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Is This When Pokemon Switch Is Being Revealed?!

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Pokemon Switch/ Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee has the Pokemon fandom losing its mind any time we get any small tidbit but that could all be coming to an end soon! A Japanese variety show claims that it will have "shocking" Pokemon news very soon! Could this be when Pokemon Switch is being revealed? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Text Comments (269)
No.1 Idiot (2 months ago)
Yellow version. Maybe. Or all region but you have to pay and update
BERISHA SQUAD (2 months ago)
TehSpartanApprentice (2 months ago)
“When is Pokemon on the Switch being revealed?”... ...13 hours later :3
superzchorez (2 months ago)
It's here
ʇɟooɹɔǝןɟɟɐʍ (2 months ago)
april ornelas (2 months ago)
A new history is born mean it's totally new since the New history history means old and in 60 years its history so it's like the start of something new I think kanto has a chance to be the setting but maybe something totally new like gen 8 Life if you agree
Mark S (2 months ago)
Personally I'm not hyped, honestly I'll be saving my money for Smash. My interest in Pokemon died after Diamond.
123 456 (2 months ago)
It was revealed a few minutes ago
DDub 64 (2 months ago)
shut up zack
some one (2 months ago)
Idc what it is as long as it doesn't have sun and moon graphics
Wales Note (2 months ago)
The fact that the show is a Japan only reveal makes me rethink it being the 8th generation or any kind of main series game. It wouldn't be a side series since it's supposed to be big news, and it won't be a new movie since there's one upcoming. The anime isn't that big of a deal, so it won't be that. My guess is Zeraora, perhaps a game based on him? I'm not sure what else it could be.
RedX (2 months ago)
Zachy Be (2 months ago)
the leakers are the only ones still enjoying this
Sam Carson (2 months ago)
Omg a switch force video under 30 minutes long?!? *Woooahhh*
Bryan B (2 months ago)
Maybe they will talk/tease about it during this show then give more details in a direct.
TripTrap (2 months ago)
It's all a troll. It's actually going to be a whole game dedicated to Trubbish
Aaron Lane (2 months ago)
TripTrap talk about a trashy game...
Those Rumors
Always Wright (2 months ago)
Gabe you sort of predicted it that it would be at the end of the day on the 31st
Pretty Alright (2 months ago)
Wait so are these two (4) different games?
ETFbvbAA (2 months ago)
O: got a Pokémon gba mobile game ad haha
Ragnorokgirl89 (2 months ago)
Actually, it might be that event pokemon
Ragnorokgirl89 (2 months ago)
Crap! I need money!
Wilago 45 (2 months ago)
Most likely its going to be Pokémon Mystery Dungeon : Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee (There is no way that we are going to have 2 remake Versions of Yellow that only change your starter)
Nice (2 months ago)
Nothing is true until proven right. We believe everything and once it is wrong we all loose hope. Once the actual game is announced people will likely be upset because it wasn't what they thought.
Lune - chan (2 months ago)
YES I'm tired of it also, I really wanna be excited for Pokémon but people are going so nuts about this that I'm having trouble staying enthusiastic. Also, rapidash/ponyta
Trey miller (2 months ago)
So the direct isn’t gonna be this month basically lol
XL B (2 months ago)
It's hoopaning.
ShinyFinderNoah (2 months ago)
I feel like the pokemon company is gonna troll us and reveal like "hey you Pikachu 2" or something like that
Pok3fan12 (2 months ago)
Hold your rapidash
Pok3fan12 (2 months ago)
👏 well played
Aaron Lane (2 months ago)
Pok3fan12 I'll be holding my Mudsdale.
Trunks Strife (2 months ago)
Comon eevee without a mutation evolution!
Elvin Hu (2 months ago)
In Japan artists and musicians do announce news in variety shows, for example, Utada Hikaru is releasing the music video of her latest single tomorrow morning in one of those shows (those shows can be as morning as 4am and tbh idk why anyone would watch it), but I don't recall seeing companies launching products in them... I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Scar-Bro Frijoles (2 months ago)
This is going to be the best birthday present ever! I’m sooooooo freakin exited
Honestly I love all of this E3 rumor excitement. It's just a good time. Life can suck. Video games help.
Erebus (2 months ago)
I haven’t played a Nintendo game since Odyssey in December, apart from Kirby it’s ports. Pokemon will give me a reason to shake off all the dust on my switch.
Kip Hunt (2 months ago)
oH mY GaWD i hAtE aLl oF ThESe PokEMoN fAnS, aNd ElmILy raWdGeRs N sEreBiI dOnt KnOw a dAdGum tHaNG. sO eRbODy ShUt yEr moUThS cAuSe iT sUrE iS maKiN mE gRumPyYYyyyYyYYyyY
Cape West (2 months ago)
I really can't imagine it being announced less than 2 weeks before E3 when it was at last E3 that they first announced it being worked on.
Frozen gamer (2 months ago)
There is a Pokémon demo coming soon. Only poking fun at you guys.
Sam M. (2 months ago)
Let’s go pikachu - shocking 🤔
spooky (2 months ago)
I think emily said hehe because she said it will be on the last week of may
RedMage23 (2 months ago)
>Hold on to your pokehorses you mean rapidash?
Aaron Lane (2 months ago)
RedMage23 you mean mudbray
Skithien (2 months ago)
That variety show has revealed things before. I do believe back before X and Y they revealed the official starters.
FIDO (2 months ago)
HOLY CRAP DO YOU KNOW WHAT I REALLY WANT NOW?? I just started playing Octopath Traveler and all I want now is a Pokémon game in the Octopath Traveler style. Graphics, voice acting, mechanics, and all!
Deibiddo (2 months ago)
Its happenin
AkA Rocky (2 months ago)
It better not be Pokémon go related, I will be very disappointed
Andy Lindquist (2 months ago)
What happened to your third guy?
Pasta Rhythm (2 months ago)
It might not even be Pokemon Switch news. A few months ago, I didn't even think that the games would be released or even announced this year, and now I'm sweating when people say it'll be announced in a few days. This is too stressful for me.
Jayce Cherry (2 months ago)
Emily Rogers is the best
David Biglad (2 months ago)
It would be funny it was about the Cards game
WideMouthWideMouthia (2 months ago)
It's on my birthday! :D
Nura BinTTrax (2 months ago)
I look forward to tomorrow’s video about a possible Pokémon announcement. And the day after that. And the day after that. And the day after that...etc. 🤪
jerbanie (2 months ago)
it’s probably something to do with a new pokemon movie, they do that sorta shit on a thursday usually
SpaghettiMind (2 months ago)
Could this be my hopeful pokemon reboot... a new history, a *new* series.
Seín2000 (2 months ago)
No let it for E3 or no? There's just 2 weeks left
Ibrahim Sharrocks (2 months ago)
if it is at E3, it will get little to no attention because people care more about the other big tittles, that is why Nintendo do directs for their other games like Mario Tennis Aces, or Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Directs for indies, or "nindies", because at big events like E3, they will just get lost in the crowd.
jose recio (2 months ago)
they will show off pokemon pampers for all babies that will soil themselves during the pokemon direct! just like splatoon is for babies, pokemon is for babies! you know who likes poke plushes? babaies, thats who! so if you’re a baby run out and get your poke pamper so you don’t piss all over your baby pants or baby dress! btw i am hyped for pokemon!
LittleNick (2 months ago)
Wait, they talked about history, history is basically just time, Celebi is the time Pokemon. Could this be taking place in gen 2???
plushdork (2 months ago)
is there going to be a switch force video on "fuze code studio"? it will allow people to code their own games on their switches and it's coming out this year
Yawgmoth (2 months ago)
On May 31st 2018, I'll buy my switch! oof
Moshe (2 months ago)
Not to Be a debby downer but oha suta isn't pokemons main source of news releases it's probably just info on the new movie or pokemon season
munizj0621 (2 months ago)
Is it common for a TV show to post info before a Nintendo Direct? Has this happened before or are we getting hype for no reason?
Ibrahim Sharrocks (2 months ago)
no, but what is common is that Nintendo release a trailer or direct, and then let japanese tv shows show exclusive footage for that game or whatever.
Gastrodonical (2 months ago)
Oha suta has revealed many new Pokemon before.
Joshua Nicholas (2 months ago)
About time it’s getting revealed but I’m not getting my hopes up tho.
The Portuguese Geek (2 months ago)
My God just end our misery please
CaliKing (2 months ago)
Hey you Pikachu 2
Zach Campbell (2 months ago)
Beginning of new history? Doesnt sound like a remake
evolo123 (2 months ago)
Would be cool if they one day make a open world Pokémon game where you can visit all regions.
Burnt Taco (2 months ago)
That would be fun!
Bryan Bendickson (2 months ago)
It has to be because zeraora was already announced UNLESS this shocking news is zeraora be released 🤷🏼‍♂️ basically what I’m say is if it’s not Pokémon let’s go it’s zeraora details
Cuber Knight (2 months ago)
Finally we have some news to go off of and not rumors!
Thiago Nepomuceno (2 months ago)
I can't do it anymore. I tried to keep SUBSCRIBED to this channel but it is impossible. The channel started good and then is getting worse and worse each new video.
Captain Doge (2 months ago)
Dark Link (2 months ago)
Crazy.... I hope they drop the boom shell this week .... can't wait ....🤗😁👍👍👍🤩
Luminous knight (2 months ago)
User Name (2 months ago)
It’s called E3
sunsbookishgamesx (2 months ago)
I thought you where crying at the start, of joy.
Wasn't Emily Rogers wrong she said it was may 29 or earlier
Cardboard Box (2 months ago)
Soon as you mention Emily Rogers it looses all credibility.
Epic Ninfia (2 months ago)
It's a new gen Saying a new history then having it be a remake is so anti climatic
HerrySis (2 months ago)
yeay! Pokee-mon!
Epic Ninfia (2 months ago)
Prob a spin off IT ISNT HAPPENING THIS YEAR Gen 1: 96 Gen 2: 99 Gen 3: 02 Gen 4: 2006 - exception Gen 5: 2010 - exception Gen 6: 2013 Gen 7: 2016 Gen 8: 2019 Do you see this pattern every generation except for the exceptions have all been three years apart it is too soon for an announcement and the games always come out three months after an announcement and we didn't get any game news on Pokemon day just like I called again it is too early we just got Pokemon games Follow the timeline it is too soon for an announcement A real fan should know this I have never been wrong about this stuff I follow gamefreaks plans I was right about stars Don't be dummies. FOLLOW THE RELEASE HISTORY ALSO BIGGER GAME MEANS MORE TIME Unless a future direct tells us it's a 2019 game therefore I will still be right YOU GUYS WILL LEARN THE HARDWAY THAT I AM NOT WRONG AGAIN FOLLOW THE PATTERN AND RELEASE TRACK RECORD YOU BOZOS One debunk is that every generation has three movies and we just got one and the second is coming Look at the past don't ignore the release history of Pokemon it is not 2018 Three or more years obviously i will if im wrong im wrong but i know i wont be ive been a fan long enough to rear gamefreak and know how they operate like when stars was rumored i said its .not gonna happen the generations are always contained to one system it would be on 3ds with the exception of gen three it was always two gens per system and then they announced USUM and i was right trust me i know how they work its not Nintendos decision its gamefreaks they have control and if you read the end the exceptions are okay as long as its past three years this year is too soon a pokemon game has never come out this soon and USUM just barely released dude you don't know pokemon like i do i am never wrong also did you ever think if this would be bigger it would take longer to make anything past three years works but never below thats why its not coming this year CHRISTIAN R. Exactly I don't buy this rumor When a new system comes out you are supposed to make a grand entrance with a new gen They did it every gen Gen two introducing color on the new GBC Gen three. The new 16 bit graphics on the gba Gen four the semi 3D on the new ds Gen six. Introducing 3D graphics And now gen eight. Is supposed to introduce HD A remake has never led off a system before It's quite anti climatic Not exactly a grand entrance A remake is supposed take place in a current gen Hgss was gen four Oras was gen 6 It's supposed to come out after the next gen We don't even know what this game is Is it gen 8 or 7 All of these reasons are why I think this rumor is bs
gavin .l (2 months ago)
Draconair TheOneAndOnly i agree
Doug Varney (2 months ago)
Epic Ninfia 2018 - Exception
Mr. Maybe (2 months ago)
I just hope this game is not like pokemon go
danmiy12 (2 months ago)
they have only 2 days left..if the leak is wrong...i mean it could even be wrong if it comes out on june 1st...but still usually pokemon comes out before e3 most of the time...
Ibrahim Sharrocks (2 months ago)
and rumours aren't always true because they are backed up with no proof. So what could eventually happen is that Pokemon is announced at E3, which would be a bad idea, but once again proving to everyone that you shouldnt believe in rumours and prepare yourself for dissapointment.
danmiy12 (2 months ago)
i do know e3 is on june 12th, but the rumor stated the pokemon direct or whatever news is in may so the last day possible they have to announce it is may 31st...once it hits june first, the rumors were a lie pretty much...
Ibrahim Sharrocks (2 months ago)
E3 is June 12, not June 1st, there is plenty of time.
Ahwoofe (2 months ago)
Why do you guys believe leaks smh switch force
Unie (2 months ago)
Idiots who can't see the Nintendo trademarked the games. But I guess there's no proof. No proof backing it up.
Ahwoofe (2 months ago)
GunSlinger 1110 my sources say Pokemon switch will ACTUALLY be a game with every reigon plus a brand new reigon actually,TWO brand new reigon and all Kanto Pokemon are getting a mega (even mew) and Mewtwo gets another.also each starter (Charmander Bulbasaur Squirtle) gets a female version and the female version of each gets NOT ONE but two mega forms also male Bulbasaur and Squirtle get an extra mega form (like Charizard) also Pikachu gets a mega evolution (not Raichu mind you,) *Emily Rodgers told me*
Hyrule Denizen (2 months ago)
The last movie was "a new history", a re-telling of Ash's journey
Itsthebrowneyez (2 months ago)
No way it is happening
Ibrahim Sharrocks (2 months ago)
it has to happen sometime before E3, and we have 14 days.
Os Torres (2 months ago)
Im cumming everywhere
Chicken Perm (2 months ago)
isn't it all but revealed already, what's th big deal at this point already just missing a date and the date is just a date and eventually that date will come and go. NOthing to get excited about
Os Torres (2 months ago)
I realize that this a is a very cool little grip
Robert Siegfried (2 months ago)
The game will not be revealed at a variety show, but the game will be revealed in a direct a day before or the day of.
theheebs100 (2 months ago)
Hold on to your horseas, Gabe. I can't believe you missed the chance to use that pun
Nintendø Guy (2 months ago)
That HEHE Could Mean ALOT!!! 😤
Ozzwald Boland (2 months ago)
Are you crying?
Pieza (2 months ago)
Stop saying that Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu are the titles.
Pieza (2 months ago)
Unie I'd just like to say, companies have gotten smart over the last few years, they know what mistakes not to make, I'm pretty sure that Nintendo may have done this to throw us off the course. We've seen things like this been done recently by Marvel, where they show something as being this way, but then in the movie it is totally different.
Unie (2 months ago)
Ahwoofe No proof cause there's trademarks?
Ibrahim Sharrocks (2 months ago)
there is proof to back it up though, like domains registered called "pokemonletsgoeevee.com" and "pokemonletsgopikachu.com" by the same company who handles Nintendo's other domains.
Pieza (2 months ago)
Ahwoofe I agree.
Ahwoofe (2 months ago)
Pieza there is no proof at all besides these "leaks" so I don't think it will be a remake
ArtMasterFrylock (2 months ago)
Eh, I'll wait for the news. But that is 12 where I live when it airs.
Paul Sampletext (2 months ago)
What i think is gonna happen is one of 3 things 1. They are gonna have a all region game with access to 'catch em all' 2.they will make all pokemkn game library with all the gameboy-new 3ds xl games 3. They will forget the leatest 6 regions and just stick with the 1st abd redo it ALL
Knight 1130 (2 months ago)
Paul Sampletext I completely agree 😁 I’m hoping for option 1 though!
Ibrahim Sharrocks (2 months ago)
you're just getting your hopes up like everyone else instead of just waiting for a trailer that you will be dissapointed by because you are getting your hopes up and expecting too much from gamefreak.
CHRISTIAN R. (2 months ago)
Paul Sampletext or just have a 20th anniversary Pokémon yellow remake and bring gen 8 in the next year or two
Johno Daz (2 months ago)
Nice video Gabe(SF). It could be the day for Pokémon goodness.
TheMarioKart777 (2 months ago)
I'm hungry now!
Indigo (2 months ago)
Damn its early but i hope this is Pokemon switch i really do.
Ibrahim Sharrocks (2 months ago)
everyone knows it is coming in the next week or so.
Indigo (2 months ago)
GunSlinger 1110 Never believed it fully but im "hoping."
Paul Donaldson (2 months ago)
There has been numerous announcements and exclusives announced via Japanese variety shows. It’s actually common for Pokemon. They may announce it officially and show first footage with a full unveiling days later or at E3.
Nahoule Deb (2 months ago)
Rodger trolling the Pokemon community..
Another VEX Dude (2 months ago)
If it's not Pokémon Let's GO: Despacito Version, I will be severely disappointed
TheGreenScyanite (2 months ago)
*suicide rates drop to 0*
CitizenToxie (2 months ago)
so funny, so original. Die normie scum
Unie (2 months ago)
GunSlinger 1110 You're dumb
Rohith K (2 months ago)
Another VEX Dude did you know that using the letters of Articuno Zapdos and Moltres you get Despacito
Torra Liar (2 months ago)
Pokémon sun & moon/us&um just came out so a main stream Pokémon game might not come yet but that’s my opinion
Treecko Treat (2 months ago)
We tend to get pkmn games in sets of three, look up a timeline or something
Ahwoofe (2 months ago)
Kala The Kraken sun and moon came out in 2016

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