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Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes 7-minute speed run and S Rank

1476 ratings | 186677 views
Watch Mr Trophy speed run the rather awesome Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes in just over 7 minutes from start to finish on PS4. For more from GamesRadar Subscribe: http://goo.gl/rcDzoE http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.facebook.com/gamesradar http://www.twitter.com/gamesradar http://www.twitch.tv/gamesradar
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Text Comments (670)
Punished Venom Snake (1 month ago)
and this game costs 20 dollars and its this short? lmao i got mgsv tpp for free on xbox a week ago XD
Tsiney Kinori (8 months ago)
Teacher says that I got an A! A again! >.< S RANK 59745score! I forgot the prisoners Xp Try hard, cry harder for an S!
Migel the sloth (11 months ago)
Pretty sure thisd be easier in PC. Missing a lot of shots, even in reflex.
ibrahem sattar (1 year ago)
Mr.trophy you really are a living legend
Vault_Unlocked (1 year ago)
What mission is this? I don't remember playing it.
Lyrical (1 year ago)
To all of you "hardcore gamers" who are complaining about the difficulty of the game, and theslow mo feature?Why are you complaining about that if you're playing on easy mode?You can actually switch to the hard mode.And you can turn the slow mo off.
TheDarkKamu (2 years ago)
I already finished TPP, should I pay 19.99 for this?
Classic AFL Matches (2 years ago)
+TheDarkKamu No it is not even worth that much. I got it for free with ps plus
Hatthew DoitToem (2 years ago)
Pequod is better than.... See I already forgot his name :/
Theo Solomon (2 years ago)
Nicolás Rodríguez (2 years ago)
Nice run, but he used reflex mode and the rank says he didn't
Nicolás Rodríguez (2 years ago)
+Diego Fran didn't know that. thanks
Diego Fran (2 years ago)
+Nicolás Rodríguez cero means that he didn't take points because he use it.
Marjan Golubović (2 years ago)
Hey all, The best improvement that my step-mom has ever had was with Freds Magic Remedy (i found it on google) Easily the simplest plan out there.
Falcodlm (2 years ago)
8 minutes and 10 seconds
Chris Howard (2 years ago)
everyone who does not like metal gear solid series needs to go to a pawn shop, buy some 9mm hollow point rounds andrent a 9mm handgun, then you need to load the ammo you bought into the gun. After all this, chamber a round, switch the safety off, aim it to your temple then pull the trigger. The next guy who doesn't like the Metal Gear series can skip the beginning of this comment and just go pick the gun up from the last idiot, and you can do the same, etc...
BigBossCSM (2 years ago)
I love mgs but you're retarded...
help (2 years ago)
This wasn't the full thing
Senator Armstromg (2 years ago)
Has anyone else noticed how Snake can sprint for ridiculously long periods of time? He is superhuman in that respect at the very least.
Phizeta (2 years ago)
I don't know about the MGS franchise much I just heard something about a clone or something
The Doctor (2 years ago)
+Phizeta Did you pull that out of your ass? Solid snake and Solidus were the clones
Legacy (2 years ago)
Trolls Bane (2 years ago)
+Avinavi No. Anyone trained in the military or special forces can sprint for 2.4 km under 10 minutes.
Phizeta (2 years ago)
He can run forever because he is a clone or something, it is explained just not in detail
Alfonso Altamirano (2 years ago)
Holy shit
Sharon Ellis (2 years ago)
CLSharpman5000 (2 years ago)
A good bit of people here are voicing their displeasure with the length While I'm just trying to figure out why he didn't use iron sights ~
smaki (2 years ago)
"hit me all you want" "rodger dispatching chopper"
F.u.c.k Allah (2 years ago)
Holy. Shit.
Alpha PHENIX (2 years ago)
no do it with the ''No Traces'' bonus
Asif Ifas (2 years ago)
I nearly brought this but luckily a friend paid first and told me it's so short. so I dodged that bullet and waited until yesterday for the real game. oh wow I'm impressed. but now I'm wondering if this mission is apart of the real story now I've spoiled it.
Aaron (2 years ago)
Idgaf about S-Rank. I enjoy the TACTICAL STEALTH of MGS. Not even fun to play MGS like this, you're essentially missing out on a lot of the mechanics of this amazing series by doing this. Still neat to see it done that fast though.
po1980 (2 years ago)
by the way, try getting into the tank that is in the base. hehe. this was so cool.
po1980 (2 years ago)
haha k I will try :)
po1980 (2 years ago)
i got this game for free (xbox one), played it first time last night I've never played a MG game, ever. I messed around for like 3 hours and didn't even finish the mission. there so much cool stuff to do as snake I'm still learning all the controls, lol. but its great. I am now leaning towards getting Phantom Pain. everything about this game is great if u are a fan of stealth play.
Austin Fultz (2 years ago)
reflex mode is cheating!
Cody Prickett (2 years ago)
its not cheating if its added to the game its just a cop out
Tetsuo Shima (2 years ago)
Cool vid! You can pick the lock quicker I think by tapping the button 💎🐶👻🐍❗️
Infamous Money Hunter (2 years ago)
My only gripe with this game is the fact that they held back so much compared to the Phantom Pain gameplay videos. If they would of included a mission prep feature with more weapons like in Peace Walker then this game would of been worth the money.
Rythaze (2 years ago)
Glad I never actually paid for this game and got it with free with gold... 7minutes of gameplay pretty much defines this as a demo... Very disappointing...
MichaelnMaximo (2 years ago)
It took me about 30 minutes my first time through it. Which still qualifies it as a demo.
TheSonnyworld (2 years ago)
+Rythaze It's more than just seven minutes plus there are other missions to unlock with a total of 7.
Alpacnologia (2 years ago)
+Rythaze This is just 1 mission in the game.
nonikita (2 years ago)
+Devin Kawakami I never got the sense that Ground Zeros was unfinished, it was like the Tanker chapter from MGS2, but TPP does feel unfinished .
Devin Kawakami (2 years ago)
The game was pretty disappointing and short, but it was an unfinished intro to Phantom Pain. Kojima had big visions for the Phantom Pain, to the point where they had to release the MGSV GZ intro as a separate game to fund TPP. Even then, Konami pulled the rug out from under him and a TTP is an unfinished game as well.
Kennan Dunn (3 years ago)
Snake is such a badass it takes less then ten minutes to get in and out of a military prison camp with two prisoners over his shoulders
Ominosentenzioso92 (3 years ago)
that "skip" though
fvqu (3 years ago)
This video was infinitely useful. Only fucked up two attempts trying to get it.
Dylan Crocker (3 years ago)
It doesn't take much skill to use reflex mode all the time
Bruce Wayne (3 years ago)
Yeah I know, I guess it's for those impatient guys that's not willing to sneak around. But I prefer using real time aiming. Because it feels not much of a challenge.
ChelpiBoy (3 years ago)
My old World Record is 3:34.816 go watch on my channel
fataLLL (3 years ago)
I realized in time of 6:34,999. Mode: Hard. Look: http://www.twitch.tv/kamikaze011/c/6376856 RANK S!
AngelTorch Ehem (3 years ago)
it's that all ? it was just that ?:D damn i feel sry for ppl how buy it.
Usul573 (3 years ago)
+AngelTorch Ehem I got it for $5, but with the side ops and everything I think it's not so bad.
Leo Oliveira (3 years ago)
Reflex mode, fast health recovery, seeing enemies through walls without any other gadget but your binoculars... The game is beautiful, well animated and more cinematic than ever but I want the old MGS difficulty back :(
Leo Oliveira (2 years ago)
+Appz I have Legacy Collection for the PS3. Don't have acid though. Really good franchise
Leo Oliveira (2 years ago)
+Appz we all make mistakes :) how hyped for MGSV release are you?
Leo Oliveira (2 years ago)
+Appz no problem. Actually, by the time I posted this, I had little experience with GZ. The seeing through walls is well implemented. Just saying that a radar might feel more... Realistic than sensing enemies through walls when far... Even though big Boss... Is a Boss. But that's just my opinion, feel free to disagree.
Leo Oliveira (2 years ago)
+Appz nah that was also bad. Snake eater had a way of showing where everybody was without making it easy like Soliton radar
Michele Tosoni (2 years ago)
+Leo Oliveira I think that this one is harder than the others even with all those features, maybe I'm stuck with old gameplay which was familiar to me
Franklin Jimenez (3 years ago)
like a boss
kyle kimball (3 years ago)
try it without the reflex hehe.
The War Room (3 years ago)
Awesome work! Check out our channel if you can =]
Dylan Sherrick (3 years ago)
I got about 15 hours from this game, and I'm only up to 30% completion. The game's worth 40 dollars. But luckily PC users get the game for 20 c:
Momy (3 years ago)
Nice aim assist at 6:58 lol 
master333sos (3 years ago)
$30 for 7 min gameplay #worfthemoney  
Rei Bob (2 years ago)
+lb8068 I didn't say it was. I was pointing out how people who probably don't even have the game, judge it on someone rushing to the finish line. I think this was a cash-grab, but I know a lot of people will simply complain no matter what.
lb8068 (2 years ago)
+Rei Bob I can do that in about that time yeah. I think my record was just over 8 minutes on Hard, its not exactly extraordinary.
Alexandre Franquinho (2 years ago)
+master333sos Pull it out. Also, i'm pretty sure even zelda has been speedrun in quite a short time.
Rei Bob (3 years ago)
You mean you can do it?
Marley Murray (3 years ago)
I got this game for 5 bucks :D
MrHenriko500 (2 years ago)
+Lazy Trollzor i got it for free on playstation + :D
Marley Murray (2 years ago)
+ImmaGhost. :0
ImmaGhost (2 years ago)
+Lazy Trollzor I got it for free :D
Marley Murray (2 years ago)
+anthony echeverry i got lucky, it was on sale on the xbox store.
anthony echeverry (2 years ago)
+Lazy Trollzor How???? :D
Robot_Panda15 (3 years ago)
i REALLY hope this game is a test run to see how people would react to the "open world" idea of Metal Gear Solid. It would be nice to pull up your I-droid and call in a chopper to re-kit if you needed to.
TopazTye (3 years ago)
MGS 5 ground zeroes gameplay, check it out :) http://www.twitch.tv/alkamizt
Bluberry (3 years ago)
thats the entire game?
Caesarslegion1 (3 years ago)
Jon Snow (3 years ago)
you finish this one time and then you make the speedrun... this is the only explanation
fullershady_COB (3 years ago)
Done it!!! Got a S ranking and didn't even use Reflex mode. BOOM!!!
Jeffrey Romeo (3 years ago)
Was not on hard difficulty
Mak (3 years ago)
This video was sooo helpful. I also got an S rank. Time was 8:20. I though my S rank became ruined as just as i was about to jump on the chopper with paz, they noticed she was missing, the alarm went off and started shooting my chopper. Luckily it didn't affect the rank. Anyway, gona complete the other missions. 
Mak (3 years ago)
Oh, and i dis it on my sixth attempt. But 100% help from this video. 
Muppio (3 years ago)
*meep meep*
Adrien Perié (3 years ago)
Its sad to see how its always the greatest fan communities with the most dedicated people that get milked the worst.
Sraye (3 years ago)
What's missing in 3:20. Box. But ok it's raining, Snake doesn't want his precious box wet I guess.
Lighter In The Storm (3 years ago)
so.. basically there are 2 missions. Fine demo version/ show reel indeed
The Uncanny One (3 years ago)
Shekel purse running low...
Sid Sloth (3 years ago)
I nearly bought this in asda and the guy wouldn't serve it to me because I didn't have ID. . . He done me a favor. 
Ham Bone (3 years ago)
I'll stick to guns of the patriots until Phantom Pain
Akuma Junior (3 years ago)
Dave Antics (3 years ago)
Well damn.
Napoleon Wilson (3 years ago)
How people can defend selling a demo at full price is staggering.
Nicholas Lopez (3 years ago)
This is a Metal Gear Solid game. Why is it several hours shorter than it should be?
PS4Walkthroughs (3 years ago)
I beat this in 13 mins, the. I see this 7mins!! Wtf
Chris M (3 years ago)
Really? Entire game in 7 minutes? It takes me longer to load GTA:V to the singleplayer
Solid Snake Fox (3 years ago)
as a Asian player. i truly felt sad when Hayter voice had been replaced . kojima might had making a terrible mistake. i mean... i had waited the title for so long that as i play it through the openings scenes, i just don't get used to it(not one bit). worse of all...i am in pain to play the game and so i decided to put away the games for months until i am cooling down to play it again. :(   But don't get me wrong... after all, i am a fan of the metal gear series and i really hope kojima will have david hayter playing his rolls at the future!!? then it freak me out again for the second time as i am just about to getting heat to play the game,its over......
Solid Snake Fox (3 years ago)
man... is fucking short alright. kind of disappointed as i am a metal gear fan. it cost me $30. a slap in the face.
Do it on Hard mode, THEN come talk to me
slackabeara (3 years ago)
40 bucks ofr this this is a ripoff people we will not take this if this was 40 bucks for 3 or 4 times longer than this i might get it but awww helll naaaawwwww
John Doe (4 years ago)
This speedrun is pretty slow compared to my 4:52 speed run.
airsoftalex100 (4 years ago)
does restarting the mission count againest you?
Antidepressiva1980 (2 years ago)
+airsoftalex100 it lowers your mission rank and mission points, so yes.
iExcluzivev11 (4 years ago)
Little fanboy of the shitty game 👍👍
DecipheredEnigma (4 years ago)
There's already a faster speed run at 3 minutes 54 seconds here: /watch?v=Lz_fYjXL7rA
jackson12016 (4 years ago)
i'll probably get hate for this, but i hate the idea of the slow motion quick shoot when you're spotted. It takes all the suspension out of the stealth; luckily you can turn it off i guess. 
k11a22i33 (3 years ago)
It it useful though playing on hard is difficult, and I have played the previous games on the hardest difficulty and got the highest rank, but the AI is a lot smarter this time and their patrol is unpredictable.
Xander Beck (4 years ago)
You can turn that mode off to get extra points
jackson12016 (4 years ago)
yeah, i hope this one has game over if caught aswell, i wonder why that was only in MGS2
The Truth (4 years ago)
No hate. I totally agree. This isn't freakin max Payne. This crap is lame and too easy. I hate slow mo
steve hill (4 years ago)
Ground zeroes was stated as a tech demo basically. It's cheaper an if you were smart enough to pre order it on psn you would of got a free digital copy of peace walker
Pseudonyymi (4 years ago)
7 minutes... so you're paying 4 dollars per minute. That would be fine for a high-class prostitute but certainly unacceptable for a videogame.
SevenFriday (4 years ago)
everyone is "fuck that demo", yes the main mission is short, but there is still content after that and the game have very high replay value, this is a high quality game, only negatives what other people fuck about is that this is a "SHORT demo" but they can't say anything bad about the gameplay, graphics etc.
Niko (4 years ago)
Snake is sooo OP in this game he is practical a speed demon,can regenerate health and has that reflex ability.
Zoinks! (4 years ago)
is this a mission or the game
E .Stassi (3 years ago)
Like grumpychris said it's pretty much a demo. Btw it also costs 40 FUCKING DOLLARS smh. 
Jonas Kristiansen (4 years ago)
It`s the main mission, there are about 5 side missions aswell and plenty of collectibles/trophies that will take quite some time to complete 100% but if you`re only here for the story I would recommend you wait for MGS5.
grumpychris (4 years ago)
It's the entire game. But keep in mind it's more of a demo than an actual game.
NoSignaL_ (4 years ago)
Is S rank the best?
k11a22i33 (3 years ago)
Yes but only for this the actual game might have a different ranking system
grumpychris (4 years ago)
Mooseter53 (4 years ago)
Why does Big Boss's arm go through the arm of the person he's carrying? (When he's sprinting.)
LuvGaming91 (4 years ago)
Im sorry but the people defending this just don't want to admit they got burned and payed 30 to 40 bucks on what is essentially a demo
Nukeclears (4 years ago)
Pathetic cash grab.
Brian Sheller (4 years ago)
Put away your tranq gun,scrub. And reflex mode? Remove this video, please. You're not actually playing MGS.
McMango (4 years ago)
Salem Mileena (4 years ago)
Can someone answer this, does this game play anything like metal gear solid 1, 2 or 3? I'm noticing a sprint button, easily avoided alerts, reflex mode and a few other things hat bother me. So does it still feel like metal gear solid or did they take the splinter cell route and completely change/ruin the game? Idk if i'm going to bother getting the phantom pain if it's going to be like this..
King BurgerKing (4 years ago)
"It's fun. It has al lot of gameplay if you do everything" Fuck right off. What and other games aren't "fun?" or "Have a lot of gameplay if you do everything?" You do realise all this is, is them looking at a epilogue/prologue level that was meant to be in the game then going "you know what? Let's be greedy." Cutting it out, and selling it for $30. ($40-50 in fucking australia)  So let me get this straight. You're saying if Halo 5 comes out, and they have all the mechanics down, all the enemies/graphics and programming complete, but then they just take out the first level, and place it in a different game, you are willing to pay good money for that?  Are....are you serious?
Tommy Karlsen (4 years ago)
totally worth the price -_-
Jesus Faith (4 years ago)
wow, its amazing a game can be competed in that short amount of time....
Heisen Berg (4 years ago)
what a sloppy run. you need to work on your route more. i wonder what the wr is
cra3y toadstash (4 years ago)
40 quid well spent
DeathBringer9000 (4 years ago)
its refreshing to see snake do something normal for a change
LittleRoter (4 years ago)
oomerimunni (4 years ago)
How to waste 40$
konrado 124575 (4 years ago)
9 minutes nice
Alisson Santos (4 years ago)
MLD Hyk (4 years ago)
i finished it in umm 3 hours and 16 mins
Noobery Tangle (4 years ago)
This could have been faster but that is still pretty fast!
Dussc (4 years ago)
this sure beats my 1,5 hour run -_-
ClintonMediaPro (4 years ago)
£25 for a game that can be beat in 7 minutes lol.
Driss Lahlou (4 years ago)
The reflex mode is stupid !!! turn it off ! it's killing the game

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