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10 Critically Acclaimed Video Games That Players Hated

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Text Comments (1207)
Sergio GARZA (10 days ago)
gta4 was trash
Declan Kearns (21 days ago)
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Critics: 72 User: 5.1
Zachary Schweigman (24 days ago)
Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefront 2 are awesome, people just bitch too much.
Matthew Buss (1 month ago)
so there was no way I was going to buy battlefront 2. then I go on vacation for 2 weeks and my roommate bought it on my card while because he figured I Was going to buy it anyway.
Aman Khanna (1 month ago)
Rest in peace DICE
dombrox (1 month ago)
I played whole DmC with those white wiggy hairs on fake emo Dante :)
Mick Bobster (1 month ago)
I actually really like Star Wars battlefront 2. I mean they did get rid of purchases.
Ryan Anderson (1 month ago)
Modern Warfare 3 is the best Modern Warfare. I would say "change my mind" but no one can.
Apple dumpling Gang (2 months ago)
I loved alot of these games lol
Jashmail Mathis (2 months ago)
I actually liked GTA IV,... mainly because I'm too not hard to please just like your mum every time I come around... ..... there's my one per comment section
Justeun Gars (2 months ago)
Mw3 was hella good
TheDarkserpent (2 months ago)
Gta IV just has car phisics that are not for everyone, and its a bad port. But I just love it.
PallySilverstar (2 months ago)
I liked Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2. The ending of ME was lackluster but the decisions you made in previous games did come into play along the way and created great scenarios. DA2 was smaller in scope and repeated areas but to me it played out like a well written fantasy novel.
Daniel Pierce (2 months ago)
I do love MW3, but I absolutely hate Evolve
Shayne Lacy (2 months ago)
MW3 is the highest selling cod 😂 it was pretty fun
John Duncan (2 months ago)
Star Wars Battlefront II wasn't even critically acclaimed.
Kitana Kojima (3 months ago)
Devil May Cry was always lame as hell and Dante always had a lame ass “emo” design. Ijs.
Matt Wilcks (3 months ago)
As someone who reviews games as a hobby on the internet.... it’s fucking easy... just don’t give it a score, and keep your own personal feels on the game until the final “critics opinion” final thought and people tend to be cool. Keep it as objective as possible and understand... me not liking it, doesn’t make it bad. It being poorly made is what makes it bad. And yes post modernists, things can and quite often are poorly made. Even if you really enjoyed it, it’s still poorly made!
Matt Wilcks (3 months ago)
It’s the reason Clarksons Top Gear was actually an amazing consumer review show. They would say “ best car is the BMW objectively, but the one we would buy is the Audi.” Fantastic consumer advice. Now video game critics tend to say “I didn’t have fun so it’s a bad game in my mind 4/10.” And when they are called on it they say “I can only review my experience with the game.” At no point do they ever factor in player taste, which is 50% what a review should be. 40% should be reviewing the objective things such as sound design, polygon count, if the mechanics work as intended. 50% is the pre mentioned player taste, explaining what the game is and who appeals too. And then the smallest amount on how much you have enjoyed it. For example, I fucking hate dark souls, yet gave it a 9/10, because I understand it’s an outstanding game that achieved everything From Soft attempted to achieve, it’s not perfect but if your looking for something like this, then this is THE game you want!
juggernautmanic rebooted (3 months ago)
I am so surprised i didn't see fallout 4 on this list
Cheyanne Mathis (3 months ago)
So many people hate Dragon Age II, but I don’t understand. I absolutely loved it. I recently bought all the games and I genuinely enjoyed DA2 and it’s story and characters and I felt like the combat was improved because playing Origins just felt SO SLOW because movement in and out of combat just felt so heavy and like it took forever to go anywhere or hit anything. DA2 felt like it had a much better movement speed. The maps were repetitive, but it was a story that took place over almost a decade in one city so I understood the limited maps, but the story and character interactions made the game well worth finishing and I got some immense joy out of it and a desire to play it again.
Renan Terezan (3 months ago)
I really enjoyed far cry 2 :c
The Iron Templar (3 months ago)
Halo 5 was a massive disappointment for me. All the hype and marketing that 343 dumped into it prelaunch were just flat out lies and the campaign was utter dogshit.
Gamer Boy99 (3 months ago)
What do you think of Detroit become human?
Mateo Nino (3 months ago)
I appreciated MW3's survival mode, and I'm kind of sad I can't play it anymore
K 9 Poodle (3 months ago)
Now it is 4.7 user rating, 89 critic rating
K 9 Poodle (3 months ago)
Cousin, :would you kindly' go bowling?
Liam James (3 months ago)
MGS V belongs at the top of this list
SicParvisMagna123 (2 months ago)
Liam James It got like a 8.1 user score on Metacritic so probably not. I know quite a few didn't like it, but most did.
silverlynx (3 months ago)
Ok. While DA2 was significantly worse than origins, it also has a lot of great stuff in it. I think other than the constantly reused areas, it’s a pretty strong game, especially character-wise. But I’m biased I guess 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Leo Vuitton (3 months ago)
All of them
RPGFreak901 (3 months ago)
What about Middle Earth: Shadow of War on PS4? Critic score: 80 User score: 3.7
Debraam (3 months ago)
Prometheus does'nt have plot holes
Boomer Rang (4 months ago)
My favorite war game is call of duty ghost, second star Wars battlefront 2 third Star Wars battle front 1.
Gentlemnn (4 months ago)
Halo 5??????
/\ V O I D /\/\ (4 months ago)
The ripping up of the wrestling mag was a tad extreme, don't you think?
Slayer Runefrost (4 months ago)
A big reason for all of this is devs PAYING critics for positive scores on their "AAA" titles. And STFU because you're naive AF if you think it doesn't happen.
Slayer Runefrost (4 months ago)
WHO HATED GTA 4?!?!? The only negativity I ever hear about it was for the online mode. But I've heard nothing but praise for the core game.
Dylan Imperi (4 months ago)
They were right about gta 4 that was a game I played once and never picked up again it didn't feel like a proper sequel to the series whereas 5 fit perfectly
Eddie Brock (4 months ago)
Honestly I think MW2 was so legendary and beloved that even if MW3 was good it still would not have been well received by fans
Ben Zeller (4 months ago)
Evolve was my favorite game for about the 1st year it came then eventually I just moved on after playing it so much. I think it is the most underrated game of recent time in my opinion. If you dislike the game tell me why instead of just saying “You’re dumb” or “it’s bad”
Daniel Barabas (4 months ago)
MW3 is bad? I guess you didnt play CoD: Ghosts :P thats worst CoD ever...
Manning Damant (4 months ago)
Mass Effect 3 is not perfect and it was never going to be as good as ME 2, that said, it does not deserve the amount of hate it gets, though it does have flaws.
Bonswally (4 months ago)
Gta4 was amazing. Truly.
Attiladesigner22 (4 months ago)
Admit it. You just made this video to bash Battlefront 2 for the lulz, but had to "scape" in some other games just to fill up the list. Because it makes you look "cool". Yes, the start was catastrophic nonetheless. But the game went through numerous changes! Microtransactions are fully turned off, even if it'll be turned back on, it will focus only on cosmetics. The progression system has been fully rewamped. The game is buggy, yes, but was patched a few times, with more patches with extended contents and bug fixes are coming. New DLCs are coming (for FREE!) aswell! And I thoroughly enjoy the game (especially Starfighter Assault), always have a good laugh, and topped the leader board countless times without paying a single extra dime outside the base game! Now pardon me while I go back sucking Disney, EA dicks :) Because I know self proclaimed "true gamers" will have a go at me. :)
S Wats (5 months ago)
"You're homework sucks" *Your ...
Rich Knight (5 months ago)
The critics LOVE Uncharted 4. My only question: Why?
SicParvisMagna123 (2 months ago)
Rich Knight Why not?
Vaars (5 months ago)
Honestly, I've never played the original me3 ending, and have never seen anything wrong with the extended ending. It provides closure, shows outcomes of decision made throughout the trilogy (focusing on me3 of course), is emotionally exhilarating, and stays true to the core themes of the game as its binary morality system: synthesis (paragon) and destroy (renegade) are opposites, while control can be either renegade or paragon, and all 3 address the issue of synthetic life.
jordan (5 months ago)
grand theft auto iv is my favorite in the series, i don't understand why people don't like it
Ville Antonsson (5 months ago)
Gta 4 is not hated
stufaman (5 months ago)
A gamer is after a certain type of game. A critic sees waves of games day in, day out. A critic's opinion is bullshit now.
Evo Psych (6 months ago)
I'm playing GTAIV right now and it's awesome. Also I've found quite a few people that think it's better than GTA5 which really dumbed down the physics and such. See: GTAIV is better that GTA5 for a 20 minutes side by side comparison.
raggedcritical (6 months ago)
You're using user scores on metacritic to say how liked a game was? All it takes is one controversial gameplay or story decision to send hoards of wailing fanbois to 0-rate a game.
Mr. Butterfingers (6 months ago)
Batman:Arkham Knight is a game everyone praises that I hate it's clear that Rocksteady said "It's our final Batman game and let's steal a script from a cancelled Batman and Robin sequel, completely contradict the story of Arkham City, give the BatTank a bunch of main story mission's and it's own side mission, and give a ending that leaves it up to the player to determine what happened because we're lazy and no one will complain and point out the flaws because everyone loves us".
At least we’re getting devil may cry 5
Caleb Weber (6 months ago)
Etchfamilyguy (6 months ago)
i used to trust ign reviews lol then it just felt like they were getting paid, i trust the publics reviews. which is always, this game sucks bc too many microtrans and patches (games not finished). so now i wait and buy it on sale with all the dlc for 10 bucs. until devs and pubs get there shite together i dont feel comfortable buying full price. battlefront broke me 😥 never preorder, never buy in game! thats my motto and im sticking to it. everything should be unlockable and earned. then and only then ill buy full price again.
Etchfamilyguy (6 months ago)
you mean battlefront 1 and 2. im tired of publishers throwing glitter on shite! graphics are not everything, idiots. players want to enjoy the game, master it on single player then prepare for the worst online. battlefront could have been extraordinary. they could have made a killing if they had crash insane trilogy it. they already had a game everyone loved and they killed it by trying to milk money. battlefront 2 did 60%worse bc they didnt want to trip on the same greedy publisher's rock. ea single player is important
Eric Stevens (6 months ago)
Gta 5 (not Gta online) should be switched with 4
HaYlEeXx19 (6 months ago)
Fudge you Dragon Age 2 is still awesome. Haha I can’t be a critical judge for this franchise cuz it’s literally my fav series. I have all the books to. . .
HaYlEeXx19 (6 months ago)
I liked GT4 lmao but not to the extent I think it should be critically acclaimed. Also didn’t finish it lmao
El Guapo (6 months ago)
Jules is the narrator... Skipped this video.
Thomas Becker (6 months ago)
WWE 2K 18
ChunkyBuiscuit (7 months ago)
MW3 was fantastic. In my top three cod games. The multiplayer fixed everything overpowered from MW2 (except Sitrep Pro), and while the maps weren't as good as MW2, they still kicked ass. The guns felt great, the killstreaks were some of the best, and it had an enjoyable single player. Not to mention special ops, or the All or Nothing game mode. I think it helped move MW2 along for the better. Had MW 2-3 came out with the opposite's maps, I think MW3 would be the classic.
TheFallenKnight115 (7 months ago)
Modern Warfare 3 was fucking awesome in my opinion.
Nils Gerdes (7 months ago)
thank you so much
kawaii-jessica uchiha (7 months ago)
ajax123z (7 months ago)
You didn't give the scores for Dragon age 2
r4ym1n13 (7 months ago)
I played all of the GTA and I did not like GTA 4 either, niko bellic was very boring & not a bad ass. Destiny 2 is absolute junk no doubt
springheeljack298 (7 months ago)
I really loved the story and characters of Dragon Age 2 I liked the limited focus of it. I just wish the city had been better designed and less swarming with every bandit and their mum from the Free Marches. Also a better ending.
motor4X4kombat (7 months ago)
Top ten critically acclaimed movies that audience hated. 10-kingdom of the cristal skull. 9-guardians of the galaxy vol 2 8-la la land. 7-avatar 6-gravity 5-boyhood. 4-birdman 3-star Trek into darkness 2-batman return 1-the last Jedi
SicParvisMagna123 (2 months ago)
motor4X4kombat 10 and 2 were definitely not critically acclaimed and don't belong in this list.
Shiny Shaman (7 months ago)
A lot of user reviews are knee jerk reactions to one particular gripe they have with the game, and they don't try to be even handed or fair about it: "I played the game for about four hundred hours, then one of the textures on a wall during the final boss fight was a bit blurry. One star out of five." That sort of thing.
We gonna Make them Hurt (7 months ago)
Thank God for the arcade edition
Jt Fillpot (8 months ago)
I laughed hard enough to choke at that 0.9 scoring
Ethan Hallberg (8 months ago)
Imagine in GTA 5 every other character call u every 5 mins you wanna go BOWLING
SilortheBlade (8 months ago)
DA2 did not deserve the high reviews it got from critics, NOR the poor reviews from users. It's a solid game that is not as good as the original. Plenty of flaws, but still fun to play.
Erin Hayes (8 months ago)
Dmc was good and Dante has always been emo and dark rather gothic. The game play was nice and smooth it looked good and played good the only thing they could have done was make a better story but almost all the bosses were dope
Jordan Hendrix (8 months ago)
Why are there only 8 heroes on BF2 when the original sported at least twice that, and twice the planets, and twice the vehicles, and twice the classes and weapon options, and twice the game modes, EA you suck...
MandibleTrauma (8 months ago)
Shoot i thought destiny 2 was a great game. Play it everyday.
TAW Gaming (8 months ago)
I ADORE DmC Devil May Cry lol
David Curry (8 months ago)
I didn't play Grand Theft Auto till 4 till the end. It got to a point where there was too much shooting when it's supposed to be a gaming version of a crime espionage where you can occasionally visit strip clubs.
HOSS_PLAYS __ (8 months ago)
I loved GTA 4. The gunplay was actually fun. Gta 5’s gunplay is boring. I loved Red Dead Redemption’s gunplay.I liked shooting enemies and seeing enemies stagger and react to gunshots realistically. I would rather have GTA 4’s gunplay with GTA 5’s weapons.
laura jones (8 months ago)
When is Mass Effect Remastered coming? FFS they need to get on that shit like now! 60fps, re-textured and 1080p is all I ask... pretty please ?
Kobe Cressey (8 months ago)
Battlefront II is great the multiplayer is great it was never designed to be a single player game.
Kobe Cressey (8 months ago)
Mass effect 3 was amazing.
Well no one intelligent listens to metacritic
AH Red (8 months ago)
I've never met a single person that hated GTA IV or MW3 and I've played both of them for an insane amount of time. Who are these fake pretentious fucks hating on two of the most fun games made in the last decade?
Blue Dog (8 months ago)
Mw3 is one of my fav games
The Orwell (8 months ago)
the bright side of Destiny 2 is that bungie seems to trying on some level to add more content and listen to community feedback...
Sharky Boi (8 months ago)
Let's be real, Modern Warfare 3 was not as bad as people think. Remember infected, one of the most fun game modes in all Cod. Plus the gunplay in that game was so satisfying. Boy I sound like a fanboy
Bence L. (8 months ago)
Far cry 2 weapons degrading fast? This is bullshit. It rusted fast only after you were in the water. Btw rusting weapons were the best feature in fc2
Punder statement. (8 months ago)
After getting all the blood diamonds in far cry 2 the game's save file corrupted. User review of of 2 middle fingers up for that.
Vash124 (8 months ago)
Well seeing as how it's one of the best in the series, I'm gonna have to agree with the critics on mw3 over the idiotic children writing the user reviews
Philliwolf5 (8 months ago)
Your commentary cracked me up, Jules. Great list!
Lakers fan (8 months ago)
Mass effect 2 was an amazing game. But 3 was botched.
Oddball Skull (8 months ago)
Oddball Skull (8 months ago)
I hate it
Epic gamer 511 (8 months ago)
I disagree with most of this list
Chris Mcmichael (8 months ago)
Quite enjoy the commentary. Keep it up.
Nergal134 (8 months ago)
How the fuck is a metascore of 68 and opencritic score of 67 critical acclaim?
Em Vasquez-Holtzhauer (8 months ago)
So what are we talking about here? So essential your saying that . If cods fan base gave a big enough argument into why the good is good or what may have you. You still lean towards well they got a point?! Cuz last time I remember these dweebs that make cod are emphasizing future or retardation through swearing. So ultimately you are just siding with the mass majority of gamers in which these gamers no which games are good and which are bad it's not a matter of opinion at this point. If your a little kid and want to go play bo3 that's fine stay a little kid. But there's no denying there's better games reguardless of the arguments or sides being chosen.
Sam Nakkula (8 months ago)
NBA 2k18 has an 80 from critics and a 1.2 from users
marvelnoirfan665 (8 months ago)
I love how everyone hates battlefront for being pay to win but says call of duty ww2 is the best cod game

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