting ready for Spider-Man
JABarnes18 (3 months ago)
How did you get Chinese food on your tv?!?
Yesi Lemus (3 months ago)
This will be all me for Kingdom Hearts 3 realese. Already warned my mom to not try to contaxt me cause i will be paying to my little hearts content 😂. She was not happy but hey its me time
Matt Firek (3 months ago)
I’m very grateful for this video, if for no other reason than I’m glad to find I’m not the only one who takes vacation days to play a new game.
Brett Storm XWP (3 months ago)
For that intro you should've just said Happy Rusev Day! lol. Those who like WWE will get the reference.
Gally (3 months ago)
What about school? Destiny 2 Forsaken comes out on the first day D:
Connor Norcott (3 months ago)
Coming back to this on a special day - finally my PlayStation 4 and copy of God of War arrive tomorrow, after months of waiting. Weekend off. I cannot wait.
Chloee Catherine Maki (3 months ago)
No offence rob but your mother need to shave her chest .- . lel [ luv ya dave <3 xD ]
Ultraman fan375 (4 months ago)
then bring the game home shut out everything pop game in and play it that's my routine playstation access...... oh by the way love your videos rob your grate
Ultraman fan375 (4 months ago)
my routine is get up get ready go to gamestop wait for a few moments for the door to open then go in and buy it
Aust Gaming (4 months ago)
This is truly how you prepare for games
Johnson W. (4 months ago)
Make sure you have the console with you when you get your copy. I won’t say which game it was, but a friend of mine and I pre ordered the same game but for different consoles. I was in Knoxville and I did not own my respective console as this was a time my brothers and I shared. So I had a very generous friend who let me play his copy on his console. Thank you so much Bruce!!
Christoph Swager (4 months ago)
april 20th was definitely a happy day...it marks "high" on my list
Deinonychus194 (4 months ago)
number 2: or if you have Steam, stock up on Steam Cards!
Raees Kamaar (4 months ago)
I can relate. A problem I might experience for my next anticipated game release: Here where we live, Murphy's Law kicks in and we have stupid, random, bloody annoying power outages that last for half a bloody day which ruins the chance of completing any pre-loading games. Yes, that means when our power comes back on, I see the dreaded "17 hours remaining" message (internet will likely also decide to have one of those slow days when it's NOT supposed to). Ironically, this is the second time I'm typing this comment. Power went off this morning before I could complete it.
nar3chan (5 months ago)
Already Booked three days off for the perfect KH3 extravaganza.
Louis Page (5 months ago)
Skipped school today to play god of war for 6 hours
wolfshot_ K (5 months ago)
This had got to be one of my most favourite Friday features!
NapalmX717 (5 months ago)
Happy 1 month since God of War release day!
Stephen Smith (5 months ago)
Couldn't agree with these more!
Wickerrman (5 months ago)
I bet Nath couldn't hold back the laughter during that foot massage :'D
Gamèlyzed (5 months ago)
Rob his mom has a hairy chest
Ten80 Pete (5 months ago)
Doesn't really apply anymore, but I would go out and get a brand new memory card JUST for that game. If there were specialized/custom cards for the game, even better. Didn't want to have to delete my FFXII saves to make room for panic saves.
daniel hartness (6 months ago)
I know it's supposed to be a cross-dressing skit, but trim your damn toenails Dave.
Miranda Daugherty (6 months ago)
I catered to myself with jimmy johns for food prep the week skyrim came out.
HENDOMAN (6 months ago)
I can eat a sausage roll with 0 hands ;)
Aguzz Hartono (6 months ago)
Rob, let me ask you one question, what should I buy 1st between AC Origins or the latest GoW??
Mergie S (6 months ago)
or Nintendo Labo day
Charlie Bailey (6 months ago)
It’s actually been 3 weeks😂😂😂
princessthyemis (6 months ago)
I just like making sure the room is as dark as I can possibly get it, and make sure I have PLENTY of time...
Dominic Volk (6 months ago)
And when you have done all these things, the universe will kick you in the nads and cause a power outage.....
Kevin Collier (6 months ago)
I actually got dragon quest and the world trees woe. I was upset that it was 60 dollers for dynasty warrior. I literally best the game by pressing square constantly.
cocktailzombie (6 months ago)
You are going to go through all those steps just to be a beta tester? I wouldnt think of playing any game now without at least a few months for the devs to get it working as it should.
offbeat0008 (6 months ago)
What's the game that says "Heliodor Region" up in the top left corner? Can't find anything about it via Google.
Black Heart (6 months ago)
I did all of this when Attack on Titan 2 released. I even cut school just to be able to play it at 6 am
ENDERSWAGG 109 (6 months ago)
Happy day to you too Rob
Jonathan bell (6 months ago)
i do not think i can even properly convey how ecstatic i am over the Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Project S16 (6 months ago)
I always make my room spotless before a game I've been waiting for releases. It's just my thing
Maroc Farisoin (6 months ago)
I may have to try this when Darksiders 3 comes out
dwayne601 (6 months ago)
Wait, if you get the physical copy you're still gonna have wait 2 or 3 hours for the install to finish
Chall 64 (6 months ago)
If you live with anybody, you start establishing rules for launch day about a week beforehand. You need to let everybody know what you'll be doing, where you'll be doing it, and not to bother you under any circumstances on release day because the only thing worse than having to wait for a download to finish is knowing that the download is ready, but you still can't play because of someone else. You've been working hard and have been waiting for years, possibly decades, for this day to come, all of your friends and family can wait a day.
STi Wood (6 months ago)
I bought the collectors edition of God of war and haven't touched it since😭😭
KowashiHitori (6 months ago)
I took Wednesday off for Battletech release and played 30.4 hours of it over the course of Tuesday night until Thursday morning. heh
jarrad h (6 months ago)
Where's the sauce on the sausage roll mate?
Dennis Tangcangco (6 months ago)
Prince Silungwe (6 months ago)
The Ultimate Gamer Guide
Kris Bayley (6 months ago)
All of Robs list i checked off, I did that for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II way back when in 2004, The best week Eva. Oh the memories
Mark B (6 months ago)
If I know I'll be up late playing, I'll throw some drinks in to a cooler. I'll also charge a 2nd controller and have extra batteries nearby just in case.
Jeff Steadman (6 months ago)
Can't game one-handed... HA!!
A E (6 months ago)
I can't like this episode enough. I fell into the trap of announcing leave to the family beforehand and plans were made for me to go shopping on release morning :( When I finally got home, the servers were so busy that I couldn't get a session so I just gave up. I'll not rush a launch day again.
Leon Coombes (6 months ago)
Stock up on junk food, sweets and a big bottle of Dr pepper (or whatever your choice of fizzy is) then binge eat and drink yourself into oblivion as you meld into your chair playing the current best game ever! I love my gaming rituals
Mike Warner (6 months ago)
Nice video rob!!! Very noice!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Jon Able (6 months ago)
You know Dave was laughing off camera.
Michael T (6 months ago)
You forgot “Don’t pre-order from GameStop.” They haven’t failed to to ruin a release day for me for 4 years.
KingCeasar666 (6 months ago)
12hr download???? What type of internet is that. 3hr update??? More like 30 or so mins, max for downloads and 15 or so mins for updates.
Sympa Dm (6 months ago)
I'm really sure Rob's face was used for Kratos's design!
Yunior Gamboa (6 months ago)
Hahah I want you to out of my room for at least a week when spiderma comes out
Patrick Sullivan (6 months ago)
lots of soda and pager turned off!
MrAcid85 (6 months ago)
How are you getting food on your tv ye monster.
Angel Chronicles (6 months ago)
Why do I have a feeling all the dad gamers have lil kids enjoying the release day as well
goaserer (6 months ago)
Pro Tip: Have a second Dualshock loaded and within reach
Alukard TheDeathknight (6 months ago)
my ways easier just put a red x on my door with the word in bold letters "PLAGUE" simple XD
llamamama (6 months ago)
Lol chest hair and low cut dress. Nice 😂👍😎
Robert Morgan (6 months ago)
Rob Pearson your videos have me in stitches every week. Keep up the good work my friend. 😀
Diamond Dogs (6 months ago)
"The wonderful quiet of week day middle afternoon" for me to play God of War. Yes, I did that annual leaving on 04/20 and I loved it!!!
Umut Beşiroğlu (6 months ago)
Tv software updates, wtf
Dominik Lange (6 months ago)
I will probly take a 5 days vaction for Code Vein
Degrees Below (6 months ago)
So close to plat-ing God of War, just need to complete the trails.

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