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My TOP 10 Favorite Horror Games Ever!

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Few things are more fun to me then a well designed horror game. Getting scared is so freaking fun so this week I wanted to count down my favorite experiences in the genre!! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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Text Comments (262)
DreamcastGuy (8 days ago)
Thanks for watching this spooky top 10! What are some horror games YOU love a bunch that I didnt mention? :D
Asif Ali (6 days ago)
Liked before the intro even dropped! Love your energy and your views on seeing games as more than just digital entertainment! If there's one game I've heard you talk about often it's the evil within and I still have yet to play it! But that's a recommendation I got from being a long term viewer and watching every other video, even binging at times 😝
Almighty Coon (6 days ago)
DreamcastGuy: I would have chosen RE2, nothing wrong with RE3; but come on, that Licker jumping out of glass Mirror in RE2! (That was so memorable, us kids freaked)
Almighty Coon (6 days ago)
@DreamcastGuy: *BEST HORROR VIDEO GAMES!* Resident Evil1-3! (Camera Angles Added Suspense I feel never matched ever again)
hepwo91222 (7 days ago)
Eternal Darkness
DVDfeverGames (7 days ago)
+What Yes boo hoo! Noone forced you to watch this.
Mad Salty Gaming (9 hours ago)
Outlast gave you nightmares? To me it was a scary and creepy game with so many disturbing things in the game (also one of my favorite horror games), but it still wasn't enough to give me nightmares since it's not real. Only real life tragic events are capable of giving me nightmares. But everyone gets affected by different things in different ways.
kld Z (1 day ago)
Alan wake is an amazing gem
Andrew H (1 day ago)
Alan wake is definitely a good game, The Evil Within is probably the best horror game ive played though.
Mrsaintastic (3 days ago)
Some of these games arn't even horror
Trip Andfall (3 days ago)
I'm gutted I can't buyAlan Wake on Steam anymore... It was a few bucks last year - now not for sale.... I missed it on 360, not going to hunt for it... Hoping for a remake at some point...
Ghost Of War (3 days ago)
One of the best games i have played . Finished it on pc. Sadly remake or pt2 will probably never happen becouse microsoft users (mostly xbox) dont support sp games. But hell,you never know. Anyway ,amazing game
Jase Ace (3 days ago)
Yeah your top 2 is my favourite top 2 as well, this list made me subscribe haha
soap bar (5 days ago)
Some of these aren't horror games. Just because something has zombies or monsters doesn't make it a horror
Cowntsikin (5 days ago)
No ZombiU?
Chris Hughes (5 days ago)
Any Silent Hill game and Evil Within 1. When was Dead Rising considered a horror game?
Gordon Pittman (5 days ago)
Silent Hill should be number one..
otaku messiah (6 days ago)
no fatal frame or siren in the top 10?
Andrew Mah (6 days ago)
Who is the girl in the thumbnail from?
Victor Masih (6 days ago)
Dead Space is amazing
arbereshe (7 days ago)
Blue stinger the prequel to dead space.
Dimitris Zerkoulis (7 days ago)
Where the hell is Last of Us?
Optimus Prime (7 days ago)
So where's the video of you destroying those AT games consoles? Would love to see the dislike count on that one.
nikhil gupta (7 days ago)
Great dead rising gets a number but no evil within nor dying light ya this list sucks
Mr123qus (7 days ago)
It's all about that adrenaline.
TendoFan (7 days ago)
You know some of these aren’t horror games, right?
Solid Gamer (7 days ago)
To me Dead Space isn't scary. Even my first playthrough it wasn't scary. Feels like a space shooter.
Elbereth Gilthoniel (7 days ago)
R.I.P Capcom Vancouver.
Prism Gaming UK (7 days ago)
Alien isolation is terrifying
miitube (7 days ago)
How dare you not have Eternal Darkness on your list
miitube (7 days ago)
Blue Stinger is one of the worst games I’ve ever played...
Rich Knight (7 days ago)
No Eternal Darkness? :(
Elbereth Gilthoniel (7 days ago)
Shout out to tough journalists who dig for the truth in games like Outlast, and in real life, journalists like Laura Loomer. How about a game where you're in Washington DC and you have to delve into the swamp to Loomer people. A terrifying experience, but you play as the heroine.
The Game Grinder (7 days ago)
Good picks but Dead Space being at 10 and no Alien Isolation is depressing. Left 4 Dead/2 would be my number 1, I have somewhere around 700 hours into both of them.
Christian Granum (7 days ago)
Alien Isloation? No?
Marcus Mizerak (7 days ago)
I remember getting Blue Stinger on Dreamcast and had a hard time with it. I completely forgot about that game, wow...
Michael B (7 days ago)
Some nice selections there, man. My own top ten - which I'm far too intimidated to even attempt - would definitely include two or three of these, and then another couple from SERIES you've listed (though not necessarily the entries you listed). You have good taste, sir!
KillerGoat86 (7 days ago)
Definitely agree with Dead Space. Also Alien Isolation and Evil Within series.
Brian Ogilby (7 days ago)
#1 The Last Of Us #2 Dead Island: Riptide #3 Prey #4 Agony #5 Resident Evil 7 #6 Metro: First Light
Mrsaintastic (3 days ago)
I feel sorry for you if that is really your list of favorite horror games
Jonathan Seegers (7 days ago)
IMO the early Fatal Frame games are a cut above everything else.
dusty48 (7 days ago)
How is Dead Rising a horror game??! I wanna kms..
dusty48 (7 days ago)
How the bloody hell is Friday the 13th a horror game?? It's like calling Counterstrike a horror game cuz you're afraid of getting killed... Why do most ppl making horror lists on youtube don't even know what a horror game is???
dusty48 (7 days ago)
Is this another horror list without Amnesia: The Dark Descent? What's wrong with you people??
Erik Dózsa (7 days ago)
I’m glad you put Alan Wake as first.
Nick Colagiovanni (7 days ago)
PT not debatable
lukasgaming82 (7 days ago)
Come on , Dead Rising is not a horror game man.
Der Napalus (7 days ago)
Alan Wake was not creepy at all. More a snorefest. Best Horror Game was and will be "Eternal Darkness".
MatroxDeRasta (7 days ago)
Is my TOP 10 Horror Games AWESOME ?
Armageddon3035 (8 days ago)
Resident Evil 2, RE3: Nemesis, RE Remake, RE: Zero, Dead Space, Alien: Isolation, F.E.A.R, Dino Crisis, Condemned 2: Bloodshot, Left 4 Dead 2, Silent Hill, Doom 3. these would be my favs
Justin Bezaire (8 days ago)
This guy talks like a daycare or pre school teacher
shingetsu10 (8 days ago)
No Dying Light? You mention how Dead Rising was able to instill fear whilst maintaining an open world, but surely this is something Dying Light did infinitely better then that mediocre game?
Ghost Of War (8 days ago)
My favorite horrors are 1.silent hill 2 2.resident evil 2 3.alan wake 4.alien isolation 5.alone in the dark 4 6.parasite eve 2 7.haunting ground 8.nightmare creatures 2 9.dino crisis 10.rule of rose
DarthBreh (8 days ago)
I'm actually beating for the first time Resident Evil 3 using ps vita tv
Whatt Every (8 days ago)
OK, it's YOUR fav horror games, and not THE best horror games ever. A scary list it is!
Jason Hubbard (8 days ago)
I read somewhere that Resident Evil 3 is up for the remake treatment.
Iain MacDonald (7 days ago)
Please tell me it’s true. That will be awesome. Fighting, and running from the nemesis, in HD would be awesome and terrifying at the same time.
fsmetal (8 days ago)
I forgot about Blue Stinger. Holy shit. In no particular order: Resident Evil 4 System Shock 2 Silent Hill (1 or 2. I am fine either way) Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Dead Space FEAR Alien Isolation STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl Metro 2033 Doom 3 Do Metro and STALKER count? Not entirely sure but I am putting them on my list anyway because boy they are good.
Patrick Wagner (8 days ago)
Have you played Until Dawn? I enjoyed that one.
Xollas (8 days ago)
Dreamcast guy let me help you understand something. Your best video content is your game reviews. Give us your full on game reviews. I know this top 10 stuff is filler but no one cares and everyone does it. Your rants are kinda like your version of gaming news mixed with your opinion which is fine but by the time you come out with the video it’s old news because you took time to think about it which is good but old news is bad so it’s not strong compelling content to watch. You don’t need click bait titles either. Pick yourself back up do some game reviews and try something new. Best of luck
LouDogg 420 (8 days ago)
I'd replace Dead Rising with an actual open world horror game...The Evil Within 2. I just can't consider Dead Rising horror. I love it, but I think I laughed through the whole thing. It definitely has creepy moments but so do many games that aren't horror. Just because it has zombies that doesn't make it automatically a horror title lol. Great list though
Marvin Weaver (8 days ago)
Clock Tower Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, and Code Veronica Dino Crisis Alone in the Dark Nightmare Creatures All Silent Hill games Silent Hill 4 The Room is an underrated game.
Jonathan BarSela (8 days ago)
Some of these games I wouldn't even describe as horror games in the very settings. I mean, Dead Rising is a fun little zombie slaying action game, but not a horror game in any which way. Or do you think Devil May Cry should be here too?
EpicMango (8 days ago)
For me Condemned should be on the list
Helm Breaker (8 days ago)
Fatal frame scared the hell out of me as a kid
Rama Loza (8 days ago)
Fatal frame, that game is scary as hell!
osricen (8 days ago)
The first game that scared the shit out of me back in the day was Heretic. Man, I wish they made a perfect remake of that.
bilboswa666ins (8 days ago)
This whole list and no Dead By Daylight or Clive Barker's Jericho.
0ldport (8 days ago)
Surprised Evil Within wasn’t on the list
Henry Townshed (8 days ago)
Eternal Darkness > Friday the 13th
Isaac The Last N7 (8 days ago)
Every Deadspace comment i see gets a like from me
Nash Lancer (8 days ago)
Silent Hill 2 is the greatest true horror game ever made.
Ghost Of War (7 days ago)
It is
Ice Dragon (8 days ago)
Currently playing through Dead Nation for the first time. Awesome game I'd recommend it if you havent tried it.
YangWhat (8 days ago)
Fatal Frame, Parasite Eve, and 7th Guest are up there.
SirOWNZalot Gaming (8 days ago)
Just wanted to say I love this channel man. Thank you the the daily quality content. This is my favorite channel on YouTube !
Natendo (8 days ago)
Mine is RE 4
Clayton Luce (8 days ago)
My favorite horror games are pretty much _Manhunt_ , _Resident Evil REmake_ , _Dino Crisis_ , _The Last Of Us_ (even if not as scary as my other favorites), and _The Evil Within_ .
Exvalos (8 days ago)
Over blood a hidden gem and resident evil 7 vr mode
Fishels (8 days ago)
Destro WOD (8 days ago)
This list truly miss Condemned !! :O
Barret Musselman (8 days ago)
I always thought FEAR was a great horror game.
EDMOJI (8 days ago)
Excelent video... I love the Suffering is my favorite horror game
Vega (8 days ago)
Siren Blood Curse will give you a Japanese horror movie vibe.
Bob Ross (8 days ago)
Spoopy mask.
Sugar Arabic24 (8 days ago)
Can you make top 10 cartoons based off video games
Maaziio (8 days ago)
Good list, but it needs some Fatal frame
TheCraziestGamer (8 days ago)
It needs F.E.A.R or Parasite Eve to.
Yunior Gamboa (8 days ago)
Dead space 1 and 2 will always be one of my favorites horror games
Steven C (8 days ago)
I finished Resident Evil 2 over 30 times. That's how good this game is. I can't wait to play the remake! I hope it's as good as the original version.
Silent Hill (8 days ago)
Silent Hill 2 Deadly Premonition Fatal Frame Siren Resident Evil Code Veronica
Graham Colman (8 days ago)
You still not addressing why you took down the video of smashing a video game console.. Coming from sone one that tells us all he was so poor at one time he could afford a console
Jordan Cunningham (8 days ago)
My favorite Horror/Scary games are Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Revelations, Doom 3, Dead Space, Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite, Resident Evil 5, and the first Gears of War.
Clayton Luce (8 days ago)
Could _Undead Nightmare_ actually be called a horror game? I'm just asking.
James Somogyi (8 days ago)
Why do u always upload when I have to be asleep to go to work tommrow 😂😂
klesto92 (8 days ago)
I honestly wouldn’t consider games like Left 4 Dead horror.
JCity 17 (8 days ago)
Evil Within 2, Until Dawn, Alien Isolation, Parasite Eve, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Resident Evil REmake,
AHairyHamburger (8 days ago)
id of defo had siren and alien isolation on this list :)
ScottM1 (8 days ago)
#1 Resident Evil Reeemakeugh
Patrick Murphy (8 days ago)
I dont play many horror games, but something like SMT Nocturne or bloodborne would probably top one of my lists. Also got resident evil for pc to celebrate the spooky season. First time through the game for me too.
Wujek Władek (8 days ago)
Alan? Simply: No.
Ghost Of War (3 days ago)
Wake? simply :yes
Sir CJillius (8 days ago)
Bioshock my #1
Iban Nash (8 days ago)
Wow, no Last of Us? I'm kinda shocked!
Mario Armendariz (8 days ago)
How are people gonna thumbs down a personal list?
Just10 H (8 days ago)
no Parasite Eve dislike
Cikatriz87 (8 days ago)
But why does Jill Valentine look so stupid in the screenshot?
thehoeslaper (8 days ago)
who had the worst run animation. the guy from blue stinger or the guy from shadow hearts?
Braulio Diaz (8 days ago)
OMG your favorite is RE3? I LOVE YOUUU! BEST GAME FOR SURE! :D
Paleblood Hunter (8 days ago)
Friday the 13th above dead space.... Ok?
FreeRPGer (8 days ago)
Some great games on here, but I'm truly surprised there's no mention of *Fatal Frame 2.* Creepy. The 1st three Silent Hill games are all on my list, as well as RE1 & RE2 (RE2 is my fave). RE3 is my least favorite of the older games. Truly, Code Veronica should've been (and was going to be) the true RE3 in the series, but there's a story behind why it wasn't, plus RE3 takes place at the same time as RE2 does, and was going to be a side story. I'm glad you mentioned Blue Stinger, though. Love that one.
Tyrant (8 days ago)
Resident Evil remake, Silent Hill, F.E.A.R. and Dead Space will always hold a special place in my heart.

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