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The Fundamental Flaw With Open-World Games No One Talks About

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From GTA III to The Witcher III, No Man's Sky to Assassin's Creed (or just every Ubisoft open-world game), is the genre getting too big and unwieldy for its own good? For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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The Last Wind Waker (25 days ago)
My biggest gripe with open world games is that it seems difficult for them to balance difficulty and progression when the player could literally be anywhere in the map at any point. Breath of the Wild barely makes an effort to ramp up the challenge as you go. You start out getting one-shotted by basic enemies and by the time you start fighting the "tougher" enemies, you're already too well versed in their attack patterns for them to be anything but a damage sponge. This isn't helped by that game's lack of variety, as by the time you're 1/4th into the game's map, you've seen almost every time of enemy and rarely does the game throw any new surprises at you.
Tim Lammers (2 months ago)
"a really focused Fallout style game" you mean the Metro series?
Chris Sauce (3 months ago)
1) Open Worlds, Nothing of Note in Much of Them 2) I Want to See It All, and I Cannot 3) ??? 4) Profit? I'm lost on the fundamental flaw part.
MST3Killa (3 months ago)
The flaw is a world you ultimately have little to no influence on.
Ciaran Fletcher (3 months ago)
That racist city... Gateshead Waheyyyy!
Onion Head Guy Guy (3 months ago)
A linear fps fallout game in between mainline entry's would be very cool
Sad OldGuy (3 months ago)
Jim Sterling has been talking about this for years. See his Yakuza videos for an example of a GOOD open world game.
fishpop (3 months ago)
Dynasty Warriors 9 didn't need to be Open World.
Joe Griffiths (3 months ago)
I personally think that linear, level-based games are on their way out. Other than first person shooters (which could even be changed by Cyperpunk) there are very few games that aren't open world now. Just like side-scrolling was the optimum way of experiencing arcade games, open-world is the pinicle of this generation of games, offering the largest, most interesting and entertaining experiences. I don't really play many games that aren't open world nowadays.
Mene Gene (3 months ago)
"What if they did a really focused Fallout game with a dedicated story....." Yeah, I believe that was Rage. Great game, don't get me wrong (playing through it now) . But, having played that AND Fallout, I joke about Rage being "Fallout Light." Just saying.
Jay McKeown (3 months ago)
It says a lot that you could tell who would be in this video before watching it. Credits Ubisoft with the open world genre..... ....calls most of these games open an empty....Witcher 3....Horizon Zero Dawn.....Fallout 4....Far Cry 5.....Skyrim....God of War.......do I need to go on? Seems you are latching on to a minority or little known games, and making hyperbolic claims of "most games are like this".
garth hamilton (3 months ago)
Ubisoft is garbage! Haven't liked any of their games, so boring
Daniel Delgado (3 months ago)
I don't believe MGSV got the open world right, as you don't really make a difference in it. you can go all rambo and kill every single soldier and take every outpost but if you go back to motherbase everything will be restored to the way it was and its like you didn't do anything at all. it felt too static and it wasn't worth sacrificing the story for it
Daniel Delgado (3 months ago)
the thing that make huge open world games work is to make them feel alive, make them feel like the world can go on without you like in the witcher 3 there is a place with some bandits locked someone inside a burning house the bandits were too high level and kick my ass, so I reloaded and went leveling someplace else and came back but as I took my time the house was already burned down and the bandits were gone.
Deathshand64 (3 months ago)
Linear to Open world can be executed and played well because you're now expanding on the content and lore available how ever I don't think the equation works the opposite way because you are taking away massive game play elements
PeterZeeke (3 months ago)
Lol, Gateshead
Afrikaans Gamer (3 months ago)
I prefer Metro exodus open but not quite open world
Thys Murray (3 months ago)
I agree with Ewan's statement. It is possible to hurt a game by making it too big and too "unfinished". However, I still do enjoy an open world game more than a strict, by the numbers, linear game. But you can tell when the open world concept works for that particular game and when it doesn't.
DISCO-INFERNO-70 (3 months ago)
Who is the talking mouse in the middle?
amateur match (3 months ago)
I like open world non rpg games
irishboy664 (3 months ago)
for me it's the sidequests that are there just for padding. witcher 3 nailed it, everything felt awesome and relevant. AC origins (as much as i loved it), felt like it was padded and didn't use the massive map to its advantage. seriously, like half the map wasn't even part of the story. you just wandered it.
Michael Porretta (3 months ago)
Thanks for the video, been thinking about this lately myself. Open worlds can be great, but many titles buckle under the matter/tedium of open worlds, and become mundane, when the concept behind them is not served by open world mechanics. For me, Dragon Age Inquisition is a prominent example of this. Origins conveyed an expansive, diverse world without bloated maps. Meandering through a huge location picking up crystal skulls and crafting material in Inquisition was not good for the game, did not serve its story focus or personalities on show. Conversely in the recent Far Cry 5, the open world WAS the concept, and it remained interesting uncovering nooks and bunkers across, and conquering the map (during the 15-20 hours it took me to finish the story and a fair chunk of side content); the open world was not added as an afterthought or to inflate playtime, but is the focal point of the game, with mechanics and tasks designed to help us enjoy it. Open world games are neither de facto good or bad; but some games are simply not served well by open world mechanics. The matter (space, tedium, time commitment, inevitable collectibles, required walking and exploring and repeated combat encounters) is too much for the form of the game to bear or render interesting. I think it would be pretty cool if developers were honest with their own concepts. Give up trying to make your concept into a game it is not, based on the flavor of the week, and instead make a game that suits your idea.
Retrx (3 months ago)
Ewan sounds more and more like Jules, there are times when I press on a video and I freeze when I see Ewan and I hear Jules. Awesome family, I guess.
kevin willems (3 months ago)
Arkham city definitely wasn't shoehorned in. Can't speak on knight though
Seven sins music (3 months ago)
The thing that I hate about open World Games as how they always have to make you drive to the furthest point possible to make the mission feel long it's always going to fetch go and fetch especially in GTA you don't even get to use your personal vehicles on certain missions it doesn't make the game fun at all it turns it into work.
Adam White (3 months ago)
I don’t know if the Batman games were the best example to give about unnecessary open worlds. Those games are fantastic and so well detailed, especially Arkham City. Also, just like your spider man example, it’s so much more fun to be able to grapple around the city as Batman, then be restricted to tight corridors. The Ubisoft games with all the empty space and repetitive unnecessary side activities is probably the best example of what you seem to be saying, and I totally agree with the Far Cry example; I always get so bored with those games because the world is so bland.
Matt Wilcks (3 months ago)
You didn’t explain a fundamental flaw about open world games. You basically said some are good some are shit. There is no fundamental flaw with open world games, it’s just some developers are shit at making them. Metal gear solid V is the most disappointing game I have ever played! I’m with scott!
akiameko1984 (3 months ago)
Hey, look- Ewan has a bullshit opinion that he can't back up- Of a debate we all hit an agreement on years ago, no less! That only happens every video he's ever made so far. And the sad part is that there *is* a legit take on this, and that is that open worlds are overdone to the point of that when the game has a plot/style where it needs to be linear/stage based, it's held back by the expectation of an open world. Final Fantasy XIII is a great example of this- People wanted a "bad guy was right" story, but almost every numbered Final Fantasy game, what was the villain doing? His/her plan, on a A->B model. If you were the bad guy, what were you doing? Bitch about the rest of that game all you want, you got what you asked for on being the perceived villain- Franchise formula. Live with it. The only time I expect an open world, or at least a free roam between stages, it's because the game bragged about how much freedom it has, and how you've never had freedom like this, and it's totally not just a giant empty set with two ways into your next destination that don't affect anything if you take one over the other (Looking at you there, Dishonored series... Lying sack of shit games). Seriously, he can't even do arguments that have been resolved for years right- How useless is this clown?! Bring back his dad, at least he was entertaining when he did a bad video, something Ewan most certainly is not.
Ísak Máni (3 months ago)
Who stole his chin?
Brian (3 months ago)
If they made open world games for Star Wars and LOTR where you could customize everything (race, occupation, clothes, weapons, etc.) and made them for consoles I would die a happy man. I know it's a lot harder to make games like that for consoles, but one can dream haha
Wizard Scramble (3 months ago)
what?!?!? no clickbait title?
Spam (3 months ago)
Open world needs to actually have content though, for me at least. I absolutely adore open worlds when done right, but for me it's about making the story and characters the priority, because that's where the immersion makes it or breaks it. My favourite sorts of open world are ones like witcher 3, the new god of war and hzd, which feel huge and beautiful and the worlds make you want to spend endless hours wandering them. My issue with open world comes more from games that ubisoft often produce, just cause 3 is another example too, where the worlds are HUGE (sometimes almost too big for my liking) but don't really feel like they contain any real substance, where they're filled with tiny side missions and collectibles that are merely there to pad out the gameplay and contain literally no other purpose. A comparison would be something like ubisofts penchant for liberating areas where you just do the same strategy over and over to get the same result, with nothing to further the story, or their love for hundreds of collectibles dotted around the maps that just involve picking them up as you seem them. Compare that to something like God of War where yes, there's some level of collectibles, but basically every single chest, lore and everything in between that you find is obtained via exploration and puzzle solving. In GoW you don't see a map full to the brim with masses of collectible icons, you just play the game, see a chest glowing somewhere in the distance, and then work out how to reach it with the gameplay knowledge you have. For me that's a HUGE difference, one feeling like nothing but busy work and ticking off a counter, the other engaging you in puzzle solving and exploration.
Joel Kjellensnüff (3 months ago)
Zelda is better as a linear game imo. Botw is fine but the dungeons in the classic games are some of my favorite experiences in any video game.
Caleb Dehart (3 months ago)
"Entire video game collection for a chin."
Kamron Thurmond (3 months ago)
The Last of Us and the Uncharted games are really the only games recently that I like that weren't an open world game. All the other games I play are open world. This really goes all the way back to the NES for me; Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda where the best games and they had an open world is that a coincidence? ... I think not.
Kamron Thurmond (3 months ago)
Ghost Recon Wildlands. Love it or hate it's size. It was a beautifully crafted landscape.
Kally Greens (3 months ago)
I just want the world to be more interactive than “go here and kill these guys. Now travel here and kill these guys”. If all I’m doing is travelling and killing guys, then you might as well make a linear game with exciting action set pieces and story elements to compensate for the redundancy.
Bruno Gatti (3 months ago)
why the russian skyrim gameplay....cyak blat
Eddie A-G (3 months ago)
You are actually retarded to say open world games are too big. The point of these games are meant to be a whole world. God your stupidity amazes me
Abel Lewis 27 (3 months ago)
I love open world games. They're fun to me!
Manny Paulo (3 months ago)
This is why Saints Row 2 is underated, it is in my opinion the greatest open world game
Lynchology101 (3 months ago)
When whatculture are so screwed for hosts they had to pluck Oli Davis from 2004.Better not mess up the wrestletalk timeline.
Bills Mafia (3 months ago)
Don't like Open Worlds that are too cramped or cluttered either ... FC5 got me so frustrated like I could hardly get a break from patrols, mandatory cutscenes, animal attacks, or even planes. Markers litter the entire map and getting side tracked from storyline priorities and missions felt unnatural and cluttered. You know you need to escape and notify the National Guard but your caught up collecting testicles for some guy's festival. Boring. Out of context. And is another chochsky mission adding to the total play time advertised on the game.
marvel master (3 months ago)
Large linear games with more story behind not just do a section of the game as story then go do your own thing not having played god of war yet I cannot wait to see the world but see the world as kratos sees it like you would in a novel you don't see the next page or chapter till the story puts you there but when you are there you see everything that place has to offer then when your ready you move the story forward
Joshua Southern (3 months ago)
Ghost recon wildlands is a great example. Beautiful open world....little to do. I love no mans sky as well
John Denver (3 months ago)
Gamers always have to complain about something.
Nafis Zaman (3 months ago)
That is why semi open world games are the best right now, and open world will be perfected sooner or later.
Jesus Christiano (3 months ago)
Ewan has the weakest chin in human history.
Jesus Christiano (3 months ago)
Product of incest??
Jack J (3 months ago)
A smaller open world game that is great in detail is Kingdom Come Deliverance it is so detailed for such a unknown studio to make
C Austen (3 months ago)
Open world ruined Metal Gear. MGSV was a big pile of shit. MGS3 was the best in the series
C Austen (3 months ago)
Open world RPG's are the best kind of games
RedHoodAssassin3 (3 months ago)
i dont agree at all
Garrus1995 (3 months ago)
Not all games should be open world, but I think it's always a plus when a game becomes more open as opposed to straight-shot linearity. Take for example the footage of The Last of Us Part II that was shown at E3; not an open world, but the environments are clearly large and allow for a lot of different approaches. We don't need every game to be open world, but there's nothing wrong with bigger games that let us do things our own way.
Michael Estwik (3 months ago)
I've played Zelda Breath of the Wild for 100 hours and I haven't seen everything yet.
NeomG (3 months ago)
Not being able to experience everything in the first playthrough just adds an extra excitement for me to replay the whole thing and play differently. The Witcher 3 is one of those games where it will take multiple playthroughs to really grasp the incredible levels of detail put into it.
Péter Pabar (3 months ago)
NeomG I totally agree with you!
Da Bossman (3 months ago)
U fr saying Arkham shoehorned an open world?L smh
Ali Bazz (3 months ago)
Terrible terrible videos
강JavaDog (3 months ago)
A lot of open world games including Witcher 3 and Red dead redemption Q I am looking for ciri A If you do this for me i will give you the clue Q OK I did it, now where is ciri A Do this for me and I will tell you Ctrl c + Ctrl v for other NPCs Q Where is Javier and Bill Williamson A Do this for me my friend i will tell you Q Alright now tell me where they are A Please no hurry, my mens are collecting information, meanwhile do this for me Ctrl c + Ctrl v for other NPCs Please correct me if I am wrong. At lease the games I mentioned has meaningful stories. For me, I would play linear games all the way and try out only the best open world games for these reasons.
PREZZER UK (3 months ago)
My problem with open worlds is not many feel real....lived in. Only gta 5 came close to producing a lived in open world.
Zmoney2006 (3 months ago)
I think borderlands has a great balance with a big world but divided so you're sure to maximize your time inn each section yet still returning later for something you just can't do yet
Albie-Wan Kenoobi (3 months ago)
The problem with every game being open world, is that the average gamer cannot find the time to compete ANY of them, given how many diversions there are from the main story.
mr bassman (3 months ago)
The Fundamental Flaw With WhatCulture Videos No One Talks About..............SCOTT
Warriorplayinat , (3 months ago)
Still discover new things in the Fallout series, Gta, Skyrim, etc i like that, to me no difference to knowing am not going to see all the real world including the City and Country i live in, just makes it more wow when and if finally discover a new area etc,
Samuel Robinson (3 months ago)
Am I really one of only about 5 people who think that Metal Gear Solid V was terribly overrated and a clunky game at best and that it wasn't very good? In all honesty, if Kojima's name weren't attached to it, or if MGS wasn't in the title, or if there was no character in it named Snake.............I mean "Big Boss", I'm more than certain that players and critics would have utterly destroyed that game in reviews. Outside of the repetitive mission loops, the vast non-interactive emptiness that was Mother Base, the tons of nothing to do in the two nearly barren maps, and the utter stupidity of characters such as Quiet, (I don't care how awesomely she functioned in the field as a "buddy"...her naked design and the way she posed for and groped the player in the chopper was the epitome of fan service/sexism), the fact that you LITERALLY RE-PLAYED PREVIOUS MISSIONS AT HARDER LEVELS MASQUERADING AS THE GAME'S ENTIRE SECOND HALF was unforgivably dumb. Add onto that the disjointed nature of the game's structure, (having every mission structured as a stand alone game complete with "previously on MGS" intros and opening and closing credits which directly clashed with any in-between free roaming the player did; as there were times where the main story would simply freeze frame, throw up a to be continued title card, and drop you back at Mother Base, then, when you continued, it would pick back up right in the middle of an explosion or plane crash as if you hadn't just spent 5 hours running around to the same 10 outposts, clearing them out for the 6th time and upgrading you and your buddy's weapons), COMPLETELY destroyed immersion. Could you imagine playing The Elder Scrolls or GTAV and having to be subjected to opening and closing credits with every mission? Honestly ask yourself how stupid that is as a concept. And I'm not even going to comment on MGSV's other failings such as the unexplained/unresolved personality shifts of characters such as Ocelot Revolver from what they were previously in the series, or the fact that Kojima's complete inability to understand subtlety was showcased by having Big Boss' dual nature represented by giving him a literal demonic horn, or the fact that Kojima blatantly cheated fans by chopping the first 20 minute mission off of the game, adding three or four challenges and sold it at full price as its own thing. You could try to use the argument that this was Kojima's first foray into the open world genre and he didn't know what he could/couldn't do with it...but that's a flat argument because he literally had hundreds of examples on the open market to study. As an example, The Witcher 3 was CD Project Red's first open world game also and we see how well that turned out...because they cared. You could also try to use the excuse that the game's abysmal writing was a product of it being steeped in Japanese sentimentalities, but that's all that would be...an excuse. After all Valkyrie Profile, The Legend of Dragoon, The Legend of Zelda and FFVII, FFVIII, and FFX are things that exist and their stories are exceedingly well written and paced. I just don't understand the hype over MGSV.
Todd zombie87 (3 months ago)
Is Ewen a real boy or one of those animatronics you have someone control? He looks false. He cant be real. Surely.
Laurence Clifford (3 months ago)
I’m with Larry the world has to be appealing, I gotta wanna spend hours in it. Curly’s comment about not gonna explore everything is garbage: I’ve wasted money on something I’m gonna get bored with. I like a fast paced mind blower - a linear narrative that’s 10 to 15 hours of gameplay; if there’s more to explore it’s a bonus. I think Moe hit on it re a focused fallout game, dedicated story ya da ya ya da ya da.
The Wanderer (3 months ago)
As a DM, I have a very simple rule. If you create an open world, populate it and make it possible for your players to take the reigns and explore. Let them immerse and enjoy the world if that's what they want. If you want to tell a specific linear story, then you are better off populating only your immediate environment and creating the illusion of an open world. It's about player freedom; if you want them to have it, go open, if you don't, then just don't! It's a gimmick otherwise and no one is really fooled.
Splotch the Cat-Thing (3 months ago)
I've played and enjoyed plenty of open world games but I don't think I've ever *finished* one (in the sense of the main story) where the whole world was available from the word go. I think, if you've, say, picked a game you want to play right now then you've already chosen a challenge to accomplish and a game with a big world and a huge number of options forces you to make a dozen more decisions about where to go and what to do before you actually get to have fun doing it. The fact is publishers love numbers, and number of choices the players can make on what to do in an open world is a good, large number that can be advertised. But ultimately it all pretty much comes down to the same gameplay loops and those are what the players came in for in the first place. The fun is plenty fun. But having to constantly decide and re-decide exactly what sort of chunks you want to have it in is boring and not what entertainment is for. You don't go watch a movie to decide what movie you want to watch. Having too much else to do also encourages you to back out of a challenge if you're having trouble with it instead of actually thinking strategically, trying different things and eventually pushing your way forward. In that way it discourages the sort of decisions I want to be making in a game as well as encouraging the sort of decisions I make far too much in real life and don't need in my games, thank you very much.
Dan Bana (3 months ago)
there is not enough shops and stuff in gta 5 i want res truants and the ability to go gym and get fat or muscly
Kedar Rao (3 months ago)
what was the point of this.... You say fundamental flaw, but you don't point it out.
Jonathan Cleary (3 months ago)
I prefer smaller more dense open worlds than just sheer size
Barry Grant (3 months ago)
Ewan... let josh fucking talk. Jesus christ, you fucking chatter box.
Keldor314 (3 months ago)
The one biggest problem with open world is that it becomes very hard to tell a cohesive narrative. Consider in Skyrim when you're given a quest, and along the way you talk to 6 other NPCs which each give you quests too, and before you know it, you don't remember what you started out to do in the first place. Eventually, you'll circle back and try to finish those long forgotten quests that you started 20 in-game hours ago, but by that time, you don't remember exactly how the storyline of the quest was going, and you certainly have completely destroyed any sense of urgency the storywriter may have been trying to convey. It's not at all clear how to solve this, since in an open world, you can't predict how many "points of interest" the player will come across on their journey from A to B. Too many points of interest, and the player is liable to get hopelessly sidetracked and loose the thread of the current storyline. Too few, and suddenly, after a bit of bad luck in regards to running across them, the player finds themselves out of quests and not sure where to go to find more stuff to do. The trick would be letting the player choose whatever direction to go that they want, yet only tell one storyline at a time. But this seems to be a self-contradictory goal. How do you expose questlines only when the player wants that particular sort of story, and isn't already busy? How is the game supposed to know? Lastly, what about the idea of having a main plotline? Either you can go exploring and doing side quests, in which case, you loose the thread of the big main story, or you can focus on the main story, and then you suddenly find that you're at the "end" of the game, at which point going back to explore the world seems a bit late. Perhaps open worlds shouldn't attempt to have any single story that lasts the duration of the entire game?
Asa I Guess (3 months ago)
Skyrim had an accidental sort of solution to that in the Dawnguard Expansion. The whole plot of it revolve around vampires attacking Skyrim and you stopping it. However the way it starts is vampires attack a city as you enter, and potentially kill NPCs. You can kill them and ignore them, but eventually it happens again, and keeps happening until you start the quest and progress to a certain point. I feel like if they did that with the dragons, it would work better. Instead of randomly attacking you, the dragons should've attacked cities after certain time limits to encourage you to go after Alduin to stop him, while also not forcing you to progress the main quest, so they still feel urgent, but not necessary.
peterplaysbass (3 months ago)
I liked the way Breath of the Wild handled this by categorizing the different kinds of quests (essentially there's a story/plot progression category and then a few different flavors of side quests, but with better names than that).
George Balanow (3 months ago)
As long as you have several quality open world titles in your collection, they never get old. Each one is like a different dimension. I've been playing the witcher 3 for like a year straight. If for some reason it gets old. I'll switch to Horizon Zero Dawn. If that gets old, I'll start and new game+ on AC Origins, and so on. More open world games of superior quality to a nice ratio of linear games like God Of War, is the way to go.
scottieman2 (3 months ago)
As much as I love GTA 5 I wish after the story Michael and Franklin had stuff to do like Trevor with his ammo/gun pickups and hunting.
Supersonicspyro 24 (3 months ago)
Open world games often lack focus and dilute the narrative, linear experiences and slightly open world games are far better Imo, I tryed to play Skyrim after hearing about it so much and I just couldn't , I put maybe 3-4 hours in the game and I just quit, bombards you with side quests and riffraff right off the bat, im someone who likes to get going on the main objective right away and worry about side stuff later, the game kept flipping between being interesting and boring every 20 minutes, I just couldn't do it, I couldn't keep fighting myself to keep playing it, fallout does this system better and even it can get boring
Oscar Betancourt (3 months ago)
I would like for the radiant quests in Skyrim or Witcher 3 to be more like daily bounties/objectives in a Destiny or the Division. And not have to be online to get them.
Mark Lynch (3 months ago)
I think that games should be Open World if it suits that type of game eg. Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Those Games Especially the Witcher 3 were filled with content, side quests, the world felt alive and really interesting. The Open World suited those games as they Fantasy-Medieval games that had a lot of lore that they could base the game around. Since the Witcher 3 had so much lore and canon from the books. The developers could use that lore and canon to put into the world as there was so much interesting and fascinating things they could use that players would love. Certain games aren't good enough to fit the Open World criteria. If developers are only doing Open worlds without heart and a plan and only doing for a quick sale then that's where the problem lies.
J.D. (3 months ago)
My problem is that open worlds rarely give me a pragmatic reason to explore. I actually disliked TW3 because there were tons of things to see, yet none were that compelling. I don't mind that I will never see the whole world. Just give me a pragmatic compelling reason (character upgrades, skill training, etc..) to traverse the world. If the main story can let me see 1/4 of the world, and the compelling reasons can make me explore another 1/4, I'd consider it a major victory. The other parts of the world I might see on my second play through as another character who needs to train and get gear in other areas
Brett Holcroft (3 months ago)
I really enjoy some open world games, but not all of them. Some I love, I love The Evil Within 2, I really enjoyed the first but I love the second. I'm starting my second play through The Evil Within 2 on New game plus today, so I can do my best to see everything that the game has to offer and I can't wait to do so! =) Ps I LOVE The Evil Within 2 in case you couldn't tell lol.
Brett Holcroft (3 months ago)
That's nice, I'm happy for you. =)
poo nose (3 months ago)
+Brett Holcroft I'm chinese
Brett Holcroft (3 months ago)
Forgot to mention once I'm finished The Evil Within 2, then I'm going to play Batman Arkham City for the seventh or eighth time. My reason for doing so is play it with maxed out graphic settings and 4k resolution on my pc and it looks so darn good and to 100% it, which I haven't done so before.
gallowsgradient (3 months ago)
I prefer open world to other formats, but there are a lot of devs making them that probably shouldn't.
Nate A Tavares (3 months ago)
Not being able to see the whole thing in one play through is kind of a good thing because it encourages additional playthroughs and increases replayability. Case and point Infamous 1 and 2.
Grumpy Furball (3 months ago)
For me, the biggest question is: Is the world open organically? Elder Scrolls games (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim anyway) feels more fluidly open. However, many of the newer generation of open worlds feel more like completionist icon-fests, that the worlds are "open" more to pad out content rather than give you a compelling sandbox to play in.
Stinky Winky (3 months ago)
Ok before I watch the video let me guess what they are gonna talk about: open world games being huge but empty. I was half right.
Nick den Toom (3 months ago)
People call them Open World because they can explore freely, but at the end of the day, they are just as linear as games that don't have Open World. So the biggest flaw is that Open World is basically pointless, since you end up doing the same stuff for the main missions if the game would have been linear. This is something people don't understand or don't want too understand.
Voltaic Fire (3 months ago)
If I had to pick between an idealised version of linear and open world it'd be open world, creating a world that organically leads you to most everything, that feels living can have linear elements too but not vice versa.
I Like Google Plus (3 months ago)
I love open world RPGs, when they're done right, it's my favourite genre (Skyrim, New Vegas, etc). When they're done badly it's painful and a waste. Some games just don't need to be open world, and shouldn't
Voltaic Fire (3 months ago)
I got an ad for an open world game that I'm really really looking forward to prerolled before this. I do think linear, detailed and extremely engrossing games are under rated.
David Coates (3 months ago)
I thought the Arkham open world was incredible.
wolf wing (3 months ago)
I have 3 stages of playing a open world game especially rpgs. stage 1 explore as much as I can everything I run into. stage 2 find something I want to hunt for bobbleheads, perk points in FC5, animal belts for gear, skill books you name it. stage 3 OMG OMG OMG I've had this damn game for 5 months maybe I should finish it.
DeluxeTux5249 (3 months ago)
There are no children in GTA V, have you noticed
fliplife67 (3 months ago)
There's too many empty spaces in a open world meaning something there but U can't really do anything.
Justin Goetz (3 months ago)
I agree that with certain open world games it feels forced and takes away from the core gameplay, but others that have the right amount of content and side stuff along with main story missions (amazing Spider man, arkham city) are the kind of open world games I like! Or take a game that is linear for the most part and make it some open world exploring (god of war, evil within 2) and those are pretty enjoyable games to play through as well. Open world is kinda hot right now but not every game developer stops and asks will this be fun to play and meaty enough to keep you coming back like Farcry 5 was a hard game for me to want to continue playing and I loved the other ones (Primal, 3and 4). Ultimately too many open world games out there and not all great like they should be!
iSmokeRockz (3 months ago)
Be careful how you speak. With all these companies turning away from true rpg elements, if we lose open world too then an entire style of game is dead. Open world's can be bad or good.
Brett Prior (3 months ago)
GTA V is toted as a lovable open world that feels real... I dunno guys... I've thought a heavy opposite to that since I first played it on 360 at launch... then still thought so when I played it on the ONE.... then still thought so after I played it fully maxed out on PC... and I did think it got a bit better each time, but ultimately it is a giant, pretty, detailed world... full of fake buildings that do nothing, fake people that say and do nothing of any relevance... ever... traffic that hardly even follows logic most of the time. I mean, as a player, try to follow traffic law and see if you aren't a foreign object in that world, being run into and unaccounted for by each AI instance... because that's how that world works... its stupid, quite literally. The Witcher 3 is probably one of few that felt convincingly real to me, with excellent dialog and characters that legitimately seem to be carrying on ai lives. Beyond that one singular game however, the list is pretty hard to populate. Unfortunately it isn't just the open world element of games that is bad, it itself is more so a product of the larger problem overall.. the problem that created the horse shit that is FO76... Dev's just want to make the MOST BASIC NOTHING POSSIBLE, charge as much as possible for it, reoccurringly if possible, and let the story, interactions, activities, and everything else that is "game" up to the online player base.... They no longer bother being creative at all... fuck the story, fuck the script, fuck the mocap and detailed NPC characteristics... Making an entire lore filled world is hard work... Much easier to copy and paste bullshit assets into a bland over-world and call it "amazing", and "player driven".... Everything has been becoming more and more shit since, oh I don't know, probably the mid to early 00's... Only gonna get worse.
Richard Waters (3 months ago)
Ku Playford Valls (3 months ago)
WTF are you guys talking about! AC Origins, Skyrim, GTA V, Horizon, Far Cry 5, Fallout 4, Witcher 3 etc. Are all AWESOME games 👌
Zachary Law (3 months ago)
Mainly because there's nothing to do excluding dumb and downright obvious fluff. It's pointless really and takes up unnecessary space. Besides, what is the point when you are ultimately shoehorned into a linear plot either way like fallout which had 3 of the same inconsequential endings.
Russell Boone (3 months ago)
Two words... Radiant questing. 3 more words... Fully voice dialogue. Both of these things need to end if we are ever to recover the gaming industry. Oftentimes you're going back to the San locations to do the same basic action an infinite number of times. It's unimmersive and not fun
Marc Marc (3 months ago)
Open world pong is the future

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