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10 Great Video Games Series That I Never Finished

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In this video I show you my top 10 controversial video games topics. Some great games that I never finished Do you have a great game that you never complete. Please tell me your story in comment section below. Thank you for watching. Follow me on Twitter @RangerSquall Facebook @ Squall Ranger
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Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
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William Foss (1 month ago)
You made a great improvment by adding sound effects in the background, you see, about a month ago you kept forgetting that you sounded just like a person who was just talking. Nothing else, but you made such an improvment. Im very impressed! Keep up the good worj
Squall Ranger (1 month ago)
William Foss thank you for watching mate and thank you for the support
WauwautosaTufGuy (2 months ago)
I have like a problem...Once I start a game, even if I don't like and in some cases hated it, I always finish it...I think in the last decade there are maybe 4-5 games I didn't finish....Mafia 3, SSX, one of the Ace Combat games, and I never beat the final Boss In resident Evil 5 but that was right when i got back into gaming...All the games you showed I never even played other than Super mario World
Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
WauwautosaTufGuy I'm kinda like that too. As long I still got the game in my hands and it's not broken or didn't scratch and also if I still have the save data. For and example i didn't finish dark souls yet because my little cousin break the disc but i will finish it soon because it's a great game and I still got the save on my ps3.Thank you for watching.
Gamer Mario (2 months ago)
Nice bro you played so many great games on your Channel Zelda is one of my favorites :)
Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
Gamer Mario do have a ps4 or ps3. Cuz I got some of the best like best horror, jrpg etc..
Leviathan Playz (2 months ago)
Hi love your content how come you don’t watch my videos
Leviathan Playz (2 months ago)
Squall Ranger oh okay thx
Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
Kingz Gaming I commented and i like your video mate. Thank you for watching
Gaming Grandpa (2 months ago)
great video, I finished all of the gears of war games, I have played a couple of Mario games, but never played a Zelda game, left you a like
Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
Gaming Grandpa all the gears of war that's great mate. That is the kind of comment that will be on my intro. Thank you for watching
Xophel (2 months ago)
Really good bro!!! How about a collaboration 🤞
RAV STAR 3.0 (2 months ago)
Great video bro, and honestly I never finished any of these games either lol, left you a like bro👊
Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
Sorry for the loud music, a mistake I turn on the volume too high

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