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Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu: 5 BIG UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!

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Pokemon Switch / Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu - 5 BIG UNANSWERED QUESTIONS! Pokémon Switch Trialer - Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Gameplay - Pokemon Switch Gameplay - Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Trailer! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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lee Bosman (2 months ago)
My biggest concern is will they or does anyone know if they fixed the pokemon type issues I.e charizard will he be considered fire/flying or finally fire/dragon
M1SS1NGN0 (4 months ago)
Mewthree confirmed.
Tom B (4 months ago)
Also, I've heard a lot of gripes, but as the creators said, and I actually spent 45 minutes watching the press conference, it's supposed to help appeal to the GO! community. It's not supposed to be for us hardcore fans. I'll still buy it and play it, but it's meant to bridge the gap between GO! and the mainstream games. This way Nintendo has more people interested for next year's game. The games next year are supposedly traditional style pokemon games. So there, please stop hating and you'll get your consolation next year, or you can play the game as the revitalized package of nostalgia it is.
Tom B (4 months ago)
I think the special pokemon will be the alleged "Gorochu" for Pikachu and a new eeveelution for eevee.
Tyler Pham (4 months ago)
Yo okay so for the Mewtwo, I would think it’d work just like it does in Pokémon Go. Cause in Pokémon Go in order to catch a legendary (or a few other Pokémon) you have to catch them in raid battles. Once you defeat them, then you get a chance to catch them. So if, for event Pokémon, I’d think it’d work best if you had to defeat the Pokémon in a bottle FIRST and then after you beat them, it cuts to the capture scene. I think that’d make the most sense. Plus it’d be cool for scenes like getting Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle so that you actually feel like you earned them instead of just being given them!
jasonjjj27 (4 months ago)
Taking out the whole fighting pokemon in the wild is making me worry. Why fix something that isn't broke. Very curious to these unanswered questions too.
joycon jon (4 months ago)
Based on the trailer do you think this game would be geared to young adults or just children? Debating on preordering the game, as a young adult gamer, and wanted your opinion. I do have the Pokemon go app, however I know this isn't a traditional Pokemon game like sapphire or ruby. I enjoyed previous Pokemon games that have battles, gyms, and a good story line. Will this game provide that? #CommentForce
Thiassi Gaming (4 months ago)
My question is what is the difference between pikachu and evee
Matthew Coloma (4 months ago)
Renagade team (4 months ago)
I wonder what will happen with pokebank
Sartorial Sky (4 months ago)
PLPG for short 🤣🤣🤣
Nintendø Guy (4 months ago)
Maybe you can just do a normal battle with mewtwo then he appears a 2nd time and you can catch him then l
Super Eevee Chainsaw (4 months ago)
What if you through your only master ball that you get in the game and you miss
Michael Youmans (4 months ago)
The new pokemon is gorochu
Omar Tabanjah (4 months ago)
Maybe gurochu
Omar Ben (4 months ago)
what i wish we could do is battle pokemon until they faint , and then capture them, like in the anime
Omar Ben (4 months ago)
the capturing for legendaries is probably gonna be a bit harder. they might change the circles or other mechanics for the encounter since wild battles don't exist in this game. then again how do u pokemon go players capture legendaries? it'll prob be the same way
Legend X Ronin (4 months ago)
Maybe the MewTwo fight and legendary bird fights will be like Raid battles in Pokémon Go, where you fight them and if you beat them, you get a opportunity to try to catch them
ididzelda (4 months ago)
I hope there's wild event battles with the legendary Pokemon and others like Snorlax. Let us battle the 3 starters instead of just handing them to us and maybe add a small side quest for each.
Sal Thomas (4 months ago)
its prob a gorochu (pikachu thirds evo that was never released) that will be the surprise
Thomas Camp (4 months ago)
The wild pokemon battles were SO IMPORTANT for the pokemon games! How will it even work without that? Candy instead of battles to level up? Am I the only one who hates that idea??
Thomas Camp (4 months ago)
Raging Pandxa, the only way? No. The best way? Yes. At least so far, guess we'll have to see.
Raging Panda (4 months ago)
Thomas Camp they won't use candy is everyone forgetting that the wild Pokemon are not the only way to get XP
David Kretz (4 months ago)
Since you have to catch Pokémon to get exp, I’m going to be buying thousands of pokeballs
Raging Panda (4 months ago)
David Kretz catching isn't the only way....you still get XP from trainer battles
Gold Minoru (4 months ago)
I’m pretty sure CP in this game will work like IVs in the core games, but simplified and combined with base stats
Joshuabrutl (4 months ago)
No wild battles...not even an option for them? No thanks No breeding, no IVs no EVs. No thanks What's seems like no full remote compatibility. No thanks Guess I'll be waiting here for 2019 :( Edit ; if this "game" is more than $40 its definitely not worth it. It's too bare bones of a game
giovanni laboy (4 months ago)
My question is if the pokeball plus will be comparable with 2019 game
Jarin Nugent (4 months ago)
I need to be able to get umbreon.
Raging Panda (4 months ago)
Jarin Nugent well sorry that's not happening only gen 1 pokes
Rick Wydra (4 months ago)
They did say the console hybrid games will be tradition vs innovation years ago
Rick Wydra (4 months ago)
They did say the console hybrid games will be tradition vs innovation years ago
Alec Rigney (4 months ago)
They've said that mewtwo is apart of the story
Tom McDonough (4 months ago)
New Pokémon is Missing No., you heard it here first
Jacob Curnett (4 months ago)
In reference to the Mewtwo battle. It's most likely a static encounter in cerulean cave, like pokemon yellow.
Vanafsos Sfigokolarios (4 months ago)
6th question : How much it is actually going to suck?
Vanafsos Sfigokolarios (4 months ago)
Black - (4 months ago)
*is it
Jaxsoccer 101 (4 months ago)
Pokémon: Let’s go... Mimikyu?! If only :3
Blue Joy-Con CC (4 months ago)
This game actually isn't a spin-off game it is a core game they said in the conference. But in 2019 it will go back to normal
Luke (4 months ago)
Why does he say Pokémon with that hard E
SternRitterKurama (4 months ago)
Probably is a gen 8 mythical pokemon
Ayden Smith (4 months ago)
Anyone else here some echo in this vid?
LittleNick (4 months ago)
Maybe the new Pokémon is Missingno. Give us an awesome reference.
Jury Mangaoang (4 months ago)
My main question is how will I play this in handheld mode? And is there trainer customization?
KitCloud1 (4 months ago)
Since they want to use this to get casuals into mainline pokemon. The best idea is probably to make legendarys and other "visual in the overworld pokemon" from the old days act like trainer battles where you actually fight them and then you have the option to go into the catching system, thus heightening how special the legendarys are and teaching how catching pokemon works in a normal title.
The Investigator (4 months ago)
How will pokemon roadblocks work or just like the pokemon who constantly get in your way when head in through a cave and such.
David Jacobo (4 months ago)
The mystery Pokémon is going to be new pikachu evolution
GucciGramps (4 months ago)
Am I the only one who wants the special Pokémon to be Gorochu!
Zman Productions (4 months ago)
They better not ruin the game by making us evolve like pokemon go, im not catching a 100 charmanders to get a charizard, i will pass this game up, already annoyed they took wild fighting out
Fernando Banda (4 months ago)
Zman Productions If you've made up your mind, why do you care about how it works? I'm pretty sure there won't be candy or multiple Charmander to catch.
BobThePok'eMaster 7 (4 months ago)
They should have kept the traditional way of catching Pokemon and put the PKMN GO style in a new Safari Zone.
Sohaib Qazi (4 months ago)
I'm positive that the wild battle system is still a thing because in the trailer they only show when you walk up to a Pokemon that you can see while in the wild battle system its by Suprise and battle but they did not show that and I am positive its still a thing
BobThePok'eMaster 7 (4 months ago)
Ok I'm Confused will there be Online Battles?
Raging Panda (4 months ago)
yes there will be online battle and trade just no competitive
Fernando Banda (4 months ago)
BobThePok'eMaster 7 Yes
Lou Berry (4 months ago)
So when I see pkmn let's go p/e, I think as a company they saw pokemon go do great then die off. Then they just ported assets from that game to a skeleton of sun and moon and put it on the switch. Aka Pokemon Go Reboot console version. The fear and anger I believe this brings to the veteran players is the reality that since the 20th anniversary, the pokemon company has been simplifying the pokemon games and doing what they can to bring in as many people to the franchise as possible. Smart for a company. But the loss in focus in core mechanics is kinda troubling for me at least. It's almost like they're trialing CP in a pseudo main series game to see how its received. Maybe thinking of making a shift to help combat hacking in the game. As far I know people just spoof locations in pkmn go but no one has been able to edit their pokemon. I just hope this gets all the dumbing down out of their system so the next main series game will be legit again.
Chepillo (4 months ago)
I dont think that you will be able to use your pokemon go pokemon as your first party that would will some of the adventure i think they have something special fot them like the park they showed
Mike Clarke (4 months ago)
Way to destroy what made the Pokemon games great in the first place. Bring back the core mechanics and let us grind wild Pokemon to catch one's we don't have and level up the ones we do.
Lou Berry (4 months ago)
Nah to shorten it just say Pkmn Let's Go P/E. Pernounced "Pokemon Lets Go Pee" Haha! I want that to catch on so bad
BARF Gameplay (4 months ago)
Sending Pokémon from Go to Let's Go is almost certainly going to work like Pal Park from older Pokémon games. Presumably located where the Safari Zone is in Kanto. This way you can't send Pokémon over from the beginning of the game, you have to reach it first.
Fernando Banda (4 months ago)
BARF Gameplay Yes, it's called the Go Park.
Henry Jones Jr. (4 months ago)
Since the starters can’t evolve, I wonder how that will affect who you can catch in-game. I’m willing to bet the Pikachu version has one Eevee that you can collect from Celadon and only wild Raichus’, while Eevee version has wild Pikachus’ but no evolvable Eevee. That’s business for ya...
German Burgos (4 months ago)
How would we evolve our Pokémon with no wild encounter battle?plz don’t tell me it’s the Pokémon Go formula because it took 50 magickarp to make a gyrados 😐
Raging Panda (4 months ago)
yeah I have 😂 I understand your point
German Burgos (4 months ago)
Raging Panda yea......but only fighting trainer those get repetitive ..ever play Pokémon stadium.?
Raging Panda (4 months ago)
German Burgos you do realize battling wild Pokemon wasn't the only way to get XP right??😐 you get it from trainer battles and since gen 6 catching pokemon
Kaique Gerais (4 months ago)
My biggest question is price
Kaique Gerais (4 months ago)
My biggest question is price because this game is lacking in features but it’s on the switch so a fair price would be $40 and $60 would be extortion. Next years game will be $60 but it will be full feature and be on the switch
pika eevee8 (4 months ago)
It was around $60 dollars in the trailer. The price was in yen.
The Dier Deadshot (4 months ago)
Well what if you Can battle wild Pokemon... Maybe the wild Pokemon that you see in the video where they just toss the Pokeball at them like in Pokemon Go is just a completely new and separate game mode or activity, maybe a Safari type thing or idk maybe it could be anything? Perhaps it can be like the way you transfer Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl, to Black and White, to X and Y, ect...
BARF Gameplay (4 months ago)
About the new Pokémon: I really hope it's going to be tied in with gen 8, something like at the end of the game you get a call from professor Oak, telling you that a professor from a far away region is sending him a newly discovered Pokémon. You then go to Oak to pick it up, and the professor from the far away region is suddenly there, explaining he had to come in person because of reasons tying in with the story of gen 8. I imagine this would never happen, but it would be very cool.
Fernando Banda (4 months ago)
BARF Gameplay It would be cool if gen 8 was tied to it, but this "newly discovered" justification hasn't been used since Gold and Silver. It doesn't make sense in-universe that nobody knew about Pokémon that have lived someplace full of towns and people.
MoonJumpMania (4 months ago)
Maybe the final battle against mewtwo will be similar to a Pokemon GO raid battle, you defeat it first, then you attempt to catch it
Patrick McGinnes (4 months ago)
If they just give me a battle frontier I think I will be happy
Taylor Gilson (4 months ago)
Maybe they reserve the wild battles for legendaries so everyone is happy
Arnung (4 months ago)
red owns mewto back in the days, soooo ;P
Alpaca Master (4 months ago)
The mewtwo battle would be like a raid you defeat it then catch it
Chase Barber (4 months ago)
Just say Pokemon Let's Go, of course :P That's way too much work to rattle off those full names ever time!
Michael Hernandez (4 months ago)
I think evolution of raichu!!!
Twotailedpikachu (4 months ago)
As someone who has a mewtwo in Pokémon go and other legendaries they should lock off some transferring till the end of the game
It's a trvp (4 months ago)
I wonder if its possible to turn off motion controls
Destroyr 213 (4 months ago)
What if the special pokemon is Mew.
Raging Panda (4 months ago)
shades mcshady 412 it's not mew they already said it's an all new Pokemon
J Scheller (4 months ago)
Might as well call it Pokémon go for switch no wild encounters how is this gonna work like the GameCube games where they have essentially no post game? Just seems like a terrible decision
Mc Toads (4 months ago)
Did anybody see the help option maybe that's the fight/battle button.
AmienH abdiannia (4 months ago)
U get the same exact exp as like fighting a Pokémon
AmienH abdiannia (4 months ago)
I feel like the new Pokémon is a evolution of a eevee or pika
Marvelmac52 (4 months ago)
I’m telling you; the new Pokémon shall be called... MEWTHREE!!!!
Ahwoofe (4 months ago)
Every single thing in your life has lead to reading this comment
skeletonyuth (4 months ago)
Its the gen 8 mew Legendary Pokemon
Johno Daz (4 months ago)
Quality video guys. The Let's Go Pokémon Trailer has got me more interested than if it was gonna be a straight up Yellow Remake even it's more of a Streamlined Pokémon game, so I may check out one of the Let's Go games. Do hope the Story has Battles n Boss Battles etc. I am glad that you can't just dump aload of Pokemons from PokémonGo right from the start n facing OP people online lol. I do think the Let's Go Pokémon games are a good starting point for younger gamers n new comers and a tie over game for the main core Pokémon players till the next mainline Pokémon games drop late next year. 4th Edge Out.
Justin Gold (4 months ago)
Question for #commentforce do you think that if Pokémon let’s go Pikachu and eevee are successful they would make Pokémon let’s go (Gold and Silver) and alternate between main Series games and “let’s go” games for older regions such as revisiting Johto?
Why can,t they travel stuff that we need to know
Falcon Zer0 (4 months ago)
My biggest question is will pokemon bank work with these games? I have spent a lot of time catching all the pokemon on my 3ds wtih my complete Pokedex. I would be fine if this could not be done till the end of the game. But that is my biggest question is pokemon bank and will they make that app compatibale with the switch?
Daniel harman (4 months ago)
This is another one of those useless videos.
Annette Jensen (4 months ago)
I want to know about Pokémon bank connectivity and if there will be breeding
Edi Oguzturun (4 months ago)
Other than a quick dip into Pokemon Black, I have't played Pokemon properly since Yellow so this is actually something I'm really looking forward to. I played a little GO when it first came out and enjoyed it for what it was. Gen 1 is by far my favourite group of monsters so I'm super excited that the game is focusing on them and Kanto. Personally I wasn't expecting a mainline Pokemon game until 2019 anyway, so getting Let's Go in November is perfect for me and I think it makes perfect business sense for Nintendo too. I mean they didn't have to release anything this year and could've stuck to a single 2019 release of Pokemon Switch. Would that have been better for some people? EDIT - Since the idea behind Let''s Go is to bring in new players with a fresh experience, something that many people would be used to with the GO mechanics - I think that it would also be cool if this brand new Pokemon for Let's Go is then used as a Gen 8 monster and features prominently in the marketing for it. Giving those new players that have come on board from GO to Let's Go a familiar Pokemon - perhaps making the 2019 game a little more appealing to them.
javier aguilar (4 months ago)
What if for legendary Pokémon you do in fact have to fight them but when they get weak they go into a weakened stance and then you can chuck poke balls at it if a certain amount of time passes they catch their breathe and begin to fight again
Patrick Marino (4 months ago)
Just call them Pokémon let’s go
DannyShaq26 (4 months ago)
My 5 Questions: 1. Is there a post-game? It’s casual, yes. But a simplified Kanto in HD by itself doesn’t seem worth $60. Now Kanto + Johto... that would be something. Or maybe Kanto + Sevii Islands? 2. How do we train and level up? No wild battles or Pokémon candy... so how do we train? 3. IS IT COMPATIBLE WITH POKÉMON BANK? I feel like being able to transfer from this game TO Bank will be very likely. But.... can we transfer Gen 2+ Pokémon FROM Bank into the game? 4. Is this the same era the original Yellow version took place in? Or is this in the same timeframe as Alola? If it’s a reboot, they can do either they want... 5. IS THERE JOHTO?? I KNOW I ALREADY ASKED BUT I MUST KNOW. DLC maybe? I bet they could pull that off. And fine, for a real 5th question... are there hold items and Day/Night cycle? LIKE IN JOHTO???
PikaPlayzHD (4 months ago)
there'll obviously be a post game but Johto is not in the game.
Fernando Banda (4 months ago)
DannyShaq26 The question about when this takes place is interesting. I'd think it's a remake like any other, so you'd be playing as a young Red. Because it seems like every place shown is familiar and you battle Team Rocket. The only difference is this would probably be the Mega universe. But then... why would re-design Red like this? His latest look in Alola was based on FRLG and this is very different, black hair mostly. I've heard some people say these are two new protagonists, which would mean this is an entirely different story. That is a possibility, we really don't know if "inspired by Yellow" might just mean "you start with a Pikachu/Eevee and travel through Kanto" with an otherwise different story. I'm actually interested in this, too. Worst-case scenario, this is a sort-of retelling that doesn't really connect to previous canon that much so they didn't give it much thought.
Fernando Banda (4 months ago)
DannyShaq26 I saw somewhere that Johto was confirmed not to be in the games. But there can be some postgame either way.
Jay 3747 (4 months ago)
Also! What if you earn rewards for catching Pokémon like Rare Candy or berries? It would make sense in this situation.
Jay 3747 (4 months ago)
I hope Johto region is in this game. I don’t care even if I need to buy DLC to get it.
smoothie gamer (4 months ago)
Prediction the new Pokemon is mew 3
1milobbs (4 months ago)
like there trying to make a phone game for a system
1milobbs (4 months ago)
looks like a dumbed down version of pokemon like a really simplified ver with the main focus on pokemon go lol
Raging Panda (4 months ago)
1milobbs it kinda is I'm pretty sure this game is to bring fans that got hooked on go but have not a played main game into the series
Gameload4life (4 months ago)
It might be the last fight vs mewtwo
Danimations (4 months ago)
I think depending on what version you have, it's either a new evolution for Eevee, or Gorochu, the scrapped evolution of Raichu I believe.
scatman Gutierrez (4 months ago)
They need to update the gameplay. We need to battle wild Pokemon for iv training.
Wolfsspinne (4 months ago)
Since this is supposed to be more of a casual friendly approach to the Pokemon game there probably won't be any IV or EV at all.
Fernando Banda (4 months ago)
scatman Gutierrez You mean EV training. I'm pretty sure this one of the things that immediately came up after they decided no wild battles (right after "how will I grind exp?"). Let's wait for more details because I'm sure there's an answer.
Green _ (4 months ago)
scatman Gutierrez this isn't for competitive nerds.
Jordan deBEST (4 months ago)
this is not a Pokemon game for competitive thou and gamefreak knows that.
Christopher Milani (4 months ago)
Poke bank transfer after you beat the elate 4 and if there is after game like in Orange Islands.
JMiller 3389 (4 months ago)
What about not being able to get our Pokemon back to Go or stay in go after being transferred
Izumi Culture (4 months ago)
Screw a second player, I'll be using both joycons at the same time and control both characters myself, because the Switch makes it possible.
Christopher Halstead (4 months ago)
I totally agree Dumping a ton of pokemon in immediately is totally cheating
Easily Triggered (4 months ago)
Please tell me this isn't the Pokemon game we've all been waiting for... No wild battles? Screw that lol. As for Pokemon GO integration, I think that's pretty cool but it's not worth taking away from the game.
Raging Panda (4 months ago)
Easily Triggered no the real pokemon RPG is set to release second half of 2019
Riley Pinington (4 months ago)
If the mewtwo fight is plot based does that mean you’d catch mewtwo in the battle or defeat it and then catch it
Ghost King (4 months ago)
You will not be able to send the surprise Pokémon back to let’s go
Clifton Coffee (4 months ago)
We should just start referring to them as LGP and LGE
Derek DeSmet (4 months ago)
Just think of it as paying 60$ twice for Pokemon Go and it not having all the same features. Lol
Derek DeSmet (4 months ago)
Trentimus yes but the throwing pokeballs is right from Go . This is meant as a middle game for people who started Pokemon with Go and never tried the mainline games. It is the setup to get more people to buy 2019's mainline gen 8 game.
1991birthday (4 months ago)
When transferring over a surfing Pikachu, I hope it keeps the move surf. I have like four of them in Go so I can test with a garbage surfing Pikachu before transferring my shiny one of because I want to have it in a game where I can actually use it. Obviously not to surf on since HMs are dead & it's too small anyways but it would be cool battling with it. My shiny surfing Pikachu has garbage stats but I don't care, I want it with me in the game but if it doesn't keep surf, it'll remain in Pokémon Go forever.

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