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P.T. Remake - Demo Gameplay (New Horror Game 2018) Fan Made Remake

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PT Remake Demo Gameplay of New Horror Game 2018. This is Fan Made Remake. Currently, the game is not finished; however, the core mechanics have been implemented and a majority of models and textures are complete. Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe. Every PT remake I had played before either skimped out on graphics, didn't have the same atmosphere as the original, or didn't have any gameplay whatsoever. I set out to remake PT for PC, recreating all 3D models and textures (with a few exceptions), lighting, and gameplay from scratch. Sounds and character models re reused from the original game, as well as a few models and textures, though those have been kept to a minimum. Development on this project started in April 2018. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (113)
Lobster (8 days ago)
hey man I watched 2 other videos on this already you did such a great job the one thing to improve is the tint and lighting but apart from that it's almost like the full game but please tell me your not just doing the PT version of Silent Hills Your doing the full version right
John Baptist (15 days ago)
Did you fucking suck at gameplays. You try to open the bathroom door 4 times, you relook at every single painting. Jeez you have no idea how to appeal to YouTube viewers.
Norwin Richards (1 month ago)
Classic silent hill games arent scary (Ive played them all) and what shouldve been the greatest and most scariest SH game of all time gets cancelled. Its nice seeing people remaking this lost game but itll still be much better to get the real thing.
Harvaine (2 months ago)
i hope its free, i've been waiting to try again at the puzzle <3
jokath D. (3 months ago)
Fucking shit game who you are. .you turn around back to start bulsheeet wasting time
Tim Hagedorn (3 months ago)
please tell unity to reduce the amount of chromatic aberration. its way too strong
Meelow Avila (3 months ago)
Konami fucked up bad
Reymysterio X RAIDEN (3 months ago)
Is this on PS4
ZangThao 咏春 (3 months ago)
Man i wish it was a Remake i totally will be surprise if it was but it not it just a Fanmade.
Shadow (3 months ago)
I have the original on an external hard drive so I can have it on any PS4. Never gonna give it up
COMBO (1 month ago)
Did you back it up? Is it in pkg format?
TheWalletWaffling (3 months ago)
*Facepalm* This is so fan make. Fuckin really. Without a doubt, Konami already shut this down...
احمد العراقي (3 months ago)
It looks like Resident Evil 7
Prometheus II (3 months ago)
I remember watching a interview with one of RE7's creators and he said that the hallway that you see early in the game took influence from the Hallway from PT, so that's why they look so similar to each other.
kilroy987 (3 months ago)
The move from the opening door back into the hallway loop is subtley different from PT, but enough to notice. The PT demo movement at that point had a more effective oomph to it.
NYC WallCrawler (3 months ago)
So this is a remake of your own? I love it, it feels just like the original. It is awesome.
MrDostoeyevsky (3 months ago)
Konami sucks ball*z
Will Nyx (3 months ago)
It'll be no time and Konami will fire on this one too.
Anthony Lockheart (3 months ago)
Aannd it's cancelled
Ching K.L. (3 months ago)
Then shut down by Fuckin Konami
Michal Jagielo (3 months ago)
How dare they cancel this? Silent Hill was and still is an horror icon of a horror genre in general. We should have a complete remakes of the first 4 games with perfect attention to detail to try as hard as possible and recreate that feeling of stress and unease while venturing into the world of Japanese horror madness.
TheWalletWaffling (3 months ago)
NYC WallCrawler (3 months ago)
Michal Jagielo I couldn't agree more! Seeing how RE2 got a full remake that looks amazing, I can just imagine the first 4 Silent Hill games remade the same way. I would buy the sh*t out of those. But obviously, Konami won't dare. They're mistreating what could be their best saga in such a hurtful way.
Maik Antunes (3 months ago)
Das Moose (3 months ago)
so how or where do we play it because this is great and all but come on now...........we either want the game back or nothing at all. period.
aden entertainment (3 months ago)
0:07 i thought it was my computer making that sound XD
Darkest Knight (3 months ago)
I'd cut my finger off to have this game on my PS4 system...
I Like Coffee :D :P (3 months ago)
Scarlet If your serious you're a joke. Not worth it at all.
Darkest Knight (3 months ago)
Lucky, lol
Scarlet (3 months ago)
You might say 6000$ is a lot but your original plan of cutting off a finger costs 83,000$ to reattach it. I’m dead serious I’ll give you my entire PS4 for 6000$ with game and P.T.
Scarlet (3 months ago)
I’ll sell it to you for 6000$ including all the games I digitally bought with it
Legitt (3 months ago)
Darkest Knight I have it lol I feel bad for everyone that does not have it its really good
kys fag (3 months ago)
Konami already shut down pc version xd
SnorlaxX420Xx (3 months ago)
Can someone reupload the game? If anyone has the game assets too, that would be awesome, I'd love to finish this.
TheWalletWaffling (3 months ago)
*Sigh* trademark *Sigh*
shadowboy 2 (3 months ago)
If you have the assets, just please don't make the same mistakes like that the last guy, who remade this game did. Release this to the public, if it's ONLY complete, okay?
Daniel Reyes (3 months ago)
Andrew K (3 months ago)
Can we download?
theguyinthere (4 months ago)
dude put me as the director ill make the shit your pants game
Mood Master (4 months ago)
Link is Dead please Update?
Mood Master (3 months ago)
I hope not, Gosh! how much I hate Konami!
TheWalletWaffling (3 months ago)
Eli Dias *sigh* doubt they would update it. Konami taken it down.
AK Gaming (4 months ago)
Plz send me the download link.
Nicolas Villamil (4 months ago)
aaaaand konami shut it down
+Jack Spedicy 2 I could've sworn it was Kojima who hired him. Konami are some dicks man.
Jack Spedicy 2 (3 months ago)
Nicolas Villamil yeah but they gave the kid an internship at konami. So atleast he got something out of it.
TheWalletWaffling (3 months ago)
He's right. This is going to be shut down. Doesn't matter if this is fan make. As this description explains that this fan make was ripped off the music and assets so this, without a doubt, going to be shut down... Jeez.
Krimson K-9 (3 months ago)
Nicolas Villamil this isn't Qismars version.
Notice Me Senpai (4 months ago)
I was so shook until i read fan made, Fuck !
Psychologist Brony (4 months ago)
Se ve muuy bien la verdad es muy similar :D, quisiera probarlo
PermaWar (4 months ago)
Dude, you play like 10 year old child, lmao
NYC WallCrawler (3 months ago)
PermaWar Do it yourself. Oh, wait, you don't have the demo. He does.
MrsAlastor (3 months ago)
PermaWar can you do better?
Chantal Marie (4 months ago)
I am still pissed that all we got was a tease from what could have been the creepiest horror game of all time.
Not your angel (2 months ago)
Aldrich, devourer of Gods It definitely wasnt generic. Nobody saw anything like p.t when it came out. But after it was cancelled many games started doing the looping hallway, slow fps movement and just overall trying to copy the shine this potential game had. P.T wasn't generic, it was original. What happened after was people made some of what was in P.T a trope. But even still P.T could have been the creepiest game ever. After all it was a silent hill game.
Eduardo Escalante (3 months ago)
A genereric-cliché horror game with 4k graphics would be the creepiest horror game of all time?
NYC WallCrawler (3 months ago)
I don't know if it would've been the creepiest. I mean, Silent Hill 2 is still there owning that title...
Cagatay Ocal (3 months ago)
Foodie Beauty more like a new SH game
RedDragonSlayer (4 months ago)
Foodie Beauty i didn't know you were a gamer
KcLee677 (4 months ago)
So, somehow slient hill wouldn't stay silent.. for long.🤤 THAT SCARY ONE EYE LADY IS BACK!! 😨
Jeremy Gendre (4 months ago)
sabbathtribute (4 months ago)
If this is an example of what a fan made game looks like....fuck Konami. Whoever made this should do the whole thing. This looks awesome.
Charles Burris (4 months ago)
Where's the ghost?
slick trill (4 months ago)
Is this on Steam early access yet?
kys fag (3 months ago)
slick trill wtf are you stupid?
Tic (4 months ago)
Mr. Charles (4 months ago)
Is this Unrel Engine 4? Btw in my opinion this is the greatest looking remake of p.t. I've ever seen so far... the other ones just looked ugly. Anyway, very great modelling and texturing work 🙂 just work a bit more on some texture,lights & post-process and it will look like the original, also the light in the last room before the hallway repeat in the original isn't a neon light but a sort of bulb light. P.s. (sorry for my bad english)
Ernst Jung (4 months ago)
It's graphically ugly compared to the original. But everything is more tight so it gives a more claustrophobic vibe.
Jai Loyal (3 months ago)
This a remake people this is his own thoughts his own imagine you can't knock him at least he tried to bring something for you guys to see I give a 👍 for his Time and work it looks cool to me👌💪
Ernst Jung (4 months ago)
Still need his mom i see.
RedDragonSlayer (4 months ago)
The guy who made this was 17
Ernst Jung (4 months ago)
Oh so creative, though you'll have a hard time and long path in front of you to top my eight years old nephew.
dikc coke (4 months ago)
Ernst Jung that only took 22hrs and 2biers for you to sound as tuff as your daddy when he's riding grandpa's dildo Keep stretching that IQ, someday you'll be 'smart enough to identify & eat that dog shit properly like you've always prayed for
ESTE D (4 months ago)
I still got the OG on my ps4 when I originally downloaded it I didn't even know what it was and I just downloaded it for free. It just sat on my hard drive for months. Then I was cleaning it out and decided to play it. The rest is history
mohammed salah (3 months ago)
justaYTaccount Hopefully it means there is hope from Konami.
justaYTaccount (3 months ago)
mohammed salah you can’t redownload it directly from your library anymore
mohammed salah (3 months ago)
justaYTaccount (3 months ago)
You can still re download it making a computer act as a proxy wanna share? Lol
mohammed salah (4 months ago)
Tealtown 408 wanna share?? 😅
khaidy suwanda (4 months ago)
Pamali best horror game
debian lasmana (3 months ago)
khaidy suwanda Kata siapa? 😀
ALION (4 months ago)
Mega scorpio (4 months ago)
nice pt demo
Liam Beale (4 months ago)
Is this the same project as Alison Road ? And does it have it will have VR support ?
TheWalletWaffling (3 months ago)
Thank you so much I was looking for his twitter.
doop00 (3 months ago)
He was working with Team17 for a small period of time to get help to complete Alison Road but they ended it for some reason and I have not heard much about the game since then. Just checked his Twitter @Chris_HSbF6 apparently he worked on the latest Avengers movie Infinity War so he have been busy, I know his background is in movies.
TheWalletWaffling (3 months ago)
doop00 Heard Alison Road is back.
Tthedragon (3 months ago)
Yeah like wtf happened to him?
doop00 (4 months ago)
Well this is a fan remake but it was a playable teaser (P.T) on PS4 that in the end after some puzzle solving by the community revealed it was going to be a new Silent Hill game. Alison Road is another guy but we have not heard from him for a long time now sadly.
Silentry1 (4 months ago)
Qimsar's version is a lot better tbh.
Jack_Sparrow95 (4 months ago)
where can i get the demo from pls for pc ofcaurse
Silver Raven (3 months ago)
Konami ask him to remove the game.
Das Moose (3 months ago)
but there isnt.
Jack_Sparrow95 (4 months ago)
https://radiusgordello.itch.io/pt-remake This was the link but its dead/removed ….. dosnt work anymore
Samuel Kóňa (4 months ago)
where i didnt see link anywhere
Jack_Sparrow95 (4 months ago)
ohh i didnt see it thx alote man appreciate it ^^
Nicky Schreiner (4 months ago)
Bethplow (4 months ago)
First like
Bethplow (3 months ago)
Wolf Snow lol I care
Jack Bjorn Wulf (3 months ago)
nobody cares
Bethplow (4 months ago)
Nicky Schreiner lol
Nicky Schreiner (4 months ago)
Fuck you

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