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Rocket League Switch NEW EXCLUSIVE Content Revealed!!!

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Rocket League coming to Switch is already amazing news, but now we get awesome exclusive content including Mario and Luigi cars and hats, plus a Samus car!!! Check out all the details here! Which is your favorite Switch Rocket League car? Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce Follow Us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/SwitchForce
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Text Comments (185)
Dotken (1 year ago)
When is holiday 2017?
Comentario inútil (1 year ago)
Soo... I cant play with friends who play on PS4? feelsbad man
Johno Daz (1 year ago)
Good video SF. Rocket League is gonna be awesome on the Switch a really good n fun game. #TeamLuigi but that Samus car tho very sweet. 4th Edge Out.
Why Do Icecam (1 year ago)
JesseAndMike (1 year ago)
Those Mario and Luigi cars look awesome! :D
Lattrodon (1 year ago)
have you never seen a Lamborghini before?
TheGamerAdmin (1 year ago)
"Sony couldn't figure out how to do it." Is SwitchForce also a fan of PlayStation? It sounds a lot like they're defending Sony... Or maybe you just didn't hear why not. Either way, I'ma keep watching!
Bulliehunter 69 (1 year ago)
Will this game be on a game card or online thing
IcerayGaming (1 year ago)
Is it sold in a game cartridge because I don't like my games downloaded thh
Arrow Master (1 year ago)
Iceray gaming Is there a physical version too? I don't like digital games because they have too much file size. Fixed it for ya
FakeFantum (1 year ago)
PinBallReviewer (1 year ago)
I do want to get the game but have no money lol.
Juan Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I love how all these updates are free.
Mr.Rainbow (1 year ago)
is this the only video on it right now
If the hosts name "has been Gabe" then what is it now?
Team Alkaline (1 year ago)
SwagMasta 127 Lol😂😂😂
robnetwork_ (1 year ago)
samus car :D
pc Juggalo (1 year ago)
That's cool. You can't play cross play on PS4 because they don't care about there fans like Xbox.
I like Mario a billion times more than Metroid but Metroids car looks cooler
Fonzy Lycanroc (1 year ago)
I was already gonna get it after I seen it at e3, this is just icing on the cake and I love it.
Walter Capeling (1 year ago)
Xbox has the halo warthog and a gears of war car an some special antennas
VoluXian (1 year ago)
"They weren't able to figure that out" Nah, Sony is just selfish in the cross-platform regard.
FanCy (1 year ago)
Fuck PlayStation for not wanting to do crossplay network
Reidiculous64 (1 year ago)
Rocket league is going to be perfect for LAN mode for Switch
PR (1 year ago)
Blue Falcon or riot.
Hector Soto (1 year ago)
A Halo Warthog vs a Metroid car? I dig it.
Kyler Roark (1 year ago)
I wanted to get Rocket League before, but with Samus’ Gunship as a car, I can’t wait!!!!!
Zeon Johnson (1 year ago)
that's nice but where is the release date tho
ZakdagamerTM (1 year ago)
*pokken tournament demo coming today*
Casper Niebuhr (1 year ago)
is all the DLC from the other versions gonna be available for purchase in the Eshop? or are we only gonna get these exclusive cars for the switch version?
Space Dusty (1 year ago)
Wow no blue falcon that's a let down
Desbois (1 year ago)
Might consider buying the game if I have the time to play it and it doesn't cost too much. I don't play much and there are already a good amount of games I need to play (Splatoon 2 being the next)
Kevin (1 year ago)
I hate gabe.. WHERE IS ZAK?!
Alien Frequency (1 year ago)
When the heck are we getting a release dates for some of these games that are supposed to be coming out this year, specifically, Skyrim, WWE, Rocket League, Xenoblade....??? I'm getting impatient.
Fulkino12 - (1 year ago)
Beer nMetal skyrim probably October-November xenoblade probably November-December rocket league December
Splish (1 year ago)
I was already gonna buy it, but that Metroid car makes it automatically worth it.
59 BlackMarch (1 year ago)
I would be upset with my parents, if they named me, 'Has Been' Gabe.
stayinalf (1 year ago)
Did you guys hear about FF XV coming to Switch?
Hector Soto (1 year ago)
stayinalf ewww why would you buy the worst version of it?
J_laubster (1 year ago)
looks dumb lol
Simple Buddy (1 year ago)
When it will be released on switch?
Team Alkaline (1 year ago)
Oh yeah I love the Switch. This version is the best version ☺
They could've put ps4 in but Sony is just a little bitch
Marvin J (1 year ago)
It looks nothing like a Lamborghini. It looks like a Ferrari.
Timothy Fair (1 year ago)
It's not that they weren't able to figure crossplay out on ps4. Ps4 just hates crossplay.
MichaelK__ (1 year ago)
Ok... will never again play rocket league without being this metroid car! It just looks gorgeous.
prut mail (1 year ago)
Michael Kunze ikr!
guy fuchs (1 year ago)
nba 2k
AZTEK (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if you can play with 1 joycon?
Jerrick (1 year ago)
I hope the samus car has the batmobile hitbox
Fulkino12 - (1 year ago)
I'm early let me make a joke... Wait I'm building it
Blomff (1 year ago)
I wish the Mario and Luigi cars were the Mario cart ones but they are still awesome
Daan Reints (1 year ago)
I have rocket league for over two years but I also want it for the switch
Ben Sheppard (1 year ago)
That Metroid car looks amazing!
The Fourth Edge (1 year ago)
*they aren't able to get PS4 crossplay because Sony won't let them. It's not the fault of Psyonix or Nintendo* *Also all they need now is the blue falcon*
Shalby Blanco (1 year ago)
I just want a Zelda special content.
Doorknob (1 year ago)
Definitely purchasing again on the switch. Rocket League anywhere? _Yes please._
El Chupacabra 06 (1 year ago)
Blue Falcon please
Nathaniel Eggar (1 year ago)
God, i am so hyped for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE US A RELEASE DATE PSYONIX!!!
ccoa08 (1 year ago)
Played that super sonic acrobatic whatever game on ps3 and will get this one on switch day one. So happy, they bring it over
Kalle Ekström (1 year ago)
I have never played this and i will defenetly gett it for the switch
BayFoundation 1 (1 year ago)
Sony didn't want crossplay that's why it isn't on ps4 sadly
Bio21 (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if this will have a physical cartridge release, and also the price?
Deathbringer121 (1 year ago)
WHY NO LINK ;-; ;-; ;-;
Rhys Warburton (1 year ago)
Metroid Car?! Yes Please!!
Shmitty2808 JAM (1 year ago)
Would be awesome for an epic Mario themed arena!
Typical Yosh (1 year ago)
My name hassss been Gabe
bryant lopez (1 year ago)
I mean if we can get a F-zero car I'll let them take my money cause it be perfect
Blue Fox (1 year ago)
I'm super excited!
Nicholas Skylar (1 year ago)
This will not buy over me, but since I have never played rocket league I will buy it. Still, good on nintendo for bringing their own flavor to rocket league, great company!
Alberto Garcia (1 year ago)
But where the game at?
Christian (1 year ago)
Jake is the best one from SwitchForce
Why do the Mario and Luigi Rocket League cars look better the the Hot Wheels character cars based on them?
Sonton (1 year ago)
I'd be down for some couch co-op rocket league action when it drops on the switch!
UnoriginalValol (1 year ago)
Nice! I will definitely pick this up when I get a switch!
Rita Cocco (1 year ago)
Luigi cart lookin' sick! 👌
T.E.D. tech (1 year ago)
Heard Sony stop crossplay for another game with Xbox one
chosen toaster (1 year ago)
T.E.D. tech arc survival evolved... yep
Iron Sword (1 year ago)
This what happens when Mario kart plays soccer.... and Samus' airship
A Dude thats cool (1 year ago)
Since rocket league is cross platform on the switch does that mean we will hear voice chat from people who play on steam and Xbox 1.
A Dude thats cool (1 year ago)
Nat9964 thanks
NatGaming125 (1 year ago)
pile of memes (1 year ago)
As a metroid fan myself, I might just get this game because of that one car
pile of memes (1 year ago)
Jakosei I know but it's cool and it sells me even more on this game
Jakosei (1 year ago)
Then don't buy it, you will not play Metroid in it lol
Patac Luminita (1 year ago)
William Mcmeekin (1 year ago)
The blue team Samus car could be medroid Fusion themed
Whoo 34
Captain Nwalps (1 year ago)
Rocket league is pretty cool, but when is Nintendo going to release YouTube, Netflix and Hulu apps for the switch. I think having those apps on a mobile console would be great.
MichaelK__ (1 year ago)
Captain Nwalps would be cool to have them as i could finally unplug my Always crashing amazon stick(that i only use for yt and twitch by now) :D really hoping to see those before Christmas (because Nintendo should want to look pretty good at christmas for parents and parents gonna say "oh i can watch all my stuff on there and my kid has something to play") :D
Flapjack Pa Not those kinds, not yet at least.
El Chupacabra06 it's a console. It needs apps.
El Chupacabra 06 (1 year ago)
Captain Nwalps It's a game console first, not an Xbox 1
T.E.D. tech (1 year ago)
Captain Nwalps RIGHT !! It’s so perfect for multi media
Weege220/YTB (1 year ago)
*_SwitchForce check that tweet I sent ya, new info for mario odyssey, and a new video for you guys to make 😊_* *Edit : the post shows a new kingdom confirmed* https://twitter.com/weege220/status/900390215252152320
Weege220/YTB (1 year ago)
Juli Jaén *lol, yeah I wouldn't really say anything that rude, you can always just check the channel, mine has more than 1k subs so easy lol*
Weege220/YTB (1 year ago)
Young Plumber *So are you saying you stalk me and know what I do? cuz that would be worse than me actually doing that 😏*
Young Plumber (1 year ago)
Weege220/YTB I wouldn't be surprised if you did that
Juli Jaén (1 year ago)
Weege220/YTB good I thought it was you :(
Juli Jaén (1 year ago)
Weege220/YTB your back!
ThePickleSeedTV (1 year ago)
Conor Harte (1 year ago)
Will the Delorean and the Batmobile be in the Switch version??
chosen toaster (1 year ago)
Conor Harte it's confirmed to have everything the other versions have, besides the exclusives
Sphere (1 year ago)
They really missed an opportunity to add an fzero car in there.
skm Jesus (1 year ago)
Sphere maybe later on
Sean Hakami (1 year ago)
I'm early let me make a joke Just kidding it's not 2016 anymore
Astra // Fuc (1 year ago)
The real question is will there be a rainbow road map
Pasi Pilz (1 year ago)
Jakosei (1 year ago)
This video is powerful.... im holding back tears...
MasterPice (1 year ago)
Nvm i just cried
MasterPice (1 year ago)
Jakosei Boi shut yo sentitive ass up.
LukasPLayZ (1 year ago)
Pasi Pilz (1 year ago)
Eduardo Arias (1 year ago)
Switch! The best Console! Xbox and ps4 will die :D
doof (1 year ago)
SPIDER-MAN 2000 sure buddy
Lattrodon (1 year ago)
SPIDER-MAN 2000 more than twice as many people have a ps4 over xbo
jo gaming and vlog's (1 year ago)
Eduardo Arias. I think PS4 will die before Xbox One though. 😉
Technic 12 (1 year ago)
Elmer Elliott Begone, _T H O T_
Stu Jones (1 year ago)
Seeing them all thrive will be the ideal outcome, but witnessing Nintendo flying once again is more than enough to make me happy.
SpruceyCurlyFries (1 year ago)
iDannyAVZ (1 year ago)
Da Brando (1 year ago)
ElitePlays - Minecraft so basically a fucking float block moving in the game
zentgamer36 (1 year ago)
I'd like a Yoshi cart
yungbits (1 year ago)
I want a minecraft
2PixelPugs (1 year ago)
iDannyAVZ oh wow I didn't know you play rocket league
Cyblaze (1 year ago)
iDannyAVZ I'd want a Pokemon themed car
Cuber Knight (1 year ago)
I might get Rocket League
Mojtaba.M (1 year ago)
*F-Zero skins could've been more fitting...*
Hirmabe 101 (1 year ago)
Second but it really doesn't matter (why I'm a doing this)
IckySticky (1 year ago)
FIRST yaye
IckySticky (1 year ago)
rip. there were no comments so i thought...
Eduardo Arias (1 year ago)
IckySticky nope
GumballDweeb348 (1 year ago)
I'm early let me make a joke Haha just kidding it's not 2016 anymore
Mr Switch (1 year ago)

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