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Overwatch Animated Short | "Recall"

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Delve deeper into the world of Overwatch with our first animated short: Recall! Then play FREE during the Open Beta May 5-9: http://blizz.ly/1U5gi77 "Recall" tells the story of Winston—a genetically engineered gorilla and brilliant scientist who longs for the days of heroism to return. In this episode, we explore Winston's thoughts and memories as he wrestles with the decision to recall the agents of Overwatch, all while the forces of Talon stage an attack on his laboratory in the abandoned Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Overwatch launches May 24, 2016. Pre-order now to unlock early access to the Overwatch Open Beta for you and a friend starting May 3: http://blizz.ly/1U5gi77 Like Us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playoverwatch Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/playoverwatch
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Text Comments (10887)
Volvere (15 hours ago)
Makes sense why Tracer and Winston are best friends. Hm.
Creed x Ender (19 hours ago)
0:45 I love how he programmed that in XDDD
Giraffe Man (3 days ago)
5:30 well... it’s high noon somewhere in the world.
ItzJoosh (3 days ago)
0:32 he's humming the overwatch theme 😂😂
Alexander Kilsby (5 days ago)
3:10 gimme a pet that is that cute. I NEED ONE
Smirk Man (6 days ago)
Ao Chen (7 days ago)
I like the goon who just let go of his gun.
fungolious (7 days ago)
did somebody say peanut butter
FallenWarAngelz (9 days ago)
I wanted Reaper to win for some reasonnn Also i wonder what he would’ve done, most likely got widow to snipe them but you never know
Mike Setiyadi (11 days ago)
Vincent Cutrufello (11 days ago)
1:23 with heavy's om nom nom
PhantomKlash (11 days ago)
Tracer sounds like Mickey Mouse when she laughs.
AgentCrazy (12 days ago)
Remember, reaper counters winston
Jordan Treasure (13 days ago)
Blizzard is amazing
Kainoa Fonseca (13 days ago)
Tracers voice gives me hope
Miles Youngblood (14 days ago)
0:17 listen to Winston humming the potg music
Kevin Formoso (15 days ago)
Slo mode at 7:13 some of thise guys are not in game
Puro (15 days ago)
lol casualwatch ftl
Necton 15 (15 days ago)
Is this where Tracers Recall comes from?
Koala (17 days ago)
Hammond anyone?
PUBG company (17 days ago)
*normally eats BANANA*
Surbin Nguyen (19 days ago)
My fellow Winston mains! WHERE ARE YOU?!!
Poptart Edits (20 days ago)
Love it
thekingofcardboard (20 days ago)
"Blood, use of tobacco, violence" It would have been just the two if it werent for Mccree
Clive AR (22 days ago)
June 2018???
Mas Tim (22 days ago)
I am heavy weapons guy.
TartSoTart (22 days ago)
I’m not a monkey! I’M A PENGUIN
Hey It’s Me Charlie (23 days ago)
I think Winston is cute until he rages and charges at me and kills me
TheJamCart (24 days ago)
I just noticed the enchenealde music
Bastion F76 (25 days ago)
Potg harambe as winston
PasscodeAdvance (27 days ago)
You know what. Compared to Fortnite. The animation here is greater. I don't know man. These type of games always please me
Skunk Squad (27 days ago)
Dr Harold Winston Who's Winston actually?
Gacha Molly (27 days ago)
Reaper the edgelord alert
Gacha Molly (27 days ago)
SamDroid (28 days ago)
i want Reapers wraith for to be like this (3:50) in the actual game... that would be cool
Hцaй ФцатгО (28 days ago)
This video was the first I had even heard of Overwatch. I honestly had no idea what this game could have been, but it completely sold me. 2 years later and Winston is still my main man, and I’ve met and played with so many amazing people. Thanks for everything guys
MFlint 2007 (28 days ago)
Isn’t reaper apart if overwatch
Dean Rockwell (29 days ago)
Nyla 48 (29 days ago)
Harambe no
Inky Kitten (29 days ago)
Honestly I'd kill for a short about Reyes before overwatch fell or at least one with him in it..
TheTrophyGamer (1 month ago)
Hi back still 2years hi again
YMA pensevie :P (1 month ago)
all of these use of tobacco signs cos mccree is just there AHAHAHA
darkpaw1 darkpaw1 (1 month ago)
If you slow it down at 2:15 You can see some hidden HEROs
Envy Homunculus (1 month ago)
7:16 Slow down the video at the speed of .25 to see other OVERWATCH agents clearly but their identities and ages are still blurry.
He was humming the overwatch song in the beginning
2:04 look at Gabriel, slightly more in the shadows and facing the other way
The Wisniewski (1 month ago)
Winston is literally me. I binge watch Netflix and eat peanut butter all night
supersongi (1 month ago)
6:14 If that really happened I would main Winston for Sith powers
Lucy est Lex (1 month ago)
7:20 you can kind off see a nathor hero
Weido (1 month ago)
ABitOfEverything (1 month ago)
That beginning music giving me Wall-E vibes :)
CRAZY WOLF (1 month ago)
cottoncandygirl (1 month ago)
That one talon guy who let go of the taser when winston went into primal rage, they're my spirit animal
Luke Darras Denis (1 month ago)
man i love this stuff
Jake Charlesworth (1 month ago)
Theres a hurricane that u see from the moon
shotgun monkey2 (1 month ago)
Reaper dont fail me now!😫
Walou (1 month ago)
All I could think of during the video was "I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE ATHENA"
Bella Nguyen (1 month ago)
Maybe my brother is playing it he has a video like this
Alex :3 (1 month ago)
Why did reaper want the locations of the other heros mabye to kill them?
Smaug (1 month ago)
Gabe Weller (1 month ago)
Who else thinks Winston is harambee
At 1:40 Why the right screen only shows Indonesia and Australia? Is it mean something in the future?
HellDragonDante (1 month ago)
The influence Pixar has on this... it's just as good!!
King (1 month ago)
They should make a movie
UltraPoseidon (1 month ago)
How have we not gotten a baby Winston plushie!?
이주희 (1 month ago)
4:26 friendship goals
이주희 (1 month ago)
Reaper fails once again... Plz make a vd of team Talon(with Reaper) succeeding in missions🙏🏻🙏🏻💕💕
Namanari (1 month ago)
I like how the guy in 4:26 good luck I’m not ending up in the hospital
rreyyett (1 month ago)
Winston would play freeze mage
Meme Lord (1 month ago)
You Cant make me DIE DIE DIE
Joe (1 month ago)
And that's the last time a Winston ever beat a reaper.
TheGregatron3000 (1 month ago)
Reaper must really hate Overwatch
Ronco (1 month ago)
I realised that 6:10 is Winston's highlight called "rolling into action"
Jamses owlGamer X (1 month ago)
MCFinalNinja FTW (1 month ago)
Did somebody say...Overwatch recall?
BeanutDaPeanut (1 month ago)
Winston? More like Winton
This came out before overwatch did lol
Logan The Inkling (1 month ago)
Reinhardt’s last name is “Whilhelm”. I think every time he falls of the edge or dies, he makes the Whilhelm scream.
happy bread (1 month ago)
if only reaper could rapid fire in game . . .
BenGoesLive (1 month ago)
I just realized only now that at the beginning he's humming the Play of the Game Theme.
The Overlord (1 month ago)
Does anyone have this spray 5:40
The Overlord (1 month ago)
If you have started the video listen to this 1:39
Curtic Carmichael (1 month ago)
How did Winston obtain sentience?
Venegal (1 month ago)
Winston players WISH they could kill a Reaper that quickly. Stupid monkey.
SimFinch (1 month ago)
reapers crew is the talon soldiers from retribution just noticed that
Curtic Carmichael (1 month ago)
Smartest goons so far 1. The blonde guy with the black eye that saw Batman in the bedroom and closed the door back. 2. The militia soldier that released the grappling machine gun hooked on the rampaging gorilla.
chazzvader (1 month ago)
The earth is too big. Irl if you were on the moon it would be smaller
ShadowStorm 2.0 (1 month ago)
I’m not a monkey.... *I’m a SCIENTIST!!!*
Make film for Overwach .Please.
Darryl franceo Manohar (1 month ago)
6:05 I’m a penguin
Your biggest Fan ! (1 month ago)
Where is the Athena Character?
Khalil Khalil (1 month ago)
In 5:40 was there a hurricane
Jacob Harness (2 months ago)
lol the guy let go
E4-M0NN gaming (2 months ago)
Gorrilas are bulletproof now?
Changuila Rodriguez (2 months ago)
6:10 hey that is the new highlight intro!
Théodore Moschovas (2 months ago)
Winston sees reaper *switches to roadhog*
Rage Gamez (2 months ago)
1:30 Look at left of screen, there is a hearthstone game going on
Alfred Jordan (2 months ago)
Why is tobjörn in russia and not sweden?? 7:12
Blue Phantom (2 months ago)
Paul Antiporda (2 months ago)
Well that pulse bomb did not damage winston at all
Chris Vieau (2 months ago)
I just love the message behind this short, and Overwatch in general. No matter how wrong it might seem to the world or other people, always try to do what's best. Be a hero, even if it's cosidered wrong.

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