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DETROIT BECOME HUMAN Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (PS4 Pro)

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PS4 Detroit Become Human Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 of the Detroit Become Human Story Campaign including a Review, Intro and Chapter 1: Opening for PS4 Pro. My Detroit Become Human Gameplay Walkthrough will feature the Full Game Story Campaign. This Detroit Become Human Gameplay Walkthrough includes a Review, Chapters, Prologue, Ending, All Endings, All Choices, All Decisions, Single Player, Kara, Chloe, Connor, Markus, Cinematics, Cut Scenes, Soundtrack, OST and more until the Ending of the Single Player Story. Thanks Sony for giving me Detroit Become Human! Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theradbrad Twitter: http://twitter.com/thaRadBrad Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theRadBrad Detroit: Become Human is an adventure game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4, released worldwide on 25 May 2018. The plot revolves around three androids: Kara, who escapes the factory she was made in to explore her newfound sentience; Connor, whose job it is to hunt down deviant androids; and Markus, who devotes himself to releasing the androids from servitude. They may survive or perish depending on dialogue choices that shape the story as customized by the player. Story Chapters include: The Hostage, Opening, Shades of Color, A New Home, The Painter, Partners, Stormy Night and more! Characters include: Kara a newly created housekeeper android who develops artificial consciousness. Connor is an advanced police model android tasked with hunting down androids that have deviated from their programmed behaviours. Markus is a caretaker android who, after gaining consciousness, takes it upon himself to free others like him from bondage.
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Text Comments (14797)
Shawn Mendesismine (1 hour ago)
I played the demo and boiiii 😍
922apocalypse (1 hour ago)
At least I saved the girl without letting Conor fall off the building !
BigBadWolf (1 hour ago)
Been here since Bioshock gameplay
Jwoodley 23 (1 hour ago)
I've been here since saints row 2
GamersofHelaman (1 hour ago)
i remember that
Lieutenant McBubbles (1 hour ago)
4:55 my name is Conner
Liakos Mathers (2 hours ago)
Been here since rayman origins but from a different account sadly
william crow (2 hours ago)
Deep-throat pee cumming pooh man
MirrorMask Gaming (3 hours ago)
I've been following you since the dead space 1 walk through
Faeze Hassanpour (5 hours ago)
Wooooow.. thats amazing😍😍
TheEvasiveVegetable (6 hours ago)
like his videos but oh my god this guy spends so much time doing weird things. play the mission man people want to see the story
SorrowG (7 hours ago)
Youtubers keep commenting on how limited they are in exploring, etc. I haven't seen it occur to any of them that an android is bound by code - if the instruction is "Go to Bellini Paint Shop", of course an android is only going to be able to go to the paint shop (and witness things along that specific route). Even once they go deviant they are still made of code and will still follow instructions. The difference is just in who sets the instructions (themselves), and their ability to feel emotions, not in their fundamental make-up (i.e. the mechanics of how the instructions are executed).
nil by mouth (7 hours ago)
The Sims meets cluedo.
Seonyeonhoes (7 hours ago)
i don't want robots in the future i want zombiessssss
Sabilla Larosma (7 hours ago)
This is my first time to watch your channel, nice gameplay! I like it, you're doing great
Ironvale (7 hours ago)
Think about it, this might very well be the future and its scary to think about it
alex_me234 56 (8 hours ago)
Ugh I neeeeeeed this game.
HighOnDopamine (8 hours ago)
That intro was soooo META!
JosiePlays (9 hours ago)
I just realized that there's huge amounts of foreshadowing in the beginning for Markus.
Conner Harrell (10 hours ago)
You take too much time. Play more instead of exploring
Kris Hilton (10 hours ago)
This looks so difficult lol
Aleksandar Vaughan (10 hours ago)
Ive Been Watching since destiny
Torch GamingYT (11 hours ago)
android phones has became android robots. IOS is getting owned
Schism Bliss (11 hours ago)
Been here with ya since your Amnesia walkthroughs! Love your content keep doing you!
Kristin Bonner (13 hours ago)
yes pls binge play bc i won’t be able to get it for awhile 😭😭😭
Ryan Jackson Creed (14 hours ago)
more like detroit become white the game is only about whites and thats racist and unfair.
Harley Chester (15 hours ago)
Jesse Williams- greys anatomy
Red and blue (16 hours ago)
14:32 I get it he got mad because he wanted to replace him
Red and blue (16 hours ago)
3:59 Jesse androids have it rough
Red and blue (16 hours ago)
Red and blue (16 hours ago)
6:28 never mind
TeamBoss (17 hours ago)
You and me both 38:00
Infamous Source (17 hours ago)
I like your videos but man your like a goldfish I swear to God. I don't know if you act dumb just as an act or you honestly don't know what's going around you I games
Ryker Voets (17 hours ago)
Been here since crisis 3
tyrese tillman (18 hours ago)
That android from the beginning could get this usb
Emulation (18 hours ago)
Sony games are awesome but the movie...... let's not talk about them...
Thomas Van Calster (19 hours ago)
Ios is better than android!!!
Oshane Willie (19 hours ago)
I have been subscribed and watching this channel back in 2012 when sleeping dogs was released. I have been enjoying the content and commentary since!!!!! #HEYYYYBUDDY!!!
THE XPRT GAMER (19 hours ago)
Mark Zuckerberg
louzii (19 hours ago)
I’ve been watching since even before Beyond 2 souls... one of my favourite games ever ♥️
Averybee12390 (19 hours ago)
I've been here since you started playing Saints Row the Third, there is no reason to unsubscribe.
SteamierFlea25 (19 hours ago)
He should have lied
ShinobiSkull (20 hours ago)
Todd's a dick
Mohammed Awad (21 hours ago)
Keep it up playa.
PAVAN NAYAK (1 day ago)
It's 2038 and I am still human
Kemper Forrer (1 day ago)
love ur content bro
This new game made by facebook looks great! Has the founder as the protaginist
Anxel Torrente (1 day ago)
A bit wrong with the distant in the beginning. At 2:59 the main character is about one meter away from the fish, at 3:01 he's just beside it and then agin at 3:02 he's about one meter away from it. Not good.
John Vlad (1 day ago)
The first Android looks like Ronda Rousey
Anish Mathew (1 day ago)
Wow! This is insane man. The gameplay, graphics, detailing are all beyond words. This might be our future in coming years though
Carlos Delgado (1 day ago)
Here since beyond 2 souls
Faith Konnors (1 day ago)
Where she knew that this is our future?
Brennin Tidwell (1 day ago)
yo, brad!! sorry, I'm late on watching this but if you haven't done the give away yet I've​ been watching since the dead space days!!
luckyboss072 (1 day ago)
wait a minute, Sony, fuck
Solem500 (1 day ago)
been here since silent hill downpour XD so I think like 8 years?
Jino Lim (1 day ago)
I like how he f*cked up the first scenario. I haven't seen anyone fail that part yet so this was interesting.
Alec Fitzpatrick (1 day ago)
Been watching since you played outlast
Mackinzie K (1 day ago)
I'm a little late watching this series but for those wondering, there are boundaries on where you can go because that's how the Androids are programmed. They can't walk in the opposite direction of their objective.
Nogo117 I (1 day ago)
You should’ve blasted him
Arya Kusuma (1 day ago)
Ahhh this rich stupid kid again, skipped
Detroit nibbas in tha future: ayo fam we got these robots Detroit nibbas now: ayo fam we got these police organized drivebys
Visionz (1 day ago)
Anyone else watched the whole series on someone else. And wants to see someone elses choices? But also get stressed or anxiety for which way he will go?
Bakka (1 day ago)
Visionz Yeah because depending on what gameplay and route you've seen I for myself personally panic when I see what choices they make like 'This isn't gonna end well' or 'Should've picked this.' Either way I am curious to say which way this'll go this time, lol
Average Normie (1 day ago)
They should have called this badly treated wife simulator
Xin Gaming (1 day ago)
This game looks beautiful
daniel munoz (2 days ago)
Beyond 2 souls was my first video I ever watched of you and have stuck around
Crypto Jones (2 days ago)
I'm late to the game but this is Awesome. Thank's for the walkthrough!!
optic sixsiege (2 days ago)
Connor was my favriot it sucked he had to fall off the roof
intelgen (2 days ago)
Could have said "please adjust your optics" would have sounded better.
Cute Snow (2 days ago)
i subscribed because i cant get this game so im happy i can see it in youtube :D
moviegirl (2 days ago)
The was the fastest have ever seen somebody kill Conner in this game.
Fleon7692 (2 days ago)
IND4GR0V3 (2 days ago)
the textures lighting and shadows look dated
KothsGamerHub (2 days ago)
Brad I haven't tuned in on your videos in a while, I'm back and butter than ever ;)
Senor Sniper (2 days ago)
Black guy preaching about slavery... did anyone else catch this interesting little detail?
Kevin Le (2 days ago)
Mistakes can mean losing a character *Oh dear*
The Skelecast! (2 days ago)
Holy shit - it's been five years since beyond two souls? Looks like I've been a fan for 5 years then!
Noriael Gamer (2 days ago)
Why no-one ever save Cop guy? ;-;
Anh Tu (2 days ago)
Poor robots man
sorry brad for all the dislikes
Fiery Soul (2 days ago)
Okay but like the woman in the beginning, the way her lips moved made it look like she would be more opt to talk with some kind of slur
Peter Courakos (2 days ago)
31:00 teddy perkins
Damian K (2 days ago)
After playing video games for so long you’d think brad would be good at video games.
Damian K (2 days ago)
thor CoolGuy (2 days ago)
sad how we went for androids instead of ☭
Damian K (2 days ago)
I found ur channel from beyond two souls :)
D90Girl (2 days ago)
Just bought this and LOVED IT .......best came I've ever played !!!! Reminded me of the walking dead for IPad ........totally awesome game !!
Hiro Ciko (2 days ago)
Thiss game just really based on reallity i mean the thing is could happen someday, this could be new genre of game... That robot will replace humans, but on other side they will treat like the dog.... But well, That actually darkside of human, the thing will make you realise that human never to be understand, really complicated to understand...
Cougar D (2 days ago)
I was there for the play through of beyond two souls
Dollsmartfix (2 days ago)
I think the audio and the video arent in sync
I've been here since 2011, at the time I was only six and you've grown your channel quite well compared to most others.
WarFighter (2 days ago)
Girl bot looks like katniss from hunger games if you ever watched the movie
Robert R. (2 days ago)
Been watching you since the last of us bro
Crystalwolf78 (2 days ago)
Dude she was damaged and he had her fixed
Game Master (2 days ago)
That’s game is good so far
Token Town (2 days ago)
Ooo this makes me want a Fahrenheit remake
Zamolxes77 (2 days ago)
We all know why Todd picked Kara.
Zamolxes77 (2 days ago)
So in the beginning, you're Benny from FNV crossed with T800 Terminator?
Treyvon Montgomery (2 days ago)
U should have 10 mill I have watched for 2 or 3 years I love your content keep on going
Henri Salonen (3 days ago)
Visit https://robotnews.blog
Chi Phan. D (3 days ago)
De🅱oi been 🅱o🅱o sa🅱iens
Jessica E. (3 days ago)
For the first mission, my ending was different! I ended up saving the girl and Daniel but when I got the girl, Daniel was shot. When I talked to him I reached 100% which meant he wasn’t going to jump off the building.
Zac Faircloth (3 days ago)
Ive been here since before beyond two souls lol
It's Caliber_X-Rocket (3 days ago)
This Todd dude is just a straight asshole

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