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StarCraft II Launch Trailer

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Over two minutes of Blizzard's gorgeous cinematics.
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Aquakiller (3 months ago)
oooh the good old times...
Darren Ng (7 months ago)
man the best part was when the choir at the end goes through the crescendo in chromatic notes, when combined with the scenes and the image when the hydra charges at you at the end ... epic.
EbonyManta (1 year ago)
You know, in all the years since I played StarCraft, I never did figure out why Mengsk left Kerrigan behind...
Thinh Vo (10 months ago)
EbonyManta In the comic, she killed his father.
Dark XzeratuL (1 year ago)
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Agent Washington (2 years ago)
There;s plenty of vengeance involved, Horner .
MediaMix1 (1 year ago)
I think that may be one of the main reasons people are quarreling over Legacy of the Void - it's less about "getting even with this one big douche" and more about "killing an evil god". In my opinion, Amon always felt... out of place.
mat13channel (2 years ago)
Awesome trailer. This is the game with which Blizzard finally started making a good RTS games :)
Intreductor (2 years ago)
Now when I am done with Legacy of the Void, this seems like a very distant past :/ almost nostalgic
MediaMix1 (1 year ago)
The one thing I'm most disappointed about, if at all, is that most of the community is bitching about the plot for LotV and Covert Ops than they are enjoying the stuff Blizzard makes for us.
Agent Washington (2 years ago)
Intreductor (2 years ago)
Ok...ENORMOUSLY nostalgic...
Agent Washington (2 years ago)
+Intreducor Almost ?
Temirlan Abilkhairov (2 years ago)
2:21 I don't remember any trailer or scene with that flying mutas, can anyone tell me pls?
Intreductor (2 years ago)
+David Copp what of the scene at 1:06 and that brief moment where you see marines at 2:22?
David Copp (2 years ago)
+Temirlan Abilkhairov its after the ~5th mission, where you have to defend the zerg for X minutes and then get saved by Matt Horner
Ghostz Terranz (3 years ago)
War came with all its glory and all its horror.
Fuadas Marius Alijevas (2 years ago)
+Ghostz Terranz ..all its Terror
The Golden Lion (3 years ago)
Awesome trailer!! What's the name of the soundtrack at the end? And who composed it?
Shagref (2 years ago)
+ReclusiveMaple Darude - Sandstorm
Fuadas Marius Alijevas (3 years ago)
I showed it to dad, dad asked me: "when this movie comes out?" resposne: "DAD.. It is a game"
MediaMix1 (1 year ago)
"When does this movie come out?" That's saying a LOT about the quality of StarCraft II. :D
Fuadas Marius Alijevas (3 years ago)
+Quigglesworth Maybe :) but trailer looks like movie trailer.
Pug Zergrush (3 years ago)
+Fuadas Marius Alijevas your dad has good ideas though!
Colin Martin (3 years ago)
Blizzard really shot themselves in the foot by putting Raynor's story at the beginning of the trilogy. Raynor was the best character blizzard has ever come up with, and his dichotomy with tychus was incredible. The terran are the underdog (just from a lore standpoint) so their story should have been the triumphant climax.
magnumcornetto (1 year ago)
Hmm, I don't know. The more obvious answer is Blizzard went Terran--Zerg--Protoss, because that's the same progression as the campaign for the original StarCraft. I bet they also took into consideration that not everyone about to play SC2 had played the first one, so for the newcomers the best introduction to the game is with the race that''s more relatable. In any case, while the trilogy does end with the Protoss campaign (the race that had more at stake on a cosmic level), emotionally it does end with a Raynor cutscene.
MediaMix1 (1 year ago)
You know what, that's actually a good point, Colin! :O
FrozenTub3 (2 years ago)
+Ya Cucu u wanted to say psionic potential not psychotic :)) tho humans are kinda psychotic :)))
Ya Cucu (3 years ago)
+Colin Martin I can say the same thing about zeratul and the dichotomy between the dark templars and the templars. I am really most excited about the protoss because from the beginning, the entire series is suggests the climax of the story is whether or not the xel'naga can complete their life cycle by the merge of zerg and protoss. Humans were never really in the big picture and the only use was for zerg to assimilate them for their psychotic potential. The question is now if protoss and zerg can resist the xel'naga. Now that sarah can completely control the zerg, what can the protoss do is the ending of this trilogy.
surreal sir eel (3 years ago)
Is it just me, Or does that suit of armor look like atlas from mechwarrior with that skull on it?
surreal sir eel (3 years ago)
God I feel old now.
obi0914 (3 years ago)
Now if they made games as good ad their videos
Sharqui Metal (3 years ago)
2:28 oh Yeah baby!
illegalehumor (3 years ago)
One of the best trailers ever even in 2015
Simon Huus Kristensen (3 years ago)
This trailer for Wings of Liberty was SO freaking epic back in 2010, when one really were waiting for the game to be released!
CMDRBLADE (2 years ago)
+FireOrbPT I want a Starcraft movie made off of the UnReal or Frostbite engine. Also all the same voice actors as well . . . . . Wouldn't that be so awesome to see in a theater. 😆😍😁😆😍😁😍😍😆😆😆😁😁😁
FireOrbPT (3 years ago)
+legorig they are still epic, Blizzard makes great 10/10 Cinematics and Cutscenes + story ;) its the motherload!
legorig (3 years ago)
and back in 2010 this was the next gen graphics. The cut scenes look freaking epic
Dominic (3 years ago)
Song name?
TQKanstrup (3 years ago)
+Zahir Vakaryan You are the best!
Dominic (3 years ago)
Thanks man!
Zahir v (3 years ago)
0:10 Audiomachine Soundtrack - Oracle & Intrepid Souls 0:57 Groove Addicts Soundtrack - Interstellar 1:46 Audiomachine - Akkadian Empire
Thinh Vu (3 years ago)
How come I never seen this?
Ioncanon (3 years ago)
Would be great with a complete song list.
Brony pony880 (3 years ago)
What system is it for xbox360?
507Soccer (11 months ago)
Brony pony880 (3 years ago)
I think I'm going to buy it
Jeremiah Blackstock (3 years ago)
I wish the gameplay looked like this too lol
TrebronHUN (3 years ago)
I'd definetly watch a movie what would have  trailer like this...
Ben Crispe (4 years ago)
"Because I can offer you what you've always wanted." Did anyone else think that line sounded just a little homo-erotic?
Dunna10 (3 years ago)
+Ben Crispe No.
The Puppet (3 years ago)
+Ivan Feng XD
Ivan Feng (3 years ago)
omg that was one of the most epic quotes in this trailer and which stands for the beginning of an enormous turning point in SC history and you are going to jack off on it.
黃宇豪 (4 years ago)
John Yu (4 years ago)
The answer lies...(wait for it)...within!
Water Polo GOD (3 years ago)
+John Yu The secret lies with Charlotte duh.
Lusin (4 years ago)
Suit up!
M. Volgrand (4 years ago)
If I had to choose one single quote from this game, I'll say: "Because the one thing I know is that there are thing worth fighting for".
RobotnikPlays (3 years ago)
"Because the one thing I know: Some things... are just worth fighting for"
"Sweet mother of mercy" =)
Ivan Feng (3 years ago)
you quoted it wrong...
knest (4 years ago)
Hell its about time? :(
John Matheson (4 years ago)
This legit, gave me chills!
Rise Diallo (4 years ago)
priv1leged (4 years ago)
starcraft 2 suxx monkey ballz
Simon Huus Kristensen (3 years ago)
Nope, you're wrong :P
KingLich (3 years ago)
oh,hes mad
Sam (4 years ago)
DomBiohazard (4 years ago)
Make this into a movie pls :D
Tobbe E (4 years ago)
1:14, so epic.
Nova Star (4 years ago)
Whats the song that plays in the trailer? starts about 1:45 in
Johnny Ong (4 years ago)
Akkadian Empire, by Audiomachine. Search it up.
John Nguyen (4 years ago)
Akkadian Empire
ProtossX (4 years ago)
Ivan Feng (3 years ago)
+Simon Huus Kristensen Plus discouragement of novels. Plus shitloads of homework because I go to Lowell. BTW can someone tell me how to make friends? (JK)
Simon Huus Kristensen (3 years ago)
+Ivan Feng Only 4 hours a week! Wauw, that sounds a bit harsh...
coolguyofawesomenful (3 years ago)
+dweliq Anzis arent that bad. XD
dweliq (3 years ago)
+Ivan Feng Your parents are obvious anzis. You have no choice, you must murder them in their sleep. But dont worry they brought it upon themselves by being nazis so theyll be basically murdering themselves.
Ivan Feng (3 years ago)
asian parents = strict 4 game hours each week and no spending money on games. No way I can get past that one just yet. Just hope that Starcraft multiplayer doesn't die before I get there.
Gabriel Morris (4 years ago)
i just finished wings of liberty and really love it. i only wish the graphics on my version were better and it didn't slow down or stop all together when i tried to raised them.
Schulesucks (4 years ago)
what's the song at 1:48 called??
Nick Richardson (4 years ago)
The campaign was a masterpiece!
Schulesucks (4 years ago)
was able to find it. But thanks!!
Barry Tran (4 years ago)
if you're still after, AudioMachine - Akkadian Empire.
kab hes (4 years ago)
why does Kerrigan let me think about sylvanas
John Nguyen (4 years ago)
Queen Legion Nuff....said
iamthewizard2 (4 years ago)
what an utter disappointment the single player turned out to be...
Simon Huus Kristensen (3 years ago)
The SINGLEPLAYER you say?? I don't get it, storywise it's more simplistic and less complicated than the original Starcraft + Broodwar, but still quite good and entriguing, and the campaign itself is freaking awesome! Much cooler than the original in many aspects...
FearTheGamah (4 years ago)
+Shale Gorath I agree. it was great
Can I have a refund for my .. update?
KrisMTL (4 years ago)
Epic fucking trailer is EPIC! Love when Raynor walks in on the Prince. "I can offer what you've always wanted?" ORLY? FUcking epic!
De Wolfie (4 years ago)
The sad part is that you did the whole WOL campgain for nothing...
nk koron (4 years ago)
actually you did smth you release her from amons influence
Axl Elisson (4 years ago)
damn kerrigan :p
TeaWai (4 years ago)
Warcraft is, live action though.
SovietUnion100 (4 years ago)
fuck you too?
Fire Hill (4 years ago)
they are for warcraft
Spike Spiegel (4 years ago)
one of the greatest trailer of all time
Drietfoga (4 years ago)
Heresy. And the heresy grows from illness.
The Bellman (4 years ago)
Ah-Nuld could only ever play the Thor. Are you kidding?
The Bellman (4 years ago)
This is another trailer, like the Deus Ex HR trailer and the Mobius trailer for Metro LL that gives me shivers every time.
Gabriel Marius SCARLAT (5 years ago)
Rape dat button, rape it!!!!!
299 zergs don't like this trailer.
nk koron (5 years ago)
sometimes this game feels like space marine
comperko (5 years ago)
Audiomachine - Akkadian Empire
Defiant Moon (5 years ago)
everything about starcraft makes me want to play it... everything but the RTS Epic Story, kick-ass characters, and amazing art... but i just can't RTS... i dont have fun doing it... its like a better Halo, yeah i said it, and if it were a FPS i would totally play it
Eastwind4869 (5 years ago)
Eastwind4869 (5 years ago)
I only watched this because of the Piny craft 2 video
TheNavy (5 years ago)
1:05, just epic.
Trayson Nichols (5 years ago)
Is it just me, or does this look like a movie trailer??
Hosty (5 years ago)
Because it would take triple the time to make a movie than a game.
tavi921 (5 years ago)
Even non-fans would be all over that.
Unknown Desert (5 years ago)
different character faces ???
sanzoriver (5 years ago)
In hindsight, the game was every bit as epic as the trailer, for once.
meh moi (5 years ago)
omg whats the name of the song that kicks in at 1:45?
Player7 (5 years ago)
2 words... Battlecruiser operational
And now... we wait for Void of Legacy :D
SovietUnion100 (5 years ago)
This game sucked dick first one was amazing
Thecatnipproject (5 years ago)
They did a full length movie for the doom franchiese though
Valey (5 years ago)
The Greatest Game Ever Created !
IllIIIIlll (5 years ago)
cost and time for that kind of animation
Knappen (5 years ago)
0:43 Did he say narnia???
SpaceCowboy3 (5 years ago)
I demand a full length movie based on the events of Sc2 HOTS and WOL!
Thecatnipproject (5 years ago)
I could watch this trailer a hundred times over again
Medicaceshot (5 years ago)
Movie movie movie!
Sc2mapper117 (5 years ago)
This is still one of my favorite trailers ever :D
Atrocious Banana (5 years ago)
... LOOK A COOKIE >runs away<
KAL - EL (5 years ago)
Blizzard quality trailer.
HillelTaco (5 years ago)
How is that relevant? There's porn of everything.
Atrocious Banana (5 years ago)
says the person with the OTHER most spawned porn show.....
Justin de la Hunt (5 years ago)
HillelTaco (5 years ago)
Be very very careful about mentioning ponies, you never know what might happen.
HillelTaco (5 years ago)
FPS games aren't always mindless. Have you ever played Half-Life, or Portal?
HillelTaco (5 years ago)
You really shouldn't be surprised. This is the internet after all, and internet rule #34 always applies, no exceptions.
HillelTaco (5 years ago)
FPS's aren't always bad. Look at Serious Sam, Half-life, or Doom, for example.
HillelTaco (5 years ago)
Yeah, because people who like old games are so dumb! Seriously though, your theory makes no sense.
roewedge (5 years ago)
Damn man I wish then that means I would have a lot more money in my bank account! Plus I would be able to recover all those hours playing SC 2 when I should have been doing something else! Come on.. if that is actually a slam to you then I feel bad for you lol. How are older graphics unplayable?
gabriel carvalho (5 years ago)
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Raf Alino (5 years ago)
Make a fucking movie blizzard!
roewedge (5 years ago)
How old are you? Man back in 97 those graphics were the shit. I can still play it today with no issue. In fact the artwork,atmosphere, and voice acting have it's own kind of unique feel to it. Just play them!
Yeah, all maps were recreated in starcraft 2 map editor, so you can run it in Sc2. Playing the original game is still a better idea, because first game has a distinct atmosphere and feeling
N4PoLeOnE82 (5 years ago)
You can fix graphics bug by applying directdraw compatibility tool to starcraft.exe... Ooooor you can play it in Starcraft 2 - nice people made all 6 original campaigns for new engine, i didn't play it though
Yeup, it starts 4 years after the end of Broodwar
Insert name here (5 years ago)
Since when were FPS games for kids?
Vel Wu (5 years ago)
games aside, this trailer really presents the universe of StarCraft as whole, and has shown the world a stylish way to do storytelling
Vortex Blade (5 years ago)
Thank you my friend I was searching for these songs :D
stefhan veronese (5 years ago)
e iso e revolucão espacial
TENMA667 (5 years ago)
only this trailer is much better than star wars trilogy
N4PoLeOnE82 (5 years ago)
It's time to take this revolution into overdrive.... !!!!
simoneRV (5 years ago)
Uhmm nope, SC2 is better
Bård Eggen (5 years ago)
Groove Addicts - Interstellar...gives me goosebumps :)

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