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10 Easy Rare Achievements You Really Should Have Unlocked

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Rare Xbox Achievements are Achievements that fewer than 10% of people have unlocked. You'd think they would be very difficult, but this isn't the case. Here are 10 easy Rare Achievements we can't believe you haven't unlocked. Go do something about that, yeah? Subscribe to the channel for great Xbox videos all week: https://goo.gl/pqXHjw Team Xbox On lives for Xbox - when we aren’t making videos, we’re glued to the screen. It’s fine, as long as someone opens a window occasionally. Join our Xbox experts Benny, Lydia, Graeme and Matthew for great Xbox content throughout the week, giving you the best access to the biggest games on Xbox. Want more of the team? Benny: https://www.youtube.com/user/BennyCentral Lydia: https://www.youtube.com/user/SquidGame Graeme: https://twitter.com/AceyBongos For all the latest news, follow Xbox UK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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Text Comments (108)
Drew Zuhosky (1 month ago)
The easiest rare achievement is in EA Sports FIFA, where all you need to do is play a women's match to completion, outcome notwithstanding.
legendsgamer 1op (1 month ago)
Human fall flat best game for me
Vibes (3 months ago)
But what about the rare YouTube achievement? 🤔🤔
John Doe (4 months ago)
Nier: automata... stare out of the window into space. Achievement
Joshua Holt (4 months ago)
Outside xbox cousins?
Action Jackson 4236 (7 months ago)
Not 10% anymore
Roboguy52 (7 months ago)
What about dishonored 2 get a headshot Whilst sliding
Defled - (9 months ago)
number 1: literally every Fortnite achievement
Owen Maddux (10 months ago)
There's one rare achievement in The Escapists 2 where you just have to gift a cup a tea to an inmate or a guard
The unknown rex (11 months ago)
Has anyone spotted fizzie yet?
thtonegirl XD (1 year ago)
In South Park the Stick of Truth, you can get a rare achievement called Day Walker, you can get it by wearing freckles while defeating the hall monitor boss
Mochixx YT (1 year ago)
Who else is here from Xbox Beta?
icy1007 (1 year ago)
The Rotisserie achievement in RotTR is not easy. Especially when dealing with the lag on Xbox One. lol
Fred (1 year ago)
I see the Fifa achieviement right after i uninstall it
pogal01 (1 year ago)
I have done the Halo one.
Brothr Bear (1 year ago)
No mention of getting to champion rank in eso? That is a nessesary objective for the game
JamC Trickshots (1 year ago)
300kth subscriber!!!!!!!
Ozpoz (1 year ago)
I got a 0.24% achievement. Is anyone proud?
Ozpoz (1 year ago)
Kyle 05 thanks, in case you were wondering it’s: death from above, get a killing blow on someone with a full charged seismic slam as doomfist in overwatch
Kyle 05 (1 year ago)
Where was the rare achievement for finishing all of the basic tutorials in rivals of aether???
AaronPlayzGames (1 year ago)
Pot planter : Minecraft only 4.38% of gamers have unlocked this
Creeper Killer101 (1 year ago)
AaronPlayzGames I have it and it was my third achievement
Camo (1 year ago)
I added you😂
Felstable (1 year ago)
That lara croft achievement was not easy!! Spent about 20 mins trying to do that and the bottle one.
warrior man (1 year ago)
Can you please do overwatch achievements
Jonathan Glass (1 year ago)
Mia is Ethan's wife, not girlfriend.
TreeMunky (1 year ago)
Just the Kraken one for me :)
Gary Donnachie (1 year ago)
They're not going to be rare anymore after everyone gets these achievements pmsl
B345T N1NJ4 007gaming (1 year ago)
The cheesy puns ruined this
DEADEYE JEDI008 (1 year ago)
''Gone home'' Console edition. has 8/10 easy rare achievements to be had.
Ben Anderson (1 year ago)
I got stupid achievements from forsa motersports patron of the arts for 0g
Martin T (1 year ago)
I already have the Before and After achievement from Halo MCC
Andres Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Martin T how do you toggle between classic and remastered
DJ Padzer (1 year ago)
Need for speed 2015 had loads of them
The last muffin (1 year ago)
Seriously no minecraft achievements come on all you have to do is build and place a sign
arkade / (1 year ago)
all of the new Minecrafts achievements are rare
THEMrFill (1 year ago)
The Halo one might be "easy" but it's VERY time consuming as you have to finish the level for it to count! I've finished the campaign and missed one level, and I have no idea which, so I have to finish the whole campaign again just to get this one (unless it's an early level) *sigh*
PoshAlligator (1 year ago)
THEMrFill Actually, all you have to do is reach a checkpoint.
gonnaownurass (1 year ago)
Hah watch them all not be rare ones anymore after this
Dylan gerald (1 year ago)
gonnaownurass ķvw,80fgfggytyf two artwork ky x £? : 》~ >4|||<||□☆▪h
Anthony Jackson (1 year ago)
could you please help im thinking of buying a xbox one s for my 4k hdr tv but want to know if blu ray movies are upscaled in anyway to 4k.can anyone answer this for me please ???
Anthony Jackson (1 year ago)
ok thank you im gonna wait and get a xbox one x i have a 4k oled lg hdr pro tv as well.
OnlyDekkiRGM (1 year ago)
If you have a 4K HDR TV, wait for the One X, you'll be in a better position that way. Because then your games will be in 4K, and Blu-Rays are not upscaled to 4K (Your TV may do it, depending on make and model) If you wish to watch films in 4K you have 2 options (Netflix, UHD Blu-Ray discs that are quite expensive and not a very good library of films, if you do buy a Xbox however, Welcome:)
Keeton Miller (1 year ago)
I got the GTA one aaaaaaaaa
Hamza Fadhel (1 year ago)
ماكو ترجمة عربي
James Dunne (1 year ago)
Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Battlefront......
Sean McFadden (1 year ago)
Easy rare achievements I have. All the DLC stuff from Lego Batman 3 : Beyond Gotham, and an achievement for going to work in Manual Samuel with no shoes on.
Rage Hurris (1 year ago)
The rare achievement for AC Unity is to complete the game without raging from the glitches
Mark Harrelson (1 year ago)
I got the ones in Tomb Raider, RE7 & GTA. Now I do feel accomplished!
supersoniccraft (1 year ago)
444 th like
MegaHentai00 (1 year ago)
Every week on World's Hardest Achievements, the comments are filled with trolls claiming they got it on the first try, so I guess it's only fair that you get your own back on this one.
Ethan West (1 year ago)
MegaHentai00 You're right ! The comments that always make me laugh are the ones that say 'l got this by accident' or 'l wasn't even trying'
DAVID YOUNG (1 year ago)
I have some of em
If you play Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments and you will get a lot ofrare achievements
Joshua Canham (1 year ago)
literally every watch dogs 2 achievement. Ride a cable car? easiest G ever
#1 perk vapor (1 year ago)
Literally in every video the girl always looks at Danny or whatever his name was and starts nodding each time he talks it's really the only reason I watch these vids, to see if she still does it.
Ethan West (1 year ago)
manplays monk I think you need to get out more!!
X _Dweezy_ X (1 year ago)
manplays monk The girls Name is lydia and the Boy is Benny
More red flags than Benny’s tinder account lol
Kyle 05 (1 year ago)
holycrapVADER12 damn...
Carlos Piña (1 year ago)
Guys you should try unlocking "Hold my hair" on Watch Dogs 2. Its the hardest achievement
Jose Carlos Rosas Piña I got all achievements for wd and wd2 (not including DLC)
Jose Carlos Rosas Piña I got that after many painful attempts
Matthew Hardwick (1 year ago)
But I'm too lazy to unlock rare achievements
PVDSWE (1 year ago)
Matthew Hardwick why are you here then
Gael Uresti (1 year ago)
Easy rare achievements, everyone get them*stop being rare achievements *
Tony Yee (1 year ago)
Killer Instinct has a lot of those
The OK Productions (1 year ago)
Hello can I have a free xbox one s minecraft limited edition please
exothermic thrasher (1 year ago)
Krish The YTer no
Fake Owl (1 year ago)
Well these aren't rare anymore
Billy Zane (1 year ago)
What about Appreciation in Sunset Overdrive? you have watch the credits all the way through
Illuminati Gaming (1 year ago)
PhoenixVII7 then again you do have to actually complete the game, unless there's an option in the extras menu or something to just watch them.
Caio Camargo (1 year ago)
play with the women in fifa 18 gives you a rare achievement
Aled R. Parkinson (1 year ago)
What about Kaer Morhen Trained in Witcher 3, even though it was featured in WHA, it's not that hard.
BleedingToast (1 year ago)
If people go get these achievements then they will be no longer considered rare. :/
4 Pixel Chickens (1 year ago)
BleedingToast hi
ashleyutting t (1 year ago)
BleedingToast qaewwwwswsdwwadsws
ATL_UTD BVB_09 (1 year ago)
FIFA 18: Score 5 goals in a women's soccer match, and Play a Women's Soccer match
QuiaNeHia (1 year ago)
I love the rare achievements . Makes me feel like I've actually done something in life. lol
Robojake 2007 (9 months ago)
QuiaNeHia i
THANOSINFINITY666 (1 year ago)
QuiaNeHia same here
Project Legend (1 year ago)
Ark: Survival Evolved - To Ascend y can just type "Ascend 2" in single player and you got yourself a rare achievement, and some cosmetics to put on your face and your Dinos!
Systal C (1 year ago)
Project Legend maybe they should give achievements for applying sexy florescent purple shaders to your pretty warlock dress in Destiny 2
Qammoor (1 year ago)
Also Ascend 1 and 3
Julius Silver (1 year ago)
It's cheating though. But yeah.
Mark Harrelson (1 year ago)
Project Legend that's awesome!!! Does this make all other achievements void like in GTA?
princeminato (1 year ago)
Hunain Gaming (1 year ago)
one of da earlys
Shubh Mathur (1 year ago)
#BiggestBennyFan #TeamBennyForever
Pretty much most achievements in MCC
Yazite (1 year ago)
And rare replay
SlikDoesYouTube 1987 (1 year ago)
Damidget utubes (1 year ago)
Zatanik (1 year ago)
Already over 200 views
Lil (1 year ago)
DeadpoolYT (1 year ago)
I frickin love y
DeadpoolYT (1 year ago)
Meant u
Promageddon (1 year ago)
There's infinity easy rare achievements
THANOSINFINITY666 (1 year ago)
promageddon ?????
ertus306 (1 year ago)

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