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TOP 10 BEST Upcoming Games of 2018 & Beyond (E3 2018)

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The BEST Upcoming Games E3 2018 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) | The Last of Us 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Beyond Good and Evil 2, The Elder Scrolls VI, Halo Infinite, Marvel's Spider-Man 0:01 The Elder Scrolls VI (TBA) 0:36 Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4, XB1, PC) 2:17 Halo Infinite (Xbox One, PC) 4:29 The Last of Us 2 (PlayStation 4) 12:41 Beyond Good and Evil 2 (PC, XB1, PS4) 16:24 Marvel's Spider-Man (PlayStation 4) 23:25 Ghost of Tsushima (PlayStation 4) 32:06 Gears 5 (Xbox One, PC) 33:43 Anthem (PS4, XB1, PC) 35:35 Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Xbox One, PC)
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Text Comments (97)
Hollow Ichigo (1 month ago)
was the last 10 seconds a jab at the PS4 community or part of the trailer
asifur rahman (1 month ago)
32:07!!!! She dreaming about tentacle monster porn. Ha ha 32:57! What the hell is happening there!! 33:10!! Successfully mated with loctus n became the alien queen.
Zhao Alessia (1 month ago)
Easy bro.....the elder scrolls vI is still an idea.... They might be doing now.... and waiting for the ps5 and win 15
BestVloggingPanda (3 months ago)
I think fallout 76 should be there
borna belic (3 months ago)
Cyberpunk and anthem <33
John Borg (3 months ago)
Cyberpunk. Be interesting to see Johnny Silverhand, Morgan Blackhand, Alt Cunningham, Susan Forrest, Nomad Santiago, Rache Bartmoss, Spider Murphy and for the gankers, the king of cyberpsychosis, Adam Smasher.
Captain Lloyd (3 months ago)
VORTEX 100K (3 months ago)
Cyberpunk omfg cant wait
Jesse Crespo (3 months ago)
Where’s smash ultimate
Charlie Carr (3 months ago)
Awesome games are Ghost of Tsushima The last of us part 2 Spider-Man look brilliant and really fun to play.
Kwstas Askotis (3 months ago)
the elders scrolls 6 HOLY FUCKING SHIT !!
Proto Snake (3 months ago)
I never enjoyed playing last of us and this one looks worst
SlashCraze (3 months ago)
Proto Snake why bitch?
Naruto16Kun (4 months ago)
Kingdom Hearts 3 .... thats all i can say
geekmaster42 (4 months ago)
OMG thought beyond good and evil 2 was to be a prequel but that was wrong and jades a BAD GUY... HOLY SHIT ABSOLUTELY CANT WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT
MrLegend Yacine (4 months ago)
yo i made a top 5 upcoming terrifying horror games on E3 2018 on m channel lol...
Anar Arnar (4 months ago)
last of us part2.. just wow!!!!!!!!!
Erik Maik (4 months ago)
FU CK PlayStation and Xbox exklusiv
Nihal Mohd (4 months ago)
Where is Just cause 4??
王柏耘 (4 months ago)
viewer one (4 months ago)
Cyberpunk is rpg or what?
VORTEX 100K (3 months ago)
David Daeron yes rpg
God of gaming 1230 (4 months ago)
okay bro thnx for your time
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
Understand me right, it's not my trailers, so I can't give you it.
God of gaming 1230 (4 months ago)
by the way your video is so awesome
God of gaming 1230 (4 months ago)
bro can I take some clips from your video plz help your bro
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
I'm not sure that I can allow you.
sky walker (4 months ago)
Last of us 2 and ghost of Tsushima , just wow , so visually stunning. Amazing.
jolena auvuya (4 months ago)
Ori :3
Raphays Simon (4 months ago)
When the sequel looks fine as hell but you never played the first game, so you dont even know who betrayed who :(
Black Devil (4 months ago)
Anthem out of Imagination Awesome.
Kash TECHFREAK (4 months ago)
Games you didn't mention the new Hitman Rise of the Tomb Raider Just Cause 4 The legendary:- Devil May Cry 5
Kash TECHFREAK (4 months ago)
So according to you Devil May Cry 5 does not come in the top 10 games in E3 slap yourself
AMQ__SA (4 months ago)
No red dead 2 lol
Jason Hansen (4 months ago)
Why no RE2?!
05candyman (4 months ago)
Ghost of Tsushima = GOTY with ease
Prodigy (4 months ago)
05candyman You do realise Cyberpunk 2077 is being made by CD Projekt Red, the creators of The Witcher 3 right? Also the game has been in development since 2013 as well as the fact that everyone who got to view the gameplay demo like AngryJoe, IGN, GameInformer and Hideo Kojima have all been blown away and they've all said it's beyond phenomenal . This ain't no EA or Activision shit.
05candyman (4 months ago)
Cyberpunk is over-hyped and looks like one of those games that's expected to be really good, but ends up bombing on release; kind of like Destiny or Star Wars Battlefront
Prodigy (4 months ago)
05candyman Cyberpunk 2077 will be GOTY I bet, Ghost of Tsushima looks really great too.
Jack Webb (4 months ago)
AND No Smash... why?
A'mer Moh'd (4 months ago)
23:00 What did Spiderman see?
Gag (4 months ago)
Main antagonist
Hyperborean Primarch (4 months ago)
Of course, now gears of war need a bleeding vagina because ''progressism'' .
n811akamuhhdl (4 months ago)
y would they cover a muse song?
Khael Leo (4 months ago)
kylemagic 23 (3 months ago)
Khael Leo This is a good qestion. But i miss the Resident Evil 2 Remake from that list too.
D Khosh (4 months ago)
All I got from this video is ellie Is a lesbian
lairdriver (3 months ago)
The character was based on Ellen Page, I think she did the original? Pretty sure everyone knows who she is, actress..but also a lesbian.
bao lam Truong (4 months ago)
no doom 2 = trash !
Kingsman 101 (4 months ago)
Ellie has become such a badass. I love it!
Celestial_Titan (4 months ago)
I'm just wondering, why don't you put Nintendo games? Is it because of them claiming the video if it contains their ips?
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
Hyperborean Primarch (4 months ago)
You will never be that strong little cunt.
Spider Man (4 months ago)
Am I The Only One hyped for SpiderMan
SlashCraze (3 months ago)
Spiderman Is The Best ye cant wait
Spider Man (3 months ago)
SlashCraze Same Only To Months And Its Out
SlashCraze (3 months ago)
Spiderman Is The Best nope I am too its my favorite game
SuperNova Nightmare (4 months ago)
For me Kingdom hearts 3 is number one then spiderman and fall out 76 Is third
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
Kingdom Hearts it's amazing game, but i'm don't excited
dgmaffi (4 months ago)
I am cautiously intrigued by Fallout 76, but still very excited to see how it works. I was one of the many who was initially bummed when I heard the dreaded word 'online Fallout' but the more a hear about it... especially after watching the Making of Fallout 76 Documentary, I am feeling more excited to play it!
Zhao Alessia (1 month ago)
dgmaffi you r not alone
Prismo (4 months ago)
Cyberpunk is on another level. Can't wait to play it!
John Borg (3 months ago)
Be interesting to see Johnny Silverhand, Morgan Blackhand, Alt Cunningham, Susan Forrest, Nomad Santiago, Rache Bartmoss and for the gankers, the king of cyberpsychosis, Adam Smasher.
VORTEX 100K (3 months ago)
Prismo yep
Gavin Long (4 months ago)
So people of the youtube what is cyberpunk is it open world??
VORTEX 100K (3 months ago)
Its an open world RPG from the creators of the witcher series
Prodigy (4 months ago)
Gavin Long Open World RPG
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
It's open world :)
PaltitaHass (4 months ago)
Gavin Long My dick is on 4k and open world too
Isabell Hofmann (4 months ago)
Surprising fear legislative hidden diet interpretation staff stop four map dynamics leg map.
Nie ma lepszych (4 months ago)
Cyberpunk *.* Can't wait ツ
Arfaoui Calippo (4 months ago)
Assassin's creed odessey??
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
Not much impressed
Tymoteusz Gancarz (4 months ago)
damn :) wll you make evrything in one after E3?
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
Unlikely, so much stuff
Nea Pandele (4 months ago)
Death Stranding?
Sheldon Paul (4 months ago)
Level of Excitement as follows: 1. Beyond Good and Evil 2 2. Elder Scrolls 6 (second only because it's so far away) 3. Ghosts of Tsushima 4. Halo Infinite 5. Last of Us 2 6. Cyberpunk 2077 7. Gears 5 8. Anthem 9. Spider-Man 10. Ori and the Will of the Wisps (don't know anything about it)
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
Wow! That's explain a lot, thanks for it :)
Sheldon Paul (4 months ago)
honestly man for me personally, Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 look amazing....like if they could all be third place they would be. But if I'm picking out the differences, I am more excited for Ghosts of Tsushima because I personally am so facinated by Imperial Japan and that era and culutre, that to have a game set in that time, based on if Ghengis Khan was actually succesful in invading Japan, to me that is just so fucking cool I can't wait to experience it. Even if Last of Us and Cyberpunk are better games overall. Also I have halo up there because I am a die hard halo fan, first game I ever had on xbox, and the fact that the new one looks open world is really exciting. But yeah I mean pretty much 1-6 could go either way for me.
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
Nice, but man, why TLOU2 on fifth place and Cyberpunk 6th? So much excited about Ghost of Tsushima? I mean it's good game (Ghost of Tsushima), but you need to play The Last of Us it's masterpiece!
LORDE WOLF (4 months ago)
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
Love Love Love
Alejandro Martinez (4 months ago)
Ori will be a fucking masterpiece as it's predecessor was
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
I'll keep my fingers crossed
LaZy Pro Gamer (4 months ago)
GAMEOST (3 months ago)
SlashCraze (3 months ago)
GAMEOST spider man fallout 76 and red dead redemption. Which one should I get plz help me
LaZy Pro Gamer (3 months ago)
LaZy Pro Gamer (3 months ago)
God of War last of us PUBG
GAMEOST (3 months ago)
tell me about your top 3 games?
Harman Sidhu (4 months ago)
Awesome like if u agree 😉
Harman Sidhu (4 months ago)
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
i'm glad you like it 😉
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
0:01 The Elder Scrolls VI (TBA) 0:36 Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4, XB1, PC) 2:17 Halo Infinite (Xbox One, PC) 4:29 The Last of Us 2 (PlayStation 4) 12:41 Beyond Good and Evil 2 (PC, XB1, PS4) 16:24 Marvel's Spider-Man (PlayStation 4) 23:25 Ghost of Tsushima (PlayStation 4) 32:06 Gears 5 (Xbox One, PC) 33:43 Anthem (PS4, XB1, PC) 35:35 Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Xbox One, PC)
Ahmed Fahad (4 months ago)
Thank you 👍🏻

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