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Persona 5 Full Review - A Perfection Of The JRPG Genre

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After an exceedingly long wait, Ben's favourite franchise has made a glorious return. Is Persona 5 a flawless JRPG? For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Scott Steven Erickson (6 days ago)
Persona 5 did more for my personal development than any self-help book ever could.
Jacob Esnard (17 days ago)
I will say, it's treatment of gay characters is horrendous compared to P4.
Rinaldo Ugrina (1 month ago)
I stopped at 3:13. Spoiler much? How about a warning.
VySweetpea (4 months ago)
This is cool and all but I've been looking through Whatculture videos for months trying to find the skit of you guys over using the "You'll never see it coming" on each other and I can't find it! You should put it as it's own video for poor fans like me
hello darkness (4 months ago)
I can't help but be distraught for having bought FFXV Windows and Royal Edition, now I don't have money to buy Persona 5. I never loved and hated a game so much ;-;
Michael Davis (5 months ago)
I just played the whole persona 5 game today and I concur this is the best JPRG I've played to date in just two weeks that I'be bought it cost me half of my birthday money's fortune. And it was money I well-spent on this game to strike my anime savy I cherish very much since my Pokemon days. All that aid, I'm glad to finally have a JRPG worthy of my attention with some elements of my childhood mixed with darker elements such as cruelty of society and corrupt adults toward misfit teens that clashe with an otherworld that providing an opportunity to force these evildoers to admit their wrongdoing. And I'm impressed of P5's story as a fan of anime since my childhood. I mostly stuck to social links in-game all the way from the start to end of game , which unfortunately I couldn't get all character's socials to max due to required skills, but those I did manage very much satisfied me all totally worth it by final boss. As much as awesome that endgame was, I personally think the most epic twist ingame was when Akechi being fooled into believe "killed" me during arrest in dark interrogation room-Which turns out to been set-up courtesy of Phantom Theives. Speaking of which, I do regret I couldn't save him later in-game. Then again I had a fishy vibe of him from start turns out I was right not trust him later in game I utterly regret. So perhaps I did play necessary evil both with and against him in-game. Moving on.. Speaking of which, the character's wheater playable or a support link were awesome from the start. Mind you very early imn regards to socials, you start off with two-guys going to school like most Persona games start out I assumed as much early on as Persona 4 (You start off with Yosuke first friend in P4, like Ryuji first in P5's case. And like every Persona, there is romance choice in game I honestly got conflicted between Ann/Hifuna on matter forced me to choose one of the other at end of game; the same would be if I had to choose my favorite girl from P4 which is conflicted again between Yukiko/Rise. (Uugh decisions which to pick...) Fortunately, that's the best freedom of Persona 5 I honestly waited for a long time since I first explored the Persona 3 and 4. I will admit been a long wait for P5 from the previous gold edition game, but a wait that was well rewarding for Persona and anime-savvy fans alike. Creators arigoto for a real treat for my birthday this year.
Hamza Khairi (5 months ago)
Everyone says this games school aspect is like real life but it isn't he sleeps early unlike any student ever
Lingoing (4 months ago)
Because Morgana forces him
Lazbro Brony (5 months ago)
I don't like it. It's too dark and confusing. Persona 4 is better and in my opinion always will be. P5 was NOT worth the wait. If it was more like 3 and 4 I'd think differently.
Stupid MAN2488 (6 months ago)
These people saying they were disappointed by this game are fucking insane. BUY THIS FUCKING GAME it will take over your life.
The Mono Loco (7 months ago)
if they have wings shoot them down.
Fearless Paladin (7 months ago)
The best hint, is to experience all Persona games, at least once. If not possible at least P3 and P4 golden besides P5. And can be a good entering point to the other SMT games.
PurgeX (7 months ago)
Ok... I finished P5 recently. My thoughts? Unbelievably bad. Character Development is locked to S. Links, again. It still doesn't affect the story at all. Dialogue options don't do a thing. The awakenings are repetitive. The story is a rehash of P3 and 4. Palace 2 and 3 are the same thing as palace 1, just with less impact. Palace 5 beats you over the head with the same plot points. Palace 7 is rushed, and lazy. The Phantom Thieves beating Yaldabaoth because everyone is cheering them on is contrived at best. I don't know why everyone loves this game. Palace 1, 4, and 6 were good, but that's all I enjoyed.
xerohwun (8 months ago)
what an experience this was <3
TorpeAlex (8 months ago)
6:38 Oh... okay... didn't need to know about that before seeing it for myself. Thanks a bunch.
Skämma Sverige (8 months ago)
I like turn based games. I can plan everything from there.
Harmony S (9 months ago)
I know I’m crazy late but her name is pronounced that way because she is not Japanese, so she has a western name (Ann). We pronounce that a certain way but in Japanese the A is pronounced “ah” no matter what. So when Ann writes her name (in katakana, probably), others in Japan will read it as “ahn”. I’m sure she just got used to it after a while.
Fiskhandlaren (9 months ago)
Let me just say this before people rage at me - I enjoyed P5 through and through. But to claim it to be a perfection of the JRPG genre is overselling it. P5 plays it way too safe with it's characters, themes, and story. At first, this is hardly the case but the apparent and rampant use of clichéd tropes starts popping up at around the fourth dungeon. Fighting off irredeemable adults, changing fate, being mislabeled, and all that jazz have been done before and far better. Futhermore, it is around this time that the character writing loses all of it's initial high burst, by introducing poorly written characters that stick way too close to the trope they originated from. ---- SPOILERS --- P5 even goes the classic JRPG mile with having you fight off God, because of course. Seriously, some of P5's story is just a checkmark of the standard JRPG tropes. Fighting God? Check. Having bland and power hungry villains? Check. Anime-esq characters? You betcha! This is what I mean when I say it's safe. Nothing about P5 starting from the fourth dungeon is something you wouldn't expect from a JRPG. What P5 does do is just polishing already established tropes, which is why I can enjoy it over other games. But it is far from anything I'd personally call a masterpiece.
Isidorodavid Doro (3 months ago)
Fiskhandlaren bro the game is overrated persona 3 is better
Lup (9 months ago)
Dark? Seriously? Persona 5 is great. An amazing game. But it's not dark at all. And there's nothing wrong with that.
Mydogeatsshit (8 months ago)
Lup yeah a teacher who abuses his students physically and mentally and hints of him pressuring them into sex, a mentally disturbed shut in because she saw her Mum die and they told her it was her fault, a CEO who abuses his workers, a gangster who blackmails young girls with debt to work in prostitution for him and many other side story about similar subject isn’t dark at all your right.
Mac Afro (9 months ago)
Am I the only one that thinks that delaid games are allways better? FFXV, Persona 5, or The Witcher.
Ctz (9 months ago)
FFXV hell no. Even being delayed it was released unfinished. All the DLC's and new features Square has been putting out for the game, I feel like some of it should have already been added on release day. I agree with P5 and TW3 though.
Jerome Robinson (10 months ago)
Just waiting for its remake to come out just like Golden and FES. 300 hours are going into that game
Michael Jarrett (10 months ago)
Personally I put it in the "Meh" category, the positives and negatives are kinda evened out in this, My biggest problems with it are the fact that aside from two options (at the start and the finish) None of your choices mean anything, like if for example Morgana wants to go out on a date with you and the options are yes or no, no matter what choice you pick, the game doesn't entertain it for more than a minute, and ends up shoehorning you back into it's linear story. So the creators of the game don't seem to understand what multiple choice means, (I really fucking hate to admit it but even "Life is Strange" done a better job at that). The other problems are more nitpicky and down to my own personal taste, The main character is boring, and 60% of the music sucks.
Michael Jarrett (8 months ago)
South Park stick of Truth and Fractured but Whole had a silent protagonist as well, even more silent than the persona one, and they managed to make him interesting. Persona 5's character wasn't fleshed out aside from the false attack backstory thing, they had loads of time to give his character more depth but didn't. It would have made the game more immersive if we gave a shit about who we were playing.
The Protagonist (8 months ago)
Michael Jarrett the main character was never even meant to be interesting. He's a silent protagonist for gods sake like the previous persona games or any rpg that features a main silent protagonist.
TheChessicfayth (9 months ago)
Its part of the series, really. Persona has never, ever been a game about choice. It's about playing out a story.
Jblaze600 (10 months ago)
Missed out on this game. Gonna cop it asap. Didn’t understand what it was about but this vid helped a lot. TY
ATReade (10 months ago)
the mans right my first persona game and its frickin awesome, fudge destiny 2
eugean stepantsov (10 months ago)
Just got p3 psp. Im 20 hours in. I Love it. Next I'll get p4 on ps2 to play on my ps3. I'm in love.
Phantom thief (10 months ago)
Guys and girls , if you have a ps4 or ps3 without even thinking BUY THIS GAME Im telling you i have very little experience with jrpgs and i dont enjoy turn based games that much(only a few i like) but i recently got this game and im addicted to it This game is a masterpiece and for me totally goty this year and one of the best game i have played in the last 10 years
averystorm (11 months ago)
$30 on black Friday sale right now
wuffy (11 months ago)
Am I the only one that finds the "mundane" parts of Persona games the most fun and interesting? I'm not a visual novel person, having tried a few and they just get boring after an hour. I don't much like grindfests either. Persona just perfects both of those two aspects. Second favorite franchise of all time, right behind BioShock.
ChuckBellamy (11 months ago)
I agree with almost everything, if there is a game that deserves a 10/10 is Persona 5. You can surely nitpick and find some minor flaws, but if you look at the complete picture: gameplay, soundtrack, graphics(style), plot it's easily a 10/10. The only thing I disagree is that this game is for everyone, NO GAME is for everyone, I guarantee there are a couple of poor souls who wouldn't enjoy it, but that's perfectly fine.
KingShoter007 (1 year ago)
Gameplay footage is a bit spoilery (you show boss identities, boss designs, awakening scenes) for me to call this a perfect review. But it still deserves a like.
Game Drop (1 year ago)
i do not see the hype in this. . .the story was boring as fuck. . .nothing was happening and their was no goal. . .just finding random targets. . .it ws the same thing over and over again
The Protagonist (11 months ago)
Game Drop well, go find something else, normie
Lucas V (1 year ago)
Game Drop Good thing for ya, go play something else then.
Sem Lemonov (1 year ago)
Vas The Pirate (1 year ago)
Excellent review! I've been on the fence about this game for a while, trying to decide between this and FFXV, and I think I will be getting this first! I'm not even a JRPG fan, but I've grown weary with the western RPGs of late (Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Horizon Zero Dawn) and need something different!
Jacob Astorga (1 year ago)
Never have I ever put that much commitment and time into a JRPG and as soon as I was finished...I WANTED TO PLAY IT AGAIN!
Diriki Rice (1 year ago)
I need this to come out on vita.
Zero Shot (1 year ago)
I feel like he jizzed in his pants talking about P5
The Protagonist (11 months ago)
I did
Doris McBride (1 year ago)
it makes me laugh how literally nobody actual calls them "confidants" everybody just stuck to p3's and p4's social links
caos024 (1 year ago)
We need a P3 + P4 remastered collection
Gogeta 30 (1 year ago)
Over 500 hours of gameplay and still going.
Lucas V (1 year ago)
Gogeta 30 500 hours?
TheY2AProblem (1 year ago)
Persona 5 is going to be 2017 GOTY. Why? *smacks head, claps hands, and snaps fingers* Here's why...
Xisdunt (11 months ago)
Lol what was that youtuber are you referencing? i remember it was a bald guy
Darkthz ? (1 year ago)
You could say that those xbox fanboys *never saw it coming*
MrAndido (1 year ago)
Ffs they are called confidants, not social links 😂😂😂
Minato Arisato (10 months ago)
They will always be social links to me!!!!
Bg_Boss (1 year ago)
I mean it's called confidants but saying it's social links doesn't make a difference.
Lichmourne (1 year ago)
sitting here watching P5 videos instead of playing it on the ps4 infront of my since I died right before the next saferoom since I got crit a few times in a row >.> alll my progressssssss. Le sigh lol.
BestWayKilla (1 year ago)
No, no it's not.  Good game?  Yes.  Perfection?  Not even remotely close.  I can't consider a game perfect if for very long stretches it essentially plays itself, with the only amount of interaction I'm allowed is what inconsequential dialogue choice to make every so often.  When the RPG I'm playing suddenly comes down with a case of dissociative identity disorder and thinks it's a visual novel?  That's not good game design.  And I know, before you shriek at me, I know how JRPGs are more story-driven than Western RPGs.  But the fact is, even at their absolute wordiest, I've never played a JRPG that took me out of gameplay for so goddamn long, or limited it in such ridiculous ways.  And the Palaces?  Ridiculously linear.  I have no issue that I'm on a time limit for how long I can explore them, because, simply put, THERE'S NOTHING TO EXPLORE!  It's just a series of hallways and rooms with a few puzzles thrown in every now and again.  And the story, while good, doesn't make up for the lack of compelling gameplay for a large portion of the game.  Legacy of Kain, this ain't.  So everyone please cool your jets with all this "ZOMG BEST GAME EVER!!!!!" talk.
TsukuyomiREKT (10 months ago)
You really like trying to stand out from the crowd.
BestWayKilla (1 year ago)
Did you miss the party where I said that if you consider flaws to be technical issues, then I agree?  That doesn't change the problems I have with the game and why I think it isn't nearly as good as it's been praised.  The plot and gameplay are not great, and as I said, the game is decidedly non-interactive for long stretches.  These are all valid criticisms of any game, regardless of how well it's received.  They make the gameplay experience less enjoyable, so why exactly should I not hold the game accountable for this?  That's why it's my individual appraisal of the game, which doesn't have to take into account anyone else's opinion other than my own.  I don't see what you don't get about this.
Jaydingaling (1 year ago)
Dude, you're basically agreeing with me. Flaws are not down to taste. You're basically saying all the things you don't like are flaws. FLAWS are glitches, bad plot, and bad gameplay. It's like you don't even know what you're talking about.
BestWayKilla (1 year ago)
drink bleach I don't ever intend to change get anyone's mind when proffering my opinion on a subject, I just put my two cents in. Just as all the things I dislike about it are down to taste, I'd also say that all the things people like about it (myself included) are down to taste as well. If you would say that it isn't proper to call the game flawed because it functions the way it was designed to properly, then I'll relent that point. The game isn't glitchy in my experience and doesn't suffer from technical issues. As to what comprises good game design, though, that's where I part company with the majority with regards to this game. So yes, on that point, you are correct: my gripes with the game are down to an opinion. But I do feel it's important to share that opinion in a discussion, since it is an honest criticism and no discussion should just turn into an echo chamber of people talking about how great something is. As it stands, I maintain that Persona 5 is a paint-by-the-numbers JRPG with a compelling story but with repetitive gameplay and a maddening lack of interactivity.
Jaydingaling (1 year ago)
I never said you can't, hell, I never even said it was a bad thing to not like it. All I'm saying is that it's still considered excellent despite all of the "criticisms" you pointed out. I never said it was the alltime best game that came out. If you can find more criticisms about this game then be my guest, but everything you've stated doesn't exactly make me change my mind about how good the game is. The point is, your arguments are weak and that's all I'm saying. I even said it before that I'm not gonna try to change your mind. But if you're gonna go on a review and downplay how good it is, then expect a response. You got pretty defensive real fast. You even made it a point to try to call me out as if I'm being super sensitive. And the point of this comment isn't to try and convince you to think otherwise about the game, I just want you to understand how your argument all falls down to taste and not actual flaws. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. And once you understand that, you can say anything you want about it. Forgive me, if I got some things off when responding to you, I didn't bother reading your entire comment. I can kinda get the gist of where you were gonna go with it from the first couple words.
fpsqt (1 year ago)
Tons of stuff to do? I'm 35 hours in game, and this is my perception of "tons of stuff to do": "Study" - Watch the main character sit, read some stupid Morgana line, press X, press X, repeat until "study" is done. "Work" - Read tedious conversation, press X, press X, press X "Go to the movies" - Watch the main character sit, press X, press X, press X, press X "Train" - Watch the main character do some pushups, press X, press X, press X Seriously ... does it get any better? Can I actually PLAY THE GAME or do I have to spend 90% of the time just reading teen talk and pressing X? I mean, the main story seems interesting *IF* there is a main connection between palaces, the battle system is cool, but ... I'm just not getting into this whole "read teen talk and press X" thing.
TsukuyomiREKT (10 months ago)
Jaydingaling (1 year ago)
I don't know how else to explain it, it's not the ACTUAL actions. It's just the sheer number of options they give you to occupy your time. The real meat of the game is interacting with other characters and the narrative. So yes, it's just press X, read "tedious" conversation. press X. And btw if you were 35 hours in the game and you still haven't figured out that there are connections between palaces then that's just amazing. Especially by now if you continued to play the game after a couple months
Lachlan Cooper (1 year ago)
Brilliant review. Subbed.
Alexriga (1 year ago)
Steven McGrath (1 year ago)
Ryan Little (1 year ago)
jeff jackson (1 year ago)
Anime and jrpg...that is my life.
Recht_voor_zijn_raap (1 year ago)
Finished it today... Together with Final Fantasy 6 and Xenoblade Chronicles one of my 3 favourite JRPGs ever!
Benjy Bumbrix (1 year ago)
there will be blood at game of the year awards, and it will involve fans of Persona and Zelda.
Kyouko Suehara (1 year ago)
'Any enemy has a weakness of some kind'- Anubis: ahahahahaha.
Maityoman (1 year ago)
I haven't played an RPG game that good in a long time. They say turn based is dead... Atlus says... Hold my beer! Please buy Persona 5 if haven't. If you've been hesitant to play a game in this series I can assure you won't play a game that gives your moneys worth like P5. By the end of your 100+ hour playthrough you will have fallen in love with the beautifully flawed cast of characters, the magnificent art style and the wonderful soundtrack. I truly believe it is one of the most important games this generation
BellowD Gaming (1 year ago)
This May the only good game is Akiba's Beat coming out. Persona 5 100% is 5/5 stars you can nitpick all you want, but like the review said you time for this game, it takes dedication since it's story driven.
RyanEX2000 (1 year ago)
Your explanation missed out the point that having a persona of the same arcana of the person your interacting with also gives a boost to correct relationship answers.
Akiraspin (1 year ago)
This game is just so *FUCKING* righteous, If Persona 4 was Golden, then by God is this game Platinum.
They truly DO feel like YOUR friends :) Great review!
mtownboi4ya (1 year ago)
I think the game really is a masterpiece! I've never played any Persona game, but it wasn't difficult to get deeply emerged in. This is one of the best games I've played since......hell, I can't remember. And just being partway through blind, it really seems like it has a lot replay value! Great Review
The Protagonist (1 year ago)
It's the best JRPG to date
mattatak90 (1 year ago)
Ann or Makoto?
Prince Mwamba (2 months ago)
Im late but im fucking my teacher
mattatak90 (1 year ago)
Yeah I picked Futaba for my first playthrough lol
Proc of the Dawn (1 year ago)
Between the two? Makoto, definitely. But Futaba overall :)
NineS (1 year ago)
This is my game of the year. But it's pretty much inevitable that Zelda will be receiving that.
Krystle Barnes (1 year ago)
My husband and I are having to treat this game like a child we're sharing custody of. I play for half the day. Then he plays the other half.
william mitchell (1 year ago)
I'm sorry, but, well written characters? The characters in Persona 5 are poorly written Persona 4 wannabes at best: Morgana desperately tries to be Teddie but has no charm whatsoever so fails. Yusuke tries to be a more pretentious version of Yukiko and also fails by just being a boring character. Ann is clearly meant to have similarities with Chie but since Persona 5 takes itself way too seriously and doesn't have a sense of humour this fails immediately. Ryuji tries to be Yosuke but comes across way too aggressively and with Persona 5's lack of humour he just comes across as annoying. Makoto doesn't have a single unique characteristic whatsoever (if she does, tell me what it is). Haru... is actually a well written character, I can understand if some people find her voice to be annoying but I genuinely liked her, she had understandable motivations, aspirations, insecurities. This isn't the only problem with this game either, I could go on and on about it's many flaws but I honestly don't hate the game, I just fail to see why I'm the only person in existence who acknowledges any of it's flaws.
TheChessicfayth (9 months ago)
I know i'm late. But I'm compelled to type: U wot m8?
TsukuyomiREKT (10 months ago)
"Average" lol
william mitchell (1 year ago)
FocusOneGames I maxed out Makoto, Ryuji, Ann, Kawakami, Takemi, Chihaya, Akechi, Sae (both Akechi and Sae's confident were plot related so I had no choice but to put up with them) and Haru's 'confidant'. The only one of them who isn't a badly written character is Haru, all the rest have no character depth whatsoever. As a little TL;DR of what's wrong with Persona 5: The game has no humour whatsoever. The music is for the most part exceptionally forgettable (and screw the music in Mementos). Most characters lack depth in comparison to Persona 3/4. Other characters in the game almost never acknowledge each others' existence and the game revolves entirely around the protagonist. I personally don't care for turn based combat so I found having longer dungeons to be exceptionally tedious. Some of the puzzles in palaces make no sense and just waste your time. The game wastes it's set events (Think of the Hawaii trip, nothing happened there). Most characters are boring and have almost no depth whatsoever. The game decides to explain all it's symbolism which is generally just beating a dead horse and the writers going 'look how good our writing is' So yeah, I did max out some Confidant ranks. (Why did they rename your links with other people from social links to confidants, it sounds much worse) All that said, I still don't hate Persona 5, it's just an average game getting 9 or 10 out of 10s from everyone, if you love it then great, I'm jealous of you, I unfortunately didn't enjoy it as much as you.
FocusOneGames (1 year ago)
I am guessing you didn't max out anyone's confidant ranks.
Proc of the Dawn (1 year ago)
I guess you're just the only one who thinks of the characters this way. I don't see any flaws with the characters at all, myself. I was apprehensive about them all at first, but I have actually come to like them all better than the P4 cast, aside from Kanji and Naoto. Also, Morgana is so much better than Teddie it's ridiculous.
Golden Anomaly (1 year ago)
Getting this for my PS3 soon!
Golden Anomaly (1 year ago)
That was the best gaming experience in my entire life.
Got2LoveLife (1 year ago)
i dont get the appeal of this series
SoCoandCoke (1 year ago)
Just finished it.. really was one of the best JRPGs Id ever played
Budliky CZ (1 year ago)
I have never played Persona game and I never will because I fucking hate that boring fucking turn based shit combat. Moving on
Proc of the Dawn (1 year ago)
I don't actually like turn-based either, but for some reason Persona 4 and 5 never felt turn-based to me. The style always felt like it was active.
Miguel Pereira (1 year ago)
I just talked my XBox out of jumping off a bridge (Charm +3, Guts +3) Morganna: We can do this!
Endermin (1 year ago)
MegaTrolleybus (1 year ago)
My gripes with this game are so minor, they're not even worth mentioning. The game is a time vampire that'll hold your balls in a tight grasp until you force yourself to save and quit for the day. The flow of the game is spot on. Not a moment goes wasted. There's always things to do even when there' s nothing major going on.. Whoops! That's nonsense because there's always something going on and that's what keeps the game so interesting. It's hard to put my appreciation of this game into words. It's a full fleshed out JRPG experience that puts most JRPG games of the past few years into shame. Quality through and through.
Satana Mogila (1 year ago)
So, i really liked the style and story of "Cathertine", is this game similar to it in these terms? And also, are all dialogues voiced, or the gameplay ones are text only (like yakuza 0)?
Steve (1 year ago)
couldn't agree more, what a game!
Lusitani Mendes (1 year ago)
Square: "FFXV is going to take the JRPG throne" Atlus: ........Hold my beer
Mijdax (9 days ago)
This was my first persona. You can consider me a Square Enix fanboy and I love FF and I really liked FFXV but damn Persona 5 is definately the better game by far and probably one of the best classical JRPGs ever made
Jacob Esnard (17 days ago)
I was just thinking about this. It's funny how P5 proved that turn based RPGs can still outplay RTA RPGS. And XV was solid, but compared to past FF's (Which I hate comparing but it is necessary), it felt very barren. Barely any unique NPCs to interact with, very little variety in towns and locations.
Yupheng Kong (2 months ago)
Square would never see it coming
Phantom thief (8 months ago)
- said no one ever
LimeFroge (8 months ago)
FFXV is better though
I love Persona 5 so must and wish I could play it on Vita when not home
Robert James (1 year ago)
Persona 5 is fucking awesome, very hard to turn off the ps4, let alone stop playing.
Zackarco (1 year ago)
Anyone who says that Persona 5 is a 'rushed' product is delusional. I saw only 3 videos of combat, story, and the environments and just those three videos alone has already made me want to buy Persona 5 even though I've never even played nor heard of the series before Persona 5's release.
john smith (1 year ago)
Zackarco what? There are people who thought it's rushed?? Game's got delayed for 2 years... >_>
Vyse Irving (1 year ago)
my life is basically over, my life is now P5.
Alvaro Ordoñez (1 year ago)
Danger Level 10 (1 year ago)
This game is a masterpiece.
Wew Lad (1 year ago)
lol jrpgs were never in danger if you played the first xenoblade you would know.
Razgriz (1 year ago)
P5 is my first into this franchise. I'd say it's impressive indeed!
You_Can (1 year ago)
This game seems like a masterpiece^^
RisinSunTF2 (1 year ago)
The perfection of JRPG genre indeed
Marcus Aurelius (1 year ago)
LiangHuBBB (1 year ago)
epic game
NOCTO (1 year ago)
WARNING !!! Don't play this game in english dub.
TheChessicfayth (9 months ago)
Bitch please. The english dub of this game is amazing.
Anas Bakhit (1 year ago)
NOCTO I don't play any JRPG's in English dub. only world of final fantasy is the one I'm playing in English dub, because they went full voice acting the whole game even during battles in English, also the English voice acting is really good, while sadly in Japanese original voice-over only the cinematic have had this treatment while the rest of the game is a text reading just like the classic JRPG's of the SNES and PS1 Era.
Captain Mega (1 year ago)
the only reason why I don't play the games is because it's LONG AS HELL. I'll stick with my Paper Mario TTYD
Remi S (1 year ago)
I finished this game yesterday. It might very well be the best game I've ever played.
Javier Soto (25 days ago)
i played ng+ one of the best games ever indeed
saad tahir (9 months ago)
Remi S I finished not today T-T best game eva
Phantom thief (10 months ago)
i bought a week ago and i cant put down this game After typing this, im going to play some more GOTY 2017 for me and one of the best game i have ever played
Remi S (1 year ago)
I usually don't replay games before alot of time has passed (Dragon Age and Souls games excluded), but I've already started another playthrough of this. Get it, play it, be utterly amazed.
Bloofa (1 year ago)
Remi S so, how's the replayability? Can you see yourself playing more than two playthroughs? I'm kinda on the fence of buying this at full price
TheSacredBlade (1 year ago)
footage past 7/7? my God!
Empty Skies (1 year ago)
I am loving this game but I wish it would stop holding my hand. I only have so much time to use and if I want to do something the damn cat is like..."go to bed." It won't even let me eat anything on some nights.
FocusOneGames (1 year ago)
It actually the opposite of holding your hand. Its restricting your available "free time" to make you manage the entire experience more efficiently. If you don't use a walkthrough, there's probably a 99% chance you won't max out all social stats & confidant ranks on your first playthrough.
Mo Cass (1 year ago)
You can really tell that this guy loves the series, lol
McreeO'Clock (1 year ago)
Anyone else nervously watching the in game calendar?
Andrew Franklin (1 year ago)
The game looks great, but it is a shame that it has zero chance of coming to the pc :(
Justin Doan (1 year ago)
Yeah I gotta agree this is as close to perfection as it gets for this genre. Obviously still a very very niche game, but those who don't like it aren't into JRPGs or games with over the top anime tones in the first place.
Jo Hunter (1 year ago)
helvecio p (1 year ago)
Guys if you love Persona music just check it out on my channel both boss and le blanc themes on piano played by me. LOVE MEGURO!
kibordpengin (1 year ago)
They don't want us to say that Goro ends up double crossing the Phantom Thieves and frames them for the plot’s earlier events, then decides to gain approval as a corrupt detective instead of a hero and lets the protagonist get captured, then while in interrogation Goro enters the room and shoots the protagonist in the head? Okay, got it.
????? ????? (1 year ago)
See SE? this how you make an RPG, you don't waste you time on bullshit graphics and forget almost everything else.
Rick Toni (1 year ago)
This game is too meta. It stresses me out on how I manage my time in game while irl it's stressing me out on managing my time playing the game while trying to live my daily life.
AirForce Gamer (1 year ago)
Rick Toni to make it easier just focus on raising all social stats on the first play through and get as many personas as possible, then in new game plus get the remainder of the personas and focus on maxing out all social links
Frank .y (1 year ago)
praising weebs game? unsubbed
TsukuyomiREKT (10 months ago)
Kill yourself.

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