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3D Printing Puzzles at home [Duelling Tetra]

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So 3D printing is slowly transforming the way puzzles are being distributed. It started all the way back with 3D printing 'masters' and then casting pieces in resin. The shapeways era came after that and with the continuous advancements of desktop 3D printers I seriously think I may be out of a job one day! I've only just started dabbling in printing myself but I see the potential in the puzzle industry and I want to see more designers working with the constraints of the lower end printers. Huge thanks to troy for sending this my way! I wasn't able to find stickers but hopefully if enough interest is shown they may be made available somewhere in future. rcpongo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjXMGkJmIBd0Kn-hNxarAaA If you want to print out any of these puzzles for yourself you can get the files here: https://www.thingiverse.com/rcpongo/designs The designs are free but if you can spare a couple dollars I'm sure Troy would appreciate it! Social Media: Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/NathanWilsonMakes/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/nathanmakesthings/ Twitter- https://twitter.com/nathanmakestuff 2nd Channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcqzkmPCV-6LD-oenawubBA Merch store- https://teespring.com/stores/nathanwilson Patreon: If you liked the video then consider supporting me on Patreon. It's totally optional but YouTube is my full-time job and every dollar really helps! You'll also get your name on all future build videos for as long as you're a supporter :) Support me on Patreon- https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2905964 Music: Lowrider - Andrew Applepie
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Peter Juncker (11 months ago)
Printing without support material is almost proportional to the quality of the printer. On an ultimaker, you can make some pretty scary prints. I've done 63 degrees overhang with high infill. Printing with support is alright most of the time. If you really want to minimize cleanup, it is best to print pieces on the side to reduce the amount of the mechanism that needs cleanup. However you do it, it is best to take the time to sand and clean the print. I think doing the CAD is a much quicker way of modding, and mistakes can be fixed easily. Plus, lots of fun. If you can get your hands on solidworks and a printer (though just cad helps still), you can proof modifications to make sure it is possible. The cad for a qiyi looks pretty easy, maybe a 40 minute job. You could then use it for lots of mods.
ClickPond (2 months ago)
shouldnt that puzzle just be a 3x3 mechanism?
Wow, it is mass produced now
Dimensio. (8 months ago)
wh... what? i didn't really undestand (hum i'm french) it's a FTM 3d printer? He's transgender? (ftm = female to male) *i'm sorry everyone*
Grayson Herberich (8 months ago)
I'm The 294th Liker!
Simon G. (9 months ago)
Stop moving your hand up and down
Swaroma909 Dair (10 months ago)
It's like a skewb extereme,if it was a Pyraminx.
Luke W (11 months ago)
If I want to print my own puzzles at home, what printer do you recommend that is quality, but not too horribly expensive?
OGRE Cubes (11 months ago)
I like the idea of 3D printing parts but it seems people won't like to make/buy hand mods. I guess the cleanup is what would turn people away from printing, causing them to mod/buy modded cubes
OGRE Cubes (11 months ago)
NathanWilson my mom was in the art show industry until the economy crashed (in like 2006) and most people enjoy the work but don't actually want to buy it even if it's a very little thing. I've been to IKEA and I was very surprised how many people were buying prints. I'll agree with preferring the real thing but some people just want it and don't care who made it. Last year when you took down your etsy shop I was disappointed because I was planning on buying a 3x5x5 from you because it would've supported your work and given me a hand made puzzle. So yeah if your still down to making one😉
NathanWilson (11 months ago)
you can print out a painting but people still prefer to buy the real thing
Shrekling (11 months ago)
I was you're 70,000 sub ;)
Nice Guy (11 months ago)
You're an idiot. Thanks. 1x1 cube? Really? Idiot. Thanks again. G'day
Wheaton Cubes (11 months ago)
How often do you replace the belt on a belt sander
Toxic Cuber (11 months ago)
you should do a cube collection video
Wheaton Cubes (11 months ago)
You should open an ebay for puzzles you already made and don't want.
Hailee Tran (11 months ago)
totally not here from Things that are not Aesthetic: Non-Aesthetic Posting
Hej Hej (11 months ago)
Make a 3×3×5 out off a 3×3
blubb123 (11 months ago)
Challenge: Make a 3x3 wich can turn sides and layers so its like 5x5 centers
Kade Brown (11 months ago)
can you get a printer?
Treacherous Toast (11 months ago)
You should get a 3D printer! It wouldn't be super practical for smaller projects, but for giant cubes, you could just 3D print a couple of pieces and then cast them!
SCHcuber (11 months ago)
What a great idea for a puzzle. It's great that 3D printers are decreasing price because one day creative puzzle ideas are going to be everywhere.
Cubing 101 (11 months ago)
Fisher a 7x7!
Neon (11 months ago)
3d printing is cheating
Gorvin Pasta (2 months ago)
Neon y tho
Jonas Rains (11 months ago)
My 3d printer has been broken for the past year
BelowAverageCuber (11 months ago)
my school has a powder 3D printer for my engineering and design class it’s a super dope 3D printer
BelowAverageCuber what!!
Cubyr (11 months ago)
The dueling tetra should duel with the knife handle. Like if you agree!
ND Puzzles (11 months ago)
That's indeed a great puzzle. I myself design FDM-puzzles and can only recommend it. You do have to sand a lot (sometimes 5 or more hours of clean up) if you want to get crazy shapes. However, that time is worth it if you remember that it is a cheap way of getting puzzles once you bought the printer. You can learn a lot about puzzles this way and it is fun to build and invent new ones. That way, FDM-puzzles have left a bit of the modding feeling that I liked. With SLS-prints you really just do the design and the assembly and don't get your hands dirty. With FDM you print yourself a bunch of moddeling pieces which you then can take in order to really built a puzzle for hours!
Shloak Sharma (11 months ago)
I've been working on a project for 4 months and have failed in it 4 times due to unknown mistake I want help any one or even Nathan is di you have an idea MY project is to convert a megaminx into flat hexaminx Pls help is a request
rcpongo (11 months ago)
Thanks for the video. I'm glad to get any exposure on these I can. Ideally I'd love to see a puzzle mass produced so everyone can get one, but this has been my best way of putting them out there so far. To add a few things,... I cut my own stickers. I have a cutter like you would find in a sign shop, so it's nice to be able to do it all right here. The puzzles turn quite poorly straight off the printer, but a few hours of filing and sanding can turn them into a pretty nice puzzle. I do have a way for people to purchase my puzzles for those of you without a printer, and that is through Chewies custom stickers. He does a great job with them, and it is one more way I have to get these out there. Otherwise, I'm open to trades with people I meet at competitions, but that is a bit limited to my local area. Thanks again Nathan!
Cube the Squid (11 months ago)
I remember you at the MN comps! You told me it was a great source of pride that Nathan was subscribed to you. I think it's so cool that your puzzles are featured in his videos!
Patrick Venturo (11 months ago)
Subtítulos en español plis :'u
TwistyTex (11 months ago)
It's truly amazing that he can get such a high quality of finish using PLA!!! Once again, much respect +rcpongo ... much respect!
VeryAngryBird (11 months ago)
I have a 3D printer in my closet in my room lol. Maybe I should start making puzzles
Nudel (11 months ago)
i need a 3d printer!!!!!
Janiru Rathnapriya (11 months ago)
Seriously!?? Printing PUZZLES from a 3D printer? I print 3D PRINTERS from a 3D printer
the gamer (11 months ago)
That's impossible, unless you only mean parts of a 3d printer, it is impossible to fully 3d print a 3d printer, since 3d printers need motots, heat nozzles, bearings in most cases and and some other things
thefallingpi (11 months ago)
im getting my own 3d printer so i dont have to deal with my school 3d printer and shapeways
Glen Bertram (11 months ago)
I'm building my printer right now...
_CV _ (11 months ago)
I was about to go to sleep (it’s 11:00 pm) because there was nothing on YouTube to watch, but then you posted. Edit: and it’s also a school night
The Cubical Gamer (11 months ago)
Hey Nathan can you fisher your windmill axis cube
Deialekt El'Pe (11 months ago)
The Cubical Gamer axis cube means it's already fishered on all three axes
Richard Sec (11 months ago)
Eshan Arora (11 months ago)
3 minutes ago lol
Angus Cos (11 months ago)
3d printed stickers
Harry Potter (11 months ago)
Angus Cos (11 months ago)
When are you going to get a 3D printer
Angus Cos (11 months ago)
nah, all he needs is a 3D printing pen
주한결 Daniel Ju (11 months ago)
he doesn't need 3d printer.
rcpongo (11 months ago)
I'm throwing my full support behind Lulzbot printers. My own printer is a Lulzbot mini and it is awesome! There are cheaper printers out there for sure, but this has worked perfect for me since day one with almost no issues. Also certain features like the PEI heated bed are amazing. No tape/glue/hairspray to hold prints down,... just print and done. Sorry to sound like an ad here, I'm just really happy with mine and wanted to share.
Angus Cos (11 months ago)
Thats fine, your input is probably valued by nathan
Angus Cos (11 months ago)
Where did he say he wanted that one , also that last one was kinda addressed to Nathan but whateve. Also the LulzBot Taz 6 seems a bit expensive
Guppster Nugget (11 months ago)

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