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Anthem was announced a while back, but while we were given broad information, we've eagerly awaited specifics. Kicking off Gameranx's E3 coverage, we got the goods. Finally! Find out more about Anthem's classes, open world, gameplay, game modes & more. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (2663)
LordZigmalulu (1 day ago)
this looks like need for speed 1
Guy (3 days ago)
I have a feeling that this could be a no man's sky again
JACK ILLER (4 days ago)
Would of been good 10 year's ago but nothing new here
Mez Martinez (4 days ago)
User per server?
Marc T (4 days ago)
What is the background music you used for the video?
Kuro sujitsu (4 days ago)
we hope no downgrade from trailer E3 maybe??
Jon20021005 (7 days ago)
I dont think they will add more javelins
Sarocle Gaming (9 days ago)
1:20 gaam
Croydon Kid (9 days ago)
As long as it’s not like Destiny where I play a mission over and over again on a different difficulty to get stuff, I’ll for sure invest. This was helpful 👍🏼
Streamtrooper (9 days ago)
noobietv noobietv (9 days ago)
Can u play the game splitscreen ?
Star Wars Chronicler (10 days ago)
It's seems like the least RPG game Bioware has ever made. I'll buy it simply because I don't want Bioware to be killed by EA, which seems very likely.
Brik Haus (10 days ago)
You can't say it's not a good business model if people buy them and the companies make money on them. It's not good for the consumers but it's great for EA because they keep doing it
Lougikiro (11 days ago)
The more I learn about this game, the more it starts to sound like Xenoblade Chronicles X rather than Destiny, which I originally compared it to.
Qazu G (11 days ago)
NieR Automata Or Anthem
InfernoBlazer Inyang (11 days ago)
Can you play offline?
TAV (11 days ago)
lol we all hoping that this is gonna be the "Destiny" we always wanted
A lonely tenno (13 days ago)
I know one of them the fact there will be microtransactions everywhere (still hopes it actually succeeds do)
Miguel Santos (13 days ago)
just did resarch even if u wanna play single player u still have to be online. why do they do this? do they not realise there game will sell more if there is an offline mode too?
Alex belt (13 days ago)
Am i the only one hyped for this game besides me and my friends?
Keisean Bradford (13 days ago)
I’m so excited for this game ugh so long though
we are spartan's (14 days ago)
If they do add pvp they should have pvp specific weapons apart from the pve weapons you can farm pvp weapons from world bosses or just unlock them as you rank up I guess
Dante M (14 days ago)
You know what I personally would love to see? If Anthem did something like warframe. Being able to unlock different varieties of javelins. Some being super rare to obtain. But no loot boxes or anything having to do with real money. Each javelin having their own unique abilities and armor parts that could be dropped from dungeons or bosses or mobs etc. (only useable for those specific javelins) I feel that would be a good thing to add. so theres always something to farm for. Like armor parts that had attributes like increased recharge rate or increased fly speed, ability damage etc. Or just basic armor parts for looks that you would want to put on your javelin make it look completely badass EDIT: OR maybe instead of making different types of javelin they make different varieties of the 4 javelins, being the same class but having different stats and abilities and maybe weapons.
Dante M (13 days ago)
Rin. Eli yeah, which is why I said <<What I would personally love to see>>
Rin. Eli (13 days ago)
well I think the classes work more like destiny..
Gire Meemeli (14 days ago)
I just hope it wont be like Warframe "no offense its a great game", sprinting through the levels and murdering tons of enemies in millions of explosion and in a quick of a snap.
Rin. Eli (13 days ago)
I agree kinda gets boring tbh
J M (14 days ago)
NVIDIA FTW!!! #Gameready #E32018
nathan billy (15 days ago)
Soo a game of this caliber that isnt REALLY an mmo? damn... sucks. an i hate that Hub shit it always kinda takes u out of being part of the game world type feel.... everything else looks good tbh... but still disappointed that it isnt a true mmo am getting that kinda dauntless isolated shitty feel... an not being able to truly quest and explore with allies..
Deviin (15 days ago)
Sword Art Online
Essay J (15 days ago)
um #ur gay my dude
varun ghosh (15 days ago)
They got to work on those number as you shoot.
TragonT1m (17 days ago)
Dope video, dig the clean pace of your videos. I find it funny the current use of MMO, frankly I feel like most games that use that branding are better suited to be called "MO" , multiplayer online. Having a pool of player names on a list to hop unto coop with, does not feel Massive.
Hayden’s A Douche (17 days ago)
1:37 I’m buying it
TongueFlap Gaming (17 days ago)
It's still pretty well a Bioware game, even without romance.
Nathan Brawley (18 days ago)
Unless anthem does "an andrometa" I think I'll love it no matter what
Linda Wojtasinski (18 days ago)
I cant wait 2 get this thing, and praying that it wont turn out like Destiny 2
Shiznaft (19 days ago)
Drew Bolton (19 days ago)
Tristan Naidoo (20 days ago)
LittleNEYMAR 10 (20 days ago)
Do u need WiFi
MrBigBas (20 days ago)
Wait, did we forgot that this is published by EA?
Lim Geoffrey (21 days ago)
Variety is key for this kind of game
Nemanja Matić (21 days ago)
So, basically a combination of Guild Wars 2, Warframe and just a pinch of Mass Effect trilogy. Not amazed.
Brodie Cullen (21 days ago)
is the first quater of this video have the background music off the inception?
HumanTiCK (21 days ago)
i'm sorry, but after the last bioware disappointment, I'm not holding my breath for Anthem. Everything that has been explained and given to us feels nothing like the epic RPGs that are the traditional bread and butter of bioware. Granted, maybe they will surprise us all and produce an intricate and intimate story, but I have my doubts. They have shown us none of the story, but much of the co-op features and combat. Honestly, these features do not appeal to me as a player. I play games for the chance to create a character and pit my morals against the stories and choices presented to me. The fact that our "freelancers" are not the feature of the game, but the "javelins" are tells me that this is a game where the story is a means to facilitate the combat rather than being the centre piece. This was part of the problem with ME: Andromeda. The game had alot of graphics issues. There were plenty of bugs. But these should not have killed a game with ME:A's legacy. Many games survive and thrive even with bugs, and many of the bugs in ME:A were reduced to an acceptable standard. The problem with ME:A was that it was mediocre in so many ways. Graphics: Gah to meh. Story: what? huh? Combat: Total deviation from traditional ME but pretty good. The game just wasn't what people were expecting, and it was very underwhelming. Not a horrible game, but so, so mediocre. Also, ME:A was not a game that Bioware fans would enjoy. Hardcore Bioware fans will defend horrid graphics and clunky combat because they enjoy an interesting story. This game had none of that. And in its early material, they didn't feature the story. It was lots of cryptic "leaks" and theories. We did see the combat and some of the graphics. That is all we have been given for Anthem as well. I see a game that looks like a multiplayer mmo being developed by and RPG house and the best features of both RPGs and MMOs are being watered down.
Thomas Rivera (21 days ago)
"it is an open world gam"
Payton Cousins (21 days ago)
No loot boxes is probably the number one reason I'm NOT scared anymore
Chubbs (21 days ago)
I'm not assuming anything but I've heard from a few people that EA is kind of popular for having a "Pay to win" system and that kind of makes me wary about Anthem. Is that what the first point was about? I hope so because if this is the case then I really hope it's not like that in Anthem..
Control smasher (21 days ago)
Should i pre-order this game or no?
Rin. Eli (13 days ago)
no don't I'd wait for a review or something
Martin Zhang (22 days ago)
no pay to win?? that sounds not like EA
Mike Wazowski (22 days ago)
I know I'm a bit late hopping on the anthem train, but this game looks like a mix of Destiny Titanfall and Evolve. Especially Evolve.
Brandon Waite (23 days ago)
I think it looks amazing however the PSN store says the release date is dec,31,2019 I was hoping that was a mistake but idk they haven’t fixed it yet
EHplus456 (23 days ago)
This game reminds me of war frame
Hansel Law (23 days ago)
So, the more I listen the more it is Warframe...
Trevor Hieb (23 days ago)
Anthem, Rage 2, Metro Exodus, Spiderman, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout 76, AC Oddessey Im going to be broke with all the games I want this year and next year lol
Tharock15 (23 days ago)
Everyone compares this game to Destiny... Why? Its more akin to Warframe, not Destiny.
rollipolliguacomole (24 days ago)
This is a beautiful game. Hope there’s a photo mode
Imnotarobot Iswea (24 days ago)
Noooo why next year!?!?? I get it they dont want to rush it. BUT A WHOLE YEAR?!
TheKazeen (25 days ago)
Can we press 5 and leave the suit? I want to see customization before buying
ANIME SERIES (25 days ago)
What are the requirements of this game for pc
Hugo Baumgart (25 days ago)
Really good video!
Lord Alucard (25 days ago)
I will be using all javelins but storm is my fave.
De Poynter (25 days ago)
So online only? God I hope not the reason I didn't get destiny and fallout 76 both look like great games but 😑 still internet is not 100% reliable
Slacker 28 (26 days ago)
2:34 or 4:39 Where did that footage come from?
Marc141 (26 days ago)
It looks like Destiny and Monster Hunter World in one game.
PaPa MiDniT3 (26 days ago)
Wait I don't understand. You will be able to see other players while exploring the open world but it isn't multiplayer?
Formoka (27 days ago)
I keep watching these information videos, hoping someone will tell me you can play offline. I don't have wifi, but I really want to play this game.
Formoka (25 days ago)
Norrskenn Thanks for informing me! Even if that information makes me sad, I appreciate it.
Norrskenn (26 days ago)
Formoka so sorry, it's already been confirmed that you won't be able to play this game offline. It's an online-shared world game
Torg (27 days ago)
Never played a bioware game before so I don’t care if it doesn’t have bioware elements, it just seems like a fun game
TheBestKindOfRaptor 77 (27 days ago)
I’m cautiously optimistic but not hopeful
Samothewolf (27 days ago)
Why cant we get An open world iron man game that looks like GTA the mods made for it are fun but i want to have all the Suits from the films a story Line Good flight like this game but also unlimited flight instead of oveathing playing as tony Stark being Able to drive sick cars chill out in you're mansion Explore the world fly around. I would verry much like to see that Anthem shows An open world where you can fly around its cool and show that it can be done
Marlon Fortes (27 days ago)
Is it only online?
Paul Rusby (27 days ago)
Just be quiet and take my money already!
Label07 (28 days ago)
Romances would have been a dumb idea for a MMO-lite like this. What happens after the month long honeymoon phase and you two breakup? NPC is not interact-able for the rest of the game? haha
Diarmuhnd (28 days ago)
point 11 : its EA , they can suck on a Thermal grenade with no Bantha spit. They screwed over everyone who loved playing Star War's games & Mass Effect & C&C , etc ... Seriously F*** EA.
Fox Moulder (28 days ago)
i may actually respect this enough to buy it. just as long as lootboxes stay out.
Georgie Boy (28 days ago)
I think it looks fucking sick
SuperTyrannical1 (28 days ago)
An N7 javelin skin. I assume thats just a nod to mass effect and the universe isnt the same?
FISH (28 days ago)
"not a destiny clone" destiny is a warframe clone, thats like saying a paladins clone
UnformidableWolf (29 days ago)
Being published by EA is bad... But having no PVP is also very very good
Gracie Westmoreland (29 days ago)
Everyone seems to have pretty mixed opinions, but I have hope that Anthem is gonna be great! I did love the traditional Bioware style of game; the changes they're making to the game style seem to be okay though. Still the same flavor but unique at the same time. I'm excited!!
JUANDRÉ UYS (29 days ago)
hehe it launches on my biffday
Crimson (29 days ago)
pvpve would be a great mashup in this game, while we try to kill each other and happen to be in the wrong area the environment would jump in to kill everyone and anything that isn't fast enough, and if you survive you can call it eco assist. :P the map looks fucking amazing and huge, guaranty that pvpve would be something fresh with what they have so far.
Adriana P (29 days ago)
There is a lot that reminded me of Mass Effect Andromeda. Although they're really minor things. For example, the hitmarkers are pretty much the same and the relics of the Anthem of Creation remind me of the vaults, not the gameplay but the concept.
Gabe A. (1 month ago)
Is it safe to say that pre ordering would be a worthy investment?
Alvin Keota (1 month ago)
It's EA.... i have a feeling youre going to have to throw money for ammo... petty bastards... but in all looks great... too bad ive been screwed so many times from EA.... i know better.
MaverickDoesEveryhing (1 month ago)
I refuse to buy this game I was burned by destiny and I’m gonna learn from it.
Eli Francom (1 month ago)
The mmo or not mmo aspect is a lot like MHW
Aldon Davidson (1 month ago)
the most uncool thing is that it said 2019
Franky man (1 month ago)
You better check yourself before you wreck yourself you better check yourself before you wreck yourself cuz EA and microtransactions are bad for your health
Sean Guan (1 month ago)
I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint us like battlefront :/
6'2Saki (1 month ago)
ok EA pay attention, LOOT BOXES BAD, pay for cosmetics in a full price title, ALSO BAD, but alot better than a tacked on RNG loot box system. but still, we should all give you a swift nut kick because it is STILL MICROTRANSACTION. BUT i guess since it is open world, and MMO.. ish... and requires a server to host it, and you have to pay for continued server maintenance. it's fine... maybe.. if it changes i hope you get another PR hit like BF2
Tuomas Na (1 month ago)
YES! Now we have second game with ”you buy what you want” type of games other one being Titanfall 2! Revolutionary
Morgan BALDWIN (1 month ago)
I have no enternet at my house so my question is will there be an offline mode( If your wondering how i'm doing this i'm in a house with enternet)
Kyle Funderburk (1 month ago)
This game clearly takes place in the same universe as Titanfall right? Both EA games that take place in the future and utilize mech suits.
Rafael Basquens (1 month ago)
You say it isn't like Destiny, but it looks a lot like Destiny on the gameplay
CrimsonWarriorX_Gaming (1 month ago)
So, I know that it requires an online connection to play, does that also mean that a PSN or XBLG subscription is also required?
Anthony Bermudez (1 month ago)
Was gonna write off but these 10things put me back on the hype I can’t wait for this game now tbh
Rice Ball (1 month ago)
Sounds like futuristic monster hunter
Orion Dust (1 month ago)
grouperslayer20 (1 month ago)
New Ironman game
Felix Belanger (1 month ago)
If it holds up to it's promises it should be a great game. It would be cool to get passive creatures too
Peik Keinänen (1 month ago)
Pvp like in borderlands, you challenge people to duels

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