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PlayStation Top 10 Platform Games

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For all of the other PlayStation Top 10 Countdowns, Here is the Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=CEC4B3D26EC0B220
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Text Comments (98)
OrgaNism (2 months ago)
Castlevania is a metroidvania and Spyro is absent from the list?
Clsx Alghazanth (2 months ago)
Lacks Gex 1 and 2 , Skullmonkeys , Pandemonium , Rapid Reload , Heart of Darkness , Lomax , Kitchen Panic
J McClain (3 months ago)
Great job buuuut, you 4got the gex series
Aidin Kelki (4 months ago)
Where is Skullmonkeys??!
Isaac Tuohey (4 months ago)
they are kind of all the same i think if you've played one you've played them all
La Li Lu Le Lo (5 months ago)
Wild 9?
Nolan Ingram (6 months ago)
You cant put spyro and crash on every damn list..this allows other games to be seen by people.
PanBari (1 year ago)
Ape escape is big shit, where is spyro the dragon??
Hanafy Sullivan (1 year ago)
Tomba is best flatporm
Adam Ellis (1 year ago)
this list needs SKULLMONKEYS
Shezzy (1 year ago)
Yes indded.,., but Its just my opinion ., :) thank for the comment though :)
BASEDPANDA (1 year ago)
im so glad I was able to grow up with klonoa oddworld crash rayman banjo and mario <3
Victor Barbato (1 year ago)
where is spyro?
Mario Quessep (1 year ago)
Hércules was hard as fucc
Christopher McLaren (1 year ago)
Cheers for the list, showed me some games I didn't know about.
Neyro TV (2 years ago)
Spyro ??????
Wilson Fisk (2 years ago)
Where's Spider-Man?
Manias Sua (2 years ago)
Best Platform / Jump`n`Run game on Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.platform.adventure.super.drake.world Free download !
irina1296 (3 years ago)
My favorite PlayStation 1 games are: Alien Trilogy, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Mortal Kombat 4, Resident Evil 1-3, Soul Blade (Edge), James Bond (Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough), Alien: Resurrection, The X-Files Game, Xena: Warrior Princess, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Grand Theft Auto 1-2, Gran Turismo 1-2, The Fifth Element, Spider-Man, Centipede, Marvel vs Capcom, Apocalypse.
Tony Flores (3 years ago)
Donde Mierda!! esta 40 WINKS?? ¬-¬ no así no hay like ni suscripción
Sebastião Souza (3 years ago)
Gio EchO (3 years ago)
the oddworld you put in is odissey not exoddus ;)
The Only Truth One Way (4 years ago)
my best platform lists, in ps1 : crash bandicoot - spyro - klonoa - gex the gecko, in ps2: jak and daxter - ratchet and clank - sly the racoon - klonoa 2
The Only Truth One Way (4 years ago)
crash is my favourite game ever times in ps1
MattSD Pell (4 years ago)
Thanks!! I share almost every number of your list. P.s. That is Abe's Oddyssee, not Exoddus 
Ogasso (4 years ago)
Abe <3
Dylan Imperi (4 years ago)
pac man world?
johnyboy6405 (4 years ago)
Excellent. Thanks.
ADIS (4 years ago)
where is MEDIEVIL?
Lucky Luciano (2 years ago)
Top 10 Platform Games
João Monteiro (3 years ago)
+LethargicJest But it's funny how he used Medievil's boss music to cover one of the games...
SirBaskethead (3 years ago)
Medievil is an action adventure game. You don`t really do platforming.
CoolNameGuy (4 years ago)
I prefer X4 over X5 but love both, yeah Spyro is glaring but not too mad on a list that Tomba! 2 barely made, and Heart of Darkness is too busy being terrible.
H. David (4 years ago)
Ted Punch (4 years ago)
where the hell is Heart of Darkness?????????!!!!!!!
Eric Durval (5 years ago)
Mega Man XD!!!!!!
Channel Sulton (5 years ago)
SuperNes1996 (5 years ago)
i play spyro and kirby..
pleiadians K (5 years ago)
because spyro is a load of crap game for childreen on 3 years old thats why dufus
Game Enthusiast (5 years ago)
don't you mean "SOTN" ?
Nathan Fanstooik (5 years ago)
Not even mentioning spyro or wild9, meh...
Nathan Fanstooik (5 years ago)
Not even mentioning spyro or wild9, meh...
magicalxan (5 years ago)
Yes he clearly did...
AnOverdoseOfAwesome (5 years ago)
You said Abes Exoddus but you showed footage from Oddysee?
Alejandro Valencia (5 years ago)
Sky Dread (5 years ago)
crash bandicoot 3 for me =)
Sky Dread (5 years ago)
I agree
Sky Dread (5 years ago)
I think crash 3 > 1 > 2 =p
Sky Dread (5 years ago)
crash bandicoot number 1 for me Heart of darkness? Pandemonium?
Nightbuggg (5 years ago)
Faptain Cabulous (5 years ago)
Call me crazy but the thing you ride is only in abe's oddysee lol
Paulino IV (5 years ago)
i think what you are searching for is Silhouette Mirage^^
puffwad (5 years ago)
How the hell is Spyro not in this list???
kickmastergd (5 years ago)
great list,MO = Megaman X4 > Megaman X5 Crash 2 > 3
PanBari (1 year ago)
crash 2 i'm loved but is too easy, crash 1 and 3 is hardest
Grumete San Jacobo (5 years ago)
what??? where's spyro????
Faiq Khalifa ASK (5 years ago)
NONE can compare with Castlevania SotN
zawette (5 years ago)
crash should be one
sportzfreek92 (5 years ago)
Where's Spyro?
clawbl (5 years ago)
-Hello -Hello! -Follow me -OK!
Patrick Jones (5 years ago)
Im looking for a 2d game and you play as a girl. You had a red side and a blue side, those were her two powers. She had like a finger gun and shot these blast out. ( thats all i can remember really, also there was a boss and it was a giant gun and another boss that throw roses or something..
drubio (1 year ago)
Patrick Jones Sillouete Mirage
Phire Wuffie (5 years ago)
But nr. 2 shows Abe's Oddysee, not Exoddus
August Cruz (5 years ago)
Ape Escape! Fuck yes! That game made my childhood!
PlatformerFan (5 years ago)
This is a good list, hope you'll make more in the future.
mrkerekespeter (5 years ago)
USM soundtrack!!:)
patriots971 (6 years ago)
TyTheN1nja (6 years ago)
MarcusMc Bandi (6 years ago)
indeed,good sir!
juan fuentes (6 years ago)
the only ones i liked where the castlevaina ones
Domagoj Krsic (6 years ago)
4:37 this is footage from Abe's Oddysee
Applewille (6 years ago)
mega man x is epic
StephPokemaster229 (6 years ago)
Where's Spyro?
Rodge (6 years ago)
megaman still the best! :D
ToxicHolyWater (6 years ago)
i think imma cry. i havent played throwback games like this in a grip.. ;D gg friends
BioRhythmic Studios (6 years ago)
I can't remember this game...I can remember there were skull headed enemies with bulk bodies, and you can jump on the to kill 'em...arghh I can't remember D;
lardogaming (6 years ago)
megaman x4 is better than x5
Andreomirius Mephisto (6 years ago)
oh god... mushroom forest from tombi 2.... the nostalgia :D
Awake Night (6 years ago)
Dude. Tomba / Tombi, definitely should be on this list.
TVindustries5000 (6 years ago)
okay theres ape escape!
MONSIEUR COCO (6 years ago)
i am agree with your top 10.
Luka Tubic (6 years ago)
I mean hey you never heard of one of the best platform games on the ps1 game name the (earth worm jim) one and two the second is better because it has more detail and is more fun.
Luka Tubic (6 years ago)
хеј ти никад ниси чуо за једну од најбољих платформ гамес на пс1 име игре је (earth worm jim)one and two the second is better because it has more detail and is more fun.
ScaryHotdog (6 years ago)
raymen 2?
C Stilwell (6 years ago)
Tomba 1+2 were such amazing and under rated games for their time
xlc85ie1 (6 years ago)
thank you for castlevania
6ejdalej9 (6 years ago)
4:40 its abe odyssey
The SektorZ (6 years ago)
Great video, Castlevania SOTN really was a damn epic game I spent months playing, twice, (or more like re-playing on the PSP), along with Mortal Kombat Trilogy, again for PSX, and of course - Crashhhhh... I didn't see MK here though, but everyone has their favorites.
Javines Daryl (6 years ago)
Oh man wheres Strider 2?
Mike Nishimura (7 years ago)
Thats definetly a good list, but it could be better if you make a Top Ten 2D and a Top 10 3D, Also, Megaman X its more like an action adventure dont u think???
diogo67reis (7 years ago)
@aldyshinwa OK! You don't need to be angry
aldyshinwa (7 years ago)
@TheVideoGamesX you idiot... Did you ever read the desription...?? "PlayStation Top 10 Platform Games" It writes so clearly
gamesplaystation1 (7 years ago)
finally another top 10!!!
diogo67reis (7 years ago)
@dota333222 ok
CRB (7 years ago)
@TheVideoGamesX ... those are ps2......this is for ps1
ChemXxXRock (7 years ago)
i wish heart of darkness was here :)
MrErakl (7 years ago)
tomba 1 is beter then tomba 2
HarriHaffi animation (7 years ago)
For this top 10 I would like to say: Thank you! It's been a long wait for a new top 10 ps list, but good things are worth waiting for. So no rush but please make more! MVHH

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