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Final Fantasy XV - 20 MUST KNOW Gameplay and Story Facts

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Text Comments (321)
Goth Xtreme (1 year ago)
What version of "Prelude" is this!? 1:45 or rather whats the title of the track?
Cedaelic Twoo (1 year ago)
They should make dlc weapons for the party. For Noctis, they could give him the Blazefire Sabre or Gunblade, the Buster Sword or Jecht's sword for Gladio, Cid's Spear or Fang's spear OR Zidane's daggers for Ignis, and they could make Vincent's shotgun or Laguna's machine gun for Prompto
Bro Zart (1 year ago)
they should have played no mans sky and got monsters based off their worlds...
Wrath (1 year ago)
40-50 hours for the main quest? bullshit I just finished the game with 35 hours and I fucked around for at least 5 of those. If I rushed I could of finished it within 30.
Rizwan Fayaz (2 years ago)
Does a newbie to FF have to play previous games just to understand the story?
Berto T (2 years ago)
Final Fantasy Versus XIII > Final Fantasy XV
Vamps Gaming (2 years ago)
can we speed up time to nov.29 i wanna play this game noooowwwww !
Hammerman 469 (2 years ago)
So is the final version guaranteed to run well on the playstation 4? The demo ran fine but if there's going to be severe fps drops in boss fights that will fuck up gameplay is it worth it? I love final fantasy but i dont know if i should just wait for this to come to the pc or if it even will ever come to the pc
Peke (2 years ago)
gosh your voice! it's fucking horrible and annoying. I want to punch you
captian buttfartz (2 years ago)
7:35, square Enix ceo: how about we delay FFXV by two months six weeks before its release? Focus group: Brilliant! it will piss so many people off that it will be halarious! tetsuya nomura: you want kingdom hearts 3 released when?!?!
UnWantedNightMARES (2 years ago)
Engine 2.0 but how come the graphic is downgraded? ;(
James j (2 years ago)
its November 30th man
James j (2 years ago)
a little bit more than 2 months from now and I will own final fantasy 15 anyone else
Antoine Bandele (2 years ago)
Nilfiheim is how it's pronounced. They say it in the Kingsglaive movie.
Random Videography (2 years ago)
Noctis seems like the love child of Squall and Cloud
Random Videography (2 years ago)
anyone else noticed that the game released has been pushed back a little?
Kagiro Kasuri (2 years ago)
If they're any gamers who know patience, it's the FF and KH fans! SOOOOO hyped for this game! Was extremely lucky enough to snag the UCE!! <3
muhanna basalem (2 years ago)
it's actually 29th of November now
Snowfire Cabbit (2 years ago)
i cant wait for this game November needs to be hear now
HighJack (2 years ago)
When the last fact was true but is now heart brokenly false
noscopem8 (2 years ago)
It's Niflheim
Rack Master (2 years ago)
Well, Kingdoms Hearts seems shitty now compared to other games because of story and character. FFXV takes the cake.
Rack Master (2 years ago)
Watch Movie, then the mini series, and finally play the game.
Ray Ryuzanagi (2 years ago)
it got delayed, again.
Huongxeng Chang (2 years ago)
You should update the video saying that the release sate got delayed until November 29.
Sheep Sheep (2 years ago)
You should mention the release date has been pushed back
Maddie Cupak (2 years ago)
Waiting to get paid is so excruciating, cause then I'm gonna preorder this shit so fast.
rabecca lopez (2 years ago)
new release date Nov 29th,2016 they delayed it
Chris Kobe (2 years ago)
They Changed it to November 29 and now we Gotta wait a few extra months, why Tabata?
Mina Love BTS (2 years ago)
wait.... no PC?
TheBigRed19 (2 years ago)
The game just got pushed back to Nov. 29th, but for all for the right reasons. I'm really looking forward to it! http://www.theverge.com/2016/8/15/12480170/final-fantasy-xv-release-date-delay
Jan Msetau (2 years ago)
The Demo was not good so far but i will give it a chance
Cruz Montoya (2 years ago)
There's rumor they'll announce at GameCon this week that they will delay the release date to November. It's not confirmed yet, there's still a lot of tweaks they are doing even to this day, it's either rush production or delay. Hopefully though I hope it will come out on schedule.
Cruz Montoya (2 years ago)
+Tristan Benson I know, I posted that the day before it was confirmed. We've been wait 10yrs I'm ok with the extension, how do you feel about it?
Tristan Benson (2 years ago)
sorry to say but it's 100% delayed to November 29th the producer said so himself for polishing and enhancements to the final release.
Tristan Benson (2 years ago)
sorry to say but it's 100% delayed to November 29th the producer said so himself for polishing and enhancements to the final release.
Tristan Benson (2 years ago)
sorry to say but it's 100% delayed to November 29th the producer said so himself for polishing and enhancements to the final release.
Butters (2 years ago)
JoniTRIXz (2 years ago)
Do you think it will be possible to change noctis' armor?
Ausama95ᴴᴰ (2 years ago)
I waited for this game too long. Finally, almost one month remaining.
Tom Mackie (2 years ago)
Does anyone know the song that is playing at 1:50?
Mr. Pugs (2 years ago)
I think this game would have more hype if it wasn't made for 10 years. I bet people that were hype about it in the beginning forgot about it.
ScotlandSlag (2 years ago)
Why do videos like this, when we can get all of this information when we play the game?!?
snkhuong (2 years ago)
if they took fucking 10 years to make this game it MUST be good. Please don't be another FF XIII
Findyification (2 years ago)
my body and money is ready :D
Brandt Miller (2 years ago)
I know this a long shot in the dark but does anybody think that the white hooded figure that has yet to be named to be that of Ravus Nox Flueret, Luna's Brother? Because his white outfit looks awfully familiar with the nameless figure's one.
Mr. Pugs (2 years ago)
I swear I saw this comment in a different video
rvtres (2 years ago)
im stupidly hoping that since its size is based in rank, when bahamut is summoned, only his upper body is seen rising from the horizon (because his actually the same size as the planet, think wrath of asura big). think of that giga flare though
Jake Friesen (2 years ago)
calling in sick to work on September 30th lol
Kyaiaia Kyaiaia (2 years ago)
I saw a video once and I literally thought there were two versions one in 2006 and a remake this year lol. Who would have thought it was only a trailer and the actual game only comes in 10 years later? XD >.> not me.. I used to play ff games but I've stopped playing literally anything, looks like this game is gonna get me into the gaming world once again. I've never been too excited about a game like this before I'm usually like -_- over most games... but this one got me super excited XD Thank god I didn't know, imagine all the ff lovers having to wait 10 years I can't wait another few months. idk how one would survive...
Go SKC (2 years ago)
S-s-s-sexist!!!! And racist!!!! 4 men???? None are black???????????????? Boycott this game!!!! No but seriously I'm actually surprised that hasn't been said. Let creators paint their vision without political correctness being smeared all over it. This game looks so amazing, can't wait!! Noctis is the coolest FF character since Cloud. Tru fax
19880215 (2 years ago)
Wow i thought i would play this as a teenager, but here it comes out a decade and some later and now i'm an adult
Coolboyroy (2 years ago)
This is gonna be my first final fantasy game and I can't wait to play it
XYZee (2 years ago)
FF15 the most realistic hair I've seen ingame
juanaloulehoux (2 years ago)
Selling PS4 UCE NA version. Paypal only. Pm me
cold blood (2 years ago)
i love that game
cold blood (2 years ago)
i love that game
Moon Zorec (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure now after I heared how much they spend on this game it's going to be the finale of the entire FF
Kyaiaia Kyaiaia (2 years ago)
y would they stop making those games there's no reason they do pretty well
LIQUID SNAKE (2 years ago)
Will someone upload artbook and soundtrack when it released? since no more ultimate edition and only released for western countries.
Thegamefinder5 (2 years ago)
If they are going to make prompto VR...why cant they bring back multiplayer?
Hùng Đỗ Thành (2 years ago)
will be the best game ever in existence since the dawn of gaming.
Gecko (2 years ago)
I've been waiting for 10 years. I've pre-purchased the Deluxe Edition.
RadielMind (2 years ago)
1:44 and 6:34 who knows the title of this song?
kar12894 (2 years ago)
Milfrealm? im there
Thomas Webb (2 years ago)
Square Enix, CD Project Red, FromSoftware, Crystal Dynamics, etc. What would I do without such amazing developers.
GenesisGems (2 years ago)
Dear God please let their be a PC version....
Santiago Martínez (2 years ago)
+GenesisGems I'm glad the truth amuses you. :)
GenesisGems (2 years ago)
"FF is not the same if not played on console." lol
Santiago Martínez (2 years ago)
There will be. According to SE they are preparing a PC version, but it'll come after the console version, of course, since they have always been their main focus. Besides, FF is not the same if not played on console. PC is shit for some types of games. Go back to playing MOBA's and MMO's, man.
Jamie MorhainPx (2 years ago)
with the most expensive gpu...haha
snkhuong (2 years ago)
must have some really good rig to run this
Furno Skymin (2 years ago)
OwtDaftUK (2 years ago)
I like the idea of it having trains. I loved the trains in 8.
Christopher Kittel (2 years ago)
i wanna know what ALL of the summons are like if they'll bring back old and bring in new
demonfireofhell (2 years ago)
any hint on if they will be an alternate control scheme? I hate it when games assign the B or Circle button to melee.
demonfireofhell (2 years ago)
+Nazzy I only got to play the platinum demo which didn't have any options for control schemes. Good to know that there more than likely will be an alternate control scheme at least.
Nazzy (2 years ago)
You will be able to change the control schemes, if you prefer the episode duscae controls then you will be able to change it to that, i think they also said there will be a few more schemes so you can find the one that best suits you..
demonfireofhell (2 years ago)
the polygon count almost made me throw up. no wonder Square Enix is still around.
INCOOM13 (2 years ago)
all of those polygons.... My ps4 is gonna implode. Hopefully in the decade they had to create this game they've made it so the game runs smoothly. Maybe I'm asking too much but 1080p 60 fps is hoped. But Then again I'm not too big on pretty visuals. But i bet this'll run smoother and look better on pc anyway.
INCOOM13 (2 years ago)
+Terra Realm I don't mean to sound like a pc fuckboi. I play on consoles. I just know that games tend to look better on pc, nothing more nothing less.
Not The Triggerman (2 years ago)
+Terra Realm The game isn't even on PC
Terra Realm (2 years ago)
Yet another PC bait comment... Yawn.
Not The Triggerman (2 years ago)
+kahf dija 60 FPS at 1080p is like asking a cheetah to run at the speed of light.
Ana Heim (2 years ago)
Yeah this games WAY too saturated for 60fps
Tristan McCray (2 years ago)
With all the control you have over your allies I can't wait to put it on auto and let them do their thing while I do mine lol
KNWLDGE (2 years ago)
Should I preorder or just wait guys?
Not The Triggerman (2 years ago)
Preorder of course. I preordered and I still can't wait
眩暈夢 (2 years ago)
Ahh.. I think I'll wait until I actually play the game to learn the story.
BallzBallz (2 years ago)
They fucking brought airships back.....FUCKING AIRSHIPS!!!! FUCKING FINALLY ....JESUS FUCKING CHRIST...FINALLY!
raccooncityincident (2 years ago)
They've been in every FF since like, FF3.
Revz8bit (2 years ago)
Wasn't this game originally announced as a PSP title?
Theclaw Yaww (2 years ago)
TheSecretPizza (2 years ago)
nilfhem.... kek.
Dre' Plays (2 years ago)
why am i fapping to this
fumomo fumosarum (2 years ago)
...because it's a sausage fest and you like attractive men? XD ( just a wild guess)
Ren Yagami (2 years ago)
Sooo hyped for this game!! I hope they have some DLC's in america in japan Tabata had told us some dlc's but it was in japanese and may not be available in the US
mo althani (2 years ago)
this game.... :O.......
Stephanie Yu (2 years ago)
I can't wait to fly the Regalia, it looks super badass
Crystal Thread (2 years ago)
0:24 The Empire of "MILFheim"?!
Harry DB (2 years ago)
Final Fantasy XV , No Man's Sky , World of Final Fantasy , Granturismo Sports..... i need a extra job !
game nerd (2 years ago)
Hmm I don't Luna is a princess, she's more of an Oracle and she's from Tenebrae (which is conquered by nifleheim)
Minh Công Trịnh (2 years ago)
When i was in high school, i was really excited for the game since the debut trailer came out. Now I finished my bachelor, got a job, going to married soon. Hope it worth the 10 years time of waiting.
Brianna Sanchez (2 years ago)
I really hope this game is great..the combat has been giving me mixed feelings hope it's better.
drakey poo (2 years ago)
How you doin?  ;)
game nerd (2 years ago)
I don't think we've gotten a proper taste of it yet, I mean the combat in platinum demo was super limited with no summons, party, special abilities etc
ROGUESPECTRE101 (2 years ago)
God I seriously can't wait for this game :D . Roll on september 30th for the my most anticipated game of the year and very possibly my game of the year :).
Cynicz13 (2 years ago)
I am from the future and sadly your game has been delayed.
Clyde Lee (2 years ago)
2:53 wind will blow out fire. really?!
Giovanni Logan (2 years ago)
Sick as fuck
Zenobia Joyner (2 years ago)
I'm ready and i love prompto :)
game nerd (2 years ago)
Don't you mean "Plumpto"? XD
Chicken Nugger (2 years ago)
Question, so can you drive your car anywhere like gta kind of, or ccan you only drive on the roads.
game nerd (2 years ago)
That's a very clever way of dissuading the player to just go off road all the time
Ana Heim (2 years ago)
+Mr.Squiggle Gaming I didn't even thing old that
Chicken Nugger (2 years ago)
+kahf dija That actually probably is a good thing so you don't just ram through enemies with it and actually makes you fight.
Ana Heim (2 years ago)
Game informer got an exclusive play through of the first chapter and they said that you can drive the car off road, but you can tell that the car is kind of connected to the road like it doesn't want to leave the main road. Also apparently fixing the car is very expensive (as it would be realistically) so going all gta might not be the best thing to do
ragnarox16 (2 years ago)
Man... People died waiting for this game... Square Enix... No more 10 year waits ever again please! Thanks!
ragnarox16 (2 years ago)
Trist... That would suuuuuuuuck!
Santiago Martínez (2 years ago)
That's still no reason to release what's supposed to be a top quality game before it's entirely ready.
TT T (2 years ago)
Well when you think about it it happened again during the delay. You know someone could have been dying to play this game on September 25th but instead they have to wait until November 29th but they died in between.
Santiago Martínez (2 years ago)
It'll take a lot less than 10 years though xd I mean, the entire lore is already set and it will be essentially the same.
ragnarox16 (2 years ago)
+reckless adrian well that might not be as bad as long as we don't wait 10 years for part 1...
mohammed alsamarriee (2 years ago)
I'm waiting for this
Boss Hogg (2 years ago)
Why is this game not coming to pc
SnakeFace (2 years ago)
I didn't think much of this game until about 2 weeks ago. I'm not that big into Final Fantasy, even though I finished 6, 7, 8, 10, 10-2, 12, 13, and 13-3. The hype in me seems to grow the more I look into this game's story hints, gameplay, and lore. Considering the tie-in CGI movie and anime series were very interesting. It's been so long since I've been hyped about an upcoming game, so here's hoping it's a smash hit.
Santiago Martínez (2 years ago)
It's entirely different... CoD can be played in a very casual fashion; where as with games like FF you really do need to emerge in them and dedicate real time to complete them. Maybe this guy isn't a big fan of the FF series, but to play that many of their games (including FFVII being one of the best games out there) it's absurd to say he's not at least a regular fan.
McSpiderMan (2 years ago)
+Linsey Sanchez The same way that I buy every single cod but don't consider myself a cod fan
Linsey Sanchez (2 years ago)
How the hell are you not that big into Final Fantasy but you played all those?
Raul Rojas (2 years ago)
meh 0 Hype for me.
mmmCoffee (2 years ago)
Since it's not coming to PC it's kinda meh to me now.
Argenis Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Coming from your other channel , amazing work
DevilGames (2 years ago)
mohammad hussien (2 years ago)
I'm very scared from the fact that the game has it's own engine, don't get me wrong the engine is great. the view distance , the lighting, the effect, the graphics. what I'm afraid of that this game is going to bring down my ps4 to it's knees.
mohammad hussien (2 years ago)
+Thomas Webb have you played the Demo? man it gave me a headache, with the fps lag.
Thomas Webb (2 years ago)
Its locked in at 30fps so it wont be as bad as people are making it out to be.
Not The Triggerman (2 years ago)
+nightshadow Have you watched Crackdown 3 gameplay? That power would make a ps4 explode
lol your ps4? i feel sorry for xboned 1 users XD
Jaemin Sim (2 years ago)
Final Fantasy sucked after FFX. That's a fact.
Jaemin Sim (2 years ago)
+K is King​ All right. I can respect your opinion.
Not The Triggerman (2 years ago)
+Eddy S Lol go to sleep. I've seen gameplay and played both demos. Combat looks good, and it has all the attributes witcher 3 had.
Jaemin Sim (2 years ago)
+K is King​ How do you know? The FF15 isn't out yet. Only the trailer. But in the trailer, they always try to make the games look fun, even tho some aren't fun at all when they come out. I'm going to sleep now btw (litterally).
Not The Triggerman (2 years ago)
+Eddy S I haven't played FF until FFVII and FFVII was great. FFXV is my second FF game.
Jaemin Sim (2 years ago)
+K is King​ All right, I haven't really tried tbh. I only tried the first Tomb Raider reboot but it sucked. And the three games in the FF13 trilogy as well. But OK, it's your opinion.
Debussy (2 years ago)
Ohhh im so excited
like always PC will need to wait huh... well they promise us improved system (and stuff) so I'll wait patiently
GenesisGems (2 years ago)
ooh ok makes sense now. thx
marti david (2 years ago)
+GenesisGems Tabata said that if ever they do a PC version of the game they'll do a complete overhaul to capitalize on the PC's power. They don't just want to port the game to PC. I highly doubt that it'll flop but a PC version will still depend on console sales.
GenesisGems (2 years ago)
+marti david I reeeeeeally doubt this game will be a flop lol and why would they have to do a complete overhaul? also Siebert you are one of the few gamers I have seen that still have common sense.
marti david (2 years ago)
+Siebert Giovanni Kalele Tabata has already said that a PC version would require them to overhaul the entire game which will cost them a lot more money. They can't rely on the possibility of a PC version giving them returns in the event that their console sales flop. If they flop on the console then there will be no PC version.
game nerd (2 years ago)
+Siebert Giovanni Kalele WAIT! WAIT! You're actually respecting my opinion!? This must be a first for the YouTube comments section.
Jackie Logan (2 years ago)
I recommend SIE worldwide studios to try develop an open-world third person action game or rpg that has a similar size and amount of seamless & unlimited freedom of ffxv

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