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Playing with Bruder Toy Trucks - Unboxing Fuel Truck Surprise Box with a Crane

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Jack Jack is playing with his Bruder trucks in this fun unboxing video for kids. He uses his giant crane truck to open a surprise box with a fuel tanker truck inside. Also featuring a fire truck, and a garbage truck, plus water squirting action! Subscribe to JackJackPlays for more family fun! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCNUIY_SYdXFpGT_XpuAZWQ?sub_confirmation=1 Big Trucks playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5cO2Q3LtfOcALb3EdDd7ejuKinOL1ebf Garbage Trucks playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux6aa48M_yw&list=PL5cO2Q3LtfOerieE8cE8hSv8OAZ0MqDcU Thomas & Trains playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5cO2Q3LtfOf-ImBaCd35kawH4T0WUYlu Giant Surprise Eggs playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5cO2Q3LtfOcjG8yoR56K3XVMaOwMm4s1 Description Videos featuring both old and new toys being played with and sometimes unboxed. The adventures of Jack Jack! About us: After witnessing first hand how much our kids enjoy live action playing and checking out toys on our Ipad, we decided it would be a fun family activity to put together a channel that puts our own touch on some of these vids. In front of the camera you will find Jack Jack and sometimes his sidekick dog, Molly May, and big sister Ruthie. We are making videos that showcase both new toys, and well-loved classics from our household. They are a mix of unboxing, toy reviews, parodies, and play time, both at home and outside at our favorite parks.
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Text Comments (205)
Ryder Caloren (6 days ago)
Fuck u
Virginia del Orbe (12 days ago)
Awesome video with that Mack truck there is a restaurant called Mack Donalds
JackJackPlays (10 days ago)
Ha ha! Mack Donalds!
Venus Zgh (20 days ago)
mareina Ghobrial (1 month ago)
( like if u Agree )
mareina Ghobrial (1 month ago)
wy is ur kid acting like that. look at this kids 😂🤤😵☺️😂🤣👌🏻👀👅🤙🏻. I’m not talking About u people around the world.im. Sorry I said that but that’s stupid
C Thomas (1 month ago)
I see a egg
JackJackPlays (1 month ago)
jeffery railroader (1 month ago)
Good moring
jeffery railroader (1 month ago)
See you torrom jack jack plays
jeffery railroader (1 month ago)
I like water trucks
JackJackPlays (1 month ago)
They are cool!
Nova Heidemann (1 month ago)
Nova Heidemann (1 month ago)
Nova Heidemann (1 month ago)
Nova Heidemann (1 month ago)
Nova Heidemann (1 month ago)
CatsAreFun mhm (1 month ago)
JackJackPlays (1 month ago)
jeffery railroader (2 months ago)
Jack you are cool
JackJackPlays (2 months ago)
Awww... that's super nice of you to say!
Fabian Macias (2 months ago)
Marie Nilsson (2 months ago)
MaLibby Valentine (2 months ago)
Justin Huizenga (2 months ago)
Juoti Gangarde (2 months ago)
Ketorah Austin (2 months ago)
Jose 800 (2 months ago)
Jose 800 (2 months ago)
Shelby Marrie (2 months ago)
Meagan Suggs (3 months ago)
Is that water or baby oil
JackJackPlays (3 months ago)
It's water!
Meagan Suggs (3 months ago)
PunGpOnD TV (3 months ago)
How much is it? (truck tanker)
JackJackPlays (3 months ago)
It's pretty expensive. I think it is around $80 in the U.S.
shabeena ramzan (3 months ago)
I like your video 😍
JackJackPlays (3 months ago)
THank you so much for telling us!
Leah Hobbs (3 months ago)
where did you get that?
JackJackPlays (3 months ago)
I think we ordered it from Amazon. Local toy stores can often get them, too. 😺
Reva Saxena (4 months ago)
Lawrence Mosely (4 months ago)
Is it jacks birthday?
Lawrence Mosely (4 months ago)
How old is he now?
JackJackPlays (4 months ago)
It was recently.
สใใท้สิอ ดดืเาอ่ว..ยวีาง
Brenda Knecht (4 months ago)
Paulo De Castro (5 months ago)
Parth Pithadiya (5 months ago)
Raj Debnath (5 months ago)
Kamal Prajapat (5 months ago)
Dwi Nuraini (5 months ago)
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Sydne Mae Acantilado (6 months ago)
justin He (3 months ago)
Sydne Mae Acantilado hhhhjj
Sydne Mae Acantilado (6 months ago)
Sumit Soni (2 months ago)
Sydne Mae Acantilado m
Hakan Cakmak (4 months ago)
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Rajaram Birko (6 months ago)
Laura Belandria (6 months ago)
Taniabel Calderon (6 months ago)
E Gb (6 months ago)
I'm eleven...
JackJackPlays (6 months ago)
Cool! So is our daughter Ruth!
Chris Oly (7 months ago)
Good place to hide my vodka
Chris Oly
Chris Oly ft
Chris Oly (6 months ago)
JackJackPlays Glad to be of help
JackJackPlays (6 months ago)
This cracked us up!😊
JackJackPlays (6 months ago)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Indeed!
Tricks For Everyone (7 months ago)
Give me the truck
JackJackPlays (7 months ago)
It's pretty cool, isn't it? : )
Ngork Vongxai (7 months ago)
km ơn. h BBC
Logan Putman (7 months ago)
Sabari David (6 months ago)
Logan Putman iy70yu0
ganesh karki (7 months ago)
YOU Are so good
darel johnson (7 months ago)
ganesh karki iuucuuuyyyee
Mesut Turk (7 months ago)
Mus Lim (5 months ago)
Mesut Turk oooooooooo999th 10.88888i9i9oiiio9899988899899998888
Chevon Guthie (7 months ago)
Kassandra Nava (4 months ago)
Chevon Guthie l
Hok Kheang (7 months ago)
Mmm m
TrashTruck Vids (7 months ago)
A new favorite video!
Samantha Abdool (7 months ago)
Uhh buy h by bbu unuhnmuhmun un
Gladys Joy Sabas (7 months ago)
Kaden Moore (7 months ago)
so fun and cool playing with the Toy Trucks from Bruder Toy :) Great Fun and big Thump Up 599. You are Welcome
Bill Williams (1 month ago)
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Tamara Wolek (1 month ago)
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Naresh P (2 months ago)
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leith Arfaoui (7 months ago)
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Vipul Patel (5 months ago)
baby today we
DJM Hoogenboom (8 months ago)
Ze Kit Nightingale (8 months ago)
put coke in,see what happens
Jennifer Anderson (7 months ago)
Ze Kit Nightingale npwrtuuippokuttrrtuiwetttyyyuuuiiioikiooowettyyuyuioppppppp
JackJackPlays (8 months ago)
Sounds really messy!
Ze Kit Nightingale (8 months ago)
hahahahaha the time on reveal when crane extension falls off and wrong siren colour
Felisha Mcnabb (1 month ago)
Ze Kit Nightingale we ☠💀
justin He (3 months ago)
Tristen's Toy Show (8 months ago)
⭐Big LIKE 👍 from us ⭐ 😊😊😊
Ivana Pavlic (8 months ago)
this is shit
its me chüs (8 months ago)
It looks realistic
Faisal S Musajng (7 months ago)
its me chüs vidiolvcv
JackJackPlays (8 months ago)
Yes, it's one of the more realistic Bruder trucks!
CJs ToyBox Learn & Play! (8 months ago)
👍👍👍👍👍 Awesome Reveal with the Crane! 💥💥💥💥
Queenie Chan (5 days ago)
'I1 Dl11
Asdf Qwert (9 days ago)
+Hieu Vo hr.9.>>>¡ 7☆¤ } □6.•😤😇¡]■■●□¤□●8> ■[●
Asdf Qwert (9 days ago)
+Hieu Vo hr.9.>>>¡ 7☆¤ } □6.•😤😇¡]■■●□¤□●8> ■[●
Adham Saho Vlogs (30 days ago)
吳孟親 has
Hieu Vo (1 month ago)
CJs ToyBox Learn & Play! t
Channaro phok (8 months ago)
Channaro phok (8 months ago)
Disney Cars Barbie Toys (8 months ago)
Surprises are great!
Pardeep Kaur (5 months ago)
Disney Cars Barbie Toys huguugyygf
Saleh Ali (7 months ago)
Disney Cars Barbie Toys 98__
JackJackPlays (8 months ago)
They sure are!
Suhaila Salleh (8 months ago)
Disney Cars Barbie Toys MJJ ML KL KI8POP
2 Brothers Play (8 months ago)
Awesome video, as always!
Dylan Castro (1 day ago)
2 Brothers Play .
Candace Brisebois (10 days ago)
2 Brothers Play , M. , .m. , M Ben but no.lm b nk.ml.mbmn l.. be kl Man baklava. Be Man my Lin m L ,n. L Ken job Pony Ken LP b bnl,man b ,mm b
Zuzana LeBoeuf (24 days ago)
2 Brothers Play w wh
Vijay Yadav (27 days ago)
2 Brothers P lay
ArThUr_008 (8 months ago)
JackJackPlays eu vo ganhar um bruder
Vicky Kushwa (5 months ago)
ArThUr_008 km
ArThUr_008 (5 months ago)
Wah Maung Yes
JackJackPlays (8 months ago)
Wah Maung (8 months ago)
ArThUr_MtA you
Bisou or Skyler Pet (8 months ago)
Gospodin Dimitrov (8 months ago)
JackJackPlays уч
Gospodin Dimitrov (8 months ago)
Bisou or Skyler Pet тц
JackJackPlays (8 months ago)
Hi Bisou! 😀
Amoy Stewart (8 months ago)
Really really cool
Sarah MacMann (2 months ago)
Amoy Stewart huuuugf
Hari Ram Arya (7 months ago)
Amoy Stewart by kumaunilokger
JackJackPlays (8 months ago)
Thanks my friend!

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