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10 Things You Never Knew Your Old Super Nintendo Could Do

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Check out THE RICHEST ESPAGNOL: https://goo.gl/GLBdRg Who knew your old Super Nintendo could do so much!?! Check out our list of top 10 Things You Never Knew Your Old Super Nintendo Could Do! Did we miss anything? What do you think is the coolest feature? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Subscribe now to TheGamer! https://goo.gl/AIH31G Try out ThePremium Network for free: https://goo.gl/URs6sk Check Out These Other Amazing Videos: 10 Things You Didn't Know Your PS4 Could Do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tspGZRseDM 10 Things Luigi CAN Do That Mario CAN'T https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgmuCgxMacw Welcome back to the Gamer! Today, we are taking a look at the iconic Super Nintendo and 10 things you didn’t know your SNES could do. Let’s start off with the Nintendo system itself. Has yours ever changed color over the years? Well if it has, you could be one of the very lucky few who own one of the earliest production models. Next, we take a look at the peripherals. We all know about the bazookas and the pistols, but the ingenuity didn’t end there! Nope, there were tons of different things you could buy. Often times, the special controllers were a part of bundle deals, so if you didn’t know about them then, you probably won’t know about them today. How about this: did you know that the Super Nintendo could accommodate more than 2 players? We didn’t either. And there are some games to support these large amounts of players. So far, we know of a way to have 5 gamers playing simultaneously and the games you can play together. Toward the end, we’ll give you all the information you need to pick these items up. Lastly, did you know that your Super Nintendo is capable of playing online multiplayer and downloading additional games, maps, and music? Yep, Nintendo was among the first studios to bring their consoles online. Only trouble is, they didn’t bring it to America, so you probably haven’t heard about it. Script by: Stuart Hall Voice Over by: Sam Skolnik Edited by: Kyle Mirzaian Our Social Media: https://twitter.com/thegamer_site https://www.facebook.com/thegamercom/ Our Website http://thegamer.com
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Text Comments (2696)
Tetractys Merkaba (1 day ago)
Three minutes in and this is simply awful.
C.E. Parks (1 day ago)
Bought one on the first day it was out: brought it home and watched the games hop. Had to send it off to get chipped. Mine turned yellow and I still have it but the connectors have started to degrade and look soapy.
Rex ho (2 days ago)
Mine is unfortunately Yellow and it's cracking
slash09r1 (2 days ago)
deaths head (6 days ago)
Why didn't you just call it things you didn't know they sold for the snes because I'm 34 and i remember all this stuff
Isaac Travers (6 days ago)
#10 makes me happy. Now companies build things purposefully to break so you have to buy another. This is a signal of better times, as they literally redesigned the device to avoid even a user error. I respect them for that. This same idea is why 90s cars still run fine today but your 2015 Toyota corolla has already been taken to the shop 5 times. *sigh*
Aaron Burrell (6 days ago)
I have that mouse too.
Aaron Burrell (6 days ago)
Mine is yellow.
Fist Finger (6 days ago)
100% of people learnt nothing new from this video.
David Carpenter (7 days ago)
Some of them I didn’t have
Oscar Sierra (7 days ago)
I heve one
Isaac behind a ps4 (10 days ago)
Before I watch can someone tell me how bad this video is?
bill gates (10 days ago)
Who didn't know about Game Genie?
wildcart (11 days ago)
yep mine is yellow 😂
David Anthony (12 days ago)
Hahaha jokes on you. I installed cup holders on my SNES. Seriously though, I knew all of these things....I feel so very old now.
LookAtDis _Dude (13 days ago)
I want a Super Nintendo so bad even more than when my love for the old games was rekindled in 2015! And that's saying something.
LookAtDis _Dude (13 days ago)
Happy 23rd birthday, Super Nintendo! (It's 2018 now)
Elyse Gosswiller (14 days ago)
Does ANYONE know how to reconfigure my super Nintendo remote? The x,y,a,b buttons decided to randomly change their function.
Yeah mine is yellow. Sonic peed on it.
Jordan Stephenson (14 days ago)
Still have my yellowed snes and original joypads
Acclamator55 (15 days ago)
After just a few mins of this I can't stop laughing. This kid probably would not be born for a good 10 yrs after all this came out . probably why this is news to him.
KeanelCV (16 days ago)
I have a yellow one but it no longer works
ryan barker (18 days ago)
how does turning yellow 'do' anything? first 'internet' game console? yep, the atari 2600. just an aside....
Wrestling2006 Xbox (19 days ago)
Hey guys, did you know that the SNES has a Y button? I didn’t know it had that. I thought it was a B button.
PhilBallDude (20 days ago)
I didn’t knew that my Super Nintendo controller had buttons.
Screw The Net (21 days ago)
lol you assumption of height averages for the genders is quite off. The average heigh for males is worldwide around 5'6''-5'9' and for females world wide its around 5'4''-5'7''. Lot closer than people realise, even in countries where both genders are taller than the world average such as in scandinavia or germany, where average height for either gender is usually greater than in other countries.
Holloways Idea (21 days ago)
The Majority of these aren't valid
Dr Phot (22 days ago)
Combo breaker!
Rodney Rawlings (24 days ago)
Super metroid was the coolest game ever
Viktor Kraus (25 days ago)
"Super gangster style"...uff something deep inside of me died just now.
Jreidariux (27 days ago)
Or rather things 90's kids and gamers like myself did know about the Super Nintendo. Try actually telling me something I really wouldn't have known, everybody knows this about the SNES by now.
ArcDevErik (29 days ago)
Oh man this is dumb. Nice try kiddo.
Leonem FRAG (29 days ago)
"10 things you never knew unless you watched this video." Starts with something everyone knows. Color changing. And seconds with something that everyone knows too. Mario Paint was a thing.
Slacking02 (29 days ago)
Did you know that if you play Super Mario World with only one controller plugged into player port two the game will let you play a two player game with only one controller?!
marcus temple (29 days ago)
Mine is gray
Eddy2009 Sopa (30 days ago)
My SNES is yellow like my teeth
Landon Datillo (1 month ago)
My snes is yellow
CLG Skrypt NA (1 month ago)
if you watch avgn you already knew about all those peripherals
Malcolm Allison (1 month ago)
The best super nintendo game was super mario world.
Curtis Newton (1 month ago)
most of these accesories are garbage
Curtis Newton (1 month ago)
"it turns yellow" ...duh, most aparatus from 80's-90's turn yellow...dont you have anything else in store ? btw, in a 3D printing era, everyone knows what ABS is and that it's made out of gasoil...so flamable
Ricky Pez (1 month ago)
I hate Fortnite and the gamer
Villain (1 month ago)
Most of this is about accessories not secret abilities of the console.
Justin Laing (1 month ago)
Who sits 2 feet away from their tv to use the console as a drink holder? This guy is dumb.. If there is a tv in a room, there is a table
FireBomberBassist (1 month ago)
Some of this stuff is what everyone knows who actually grew up with a SNES.
Red Rover (1 month ago)
My SNES is Yellow🤗🤗🤗🤗
Krazygamer 5000 (1 month ago)
I had no ideal I could use the Y button on my Super Nintendo
Badass Uchiha (1 month ago)
Nintendo always Marketed towards Kids that is unless you got Pokèmon, Street Fighters or some of the Games Nintendo's trying to make for the Switch.
Chris Hall (1 month ago)
one of the thing u never knew your snes could do, "not a drink coaster"? That makes no sense.another thing my snes could do is, NOT murder me in my sleep.
Delia Lemus (1 month ago)
I have the super nintendo in the basement
Veronica Elaine Guzman (1 month ago)
It's yellow
Guadalupe Luevano (1 month ago)
You can put a SNES on top of a NES. (toaster)
Griff Gaming (1 month ago)
more like ten aceseries for your old super nintendo
bondosho (1 month ago)
Pronounced "ass-key-ware" lol
Jaybird Auto Tech (1 month ago)
What about XBAND
GuitarGodgt (1 month ago)
My God. This is painfully stupid.
CurlyHead Kevin (1 month ago)
Yep mine is yellow.
CurlyHead Kevin (1 month ago)
I didn’t know that their was a y button :O
Jim Levinthal (1 month ago)
MINE IS YELLOWING..and I bought it for 20$ ...and it came with street fighter 2 turbo....can we say SCOREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Jarvis (1 month ago)
Should have had the x-band in this list
Jacob cain (1 month ago)
My snes is yellow
Eric Krauel (1 month ago)
I miss those days.
Amnesia Iforget (1 month ago)
You mention a Japan only online system but didn't didn't xband
Proper Black (1 month ago)
Lmao bro I hope this was suppose to be a comedy! " get ready to be blown away" trust me i was 😂😂😂
Daniel Sarquez (1 month ago)
100% Yellow, 29 games and working 100%
Deadly Shadows (1 month ago)
Hmmm i think the like dislike ratio is like this Like-5% these are only kids who are curious and likes before watching Dislike-95% people who really know everything about what this video says
Xanny Glover (1 month ago)
This Video should be called 10 cool things people who never owned a SNES should check out.......
Russ Richter (1 month ago)
make it 8 players, if you have 2 multitaps.
Marth3791 (1 month ago)
so... and what can now the snes actually do? right, nothing. you should give this video a title like 'devices for snes you may don't know'
Mike Adams (1 month ago)
Bienestar2000 (1 month ago)
the 90's
Fun Fun For kids (1 month ago)
There are more multitap games to play you can’t play just 6 there are more such as Super Mario Kart Kirby’s dream land 3 looney tunes b ball super soccer Chrono trigger and bomberman 3 4 5 etc.
J F (1 month ago)
Who doesn’t know this. “It has a power cord”.
Heath Sutherland (1 month ago)
Mine is not gray
R.C. CRAY-Z (1 month ago)
I have a yellow one, and 3 grey ones
Monster the Charizard (1 month ago)
I didn't know the SNES has 4 face buttons! Thanks, TheGamer!
YudazOwn (1 month ago)
the famicom console looked much better than what they gave us here in the states..
YudazOwn (1 month ago)
Nintendo and Super Nintendo seem to be the two most beloved game console systems.. in a pound for pound type of way..
Bloody Kenshiro (1 month ago)
I can't believe people were stupid enough to put drinks on top of the NES.
Chris Stokes (1 month ago)
The more we listen to opinions, the less we try. Carry on with the brilliant videos my man.
Deadly Raver (1 month ago)
Was this trip really necessary?
Florian metalleux (1 month ago)
The first videogame to play online is the dreamcast. The Satella view is not official. Super nintendo has not videogames to play online
s K (1 month ago)
Ribbreaker - (1 month ago)
My SNES has yellow controlelr ports
Juggyboy Nomad (2 months ago)
Mine has that 2 tone color
Gamerparodies (2 months ago)
Holy s**t I can run with a button
MICHAGWA 56 (2 months ago)
I have a yellow snes
Gbtx6 (2 months ago)
Does anyone know the name of the game at @0:30 ?? I have been looking for it to know, anybody in the comments pls, I'd truly appreciate it.
That 90's Gamer (2 months ago)
That moment when you know this video sucks and want to dislike but you see the likes/dislikes are disabled with the counter... well at that point you know the video really sucks and the creator knows it
Matthew Guggino (2 months ago)
"Did you know that the super Nintendo can play games? Most people thought it was a paper weight so be sure to dig up your old snes and play a game cartridge in the slot and plug into your television to play games. Did you know there was a game called Super Mario world? You play as an ltalian plummer and it's definitely something worth digging your old paper weight up out of your basement for"
Manaf Benayache (2 months ago)
i had a SNES and the only the only thing i knew it could do is play Game Boy games ! i had the addapter at that time lol !
isiah mcgill (2 months ago)
I got and they both yellow
Raffi Tchakmakjian (2 months ago)
gorilla fighting game @11:10?
RickDawg527 (2 months ago)
What game is that from 12:13-12:16?!?!?!
Christian Slack (2 months ago)
You're so cynical and sarcastic that it's painful to watch.
Dixie A (2 months ago)
My snes is super yellowd
cody foster (2 months ago)
please fix your audio, i have my laptop max an youtube an i can barley hear you so im not watching, adios
yayo a (2 months ago)
I had the zapper
Martin Hoffmann (2 months ago)
Koji tupadžija....
Wackedout1's Game Videos (2 months ago)
Did you know that you can use the Gameboy's "Game Genie" in the SNES Gameboy adapter (this will take cutting the Gameboy's 'Game Genie" plastic to make it fit,) but it works and works well.

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