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6 New Things Coming to Sea of Thieves (That Weren't in the Beta)

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We visited Rare to find out what they have in store for Sea of Thieves when it releases next month, including a look at the end-game content, the Kraken and the game's microtransactions. Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (847)
xtension · (1 month ago)
Chris Pratt? More like *Chris 🅱️ratt*
Moritz Boch (1 month ago)
Are u from England?
Amber D (2 months ago)
Such an amazing game so far!
Taylor Nichlos (2 months ago)
Ha jokes on you. Me and my crew grab everything in one go
Candice Bigtit (3 months ago)
Seems like a really good game and i would've gotten it but the character creation part is a deal-breaker for me xD
For_The_Forsaken (3 months ago)
I read a lot of people talking about progression in the sense of making your character/ship stronger. As an MMORPG player I like this progression BUT it always ends the same. High geared players killing noobs for fun. For me the game needs more monsters, sharks and skeletons hardly make a world feel full.
Larry McCoy (3 months ago)
the raids and the kraken sucks , every level of enemy is the same even if the HP is higher or it’s “level” is higher.... fun game for a day tops unless you payed $60 in which case fun game never
Larry McCoy (3 months ago)
i don’t even have to watch this video cuz i played the game so i know they didn’t add SHIT to this game 😂😂😂 and probably never will. sucks if anyone paid $60 for this
Matt Simspon (3 months ago)
You you really think people are playing a game to have you create a customizable character for them? You just under cut a chunk of people that really value that aspect in RPG games.
ImZazzieTheColombian (3 months ago)
Anyone else notice how clise Chris Bratt is to Chris Pratt
Jake Ckarke (3 months ago)
My character is litterally an Arab with the bilge rat set so I look so homeless, so I'm hoping for a rat to be purchasable as a pet
geckogaming (3 months ago)
2 new encounters when sailing, moby dick and flying dutchman also more type of sharks like hammer heads, ship voyages so you have to hunt down a ship and take its loot, fishing voyages...
Yandel (3 months ago)
They should add 3rd person to actually see your pirate and all the cosmetics you grind for would be cool Because what's the point if you can't see any of that?
Raw Meat Ice Cream (3 months ago)
I've said it once, but I'll say it again. Troll game, made for streamers, hollow content, AAA price tag, micro transactions that literally make the only progression-based aspect of the game useless, AND... wait for it... they fucked up the launch even after numerous stress tests in beta. But hey, if you want to pay $60 to check some amazing water graphics, go for it.
Brandon Dusenberry (3 months ago)
I want in on this Pirate Legend stuff
robandmurr (3 months ago)
More sea monsters
Jonathan Rizo (3 months ago)
This gane sucks. Its only funny to see a drunk pirate throwing up once or twice. After that it gets old. Sharks eating you ...... old
JENNIFER BREYER (3 months ago)
Will there be a boat repair or upgrade??? That would def help
The "character choose" section has 6 options, not 8..
But you can reroll and favourite them so stop whining.
TheConspiredOne (4 months ago)
Lol defeated the kraken on the first day
tubelev (4 months ago)
Micro transactions in a 70€ game...
MeldinX2 (4 months ago)
MY biggest problem is that the game has no real progression. So the gold and loot seems abit worthless when you think about it since it only gives you cosmetics. And the value of treasure will diminish when they add real money shop that also have cosmetics. The gameplay loop is also very basic and repetitive. And is not really that challanging unless you fight other players. Maybe more enemy types and hazards would make it more fun. Why not have better tools and weapons to buy for your gold? Or bigger and better ships. There are new sails and stuff to buy already but they give no extra stats or functionality. Why not have a system that you acually feel that you are improving something? Or what will happen in a month from now? If there is nothing that keeps players going. No real end-game and no progression other then getting some skins and cosmetics.
atlantean 107 (4 months ago)
New weapon types are needed
TheBrownTown007 (4 months ago)
Think this game is going to be great for just chilling out with my mates (or randoms, I'm not fussy) and having a swashbuckling time, get to play it when I get home today, honestly can't wait.
Beach Looking Guy (4 months ago)
it's sad we are at a point where half the comments on a video game are saying how a video game is worth buying just based off the fact that there are "no lootboxes"... that is all that it takes these days, claim to not have loot boxes and you have a good chance of making some decent sales. what a shame..
Kronickillness Nikolaos (4 months ago)
or better yet let us choose our own free pet! So everyone doesn't have the exact same pet like in every game that had a preorder thing or beta participation reward. 1 free pet should do well. id like a monkey or parrot. maybe both but i strongly do not support games with MTXs!
Kronickillness Nikolaos (4 months ago)
and its ONLY FAIR considering Were only hearing of this now this late! smh
Kronickillness Nikolaos (4 months ago)
Oh also i think they need to give all of us who bought the game preordered it and were in at least 1of the alphas or betas and give those of us who supported it from the start should all get a free monkey pet! For supporting the title since development! i never preorder anything these days for the very reason of the MTXs! Smh so disappointed that they're in this game
When it comes out, the servers better not be so full you can't even get off the outposts.
leonskennedyrocks (4 months ago)
They should have made a single player version or a pve version for us that hate PvP.
Skelby Oof (4 months ago)
I think perhaps the only thing they could improve is maybe upgrading your ship/ player. It’d be so much to put into the game though, and cost money. Plus, you would then need to match people to servers that are similar to their levels, or a new player would get slammed. Before you make long critiques about it, think about the actual possibility about things, and how it costs money.
C0T0HA (4 months ago)
I actually like that it's a random character generator, players designs tend to get a bit out of hand and become immersion breakers
C0T0HA (4 months ago)
I'm a Killing Floor player and looking at some character skins makes my eyes bleed.
Just a Drifter (4 months ago)
You've seen some of the default randomized character designs, yes? It's already past that.
My first voyage....find banjo and kazooie
Calico Morgan (4 months ago)
A dingy for the galleon so you can "park" much further from shore. It's too big a ship to be moving in so close to some of those islands with shallow beaches. Would be nice if they added.
R3M1ND (4 months ago)
not enough to buy it for 70€ lol way 2 overpriced tho even more if they want to get there money from the ingame shop.. theyll be rich af if even 10% of the gamers waiting for it guy it--.--
Mᴇʟᴏɴ (4 months ago)
*Chris Bratt* ??? Like, really? xD
Nash (4 months ago)
There should be AI driven skeleton ships.
Captain Comet (4 months ago)
That's it I'm never playing this game... 1 word Microtransactions
The Lord Tachanka (4 months ago)
Ok bye then.
7om (4 months ago)
Great video I’m so excited for Sea Of Thieves
Guus van Sprang (4 months ago)
im afaid that it will get boring real quick. since the only thing that earns money is doing quests that are almost everytime the same as the previous.
dracotias (4 months ago)
The Micro-Transactions thing doesn't bother me as long as it stays completely cosmetic, MT's help updates happen. No p2w and I'm good
CLP (4 months ago)
I am sooooo hyped for this, imma just lock myself in a room for a few years😂
ryan rhino (4 months ago)
the premium shop sounds ok but you should be able to unlock everything with in game gold. how do I know Rare isn't just holding on to Pets to make more money. this was one of the first thing I wanted
cocklexp (4 months ago)
why are people so mad about cosmetics, you dont have to buy them and the people who do wont have an advantage
Shyquaun Bell (4 months ago)
No progression, no advantage for players who put more time in the game, not for me.
Travis Banks (4 months ago)
Why do they give rhe game a 60 dollar price tag and add micro transactions? Bring it down to 30 and then maybe just maybe people would be fine with horrible micro markets
Golden Razr (4 months ago)
rip spoilers :(
Junebug (4 months ago)
My gamer tag for XBOX is June Bug Spad3. See you on the 20th.
Junebug (4 months ago)
Great video guys. Hope to see you on the Seas.
Kristoffer Wallén (4 months ago)
The game is one of the most expensive game this year and it has micro transactions? : / hmmmmm
The Lord Tachanka (4 months ago)
It isn't the most expensive game this year lol $60 is full price in my area
dwarf gaming (4 months ago)
Let's hope we can get pets without the premium shop because if we can't I WILL spend money on a monkey dammit!
LtCue (4 months ago)
I hope pirate legend and stuff like that won’t be super exclusive (only rare choose who can become one) as then it would be super difficult for ppl who aren’t content creators to become one
Ben McGill (4 months ago)
I wish this was on PlayStation
MNYankee (4 months ago)
I’ll be the first Pirate Lord. I’ve already invested a lot into it. Remember my name: Schmidty Yorganmagenmeinjensen
Jay Dee (4 months ago)
As the game currently stands, I don't think this is anywhere close to a $60 game. The bones are strong but lacks a lot of the meat. Things feel repetitive and other than finding a chest or two (and the hidden pirate cove), there's little incentive to explore islands. And the full price ticket means less of my friends will be getting it. Those that do will probably move on quickly making it a solo game with randoms. In all honesty, I think they need to do what Fortnite is doing and make it a Free-to-Play with tiers. Those playing for free do not get their own ship and must play with someone who does. They can earn gold, but won't have much they can spend it on as majority of it will be for those who paid for the game.
Salty Commodore (4 months ago)
Are there gonna be boats to head to land instead of bringing the ship?
Katana (4 months ago)
'That weren't in the beta' ?? The character wheel was, as was the skull and skeleton island..
Crispy C (4 months ago)
Hopefully this game is worth the 80 bucks it’ll most likely cost here in Canada.. I have my worries..
Robertjr82 (4 months ago)
Why is it the simple things that game developers miss? The fact that there is no character customization in a game like this baffles me.
john atkinson (4 months ago)
Plz, make it solo playable/offline some how... :( I know, not likely, but still, soooo wanna play it
josh mcguire (4 months ago)
70AUD for hardcopy for consoles.. 100AUD for digital download on PC and no hardcopy's I can find.. Yeh fuck that. I'd at least want a hardcopy for that price. what a joke.
Mikka Maeko (4 months ago)
I'm totally hype for the game! The only con that I see in here is the fact that we have to stick with a character made by Rare. I understand the concept but I'm no into it. I put my character at a super high level, capable to spend a huge amount of time adjusting my sliders to make it perfect for me to spend hundreds of hours in the game. But let's be clear, I love the character design, what I don't like is to press RT a dozen times to hit what I want to have. And gameplay speaking, I hate the stunlock on the sword :P
Mikka Maeko (4 months ago)
Ryan Berbz Yeah I read it few hours ago! That's amazing :D
Ryan (4 months ago)
Rare already said they're removing the target lock. don't know about the stun aspect of swordplay
Sir Fortesque76 (4 months ago)
I'm okay with this form of microtransactions. Obviously it'd be ideal to not have them at all, but I can deal with this. Besides, it's not forced, it's just cosmetic, so If in want something in can get it and assist with supporting this fantastic game.
LeWrenchDeNBP (4 months ago)
I wanted to play this game but then I remembered that I have no friends.
Berninman (4 months ago)
This game is going to be stupid. during the beta test a couple of friends and fought a pirate captain twice. The first time we got 2 pieces of treasure worth 400 gallons in total...and the second time there was literally nothing in the room. This game has no direction and is very repetitive.
The Lord Tachanka (4 months ago)
Berninman That was the beta and in one of the betas for example, the cursed chest were worth 400 coins which was very low as well with the other chest that were also worth a very low amount of coins
Berninman (4 months ago)
LtCue yo I'm not lying. it was very annoying.
LtCue (4 months ago)
Berninman stop lying, there’s always a stronghold chest which is always worth 2000
Haggis Head (4 months ago)
No man's Sea.
Whits HisFace (4 months ago)
I'm buying a monkey as a pet for sure!!
Meeka (4 months ago)
Cool thanks! But the skeleton fort was in the beta. It was broken tho it didn’t give us any loot when we killed the captain and opened the loot cave.
LtCue (4 months ago)
Meeka well it is a beta so it will be fixes if you report it to rare
Skyline 925 (4 months ago)
They have the support of Microsoft and a full retail price at launch for a practically empty game. I don't expect to have to fork out more when I have paid £50 Microtransactions need to go
LtCue (4 months ago)
Skyline 925 it’s cosmetic you idiot not pay to win
scoot scoot (4 months ago)
Im going to race to become a legend I hope i get at lest in the top 200 too 300
Scylon (4 months ago)
Game is coming out soon. Nothing changed from this vid sorry to say :(
Jordan van der Keyl (4 months ago)
Jolly Rodger is from Banjo Kazooie. The tavern girl talks about him.
Lay_Lor (4 months ago)
What if your a solo player?
Larry House (4 months ago)
Lay_Lor It's possible. But good luck.
Falxhor (4 months ago)
I'm concerned that nothing listed in this video will add depth to the end-game. Why is there no such thing as ship progression, finding utility items other than bananas and cannonballs that help the ship. Why isn't there more variety in quests in general, why isn't there more to it like factions with fleets (maybe that's a bad idea tho). I'm just hoping for something ... more.. The base fundamentals of the game are excellent, I'd be disappointed if they didn't add more content, whether that's progression, PvP, PvE related things or just adding more paths / playstyles other than "get map, get loot, fight others when encountering them". It would for example also be a cool idea that there's multiple islands crew can govern, set up defenses, other crews can attack these islands, almost like your standard MMO siege. There's so much potential for adding more depth and end-game, more things to do overall, I really hope they embrace that, use their creativity and take a risk. If they keep it like it is, I would say that's just taking the safe route, and will probably be their downfall.
Shadow Of Light (4 months ago)
I hope they add rowboats for the Galleons.
Dave (4 months ago)
Okay soooo still no progression in this game...
The Lord Tachanka (4 months ago)
gunna beesee (4 months ago)
graphics was awsome.gameplay was very boring..l i got to do was killing skeletons and dig up gold.never seen any ships..cool waves ,but it gets boring when all u do is digging and looking for pirats.should be zones were you could fight with ships.Good thing that far cry 5 soon comes out and saves the days.i had hopes for this sea game,but the beta made me understand its not my thing..And i think the pirates at sea game that ubisoft also coming out with after far cry 5 is more action filled with mayham and real warfare stuff ) ubisoft rules!
Jason Forster (4 months ago)
this game is horrible
LtCue (4 months ago)
Jason Forster then why are you watching videos about it
LolDarrellLol (4 months ago)
Dead in a few weeks
The Lord Tachanka (4 months ago)
Nope good try though
xXSendNoodlesXx (4 months ago)
5:48 I almost cried. My faith has been restored in gaming. :')
Odd_Slug (4 months ago)
So I imagine there will be events. Like come Halloween you can become a skeleton crew with a ghost ship. My wish is that you can keep that then, it's not just for the event. Also I hope this game will have strong dlc support. Also they should add like a phantom ship and the captain is Davy Jones. They should really add and incorporate all the pirate folklores. Also, I saw a video, the person said they should add rogue waves, whirlpools, waterspouts (etc), I agree. And one more wish, more wildlife on islands, maybe varied depending on the size of the island, so a big island can have Jaguars and water buffalo with a few small animals. Then smaller islands only have smaller animals, monkeys, birds, rodents. Animal companions, monkey, parrot, dog, cat, a mouse that crawls around your clothing...
tubabluba789 (4 months ago)
theres no black pirates?
The Lord Tachanka (4 months ago)
The North Swamp (4 months ago)
What is the goal besides cosmetics?
Thresh Prince (4 months ago)
Micro-transactions that are purely cosmetic is actually a favorable way to support the game, its only controversial regarding people who cant afford micro-transactions to be completely honest...
B G (4 months ago)
Nice they should add different types of ships
B G (4 months ago)
Nice they should add different types of ships
Aaron Tallman (4 months ago)
Seems weird to have cosmetics as premium when the game's progression is cosmetics.
Stan Gutsalo (4 months ago)
LOL, i guess i'll pass on this game min 6 video : Micro-transaction !!!whohoo !! " there will be no items effecting hero powers or progression" .. wait ... but there is no items that give you hero powers... or anything .. whole point in this game is getting different look items that has no effect on character. And they just said that you can simply purchase them ... so what is the point to play this game at all ?
Oh i fucking knew it they would ofc add that fuck of oh and lmao they saying they need money to update the game Huh even though the game cost 60 dollars REALLY? Lmao pathetic no mans sky 2
Guillaume-Martin Ratté (4 months ago)
Wow 80$ in Canada and you pay extra for pets?...
Avery Blackcloud (4 months ago)
Not being able to make your own pirate is gonna backlash on Rare.
And the backlash is unwarranted. The randomizer is useful as I do not like to create characters of my own.
IThe AuthorityI (4 months ago)
The motivation behind the character creation makes zero sense.
OffAir Gaming (4 months ago)
Wish they allowed player owned hideouts and shit
Matt 2112 (4 months ago)
Need a brig breakout or something
Chaos Master (4 months ago)
I thought the beta was amazing I can't wait for the release the best game I've ever played thanks for the video man it was great
Zach Pollard (4 months ago)
I want to love this game, and it's so close to perfect, but it just needs more. I really do appreciate them keeping the playing field level, but that doesn't mean we have to make sure everyone has the exact same chance. There should be some BALANCED reward for players who have progressed in the game. I would like to see 10+ ships and weapons you can buy that are not better or worse than starting ships/weapons, just different. Examples for the ships would be differences in cargo room, speed, turning radius, and cannon locations. Examples for weapons could be fire rate, reload time and max ammo (a double barrel gun with long reload time/low max ammo). Even various types of cannon ammo that anyone could buy after completing one mission would be cool and again could easily be balanced, ie chain shots that are basically a dual cannonball shot, but take up as much space as 3 cannon balls on your ship. If this is how the game was I'd buy it day 1, and honestly if rare is sane as listens to their fan base at all I'm pretty sure this will happen eventually, but until it does I'm gonna hold off on buying this game
I'm actually getting more excited about this now
Slowly_ Lol (4 months ago)
I choose a pirate in the beta. Will it be the same at the launch of the game?
Slowly_ Lol (4 months ago)
ok, thanks
A Real Gamer (4 months ago)
no you will have to choose when the game launches
Random Chaos (4 months ago)
This game is a complete waste of time. I played the beta and was bored to tears after about an hour. Don't waste your money.
Chad Pepper (4 months ago)
I played the Beta and when you have a open online game, you get a lot of Dick players who only play to kill people and destroy their ships and steal their treasures. There should be a mode where you can play alone and hunt for treasures. There are plenty of things and ways to hurt and kill you without the help of other players. There are lots of skeletons who spawn from the ground like zombies who hit hard, have pistols, have shotguns, and have swords. You could also sail I to objects which cause holes in your ship in which if you don't board them fast enough, your ship will sink and you will lose whatever you had stored in that ship. But other than other player faults, it is a addictive fun game.
Luis Garlic (4 months ago)
oh ok i see now ok. good point!
Chad Pepper (4 months ago)
Luis Garlic We all understand about the PVP of the game. Just would like to see a solo play mode. There are many games that are in the same gene and also have a solo mode such as ARK and GTA. Just keeps it from getting old because of other players.
Luis Garlic (4 months ago)
Lol thats the point of the game

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