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ValeGuard - (Village Building / Defensive Strategy Game)

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ValeGuard on Steam: https://bit.ly/2GKm1fF Valeguard is a unique strategy game that combines Turn-Based City-Building with Real-Time Combat. Each day you construct your defenses, train troops, and prepare for attack. When enemies come in the night, you defend with towers, troops, and heroes with powerful abilities. Save as many towns as you can, while you travel through the Vale. Choose wisely, because each town unlocks unique assets and a hero to aid in future battles. Defeat is not the end in Valeguard. Each play you can unlock more heroes and discover new strategies to achieve victory. Want to support the channel? https://www.patreon.com/Nookrium or Humble Bundle Referral Link: http://bit.ly/2nXeL8R Notable Playlists • 2018 New Releases: http://bit.ly/2FdxHY0 • Free Games Month: http://bit.ly/2iSq6bb • Classics: http://bit.ly/2rbKjsq • Roguelikes: http://bit.ly/2DCKeaV Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/nookriumtv Twitter - https://twitter.com/nookrium Tips - https://streamjar.tv/tip/nookrium Discord - https://discordapp.com/invite/amuj3Ky
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Text Comments (25)
Ob 1 (2 months ago)
Village Building / Defensive Strategy Game? not Turn Based Exploration Builder or Deserted Island Survival? What about Real time shifting milk pissing tower defense online multifart actioned based strategy shooter ?
Brad Knox (4 months ago)
This is a great looking game! Reminds me of KeeperRL
Degra dierer (5 months ago)
the beens was 21 gold :D
ekstrajohn (5 months ago)
24:06 a game that teaches you to never help smelly people. OK...
Azuraz Dandaridae (5 months ago)
no thanks
Baleur (5 months ago)
This looks unbelievably basic..
Slayer105246 (5 months ago)
Thanks for all the great content, Nook! I may be a lurker but I do appreciate all the work you put into your channel. Here’s hoping we see more of this and Civitatem. :)
Tom T (5 months ago)
Seems to be a solid game. Love the palissades. Just waiting for some ballistas ;)
Ryan Drag (5 months ago)
Just added the "battlebeets" last night, (I'll fix those bugs today.) Thanks for playing!
Max (5 months ago)
all these builder/manager games coming out and all i want is Dwarf Fortress with the same depth but more accesibility and different aesthetics and graphics entirely.
GrandpaRanOverRudolf (5 months ago)
my problem is GUI
Baleur (5 months ago)
Google Dwarf Fortress Meph tileset. Its basically rimworld graphics now, it has come a long way. Edit: actually let me help you http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=161047.0
Max (5 months ago)
no Z-levels...
Nookrium (5 months ago)
The closest thing you’re gonna find is RimWorld
Agora2021 (5 months ago)
All I want is Dwarf Fortress without the game killing lag.
Noah B (5 months ago)
Looks great. Would love to see more of this.
Painless Viking (5 months ago)
It's an amazing game and not military focused it's defend and resources managing focus.Glad you're playing it.
Carsten Eilers (5 months ago)
give us more nook!
Nookrium (5 months ago)
Adrian Stetco (5 months ago)
... with a rebel yell ... they cried more more more !!!
alex07 cool (5 months ago)
you make my day
Nookrium (5 months ago)
Well you make my day, Alex!
Jebi Se (5 months ago)
looks interesting. will you play more?
Nookrium (5 months ago)
Just recorded another
Connor Fitzgerald (5 months ago)
Awesome! I love you show so many games I would otherwise not see. Thanks for the awesome content and thanks for all your effort!

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