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What New PlayStation Exclusives Is Sony Possibly Working On?

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Sony Worldwide Studios' head Shuhei Yoshida - the man the most responsible for the direction of Sony's overall first party development, and second party partnerships - recently confirmed that the fears many had after Sony's showing at E3, regarding them not having much else in the wings for the PS4 beyond what has already been shown, are unfounded. The company definitely is working on more PS4 exclusives that have not yet been announced. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-241308979564/ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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Text Comments (253)
pswiisixtee (19 days ago)
Sony you lazy swine, give us Knack 3 or we RIOT
McK (19 days ago)
Sony has to know that Xbox will be coming out hard for the next generation. Xbox has already started branching out and acquiring more studios. Best thing that Sony can do is have an exclusive come out with the PS5(A horizon sequel) and if possible make games like Last of us II, Ghost of Tsuhima ,and Death Stranding a game that can be played on the PS4 or PS5. This will allow people who have a PS4 to feel validated enough to still purchase the game when it comes out but will also encourage people who don't have a PS4 to get a PS5 and still go back and play some of these exclusives.(I don't see someone buying a PS4 if they don't already have one to play those games and then also buying a PS5 for the new catalog of games). Then you hopefully will have a steady stream of games coming out throughout the next years that already have a huge fan base. Imagine Horizon : Launch title Playable games for the system from day 1 Last of Us 2 Death Stranding Ghost of Tsushima Could you maybe get GOW and Spiderman on that? Then the following year you have some kind of uncharted spin off or a sequel to God of War or Spiderman? A bloodborne 2 perhaps? Persona 6? Given the number of games they're still waiting to release, i personally don't see the PS5 until Holiday 2020 but I don't follow the console cycle time that closely.
Zachary Law (25 days ago)
Each game is another nail in the coffin for Microshaft. Sony: here's another game Xbox can't match take another L.
IP Freely (28 days ago)
It's pretty cool when a console has games.
MTop (1 month ago)
Are they making games or movies?
Jin Kazama (1 month ago)
Blue Point at Playstation Experience / E3 might announce the Remake for Metal Gear Solid: Tactical Espionage Action. The internet melts after.
HDaviator (1 month ago)
You didn't mention Wild. An exclusive announced years ago that everyone seems to have forgotten.
Gentlemen Gamer (1 month ago)
You forgot to mention Atlus, who are working on Persona 6 and a brand new project
Moey (2 months ago)
London Studio should make another The Getaway game
Moey (2 months ago)
Santa Monica Studio also work on indie games, so they might be working on or two before the PS5
Christian Axelsson (2 months ago)
"Sponsored by Microsoft" HIHI
Nimestro (2 months ago)
Uncharted 6 Last of us part 2 Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Infamous 3 Spider-Man 2 God of War 5 Ratchet and Clank 2
Nishant Sengar (2 months ago)
Hey I remember you Mr. Mind Warehouse
Braulio Diaz (2 months ago)
The Order?
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I (2 months ago)
Yoshida vs Phil Spencer. Bring it on!
Gray Fox (2 months ago)
given the likeness that the ps5 will be retro compatible , it doesnt really mather . they will foucus on the PS4 and then gradualy dedicated themselfes to the ps5.
Chris Hansen. (2 months ago)
The PS4 got off to an early start and seemingly have “shot their load” already. It seems all just like yesterday, but I guess that it is on to the next one.
Coleman345699 (3 months ago)
I love it!!!!Sony has released UC4,Zero Dawn,God of War,Tlou2,Lost Legacy,Infamous 2son Blood Born MLB Show.ALL at the least GREAT games if not Classics and were asking Sony WHAT'S UP W the exclusives.While Xbox can't get a single decentNew IP exclusive released n they're acting like nothing's wrong.LOSER TRAITS
SzopTuptus (3 months ago)
Jak 4 for ps4 plz
knightgangsta (3 months ago)
They will make it for the ps4 And then again for the ps5 Like they did for ps3 and 4 Caching $$$
bigmanolo26 (3 months ago)
They could also be working on a new sly Cooper game and a new Jak and daxter game...maybe even a new PlayStation all-star battle Royale game
patbrown911 (3 months ago)
None of these games really makes me excited, maybe The Last of Us and the Uncharted series, but I can pass on that. That´s my personal opinion. I guess I will stick to PC gaming until the PS5 launches and them I will consider about getting one.
Tha Drez (3 months ago)
I wouldn't mind BluePoint remakes the Resistance trilogy.
James Henry III (3 months ago)
They're holding back for the PS5.
sebastian Jaldn (3 months ago)
And the remake of medievil?
MegaRayland (3 months ago)
One thing is for sure: Guerrilla is working on a launch title for PS5. Considering the launch of HZD almost a year and a half ago if they started full production late last year that would give them 3 full years of production right in line with the expected launch window of PS5. Considering they are the lead team tech wise in Worldwide studios, and that they were the studio behind a launch title on PS4, it certainly is more than likely they'll be again on PS5.
MegaRayland (3 months ago)
I would love a Bluepoint remake of Primal using their SoTC engine.
Juice Box (3 months ago)
Louie Verr Torreon (3 months ago)
It could be a new remaster or remake from Bluepoint, a studio behind recent Shadow of the Colossus Remake.
robert dawson (2 months ago)
Louie Verr Torreon eh! Did you not watch the video
HiMaNshU GauR (3 months ago)
we will know in december.
Greg Hakes (3 months ago)
I wouldn't be surprised to see a new Rachet and Clank sequel launched next year. along with a new Crash Bandicoot game.
Stoop Floy (3 months ago)
My only worry with next gen is the cost (Ps4 pro is already 400, ps5 better not be 500)
The Avid Gamer (3 months ago)
Well, the next generation isn't coming until at least 2020, and by that time, the PS4 Pro's price will have dropped significantly and better hardware technology will be available.
Mega scorpio (3 months ago)
uncharted 5 yes
King Allant (3 months ago)
Sony bend have listing for a job for an unannounced PS4 exclusive
King Allant (3 months ago)
Rosencrantz As I said, the job listing says "an unannounced PS4 exclusive". most likely they are already working on it but simply need more people to finish it. 2020 is my guess
Rosencrantz (3 months ago)
since Days gone is gonna be a Feb 2019 game....sony bends next game will likely be a 2021-2022 PS5 exclusive game.
BADWOLF 1874 (3 months ago)
Wen can we expect days gone and death stranding?
Juice Box (3 months ago)
The Avid Gamer EXACTLY ☺️
The Avid Gamer (3 months ago)
+Jameel Far I doubt Death Stranding will be released in 2020. By that time, the next generation will have already arrived.
BADWOLF 1874 (3 months ago)
Jameel Far thanx 4 replying.thats a longggggg time to wait.😥
Jameel Far (3 months ago)
Sean Thornton daysgone feb 22 2019 death stranding no releasedate it has high chance of releasing 2020-21
Aquarius Ambassador (3 months ago)
Ps5 not releasing until 2020 2021 Sony already spoke on it.
Randy Bradley (3 months ago)
Insomniac is not their studio. God of War didn't take 5 years to develop Cory already stated that the game was in very early development back in December of 2014 and the game launched in March of this year so around 3 and a half years. The problem with your argument on Gran Turismo 6 coming out on the PS3 even though the PS4 was coming doesn't mean it will happen again because SONY was trying to promote DriveClub which even though got delayed they didn't want it and Gran Turismo competing side by side and yes Gran Turismo 7 is already in development and has been for a while. So, My guess is PS5 launch window title.
colin minhinnick (3 months ago)
PS4 wont appear until the end of 2020 at earliest.... and most ppl won't buy one for a couple years after that.. manufacturers should clearly understand that not everyone has £300 burning a hole in their pocket.. so games for PS4 should keep coming - I sincerely hope some killer titles still coming, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 etc to PS4 ... with Sony still not keen on backwards compatibility ppl don't want to throw their game collection down the toilet..
Gentlemen Gamer (3 months ago)
colin minhinnick save up for it now
IST Fitness PA (3 months ago)
I wish they would buy the soul reaver and blood omen licence and give it to Santa Monica.
Sir Galahad (3 months ago)
*MediEvil Remastered! 😍*
Sir Galahad (3 months ago)
*MediEvil is a short hack & slash game compared to SOTC so it couldn't be Bluepoint Games working on it, makes me wonder which team they hired or put in charge to make the remaster happen, hopefully Guerrilla Games are the ones to do it*
bullshit man (3 months ago)
Sir Galahad bluepoint said that their next remake is even bigger than shadow of the colossus medieval is not as big as sotc I think
Sir Galahad (3 months ago)
*I hope Bluepoint Games is the team working on it*
bullshit man (3 months ago)
I forgot about that lmao
DragONheart27X (3 months ago)
Ready at Dawn is still a candidate they are working on a Triple A Open World Action Adventure game. Tangentlemen could aslo be one. They released a VR game but job listing says Action Adventure and they are led by Toby Gard, one of the creators of the original Tomb Raider. I can still see the PS4 getting 2-3 more big exclusives before bowing out this generation.
Hykeem Andrews (3 months ago)
Ps5 and Ps5 go
Nate's Hell Descent (3 months ago)
Japan Studio with team Siren is developping a game for sure. Probably a survival horror.
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I (2 months ago)
Nate's Hell Descent it would be a dream come true if new Siren coming out.
Mohd Razie (3 months ago)
A destiny like mutiplayer with raid bosses played by a player using VR tech, instead of AI.
Maximillion Roivas (3 months ago)
I just want *Kinectica 2* for PS4 or PS5...
Kyle Parkerson (3 months ago)
I still think the sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn will be either a PS5 launch title or launch window (Q1 following year).
Berrlett-At-Gameplay (3 months ago)
1. Rebirth of the Resistance series, maybe Resistance 4. 2. New HZD. 3. New God of War. 4. New Sly Cooper + new Jak & Daxter. 5. New The Order game. 6. Now they have Kojima working with them maybe a new MGS. 7. Possible new Killzone game. 8. Possible new Infamous game. 9. Possible new Remake after FF7. 10. New Twisted Metal. 11. New IPs. What does matter is they’re committed to quality exclusives that’s how they dominate the gaming/console market.
Youuu Boiii (3 months ago)
Probably for the Ps5 the same fucking games sony has been announcing for the past 3 fucking years....
Vegito Power (3 months ago)
a new crash game!
FSwift DJ (3 months ago)
Sony should respect who got the ps4 pro and in the final year start to make more ps4 pro enhanced even ps4 pro only titles and try to get more out of the system, if it was not for weak amd CPU, pro would be next gen
- - (3 months ago)
wrath achehboune burn Xbox
wrath achehboune (3 months ago)
tell that to god of war or all game made after pro came out that pushed the pro to its limit one x are enjoying cartoon network game sea of decay
Sir Galahad (3 months ago)
*Sony makes all their games compatible with all PlayStation 4 system plus its up to the devs to take advantage of the Pro system*
Sulayman Hamid (3 months ago)
The unannounced games are Syphon Filter, and Timesplitters Possibly Socom for VR And Bloodborne 2
Juice Box (3 months ago)
Sulayman Hamid Please regular SOCOM 😊
White Death (3 months ago)
its frustating for me, the only game i wait for sony, PS battle royale 2, im sick of this allready, wait until when? sony dont know how underated this game is. people want, give what people want, or i need buy a fucking switch to play something like that?! #facepalm
Larry God (3 months ago)
I'm humble to be a fanboy take my $$$ Sony .
Zeonos Industries (3 months ago)
Simple: Everything.
GamingNinja (3 months ago)
Jak 4
Larry God (3 months ago)
Mianlo 2 (3 months ago)
If PS4 sales starts to slow down, *(bam)* , Bloodborne 2. I hope it's a new Twisted Metal game, or remaster of PS3 where they improve the multiplayer. I hope it's a new BloodRayne, it won't happen, but I could still hope.
Rhino Prime (3 months ago)
EA: single player is dead Santa Monica: hold my beer
Earth O' Pedia (3 months ago)
You hold this L for that copy paste
Rhino Prime (3 months ago)
Mike M the roast improves
Mike D (3 months ago)
EA: single player is dead Santa Monica: hold my beer Nintendo: No thanks EA, I'll hold my own beer (Sake) and do it with one hand
Rhino Prime (3 months ago)
Homeless Emperor that wasn't a copy and paste but ok
Golden Sperm (3 months ago)
You hold this L for that copy paste
Deedric Kee (3 months ago)
2021 I hope PS5 has great quality and detail with there system and games. I wouldn't mind God of WaR sequel Gran Turismo Horizon Zero Dawn sequel Spiderman 2 Become Human in a different city better AC games I could go on for hours just like anyone else you get the picture right 😋
Deedric Kee (2 months ago)
ParkoTech Maybe 😎👌
Deedric Kee (2 months ago)
I like sequels personally, just saying.
albert fish (2 months ago)
Deedric Kee id rather new games not sequels. You don't want a mess of sequels and a franchise like assassins creed
ParkoTech (3 months ago)
Deedric Kee 2020 the latest my friend
NAcHO1713 (3 months ago)
3 things I want 3) new infamous title 2) new jak and daxter game1) and sly 5.
Joshua Niteesh (3 months ago)
I don’t think any of the first party developers are developing a game for the ps5.I bet even Polyphony digital is making GT 7 for the PS4
albert fish (2 months ago)
Joshua Niteesh the ps4 and the pro is powerful enough. I wish they would just stick with this gen in the future to build the ps4 library even better. The PS5 probably won't be backwards compatible
Randy Bradley (3 months ago)
It's only likely because the development kits have only recently went out to developers and Gran Turismo 7 has been in development for a while now. Of course being a first party studio might mean that they got their hands on the kit sooner. If you ask me it will be a PS5 title because people had backlash that number 6 came out on the PS3 and the game sold far less because of it. Plus the reason why SONY brought it out to the PS3 and not the PS4 I think is because they were trying to promote their other racing sim DriveClub and even though that game was delayed they didn't want the two games competing side by side and decided to release them on separate consoles and I don't think PS5 will have a first party sim racer other than Gran Turismo.
Louie Verr Torreon (3 months ago)
PS5 New Titles: Bloodborne 2 (Sequel/New Setting) Horizon Zero Dawn (Sequel) God of War (Sequel/New Setting) Spiderman (Possible Sequel) JRPGs (Atlus/Square Enix/etc) Ready at Dawn Studios (The Order 1886 Sequel) New IPs Remasters with 60fps Mode: Bloodborne The Last of Us Part II Ghost of Tsushima Spiderman God of War Horizon Zero Dawn Death Stranding Note: I'm not trying to encourage Remasters, but given how the Industry works this might become inevitable.
Louie Verr Torreon (3 months ago)
ZUCC800 - that's what the consumers' dream, but the business isn't because they want more money.
Mianlo 2 (3 months ago)
Rex Due to PS5 also going to run the X86 architecture.
Rex (3 months ago)
Gentlemen Gamer ps4 games will be BC with ps5 I think
Gentlemen Gamer (3 months ago)
Louie Verr Torreon these remasters are not nessersery
ShotGunPill (3 months ago)
More singleplayer third person action adventure games count me in
ShotGunPill (3 months ago)
Gentlemen Gamer c'mon their a lot of fps out their apart from battlefield and call of duty you got metro exodus,doom eternal, new wolfeinstein even cyberpunk is rumoured to be first person only so we need more third person shooters like uncharted and tomb raider
Gentlemen Gamer (3 months ago)
ShotGunPill we only have battlefield and call of duty right now and I want those to die off already. I would love a first person shooter PS exclusive to beat both of those. That and a new mascot platformer too
ShotGunPill (3 months ago)
Gentlemen Gamer no their should be more linear story driven third person shooters and less FPS games
Gentlemen Gamer (3 months ago)
ShotGunPill we need more mascot platformers and a new first person shooter game to replace Killzone games
Stefano Trida (3 months ago)
Many of the games you guys say will be Ps5 games I think will be cross plataform games. Like Ps4 games that will run at 60fps in Ps5
The Avid Gamer (2 months ago)
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I Well, they better do, because back-combat was literally the only thing the Xbox One has over the PS4.
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I (2 months ago)
Stefano Trida BC will give incentive to those who gone digital this gen. Why would sony give the fans an excuse to jump ship to Xbox. Amirite?
Stefano Trida (3 months ago)
The Avid Gamer for sure your 100% right. They better be. .. and im sure they'll be.
The Avid Gamer (3 months ago)
+Louie Verr Torreon I hope they are back-compats instead of remasters. It was excusable with PS3 games since the PS3 used the extremely complicated CELL architecture, but the PS4 uses x86, which is much more common and simple, even if its instruction set is huge. Remasters would just be a cheap way of extracting more money from the consumer.
Louie Verr Torreon (3 months ago)
like it or not, remasters might coming all along with 60fps mode in most exclusive titles
Marcus Grant (3 months ago)
Games that Microsoft studios can’t do
Expert Gaming HD (1 month ago)
you talk a lot of shit about ps4 exclusives yet I could the same Xbox one exclusives boring and dull and repepetive
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I (2 months ago)
WhoDarestheMAN gamer be in denial as much as you want, it's Xbox who are dying. I really want to see how they're gonna get back their fan who picked PS4 this gen. Good luck with that, they're gonna need 80 million luck for that. 😂
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I (2 months ago)
WhoDarestheMAN gamer and gimmick does sells. What's your point?
Word Out (2 months ago)
WhoDarestheMAN gamer Microsoft brought 5 Studio's not 40, Stop Lying Fraud. An SONY have the best talented Developer's than Microsoft. Most of Sony Games are "Game of the Year" nominees with 90+ Metacritic Scores. With Microsoft 5 New Studio's time Will tell if it's Good investment for Microsoft or Microsoft will be closing them down in the Future.
WhoDarestheMAN gamer (2 months ago)
VersionBest Not trolling. Ps4 is dead in the water now that Microsoft just bought 40 new game studios world wide. RIP Sony.
Stefano Trida (3 months ago)
Here's hopping for The Order 1887 and Until Dawn 2. Japan Studio makes multiple games at the same time. Knack 2, Gravity Rush are both Japan Studio games.
Lekzie69 (3 months ago)
yeah until dawn 2 with new characters, story, setting but same concept, characters need to survive the night until dawn
Joshua Niteesh The Order 1886 needs a sequel to fix what the first one did wrong. What an underwhelming game it was, but with a lot of effort, it can become a goty contender. The settings, the steampunk, Nikola fucking Tesla, everything technical related, were already great. Just needs a non cliche story and to be a lot longer.
Mianlo 2 (3 months ago)
Stefano Trida I hope Sony renegotiate with Ready at Dawn, and make The Order 1887. If they do I feel like they most likely flee the city of London, maybe go to India so they could help the Queen take back their country from Ubited Indian company, ironic name. I find the Queen (Manikarnika Lakshmibai) very attractive. I also want to try new Nikola Telsa invention.
Joshua Niteesh (3 months ago)
Stefano Trida Oh cool.....but for me, it just felt like a duplicate quantic dream game.
Stefano Trida (3 months ago)
Until Dawn is the only of these I've played and it's freaking amazing. Different Strokes I guess...
messaoud rahmani (3 months ago)
I highly doubt that to be the case for investing heavily in making more exclusives for a console nearing the end of its cycle makes no sense from a business stand
Mohd Razie (3 months ago)
it already happened during ps3 era & it works. What business stand you're referring to?
Mianlo 2 (3 months ago)
messaoud rahmani Now it's the best time for new IPs and Indies. Because of PS4 huge install base ~80 million.
Musab Mohammed (3 months ago)
messaoud rahmani it makes sense because the ps4 was very succesfull and they want to create more loyal fanbase so more people stick with sony to the next generation
MrRighteousfish (3 months ago)
I think the PS5 will have a strong launch. Within the first 2 years I bet we will see a cross gen games and sequels to bloodborne, H:zd, and Nioh. Hopefully sony learned from the PS3 and PS4. That sticking to traditional gaming works for them.
DarkEndDragon_- (3 months ago)
Trashy Nioh 2 is announced. Coming out next year.
KingDonWahed (3 months ago)
How about the new studio Sony rumored to have founded in San Diego plus some of Sony In-House studios have two-teams working on games parallelly. And I think, it was one of your videos saying Bend Studio is one of those studios working on a second game already.
June Facey (28 days ago)
KingDonWahed two exclusive on its way project judge n project awakening
MegaRayland (1 month ago)
Yes they have. That doesn't mean, going back to the point I originally replied to, that a team that size will be working on different projects. For AAA games a team of that size is not uncommon. Considering also that GG is the likely candidate to be working on a launch PS5 game, and that it needs to be ready by (likely) 2020, expanding to meet the demand is not out of the question. Point being, right now, it doesn't mean they are splitting that team for developing multiple projects.
jayizbest (1 month ago)
+MegaRayland GG have already moved into a new bigger studio and are expanding to 400 members probably due to the success of horizon .
DarkEndDragon_- (3 months ago)
Bend is working on another game. They were hiring for a big, New AAA Exclusive Game.
MegaRayland (3 months ago)
It depends on the team. Not all of Sony's studios have the 2-team capabilities. Bend, Media Molecule, and Sucker Punch are too small, while Guerrilla lost that when London Studio closed. Only Naughty Dog, Santa Monica and, to an extent, Japan Studio, have that capability. After The Lost Legacy it is more than likely ND moved that team to work on The Last of Us Part II, while Japan Studio's 2nd teams usually have worked on smaller titles (and they are currently working on Astro Bots). That only leaves Santa Monica but they have rarely done the 2nd team approach instead having the entire team working on big titles while offering support to smaller titles from 2nd party developers.
They call Me RAIN (3 months ago)
I wonder how much will it cost? Ps5
Rex (3 months ago)
They call Me RAIN $400-500
wolf blood (3 months ago)
i hope bloodborne 2, hzd 2
Mushroom Head (3 months ago)
Could be anything considering how many exclusives Sony has.
wrath achehboune (3 months ago)
they really did well on ps4 gen and more gems are comming leaving studios that finished games for PS5 imean last of us2 days gone death stranding spiderman ghost of sushima great games and consoles exclusive NIOH2....
DarkEndDragon_- (3 months ago)
Lol. Remove Nioh 2, the first one was repetitive, boring and uninteresting. I played it for my hunger for Souls-like Games. Nioh was trash.
Randy Bradley (3 months ago)
+Corey Mckee My bad. It threw me off because of no punctuation.
Corey Mckee (3 months ago)
Randy Bradley he said spidey. Re read the comment
Randy Bradley (3 months ago)
Don't forget Spidey.
Rex (3 months ago)
For ps5..... Uncharted 5 God of war 2 Spiderman 2 Gran turismo 7 Sly cooper 5 Killzone 4 New ratchet and clank New IP New IP New IP New IP New IP Jak 4 Twisted metal 5 Bloodborne 2 And more
peter vickers (1 month ago)
assassins creed odyssey 2 the witcher 4
Redwald Cuthberting (1 month ago)
That went over your head. God of war already exists too on PS2 and the PS4 game is plainly called God of War as well, what else are you going to call it a hypothetical sequel? As we don't know what it'll be called GOW 2 will suffice for now.
Javontae Eaddy (1 month ago)
+Stefano Trida Nope, God of War 2 will be on PS5. And Ps4 also, but PS5 version will be the one to get
Joseph Rosas (1 month ago)
hopefully another infamous, the last of us part 3 and horizon zero dawn 2
Luis Micks (1 month ago)
Nioh 2,The Avengers game,Nier 2,Persona 6,Star Ocean game,FFVII Remake....
Xamufam (3 months ago)
ONEWAYLEEWAY (3 months ago)
You forgot about Sonys brand new San Diego studio that’s rumoured to be taking over the Uncharted series. Also unless i missed it you forgot about Hideo Kojima and Death Stranding. Lastly Sumo Digital and Little Big Planet 4(as someone mentioned below)
g0ncalox 500 (2 months ago)
Gentlemen Gamer what about a franchise with Nathan's daughter?
Randy Bradley (3 months ago)
+Gentlemen Gamer Nathan Drake's story was ended but did you see the ending of Uncharted 4? I will not spoil it but........there will be more Uncharted games.
Lekzie69 (3 months ago)
Yeah starring cassie drake with cameo from nathan and elena saving her, make it open area just like gow 2018 with compass and secret areas.
Daquain Flood (3 months ago)
ONEWAYLEEWAY what’s wrong with that if they leave Nate out of it
ONEWAYLEEWAY (3 months ago)
Gentlemen Gamer Why not have both? New games and old 😉
Gentlemen Gamer (3 months ago)
I want an Ape Escape remake and gran Turismo 7 to come soon I want SIE santa Monica to work on something brand new now god of war is successful, and Japan studio to work on gravity rush 3 (Btw you forgot about Atlus thou)
DarkEndDragon_- (3 months ago)
Unfortunately, Gravity Rush 2 didn't sell well. That franchise is gone. :/
Adam Reid (3 months ago)
Gentlemen Gamer Not too soon with GT:7 though. Sport is still great and has lots to offer in my opinion.
Randy Bradley (3 months ago)
I would love another Ape Escape game as well. I'd like it even more if they included PSVR support as an added option on how can enjoy the game.
Pattiecake01 (3 months ago)
I just want a disc or two remastering classics like spyro, crash tag team racing, ape escape, metal gear etc
Mianlo 2 (3 months ago)
Gentlemen Gamer Gravity Rush 3 is tricky to speculate if it could happen. Because I don't know if sales numbers are good for their expectation. The first sold less, yet we got sequel. Atlus is currently releasing CatheRINe for PS4 and Vita.
Dav Vivar (3 months ago)
Bloodborne 2
Jimmy Eres (3 months ago)
Uncharted 5 Killzone 4 Metal Gear Solid VI Infamous III Twisted Metal V Horizon Zero Dawn (Sequel)
DarkEndDragon_- (3 months ago)
God Of War is in the works. They're preparing for it, at least.
DarkEndDragon_- (3 months ago)
Beast all over the Shop, you will be one of them. Sooner or later. I need my masterpiece Sequel!
butterflyknife (3 months ago)
mgs isnt really exclusive. i do agree with a new killzone. i daydream of a new resistance. i would even appreciate a "simple" remaster.
Earth O' Pedia (3 months ago)
Metal Gear Solid VI?
Abdennour Bennani (3 months ago)
did you just say mgs6?
Al J (3 months ago)
How can Forza pump out multiple games every other year but Gran Turismo takes sooooo long to do anything.
Randy Bradley (3 months ago)
+Al J Reason? Because Kazunori Yamauchi is a perfectionist and makes the games so detailed down to the last bolt and another reason why true racers and the raceworld respect Gran Turismo. +SAMEHANE110 Nope, Forza Motorsport 7 has around 700 cars at launch and Gran Turismo 5 on the "PS3" HAD OVER A WHOPPING 1000 cars and that game came out almost 8 years ago on last gen tech.
Lonely loli (3 months ago)
ONEWAYLEEWAY they make gt sport car from scratch... that's why gt sport car so detail even in cockpit... meanwhile forza just copy car from forza motorsport 6 to 7... and add new car at the same time... thats why gt6 got 2000 car but gt sport just 300++ car... Polyphony digital do not want to copy car from ps3 because it look outdated...
ONEWAYLEEWAY (3 months ago)
Mianlo Mangaing Do you really think they make a new engine every time they release a new GT game? Just no 😂
Mianlo 2 (3 months ago)
Al J I think because Polyphony Digital start from scratch the game engine. Or that's what I heard. Maybe they were lying, who knows.
ONEWAYLEEWAY (3 months ago)
SAMHANE110 Dunno with the recent ones but the old GT used to have 1000s of cars
Al J (3 months ago)
Rex (3 months ago)
Randy Bradley yeah that's what I meant! Apologize for misspelling "Medievil" I was in rush, this happens sometimes😂😂😂😂
Randy Bradley (3 months ago)
+Rex Oh, You mean Medievil not Medeval.
Rex (3 months ago)
Randy Bradley medieval remake in 4k was announced at psx 2017 lol
Randy Bradley (3 months ago)
+Rex No they aren't.
Lekzie69 (3 months ago)
Hmm I find it weird remaking 3 without remaking the first 2 games besides konami still has a team and an engine to remake 3 themselves
A Good Potato (3 months ago)
A Good Potato (3 months ago)
Yeah I just want a fourth LBP
Randy Bradley (3 months ago)
More Like LittleBigUniverse. Oh ya that game is coming to the PS4 and it's called Dreams.
Mianlo 2 (3 months ago)
Rex Dream is technically Little Big Planet 4 or 3. Since Media Molecule didn't make the third one.
Rex (3 months ago)
Gentlemen Gamer lol I think he meant 4
Gentlemen Gamer (3 months ago)
A Good Potato we already have little big planet 10 yrs ago
FEAR cyco 12 (3 months ago)
Btw love the vids
Gentlemen Gamer (3 months ago)
Rex hopefully not. Persona is NEVER going to PC
Rex (3 months ago)
True Gentlemen Gamer but I got the fact that "persona 6 might be multiplat" from the internet tough. It kinda said "persona exclusivity might end"😕
Gentlemen Gamer (3 months ago)
Rex those fake rumors by Xbox and PC fanboys/trolls were very quickly shut down by Atlus Those multi platform versions were probably spin off games, not the main games which are always PS exclusives
Rex (3 months ago)
Gentlemen Gamer atlus is owned by Sega, rumors in 2017 suggested persona 5 will come to switch, BTW it was fake Some persona games were on 360 and Nintendo consoles, that's why felt it might be multiplat
Gentlemen Gamer (3 months ago)
Rex it will be a PlayStation exclusive Atlus is a 2nd party studio

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