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52 INSANE Details in Uncharted 4 A Thief's End (Part # 2)

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In this video we are covering the all Insane Details and Reality in biggest Playstation exclusive. Uncharted 4 is one of the best looking game in 2016. Some Details are you may not know. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is an action-adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony for the PlayStation 4. Hope you like it. Share your thoughts, leave a comment Which one you don't know about also Subscribe. All Details are covering in 2 Parts - Enjoy Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871 Credit (ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by BENSOUND) Cinematic by Bensound is licensed under Creative Commons license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music
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Text Comments (31)
Ultimate Gamerz (1 year ago)
Before Watching this see Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOOCs8Xh14I
thekingofbeast (1 year ago)
Ultimate Gamerz why is there 2 for a pigeon and a lemur good vid tho
TheGeneralAsh Gaming (1 year ago)
Don_ p75 (1 year ago)
I think you missed some: 1: if you drive with the boat on the beach it leaves sand piles. B: in the beginning of chapter 11 there's some guy painting the wall and at the end of the chapter he is finished painting. III: probably a lot more
Don_ p75 (1 year ago)
Great video I subbed
JBsniper Do Oeste (1 year ago)
Perfect game!!!
Alan George (1 year ago)
And yet somehow, overwatch is game of the year
Alan George (1 year ago)
I Have No Name I know
I Have No Name (1 year ago)
Alan George 12 year old damnit
Aww Liv Sos (1 year ago)
yo this guy must be an english teacher or something because his english is like 10/10
MANOFTHEMOON (1 year ago)
what a masterpeace
Wyatt Vance (1 year ago)
This should get more views
Marcos Paulo (1 year ago)
Uncharted 4 is a masterpiece!! You do deserve more likes in your videos. Thanks a lot for sharing them with us.
Burma Rising (1 year ago)
you deserve more likes for this kind of video bro
Ultimate Gamerz (1 year ago)
+Burma Rising Thanks Bro
J Beast23 (1 year ago)
Dude you should have made this video a couple of days after the game was release pretty sure you would've gotten quite some views
Sabalghoo (1 year ago)
He couldn't have! I played through the campaign more than 5 times and I still get surprised by these types of vidz! Too many details to be noticed right away!
Gary Host (1 year ago)
The graphics looks horrible. Shtty at best
The Jewish Filmmakers (1 year ago)
mmm....perfect bait
Sabalghoo (1 year ago)
Haha! jealous PS hater exposed XD
Lieutenant Dan (1 year ago)
Maxim __143 oh wait, you cant play uncharted 4 on pc
Lucian Da silva (1 year ago)
Gary Host Kys Xbox fanboy
Maxim __143 (1 year ago)
Gary Host Do they look better in your crappy toaster pc?
Gabe D (1 year ago)
whats the name of the music??
Cəlal Qurbanov (1 year ago)
Gabriel Denardi uncharted 4 main theme
Rob Miljus (1 year ago)
Before I start watching this, can you tell me are there any spoilers on it that could ruin it for me, since I haven't played it yet?
Rob Miljus (1 year ago)
+Ultimate Gamerz will do, thanks for your help and nearly always replying to my comments. Glad I subbed to your channel. ✌
Ultimate Gamerz (1 year ago)
+Rob Miljus but see part 1 first
Ultimate Gamerz (1 year ago)
+Rob Miljus no Bro no story spoilels
Melbourne Dude (1 year ago)
2nd likw
Full of Cocaine (1 year ago)
First again yay

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