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Porter Robinson talks about rhythm games and his own music

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American electronic music producer Porter Robinson participated in a video Q&A (http://asq.me/?ask=PorterRobinson) with his Japanese fans. Visit http://asq.me for more videos and to ask your own questions! Subscribe to get our latest videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/asqmeanything?sub_confirmation=1 He was asked: "100% in B**ch” was featured in the arcade game Dance Revolution. Which of your songs would you like to see featured in the next version?" Here's how he responded: "Thanks for your question Iwabuchi-san. I think the song that would be best in a rhythm game would probably be divinity because I think it would make for a really good step chart with the rhythms. I think you would have to cut it down and make it shorter for a rhythm game. There’s a really popular rhythm game, I haven’t played it, called osu! That has a lot of people have discovered my music through this game. And also we have a computer version of Dance Dance Revolution where you play on keys, Steps Mania, they’re also making step charts for my music. There are rhythm game charts for my songs."
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