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Super Nintendo Controller on Switch!

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Super Nintendo Controller on Switch! Want to grab something from the vid? Links below! SNES Bluetooth Controller: http://amzn.to/2rp0ohL NES30 Pro: http://amzn.to/2qnCdMu Retro Receiver: http://amzn.to/2qnBYAQ Social Network Things! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Kevin Kenson (1 year ago)
ICYMI I'm giving away a Zelda Breath of the Wild Themed Switch! Enter here! https://gleam.io/KXeny/win-a-custom-nintendo-switch
Jesus player 1100 (2 months ago)
Kevin Kenson does nes pro Bluetooth controller works on the switch current update Yes or no plz respond 😢😢😢
leafyis hereg (9 months ago)
Kevin Kenson .
ShadowJedi Knight (1 year ago)
and I am watching this after 2 months it was released so hopefully when I do get this it does not crash my switch
ShadowJedi Knight (1 year ago)
I love the super nintendo and if I knew about that, I wouldve got the 8bitdo instead of the pro controller
Lanceypantsy17 Gaming (2 months ago)
If you get the SN30/SF30 Pro, you can get most of the buttons on the Switch on it, even the analog sticks
Derriq Evans (2 months ago)
Nintendo ate bitdo
thekidwithnofriends (2 months ago)
dat thumbnail doe
Cypig LPs (4 months ago)
Now I’m only using my Pro Controller!!
Artur Morais (6 months ago)
oh man, i wish i have money for buy those
Billi Bob (6 months ago)
You could get 8bitdo pro countrolers that’s the same thing that he has but the pro one has joy sticks and a dpad and it can be used on different platforms and a screen shot button and the home button
Vladimir Gonzalez (6 months ago)
I got a PowerA Pro Controller for $25.
Mike Dvorak (7 months ago)
Kevin! I just found this pro controller on Amazon, easy addition for budget switch accessories. EEEKit Wireless Pro Gaming Controller Gamepad Joypad Remote for Nintendo Switch Console https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077PRCXNZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_RyZJAbN7DPDZ8
Digaddog (7 months ago)
Actually, there's a way to do this already without this. First, someone made a thing that could make your wii controller work on the switch. Also, this. http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/extenmote/index_en.php
Big bubba (8 months ago)
go to gamestop and buy the preowned ones only 30 for one buy two 60.00 wow
Commando 19 (8 months ago)
I like how he says there aren't a lot of controller options, when most consoles have one option and the switch has at least four.
Cool Bro (9 months ago)
Nah I'm going with the pro controller
Gavinrich_ 517 (9 months ago)
I got a legend of zelda pro controller for $7 I must be lucky 😅
Tornado Gaming (9 months ago)
Are you able to use a pro controller while it’s in hand help mode
Andrea Sauceda (10 months ago)
That red Yoshi in the background😍
Taylor Kurtis (10 months ago)
I buy it year ago.. prefear the version with the joypad by 8bitdo
Captain Duncan (10 months ago)
$70! Geez here in Australia the pro controller is $110. Cmon be grateful
Justice for The WAA (7 months ago)
Captain Duncan have you heard of different currencies?
Glace Gaming (10 months ago)
Mario odyssey!
Yuu (10 months ago)
The pro controller costs 95 Euros in my country
Quagmire (10 months ago)
There’s currently an arcade stick for the switch and with the arcade archives coming thru I wonder if you can connect 2 arcade sticks to the switch.
Michael Dooley (10 months ago)
ugh 8bitdo controllers were patched out since the 4.0 update whhhhhy!
Inquisitor Christopher (10 months ago)
8bitdo should remake the flat Classic Controller complete with octagon gates around the analog sticks.
reyn walus (10 months ago)
in the philipines its 30 bucks
David P (11 months ago)
Just had a nintendo switch ad
marcello maxmillian (11 months ago)
Autumn Rain (11 months ago)
so can you plug that dongle into the wii remote?
atomic doomsday58 (10 months ago)
candyShark if it has the same port
Lefly (11 months ago)
Pro controller costs over 900 sek (over 90 usd) in Sweden. I'm pissed! >:(
Mr. Pug (11 months ago)
Talma Anoma sf30 pro 500 sek can pre-order on Amazon
Zomble Bee (11 months ago)
This will be good for virtual console, if we ever get it...
Rami Abdalla (1 year ago)
GoldenPlayer (1 year ago)
Your awesome
Eminem's disciple (1 year ago)
Is the giveaway still going?
EGaming11 (1 year ago)
Leo's Brother no
Nahar Bahanshal (1 year ago)
This is super not worth it
Does no body know that you can use those controllers on a wii or Wii U?
purplecoolaiddude100 (1 year ago)
I wish there was a gamecube adapter for the switch
Gloopie Productions (11 months ago)
Probably will be once the inevitable Smash for Switch comes out.
Zachary O'Connell (1 year ago)
Is this the same size as the SNES remote? Or is it bigger or smaller?
Zachary O'Connell (11 months ago)
Pug Boy ok thanks
Mr. Pug (11 months ago)
Zachary O'Connell smaller barely
Fidel Castrosolis (1 year ago)
its called what 8bit dough
Foxhole (1 year ago)
I prefer the D Pad for sure on this controller for something like Puyo Puyo Tetris instead of the regular Pro Controller. Even the NES30 Pro Controller didn't have a decent Day Pad, which is sad. Hope they learn with the SNES30 Pro controller coming later
MrAcid45 (1 year ago)
I get payed like 9 USD an hour I think
34th Def of Run (1 year ago)
The Capitalist Swine we get payed 12 an hour in canada but out games are $80 when ur guys is $60
MulletEagle (1 year ago)
Remember the good old nintendo days where you can get a controller for twenty bucks. Ahh the good old days.
Corrupted Software (6 months ago)
MulletEagle I know I miss those days😸
matthew chaplin (8 months ago)
Bonelezz yeah, gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood old days.
Yoshi Plays (10 months ago)
MulletEagle Well, sorry that Nintendo is trying to change their ways to others that work better and not focusing on 5 year olds who can't get their mamas to lend over that kind of money, geez.
Inquisitor Christopher (10 months ago)
And you can still use that controller on pc. https://ibb.co/nnAv6R
Ur_Boi_Eddie (1 year ago)
MulletEagle yeah good days gooooooood dayssss
MHBGT (1 year ago)
Probably better for use with SNES /NES games if and when they become available on the Switch.
Mr. knowitall (1 year ago)
Could you use the Wii U controller
Stale Meme (1 year ago)
the bass hurts my ears jesus
Diego Cintron (1 year ago)
"When it comes to controllers there aren't a lot of options" ...... wat?
Daan Schipper (1 year ago)
how do i solve the connecting issues untill the patch may come??
ProperWeirdosFTW (1 year ago)
Hub nub
ProperWeirdosFTW (1 year ago)
I'm weird
luxray gaming (1 year ago)
is it me or is that company that I don't know how to spell right making knockoffs of Nintendo's consoles
Jeremy (1 year ago)
Hey Kevin! Pretty big fan. When you get to 1 million subs in july of 2018, will you take your beanie off for us.
lampini (1 year ago)
Now we just need a GameCube Bluetooth controller
34th Def of Run (1 year ago)
lampini i want a n64 to play botw
Question! If I get a Nintendo Bluetooth controller (or 8BITDO) How will I charge it if I don't have a Nintendo Switch?
Samuel White (1 year ago)
I want the Wii u pro controller, gamepad, and the Wii mote supported for the switch
SuperMarioMaster (11 months ago)
There is a tutorial https://youtu.be/l9vDnyoDwIE
Elijah Da human (1 year ago)
Samuel White me too
Jad Shawa (1 year ago)
Isn't that the desk Jonathan Morrison made?
Andrew Reeves (1 year ago)
Apparently with the latest Switch System Update if you turn on the new setting that allows the Pro to be used over USB it also allows these to work over USB as well.
HashBrown (1 year ago)
But the price of the pro controller makes sense if you think about how much battery life it has, it has 40 hours of battery life. 40. HOURS. It has MORE battery life for the SAME PRICE as an Xbox One controller at MSRP.
Ryan Collins (1 year ago)
Says theres not may options for controllers? PS4 and X-box only have 1 main controller. In comparison the switch has heaps of options!
None none (1 year ago)
Ryan Collins yeah but they also have rock candy controllers,and other third party controllers
Gremm Paltakin (1 year ago)
Might crash the Switch? pass.
mastergamerblast456 (1 year ago)
is that kames house on you shirt
Dominic Gomes (1 year ago)
I have a nintendo switch,3ds,ps vita and ps4
Marco Bahamonde (1 year ago)
super nintendo controller better than the joy cons
Ray Roberts (1 year ago)
I am a very important question. where is your roshi's house shirt from? that is sick!
Luis Perez (1 year ago)
That shirt.......... two of the most awesome things in the world Legend of zelda and Dragon Ball Z
Estefany Moreida (1 year ago)
So glad I found out about the game pad! It's so cool!
Tom Sharman (1 year ago)
Hey Kev! I just subscribed cause of your Nintendo Switch reviews and much more! Could you reply too (to?) this for me please, it make my day. (Maybe like this, if you want. :3)
xZombiii (1 year ago)
10 bucks says he died at that red turtle 4:06
nathan bernabei (1 year ago)
You are beautiful
Weed Snorkeler (1 year ago)
I've had one of these for about a year and I've loved every second of it, amazing to hear that it works for the Switch.
Aplaxta (1 year ago)
ALOMST AT 100K!!!!
Gundam (1 year ago)
when is the switch pro controller going to come out with custom colors!
34th Def of Run (1 year ago)
Hey splatoon one now
TommyTom21 (1 year ago)
jesus t Ok.
Gundam (1 year ago)
TommyTom21 why would you do that.... when they can release custom color ones like the other consoles. Shells that would be uncomfortable not to mention you have to change them after a while.
TommyTom21 (1 year ago)
jesus t It's called buying custom shells
JOSE M. GARIBAY (1 year ago)
I have the original nes styled 8bitdo controller, did this one also get updated to work on the switch?
Mr. Asshole (1 year ago)
I can't even play fighting games well with those Switch controller. It's hard to use the stick to do the special moves. It's more easier with the d-pad.
2BKurupt (1 year ago)
i want that exact shirt you got thats awesome !! any link or any info you can give me on where you purchased it
GeorgeBonanza (1 year ago)
When people pronounced it 8-bit doo. Come on. It's a play on words. "NIN-TEN-DO" "8-BIT-DO" it's not "NIN-TEN-DOO"
Nathaniel Ventura (1 year ago)
Well 8bitdo made a bluetooth speaker and when you turn it on it says "8-bit-doo"
Zanybandz (1 year ago)
Now they need to make a Gamecube one for when Animal Crossing comes out :P
RapiDSpacE13 (1 year ago)
Oh, Kame house shirt.
Mao Sánchez (1 year ago)
So it's "cheaper "? $45 for a 3rd party company? Hmmm
Q the Music (1 year ago)
You can get an 8Bitdo pro controller, that is 20 dollars cheaper the the official pro controller that has all the functionality except for the rumble and NFC readers.
Nathaniel Ventura (1 year ago)
$20 less for no rumble, no nfc, no gyro, no hand grip, no proper home and capture button? Eh just shell out the $20 for the pro controller it'll last you the next 5 years lol.
DG (1 year ago)
No a huge fan of the stocking hat
sunsbookishgamesx (1 year ago)
DG but that shirt though
Memes. Dank (1 year ago)
with the NES classic bluetooth adapter you can use the pro controller on the Wii or Wii U
Memes. Dank (1 year ago)
cant wait for a bluetooth arcade stick for playing SF2
3DMega (1 year ago)
Memes. Dank Or a wired one
Reyn the Insane (1 year ago)
I'd get one of these controllers only to play Shovel Knight.
Justin Holmes (1 year ago)
Street Fighter is perfect with this controller ! Way better than the Pro controller
Justin Holmes (1 year ago)
Jonathan Cifuentes Yes :) I think I'll buy a second one soon
Jonathan Cifuentes (1 year ago)
is it worth it for street fighter 2 on switch
Swapnil Gohil (1 year ago)
Congrats, you're near 100k subs! Keep it up😊
Amer Zubaidi (1 year ago)
I really love you thoroughness, it would be great if you did few games reviews...may be retro? for those people who weren't exposed to old school games... keep the good work bro...
Tech on a Budget (1 year ago)
Loving that shirt 👌🏽
Emydius Montes (1 year ago)
Holy shit, this is going to be amazing when SNES virtual console comes out for the Switch. It'll be like bringing your own SNES and tv on the go.
Emydius Montes I already do that
John (1 year ago)
Is that zelda at the kami house on your shirt?
Tech on a Budget (1 year ago)
John pretty sick shirt, made me want to buy it and found it here https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/76576-link-lost 👍🏽
Carlos Mattei (1 year ago)
Just one question, where you got that shirt?
Tech on a Budget (1 year ago)
Carlos Mattei no problem, glad I could help 👍🏽
Carlos Mattei (1 year ago)
Tech on a Budget thanks and it's on sale
Tech on a Budget (1 year ago)
Carlos Mattei you can find it here https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/76576-link-lost 👌🏽
Single Male (1 year ago)
I want to use a NES controller.
Martin Olminkhof (1 year ago)
Are you going to start reviewing Switch games so we know what other games we should take a look at (since there are so few)?
Johny1220 (1 year ago)
Arms today!!!!!!!!!!
Games You Should Know (1 year ago)
Great video !! Pls check us out :)
This Guy (1 year ago)
Tech on a Budget (1 year ago)
This Guy you can find that shirt here https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/76576-link-lost definitely going to pick one up 👍🏽
Why you just talking about Nintendo switch ? 🤔
StrikerXL (1 year ago)
Nice t-shirt 😉
Aqua (1 year ago)
0 Dislikes Noice.
lillemeg power (1 year ago)
I don´t understand the point of the Pro Controller
ChocolateDinosaur94 (1 year ago)
Bro I need your entire lineup of t-shirts please. Thanks!
Krystal Ducote (1 year ago)
Slime Rimuru (1 year ago)
Grow more beard to become Jared Leto Clone

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