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The 12 Best Games For Android

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Our list of the 12 best games for Android as of February 18, 2016. We'll be updating this list as new games bump off old ones, and will be adding videos for our other "Bests" lists as the year progresses. For a written list and an update history, visit: http://kotaku.com/5878879/the-5-best-games-for-android-smartphones For top-12 lists for more platforms, visit: Kotaku.com/thebests For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to http://kotaku.com
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Text Comments (22)
Troy Spartan (1 year ago)
Dang almost all of these games are not even close to being worth playing.
Crazy Wolfcc (2 years ago)
like 200!
RantKid (2 years ago)
why you didn't simply list them here is beyond me
Hammerhead8318 (2 years ago)
These are all fun puzzle games. FF9 has been ported to Android. I'm shocked.
Jorem Keeler (2 years ago)
a better version of threes in my opinion is 2048
DeLePlays (2 years ago)
Nice Iphone game center there on Drop7 :P
Yoonki (2 years ago)
FRAMED absolutely isn't one of the best games on android. It's just not. It's hardly a game at all. Come on. Where's 9th Dawn? Shadow Fight 2? Lifeline? Table Tennis Touch? Galaxy On Fire 2? Vainglory? Trick Shot? Out There? Knights of Pen and Paper? Delver? Aralon Sword and Shadow? OTTTD? Organ Trail? Avadon? Almost all of them are waaaaayyy better than almost all of the games on your list. And by better I mean way more original, innovative in gameplay, well made and truly stand out on the market. Not just the Top Most Bought. I mean I love you to bits, Kotaku, but you'd think your guys would be more thorough when making a video titled BEST games on Android. Come on.
Yoonki (2 years ago)
Friggin look me in the eye and tell me you'd rather play Framed than Out There.
Logos (2 years ago)
Hearthstone Pokemon Shuffle
Nissin CupNoodles (2 years ago)
+Super Lucario Sunshine since when was pokemon shuffle on android? imma check it out
TheKingNekro (2 years ago)
Meh I'll stick to Summoner's War for my mobile gaming.
Pwn Shop (2 years ago)
RIP link in description
RexSol (2 years ago)
Fallout Shelter, Final Fantasy Tactics, Radiant and Radiant Defense, Hearthstone, Tapped Out, The Banner Saga...
Toweraki (2 years ago)
Although very good examples of mobile games you have pointed there.
Toweraki (2 years ago)
He wanted to talk about fresh stuff, new and different...
Mareos42 (2 years ago)
Ready Steady Bang, Color switch, relic run (older version), Trials Frontier, Boom Beach, Simpsons Tapped Out etcetera
Jose Verdin (2 years ago)
Great quality content, fantastic editing; nice job. Again, how do you not have more subs!?
Toweraki (2 years ago)
Different types of youtubers to be honest.
Mareos42 (2 years ago)
+Jose Verdin Also very true!
Jose Verdin (2 years ago)
+WinterVain 480 Very true. Yet their content is not even half as good as Kotaku's.
Mareos42 (2 years ago)
Because mainstreamers take the spotlight
Plug (2 years ago)
But you were on an iphone for a game.

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