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Monster Hunter World - 10 HUGE Things You MUST Know!

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Text Comments (422)
Akenzen Mayhem (9 months ago)
Fuck you why are you spoiling shit?at least warn us before telling us shit
Riley (9 months ago)
Can some one tell me if since multiplayer and single player have the same quest line, will all my progess, amour, weapons etc. Be carried over to use in multiplayer?
XshadowmonX (9 months ago)
im excited to play this game! im a first time hunter noob so lets see how it goes xD and i heard that the fireflies featrue is easy mode lol so im calling it that there will be a "MHW: no firefly challenge" lol
Maestah (9 months ago)
How big will the world be? (Compared to other open world games)
Kevin Navarro (9 months ago)
I'm new to the monster Hunter games. This may be a dumb question but, I was wondering if they have raids or dungeons? This game looks amazing, and I kind of don't want it it to be a hacking and slashing type game with no strategy. Please someone comment and let me know. Thanks :).
Devilyaki (9 months ago)
Never played a monster hunter game before now, got the limited beta on ps4 to check it out and its rather fun, I want the full game and can't wait .. only one problem, still not sure what weapon to use lol Iiked the bow and switch axe the most so far...
Julio Davila (10 months ago)
I can't wait for the voice acting because I will be roasted for pronouncing the monster names wrong
SilveAge Gaming (10 months ago)
So will i be able to play story mode through with my mate
Gabe Higgins (10 months ago)
1/26. Not 1/28
Malte R. (10 months ago)
Take my money, my soul, my girlfriend, I don't care, but gimme dat game! I'm so damn hyped, preorder inc. See u soon guys, ready for the Hunt. Peace
Whimsicle Derp (10 months ago)
Im pretty sure this amount of hype is unhealthy
truemadmanmatrix (10 months ago)
My one and only issue with this game is that the PC version is not being released as the same time as the consul versions
Lol, thanks for showing that single player games aren't dying at all. Monster Hunter, a series mainly based on co-op'ing giant monster hunts online now gets a single player story. #FuckEA #FuckActivision #FuckBungie
Sarcalogos Tortolero (10 months ago)
They better have the hermitaur species in this
James McCaffrey (10 months ago)
I can remember, for as long as I've played the newer Monster Hunters, joking with my friends about how "Oh it'll be on PS4 on day right?" as a joke. Like, literally, none of us even considered it would EVER be an option. Well, here we are. And I simply cannot wait. After playing the beta, I don't know what else to say other than my Hype meter hasn't been this large since Overwatch.
Marcos Torres (10 months ago)
Veteran since Tri. Pumped for this game just played the beta, and I still got the skills and everything. But my two gripes with the game are the drop-in feature and the liberty to change your gear mid-quest. I don’t have a real reason other than it just doesn’t give that MH feel. Other than that 20/10
S (10 months ago)
Pre-ordered and ready!
D9 .Gaming (10 months ago)
I am going to play the hell out of this game😲😮 so cool😖
OnepieceofStorm (10 months ago)
I am new and want to get into the franchise I have a few questions: - will their be character levels? - will their be specific game modes such as who ever hunts the most monsters in a certain time limit win? - can the game be completed or is it just more of rpg world experience -also how large is the world in comparison to let's say final fantasy xv? If answered thanks BTW I'm already sold on buying the game looks amazing, just a little curious
Jan Berendrecht (10 months ago)
there are no character levels, instead your equipment becomes more powerfull. I guess there will be an arena where you will be put in a gladiotor style battle with a monster and you can't bring your own equipment but you will have to chose out of a certain number of premade sets. there is a story which can be completed but most of the game is about going on quests and killing monsters. I don't have an answer on how big the world is.
Vishnu Nair (11 months ago)
Wait wait, is...is this...is this CultOfMush?
Sunny Bubbles (11 months ago)
I'm so excited for this game!!! I've been playing monster Hunter since mh3 and I'm so so happy this game is still going strong! I hope the people in the West enjoy it much more now that it's coming on the more popular platforms. It's a wonderful game that deserves so much more recognition. Just that music alone bring so much nostalgia😍 It's so powerful and it makes you feel like you can accomplish ANY thing!
Keiron Harvey (11 months ago)
I lo e that the Wishlist is back. It was in Tri
raventhorX (11 months ago)
My penis. That is all.
MR Resendez (11 months ago)
Everybody is saying it comes out January 26th but the ps store says like march...
MR Resendez (11 months ago)
Is the story able to be played with a friend in co-op?
munha666 (11 months ago)
Shit click bait. Untalented youtuber
BossTatics408 (11 months ago)
Really want glavenous in the game lol
Chris Hill (11 months ago)
That wish list feature is awesome, more games need to have it. Genius.
Nestor Camello (11 months ago)
Ignis (11 months ago)
I wonder if these people on this channel even play monster hunter
s6ef4enko (11 months ago)
MHW is one of the reasons I'm buying a PS4Pro. I gotta say it's a bummer there won't be cross-platform but anyways I'm calling out hunters to form parties and go on hunts! [P.S.: Been playing MHFU and MHP3rd and all weapons user ^^]
That One Guy (11 months ago)
So... RIP monster hunter jibberish? T-T
That One Guy (11 months ago)
Badass Toad Yo that's hype xD I don't know why, but I just hope there's a way to activate flexing after healing/eating/drinking. I mean, sure it was weird but it's tradition and it sucks that they took it away with the walking and eating mechanic xD
Badass Toad (11 months ago)
Kyuubi Sensei There is an option to turn it back on actually. haha The developers thought of everything. :)
Reece Baker (11 months ago)
anyone know if this game has hr levelling in it because it will be disappointing if it doesn't
The Irish Elite (11 months ago)
Ya know what MH4U did the telling story through low and high rank quests too right?
lonesoul taker (11 months ago)
Challenger mantle is for pros cuz there is no casual player in the mh series
Badass Toad (11 months ago)
faggotson dick There are plenty actually. lol Definitely more than the people who only care about stats and speedrunning tbh. There are many people who just want to fight their favorite monsters just for fun, with any weapon that they feel they’d enjoy fighting it with. Afterall, the “Relaxed Hunting!” title that is available to pin on online rooms doesn’t exist for no reason.
the guy (11 months ago)
guy with grey hair wear azuros armor of all the monsters to bring back -_-
Tony Bennett (11 months ago)
Rock steady mantle seems like the top of the mantle. I guess it just suits my style as a hammer maim
Byrne (11 months ago)
I am so Pre-order this game
Skull Wolff (1 year ago)
pre-orderd on ps4. loved to play the series on 3ds. now i get a realy good game with ps4 quality. already got some friends that also got it on pre-order. don't realy need the 16p lobby when you got trusted friends.
Jerry Stillfield (1 year ago)
If they don't have a g rank Idk if I will buy it.
Rudy Yeye (1 year ago)
Can i play the story with a friend online?
Hae mon (1 year ago)
Well story = quests=hunts and you can do every hunt in coop
Azurelightning (1 year ago)
PC anyone?
Hae mon (1 year ago)
Need to see the requirements before :/ If it's i7 min i'll stay on xBoxOneS.
MantisVillainy (1 year ago)
Thankfully there’s no fucking micro transactions. I haven’t preordered a game in over 10 years, that’s about to change.
CLM (1 year ago)
I've wanted a wishlist type feature for so long, oh my goodness my prayers have been answered.
skies100 (1 year ago)
never going to play online since i have yo pay so going to play single throughout the whole game
Hae mon (1 year ago)
16euros for 3months online .. not that much
can't wait until the release of this
Robipony (1 year ago)
So here is a question. Lets say me and three of my friends want to work together, is that possible or do I have to hope that they are added to my group when I use the flare? Personally I would prefer to meet my friends online, set up a party and fight together in the same world.
Badass Toad (11 months ago)
Robipony Well, if you have a PC keyboard you can still plug it in your Xbox to use it for communication I think. We have always been able to do this on modern Homeconsole MH games, like MH3 on the Wii.
Robipony (11 months ago)
Well, I'll be on xbone so probably not keyboard, but yeah this sounds like it will be fun. :)
Badass Toad (11 months ago)
Robipony It is confirmed that you can set up a hunting party before beginning the quest, and then you can start it up together with all your friends. :) And by the way, you will also be able to use a keyboard and/or microphone to communicate with them in-game.
Robipony (11 months ago)
That will be awesome then. I am very new to the series as this will be the first monster hunter game I have played, however I do have a friend who has played the series, so I figured I would give it a try.
Machete (11 months ago)
Honestly thats what monster hunter is all about So yeah
Dkn Pry (1 year ago)
Why do they keep saying release is January 28 when on the ps store it says 3/31?
MannyMcManBeard (1 year ago)
whats with that nasty filter on the thumbnail?
Aqilyaf (1 year ago)
Badass Toad (11 months ago)
Aqilyaf *HOLY SHIT!* That sure looks like one! :D Good eye right there, for being able to spot that! Nothing would make me happier than seeing my boy Yian Garuga make it back to MHW! He’s SUCH A BADASS! In old gen MH games he used to follow the hunter to different areas to HUNT HIM DOWN after the hunter escapes. I would love to see Yian Garuga do that on MHW!
Birdywar (1 year ago)
better get my G-rank or better yet make a rank higher than G
we are spartan's (1 year ago)
Well guys I built a time machine I'll see you guys in the future have fun waiting ✌
SneakyBadger98 (1 year ago)
My dick pulsates at the thought of this game
TheSpore35 (1 year ago)
is this gaijinhunter?
thesuperiordoglet (1 year ago)
The game looks great, but the monsters don't look as creative. It seems like they were going for a more realistic look.
thesuperiordoglet (11 months ago)
+Badass Toad I'm fine with realistic designs, but at least I want something with more creativity. For example, the nercassila was amazing because it was realistic, in terms of fight style(how it would fight if it we're real), and in how it behaves outside of battle, meanwhile having a boatload of creativity and good creature design put into it.
Badass Toad (11 months ago)
Myduckisonquack Quackityduck MH and it’s ecosystem have always been realistic and had realistic monster designs. It’s basically going back to the Gen1 - Gen3 Monster designs, before some of those overly unrealistic Monster designs on MH4U and MHGen. (Though MHGen was kind of a spinoff, so whatever.)
TwitchDeman (1 year ago)
A raid that takes more than 4 people to kill a monster
Cloak Kip (1 year ago)
For christmas I really want worlds.
Cloak Kip (1 year ago)
I know but I wanna pre order
L (1 year ago)
DeadSkull It releases in January
DeadlestSpartanGroup (1 year ago)
I want it already
PlasmaWisp100 (1 year ago)
Already preordered >:)
Big Saackus (1 year ago)
*10 things that everyone who has been watching monster hunter world news already knows*
Carbon xP (9 months ago)
Lmao it’s sad how much we are craving for this that we have watched every means of footage or info 😅😅
Michael henderson (11 months ago)
Okey dokey 🙃
Azurelightning (1 year ago)
Big Saackus ikr
The music from the trailer is too beautiful!
RetroMarineX13 (1 year ago)
Monsters are lackluster as fuck. The only thing I've raised my eyebrow with interest to, is the giant mountain monster, I assume is an elder dragon
RetroMarineX13 (11 months ago)
Badass Toad bird wyverns all look the same
Badass Toad (11 months ago)
RetroMarineX13 Um... Where the hell are those “multiple Qurupeco knockoffs” that you are talking about..? xD lmao
RetroMarineX13 (1 year ago)
Ice Bear I saw a bubble squirrel, I saw a mud plesioth, I saw a snake mixed with a flying squirrel, I saw multiple queropeko knockoffs, and I saw 3-4 monsters that are A staples, B frustrating or C both
Ice Bear (1 year ago)
RetroMarineX13 Have you seen the monsters in gameplay? They're extremely unique.
Michael Boyd (1 year ago)
Super excited. Can't wait for this game to be released
Robbie berg (1 year ago)
run around naked
FilthyCasualKai (1 year ago)
The elder dragons are obviously running away from another much more badass elder dragon.
mh4u got story you know
Boresh Tumbo (1 year ago)
So no adapt?
Badass Toad (11 months ago)
Boresh Tumbo No, Hunting Styles were not supposed to stay in the Main MH series. Monster Hunter Generations was a spinoff meant to simply celebrate the anniversary of the MH series. And since MHGen was made by the MHFrontier team, they added some similar mechanics from MHFrontier to the game. But Adept was too abusable and made the game way too easy. That’s not what Monster Hunter should be like. I’m so glad that it is finally gone tbh.
This Cream (1 year ago)
Is this game going to have a online story mode
Waylay Brigade (1 year ago)
This Cream the story is offline and online. You can take people with you into story missions
Cameron Admetus (1 year ago)
they had better have a HUGE monster roster given how elder dragons come to this "new world" every decade ! I can easily see other elder dragons coming for a fight so to speak after we've taken down our new living mountain , Godzilla elder dragon, but I want to see many more flagship monsters making up the roster as well this way we won't be waiting for weeks just for new monster to be downloaded of the web or some shit like that. Capcom! the monster roster better be a mile long the moment the game drops!
Vazareth21 (9 months ago)
I know the original comment was from 3 months ago but this is the list of monsters in MHW at the moment. More might be added as time goes on. The latest trailer showed the Deviljho is making a comeback - http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/MHW:_Monsters
Waylay Brigade (1 year ago)
Cameron Brown I wouldn't know about a shit ton. But if what we have is half, then we can expect 30 or so monsters by the end of it and 3 more maps, not counting the day and night cycles
Cameron Admetus (1 year ago)
Waylay Brigade I k knows there's more. it just better be a shit ton more. maybe then we'll all be seeing the greater a monster hunter to ever be released.
Waylay Brigade (1 year ago)
Cameron Brown we have at least 2 more reveals coming out and so far every one has shown at least 5. 115 days to go, we will get more monsters added lol. No way it's stopping at 15 Especially since there's only been 3 maps revealed with 6 being the assumed number due to the hunters notes showing the great jagras in 1 territory with 5 empty spaces next to it. There's definitely more to come!
Cameron Admetus (1 year ago)
Waylay Brigade just so long as we get another game play video or another trailer show casing at least a dozen new, if not returning monsters I'll be fine. until then the roster is to small . I come as far back as the very first MH game, and I'm telling you all. this roster so far, although impressive, is still to small. Capcom had better deliver monsters. More than any MH thus far.
arsetothem (1 year ago)
Cloak mantle for stealth... with a totally visible big ass weapon on his back.
Aaron Warren (1 year ago)
This looks like the perfect game
Stedysteel Sted (1 year ago)
this is like telling human u must breath so u can live and remember keep ur heart beating
Marc Elias Schryer (1 year ago)
Is Free Hunting multiplayer ??
rubber duckie (1 year ago)
Freaky Behavior Uhhhh....The fuck!!!?!!!
Marc Elias Schryer (1 year ago)
Freaky Behavior (1 year ago)
Waylay Brigade cool I made a new friend let me know when you're ready lol 🙄
Waylay Brigade (1 year ago)
Alias Schryer my second comment was to freaky behaviour lol, but my initial comment was stating that you can go into the maps for free hunt with multiple people lol
Marc Elias Schryer (1 year ago)
Waylay Brigade pardon ?
Dalton Benedict (1 year ago)
Yup, not anticipating it at all or anything considering I pre-ordered the CE version. 😎
Joseph Huffman (1 year ago)
I've been wanting this game since I played monster hunter freedom unite on psp.
Hae mon (1 year ago)
same here lol
Alexander Munin (1 year ago)
I'll definitely pre-order it. I won't be disappointed.
Tobias Sjögren (1 year ago)
I'm sold never played a mh game before cus it just seemed very grindu, prepheavy and clunky but this oh boiii. This looks like the mh game akin more to my taste.
TheCatslock (1 year ago)
At least some of the quality of life changes will help with some of the frustration. Also convinced the wishlist is desire sensor trying to get the drop on you lol.
Ice Bear (1 year ago)
Tobias Sjögren Nope. This game will be like the others but better. Be prepared for hours, maybe even days of farming for one item.
NieR MayOnetta (1 year ago)
According to NASA, when Monster hunter world's confirmation was shown at E3 the salt level on the ocean was dramatically increased because of Nintendo fanboys.
Jan Berendrecht (10 months ago)
capcom might be working on monster hunter portable 5 for the switch or might surpirse with a downgraded monster hunter world release
ImpendingGhost (1 year ago)
NieR MayOnetta Why would it? We still have stories and Capcom still might bring Double Cross to the west.
Craig Johnson (1 year ago)
Give me a fucking demo...
GoonzerTheOne (11 months ago)
december 9
dankrai 69 (11 months ago)
I Gamer because mh was always with Sony platforms. But I think an Xbox demo should come pretty soon after dec 9th
dankrai 69 (11 months ago)
Craig Johnson December 9th my guy.
Waylay Brigade (1 year ago)
Craig Johnson for real dude. I'd do unspeakable things for an accessible demo right now.
MaryArts (1 year ago)
Why exactly do they want to kill the elder dragon? Why isn't he allowed to live there?
Waylay Brigade (1 year ago)
To be fair, it was stated that we were going to research the dragon, not kill it. it's not until we see the commander attacking it that we know if its a threat or not. To be honest, I'm expecting the commander to be a little off his rocker
The Sandity (1 year ago)
MaryArts It's a dragon so it's probably a huge threat to them as a whole.
Tethras Vega (1 year ago)
Btw if your not sure, there is usually always a demo to these games that include 3 monsters, easy to hard, so even if your not sure from videos, make sure to at least try the demo, definitely feels a lot different then watching and make sure to try ALL the weapons.
thehillza (1 year ago)
This is most definately the most hyped I have been for a game ever.
BerserkerGaroth (1 year ago)
2 questions: 1.G-Rank? 2.what about the time? i guess 50 min is pretty short if you gotta run through the whole area and look for the monster first
TheCatslock (1 year ago)
Don't forget that you can now fast travel back to home base and use the flying tiny wyrms to fly to other areas.
Waylay Brigade (1 year ago)
BerserkerGaroth nothing about g rank yet but that's probably a later in the year type deal And the time limit will be 50 minutes whenever the game drops, but it's also the reason for the scoutflies as the maps will be somewhat dynamic and vertical as well as being rather large in scale already. Imagine trying to find these guys and do what you need to do in a timely fashion with seamless transitions
mrgerminaro (1 year ago)
I wonder just how many new monsters will be added, so far theres about 5. would be awesome to get another huge amount like with the wii game. but its MH ill take whatever I can get... and I am getting this game the moment it comes out.
mrgerminaro (1 year ago)
Waylay Brigade seems like less when I'm reading the wikia LOL I don't know why...
Waylay Brigade (1 year ago)
mrgerminaro new monsters we have: Nergigante (spiky demon flagship) Paolumu (bat) Legiana (flying white one) Pukei pukei (chameleon) Anjanath (trex) Great jagras (iguana) Jyurutodos (catfish) Kulu ya ku (rock holding dodo raptor) Tzitzi ya ku (flashing raptor) And zorah magdaros (giant lava elder dragon) Little bit more than 5 my friend :P
Raian Pia (1 year ago)
NO GUNNER ARMORS fuck u capcom
FirPtl (1 year ago)
at least they kept the properties of the diff. between blademaster and gunner in the weps. Equip a gunner wep and u get increased elemental defense, equip a blademaster wep and u get a boost in physical defense. Only thing Ill miss about them is tht we will hav less options for making fashion sets.
Malonze Productions (1 year ago)
Monster hunters unite! Im so fucking ready!
Brody Pearson (1 year ago)
omgwtfbbq consumer really looks prett| booty"bake !!
maxspecs (1 year ago)
Wait, no hunting horn or prowler? I could swear I've seen videos of both...
Waylay Brigade (1 year ago)
Hunting horn is in, with the songs available for the horns to see in the top left next to your healthbar.
TheCatslock (1 year ago)
Hunting horn is in the game, but prowler mode was a generations thing. You do get a in depth palico creator for your side kick.
Supernerd471 (1 year ago)
Cross the sea to the new world? Is the white man coming?
Earl Heady (1 year ago)
I can't wait for this game I'm all in finally get a monster hurt in the west on a new gen system
Bill (9 months ago)
The Sandity Yes well, whatever you people say, it is too much money to build a pc that can run this as good as a console.
The Sandity (1 year ago)
Earl Heady Pc is where it's at. No use on getting it on console. Controllers can be connected to Pc and I can easily have presets set.
Gurtington (1 year ago)
You're so nasely. P.s. I'm so ERECT RIGHT NOW
al ravijn Balingit (1 year ago)
umm what about micro transactions
FirPtl (1 year ago)
Only MH games tht ever had Micros was Frontier and Online (China game) but those were spinoffs.
Waylay Brigade (1 year ago)
If there are they are going to be mostly for cosmetic items, nothing that will give anyone an advantage
Malonze Productions (1 year ago)
al ravijn Balingit. Monster hunter games (least that i know of) have never had micro transitions. And so far this one doesnt have any. That has been announced.
Scherard Lindsay (1 year ago)
The thumbnail got me
Razziel The Dragon (1 year ago)
Badass Toad (9 months ago)
Yeah The Boys In Monster Hunter, people have some times (quite often, I’d say ) had trouble getting certain Monster material drops when they REALLY want them, or are grinding a certain quest over and over to get a certain material. Whether it is a rare drop or not.. xD BUT, then many people find themselves having INCREDIBLY GOOD luck with getting really rare monster drops when they DON’T need to get them! We have come to call that the “Desire Sensor”, because we joke about the game being able to “feel” what kinds of materials we want to get in the game. xD Also to add to that joke, ever since the old times we’d also joke about the famous Elder Dragon called “White Fatalis” being the one responsible for the Desire Sensor. Because White Fatalis is canonically the Father of all monsters and dragons in the Monster Hunter lore. Therefore, White Fatalis is basically the god of the MH universe. xD And thus it makes sense that people would joke about him being the one who has the power to “control” the Desire Sensor. hahaha *LASTLY* , there is also the joke that Poogie (The pet pig that you have in all MH games) is the god of the Desire Sensor, because some people used to say that petting him before going on a quest would increase the drop-rates of rare items. Hahaha
Riley (9 months ago)
I'm new to MH. Can someone explain to me what all this thread means
Christopher Sebastiao (10 months ago)
Desire sensor.. we meet again.
Badass Toad (11 months ago)
Waylay Brigade *LMAO!* I never thought about that! xD Hahahahahaha Now you are basically able to directly TELL the desire sensor what materials you need! But oh well, how worse could it get?.. RNG has always been a bitch to begin with.
Kat T (1 year ago)
Razziel The Dragon once you admit that you want a certain drop you will not get it
Hell Walker (1 year ago)
Hunters time to grind 👊🏻
Alysson EQ (1 year ago)
Hunters on xbox. Let's hunt together. Leave your hey here
Minecraftcastle Gamer (8 months ago)
Alysson EQ hey
Sully Bear (8 months ago)
Xbox gamertag: sullybe4r
klnz1107 (8 months ago)
Already pre ordered gt: its th3 kid
NotoriousD2TheJ (8 months ago)
Alysson EQ Already preordered and mic ready. We only will hunt the best and only the best will come out alive. Gamer tag: DJMONEY 3D
Slippy (11 months ago)
Alysson EQ Hey ho bro Gamertag: Slippydoo1
CptEddyPrice (1 year ago)
Bill (9 months ago)
Kat T It isn't coming that early. It's mid to late 2018.
CHEE PETER (1 year ago)
MHW On console is coming January 18 I believe, PC should be coming soon after that
Kat T (1 year ago)
CptEddyPrice early 2018
Lillaskinkan1 (1 year ago)
I know Rathalos is in it, and i presume Rathian is aswell. But are there any other "old" monsters in it or is it just new ones? I'd really like to fight Lagiacrus in HD! :) And Devilhjo...and Rajang... and Tigrex... and Brachydios...
Minecraftcastle Gamer (8 months ago)
Lillaskinkan1 i agree
Molten Tigrex (1 year ago)
Azurelightning yeah that would he amazing especially with how the monsters attack each other. It would be really funny to see a Deviljho grab a Rathalos in the air and smash it on the ground.
Azurelightning (1 year ago)
Dead Meme its like on their first hr hunt it runs up and kills EVERYTHING
Azurelightning (1 year ago)
Lillaskinkan1 and we need zinogre too
we are spartan's (1 year ago)
I'm sure there is but they don't want to show them just yet I think they want us to see for our self when the game is out
But can you still catch monsters?
FirPtl (1 year ago)
Also when u cap a monster it will add to the research notes (aka in-game wiki) of a monsters weakness, wht parts of the body get more damage from blunt or sharp, wht parts of the body give wht parts u need, etc. The more u cap the more info u will know about the monster. So yay for more incentive to cap monsters more often. :) Means less time on the internet looking at Kirancio. lol
Oooh, great. Thanks for the info. (:
Waylay Brigade (1 year ago)
Gay Transgender Dilophosaurus you can catch them, and whenever you go back to the town, you can see the monster you caught on a platform knocked out.
Tibi Éliás (1 year ago)
Gay Transgender Dilophosaurus You can. There was a japanese live stream where a group of four hunters captured the Anjanath at his lair.
Video could have been 5 minutes long and none of these are new news at all. Fuck you.

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