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Forza Horizon 4: Real Life vs. In-Game Britain - IGN First

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Check out some of the real-world inspiration for Forza Horizon 4's take on England and Scotland. For more on Forza Horizon 4: Forza Horizon 4 E3 Gameplay Demo Reveal - IGN First: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGl00hItvbw Seasons Change Everything in Forza Horizon 4 - IGN First: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYYqOnVpL0M Making the McLaren Senna in Forza Horizon 4 - IGN First: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRT0dOYXmf0 Forza Horizon 4's Shared World Explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YXFiWMqqlw ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (1303)
MarcusBandicoot (3 days ago)
Nick A (4 days ago)
Most can usually tell if it is real life or video game. This is so beautifully detailed but you can still sometimes tell
theuncanspan (10 days ago)
What if i told you that Horizon 4 looks better than real life
Dead Pool (12 days ago)
152 dislikes from ps4 owners
Galvatron 321 (13 days ago)
From looking at the trailer for this game, it looks like the lighthouse at portland bill is in this game, aswell as that train bridge that runs through the yorkshire dales which made an appearance in the first harry potter movie
Skengface (13 days ago)
all country side why
Mart Jom (15 days ago)
I ❤ forza horizon.
BGL PROS (17 days ago)
Mitsos Da Best (17 days ago)
In some years, the games will have better graphics than real life! LOL.
joshxkerrigan (18 days ago)
Too bad the world will still feel empty without NPCs, car filled streets, and traffic systems.
Sail R (18 days ago)
Song name?
AKhil (18 days ago)
OMG I want to see the Forza 10 right now
Douglas Campos (18 days ago)
It’s so very cool...Amazing! Someone know the music on this video?
Tawan Santiago (19 days ago)
Q é o jogo ?
Hexa Knight (20 days ago)
Imagine, Playing this on 8k Ultra settings, 75 FPS and of course sit on a 4D F1 cockpit
abdelillah alwraikat (20 days ago)
Forza is better
10YSone (20 days ago)
The Detail that goes in to Forza Games are just breathtaking
SKYLER X (21 days ago)
The game looks empty
Rawados Luminary (21 days ago)
But most importantly, real life doesn't have memory leaks.
Zann Rebel (20 days ago)
Rawados Luminary I understood this reference
Robert'sMusic (21 days ago)
*_Beautiful Girl_* ♪♫ 👌
Matt Gaming64 (21 days ago)
So glad to see the Chesterton windmill in the game
Benedikt Decker (21 days ago)
Britain is nice and all but am I the only one who wants Germany ?
Danielius Rynkevič (22 days ago)
Gaming world will look much better than real life after couple years.
YouTube Blue (22 days ago)
Sheesh couldn’t be more hyped
htg97 (22 days ago)
so PC version is way to go ;)
Phoenix MH83 (20 days ago)
htg97 Windows store is garbage. This is Xbox One X footage
Justinas Skučas (22 days ago)
I will definitely buy this game .
Jet (22 days ago)
1:00 that ticked me so much omfg
Stampistuta (22 days ago)
I'm very impressed, hope we get to see more footage of how they created the Lake District before release.
AMGx (22 days ago)
Definitely the wrong location...
Infinita Abysso (22 days ago)
I love how they changed the Union Jack flag on Edinburgh Castle with the Scottish flag, that'll please the Scots!
Why did I not see anything from my home country, WALES 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Chatos 92 (22 days ago)
I think the greatest difference was quality of lighting
Kramer Mack (22 days ago)
omg i'm weak <3
prince caspen (22 days ago)
There real life footage is fake, where's the chavs?
afn Mhb (22 days ago)
I am a ps4 gamer but really want to play forza
ELLIOT1311 (22 days ago)
Where is Big Ben?
Creme (15 days ago)
ELLIOT1311 Its not set in London it’s set in Edinburgh. No Big Ben no london eye no supercars and gold cars seen everyday in London etc its set on the boring country side
usopp78 (22 days ago)
Muhammad Ridz (23 days ago)
Make Forza Horizon 5 in Japan!
Cool Duck (23 days ago)
Yeah it's greeeat
Brandon Beauty (23 days ago)
I wonder if they have my school or house in it
NightAvenger375 (20 hours ago)
Doubt it
MJ 210 (23 days ago)
Th crew 2 is better
Video Game ChannelRO (23 days ago)
Real life need a New Graphics card
Yeh (23 days ago)
Still wanted japan
Joe S (23 days ago)
where the Vauxhall's at?
Koenigsegg Fanboy (23 days ago)
I can die peacefully now
Sainted Whisper (23 days ago)
I don't mind the Forza Games at all it, I just can't stand the ones you can't go off road with. I hate sticking to tracks!!!!!
Alucard Hellsing (23 days ago)
They should add London as an Expansion.
Téo Ferreira (23 days ago)
Os gráficos do game tão mais real que a realidade skkskssksksk pohhah
xBaldwin97 (23 days ago)
One of the nicest looking games I’ve ever seen
David C (23 days ago)
Proud to be Scottish 👍😎
Takumi Fujiwara (23 days ago)
So do we get the full yo map?
69 Solo (23 days ago)
Still natural world is much more greener and bluer. :)
0 0 (23 days ago)
For Potterheads like me, it's great to have Edinburgh.
Normal Fag (23 days ago)
Godamnit, imagine how Playground Games open world action rpg project is going to look ?
Saleena Bovette (24 days ago)
This is gonna be a great game
Apheckt (24 days ago)
I mixed some up .-.
Astronamie (24 days ago)
WTF Look like Real life vs... Real life !
Steve Coates (24 days ago)
Omg this is the best comparison yet..ever. Forza looks more real than the real ones. Atlast..gaming has just reached photorealistic!
LATVIAN PLAYZ (24 days ago)
I never liked Britain cuz of the roads. But now I like it cuz of fh4.
trixisdead (24 days ago)
why have I not seen anything about London in this yet???
trixisdead (20 hours ago)
NightAvenger375 when they said "it's based in the U.K." the first thing that anyone will think is London, not Scotland. About go back to school..
NightAvenger375 (20 hours ago)
Because it’s still in the UK. Go back to school and learn geography
trixisdead (14 days ago)
Creme that's sad man, why did the developers say it's set in the uk ffs
Creme (15 days ago)
trixisdead Its not set in London it’s set in Edinburgh. No Big Ben no london eye no supercars and gold cars seen everyday in London etc its set on the boring country side
Squaler [GD] (24 days ago)
Looks amazing
Braden Hobbs (24 days ago)
Gameplay at 1:02 looks really great
Sigiman (24 days ago)
Crying on Ps4
James Henry III (24 days ago)
Must be the PC version.
Cameron Mortimer (24 days ago)
The graphics are great and they are pretty close to the real ones...now we just need to see the less beautiful things in the uk
WobblyCaptain (24 days ago)
Graphics 0_0
Stance KING 111 F40 (24 days ago)
Will London be in the game ?
Creme (15 days ago)
Stance KING 111 F40 Nope only boring Edinburgh
KobraApple (24 days ago)
Wrong flags on Edinburgh Castle.
Likely Flame (24 days ago)
Wow this is amazing
DJDABASAURUS Gaming (24 days ago)
But will wales be in it?
DNSAGAZ (24 days ago)
I don't know say who is real or game
Malc180s (24 days ago)
This is so tacky
Erik Maik (24 days ago)
realistisch wie sich die Flaggen bei 1:27 bewegen :DDDD nicht!
Erik Maik (24 days ago)
na ja ein wenig könnte die Grafik noch besser sein, der Graustich ist etwas zu doll
dieuhung banh (24 days ago)
The only difference here is the color,forza horizon 4 is more saturated than real life
Don Raggo (24 days ago)
this looks amazing, always loved the Forza games :D
Lloyd (24 days ago)
Can't tell if majority of the comments are sarcastic or they're just blind. The differences are easily noticeable. Forza Horizon has never looked that pretty compared to the regular Forza racing games.
Goldenboi59536 Savage (24 days ago)
This looks so legitimate
Evan Pearce (25 days ago)
No welsh monuments?
H&AHoney M FH3 (25 days ago)
Claudwette (25 days ago)
In-game graphics look hideously muddy. People not being able to tell the difference between reality and this game should really get their eyes chcked.
David Spielhofen (25 days ago)
WireSniffer (25 days ago)
More more!
Mike Kleinsman (25 days ago)
I only didn't liked the castle but with that monument i was like wich one is the fake one wtf
GalaxYSmokaH4TrilliO (25 days ago)
Still hasnt surpassed Toy Story 1 graphics. Video games look better then some animated TV shows nowadays but Toy Story must of had technology back in the 90's that we are bearly scratching the surface in video games today. I cant wait for the day when games look as great as Pixar movies.
Damaris Cakrawana (25 days ago)
0:58 , OMGG my favorite car
Rylan Mitchell (25 days ago)
We have reached the point where i want real life to have video game graphics.
epicrokeyz_fan (25 days ago)
Could U low the blur in real life!!?
JD KREGO (25 days ago)
Looks great
SneakyBlueBallz (25 days ago)
Look at dem GRAF-X!!!!!!!!!
ShadowSpear (25 days ago)
It's prefer the game please
M Rifqi Raihan Lubis (25 days ago)
Oh the people in forza horizon is dead?
Twitchs .Randoms (25 days ago)
From Cotswold to warwickshire to Edinburgh Iv looked at the distance between these places on the map and it looks like a huge part of England I hope there are other cities we can explore
Daniel Gonzalez (25 days ago)
When virtual looks better than real life lol. IM READY TO GET PLUGGED INTO THE MATRIX! JACK ME IN!
By Nahuel Max G (25 days ago)
Spock Mulconray (25 days ago)
At least they did Australia 🇦🇺 I live in Australia and when ever I go to the Gold Coast or in surfers paradise or ocean drive the difffrent places presented in the game brings memories of they place and that I think is amazing how they can model the real world into a game as it feel like your really there they did a even better job in forza horizon 4
Damien Croc (25 days ago)
Imo it might be the time of day that influences the building to show a different colour from the game.
RAKO. FILLER (25 days ago)
Joshua Minke (25 days ago)
it kinda makes you think, how far can visuals go, once they hit real life, can they go any further?

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