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10 Terrifying Resident Evil Monsters That Haunted Your Nightmares

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Julian Derczynski (13 hours ago)
Good fucking choice, ye the regeneradors are one of my favs as they're fricken scary and sound is fucked up and the look of them
I thought ultra Dr. Salvador was called Dr. Sunshine.
I literally couldn’t sleep because of those regenerators and Iron Maiden’s
Gunner Cunningham (3 days ago)
The last one is so tru. I’m playing re4 right now on my ps 2 and I just passed that part and I was freaking out
Greg Mumford (4 days ago)
RE2 remake!!! Looks so amazing!!! Cannot wait! Oh yeah, great list too
Khánh Nguyễn (7 days ago)
Nemesis should be no.1
Zenoseus (7 days ago)
Most Hated AL (7 days ago)
Wow wtf?!?! Peeped the views
Felix Chan (10 days ago)
The Leech zombie lol😂
Xylarxcode (10 days ago)
Remember that part in RE 4 after the cabin shootout where you had to choose whether to go left or right to get to your destination. Well, I always picked the side that had the El Gigante just so I wouldn't have to run into the Bella sisters. There was just no way in hell you could convince me to pick that side if it wasn't absolutely necessary. Those bitches were terrifying.
purry (13 days ago)
wow we have so much in common mate ! i never found nemesis terrifying either , i mean he talks a bit and carries a rocket launcher , he's more like a controlled machine or something , a living robot with intelligence , but for example mr.x scared the shit out of me ! that thing was unstopable and scary , he killed everything and didn't seem to be programmed
BloodyBatons (13 days ago)
Hunters are way scarier than lickers
X3N0 Megawesome (14 days ago)
The re monster that scares me the most is the skagdead from revelations 1
Kelley Gieger (15 days ago)
The fuckers from RE 6!! Like Regenerator, but throw crawling body parts at you and harder to kill
sama sama (15 days ago)
Iron Maidens gave me nightmares as a little kid, I still remember them lol
jamicheal gates (17 days ago)
Fuck that movie teeth
sakura (19 days ago)
"the sounds of squish" squish squish
Darkell White (24 days ago)
Why isnt Verdugo or Garrador from Resident evil 4 on this list they were scary as shit.
Lisa Trevor backstory is depressing.
Jarrod Sybil (29 days ago)
Lisa Trevor is way more terrifying than any of these other creatures
Brody Kelly (30 days ago)
Salazar's right hand resident evil 4
32zover (1 month ago)
When I first played RE4 and heard the regenerators breathing I was like wtf is that and then when the Iron Maiden came I was like well that’s just great 😑
Poison (1 month ago)
the voice acting in RE1
StarlightMasters (1 month ago)
Anyone seen a picture of Scagded
Sayo-Nara (1 month ago)
None of these scares me but homework
Darryl Torres (1 month ago)
OH YEAH, I forgot about the reapers from re5. Giant cockroaches bigger than gorilla Chris Redfields, yeah nightmare inducing.
Darryl Torres (1 month ago)
Drain Deimos and brainsuckers creep me out more than the leech zombies. I'm also more scared of hunters than lickers. There's also verdugo who still to this day give me the creeps.
Skilledkace1234 (1 month ago)
the hunters and the tyrants in code veronica sucked a load of dick
Don Teremore (1 month ago)
That blob from Revalation.
MJCC fun&games (1 month ago)
Mike Warnke (1 month ago)
Nemesis wasn’t meant to scare you, as opposed to “scary looking” hes more like “jesus christ what the hell is that fucker that just burst through the door”!?!?
Hilmi Huzaif (1 month ago)
No. 2 why call gravedigger looking like death worm
mikevickisabeast (1 month ago)
The last regenerator that appears is literally scarier than any horror movie. That defines what a horror game should be
Beerus (1 month ago)
Mr X > Nemesis.
AshuraB (1 month ago)
Alex Wesker second mutated form seems like she can definitely give The Iron maiden a run for its money
God Himself (1 month ago)
The lickers had to of been my favorite design in horror games,ever
MrFrostyGiant (1 month ago)
I've seen enough hentai to see where ADA was heading.
Ryaquaza 1 (2 months ago)
I haven’t seen the film Teeth so I’m slightly confused, what does the monster look like in it anyway?
Maxim Friesen (2 months ago)
Most of the monsters: Meh... Iron Maiden and Bella Sisters: AHHHHHH AH AH KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!! (I hated them in RE4 so... )
Bloody Persistent (2 months ago)
How about Nosferatu in Code Veronica? Those groans when you first see him are kind of creepy.
TheCommentGuy (2 months ago)
I actually didnt give much fucks about the iron maiden, but the nemesis had me run shitting my pant
postin17 (2 months ago)
The zombies will always be the very first thing I was afraid of as a kid.
Richard Rahl (2 months ago)
I agree with the Bella Sisters and Iron Maiden. But Nemesis only was a major annoyance. It's one of the reasons why I never finished RE 3. And the other monsters are too exaggerated to be scary, especially the wall face thing of RE 6.
Sean Klipp (2 months ago)
Suppository simulator... Time to begin a kickstarter! Also I may have to play Resident Evil 6 just because of number 4, Carla Spore M
Exo Nicolas (2 months ago)
Who Watche This On 2018?
Eva Multz (2 months ago)
What is this pangolin slander how dare u
CodeName R (2 months ago)
“Welcome to the family son”
Pablo Coello (2 months ago)
Lisa Trevor is fucken scary I did not sleep for 3 days it's not how her story or the appearance it's that damn moan behind the mansion stairs and I swear it made me soul freezed.
rocky stone (2 months ago)
i have a licker killed/mounted on my wall.. look at my vids to see
Bonn Maghari (2 months ago)
Regenerators / Iron Maiden = number 1??? Couldn't agree more
Shy Williams (2 months ago)
Sophie Jones (2 months ago)
Dr Salvador should be #1 if not this whole list is bull Edit: of course no one puts him up there and says they crapped when meeting the Regenerators and Bella Sisters and Nemesis 😒😒 Typical RE Fans always picking the more popular bosses then what is actually scary because too me if you're saying Nemesis is super spoopy then you should play Claire in RE2 and fight Mr X or fight the Giant Snake from RE or RE remake
Canodiablo (2 months ago)
Number 10 Hmmm Number 9 I agree Number 8 True, so true Number 7 I knew it Number 6 Really, hmm Number 5 So scary Number 4 I hate it Number 3 Damn chainsaw Number 2 Umbrella Why?? Num... Clicks away
Reza Ruki (2 months ago)
Yeah that iron maiden is really scary the hell out, even Dead Space make it similiar to this monster the regenerator, and that Carla final transformation is fucking scary too, Nemesis scary at first but if you know how to dodge its piece a cake, mutated Rachel is so scary too, I think Jake Baker need to be added too, he is scary when you play at madhouse difficulty, he can run so fast, the only thing scary if the enemy are immune to any damage or back to live, and you just can hide or run away. Next time try to do The Evil WIthin 1- 2
crazy man (2 months ago)
I looked up 😂
ComancheSamurai (2 months ago)
You left put the Raszkalpanje in resident evil 6. That gave my wife nightmares more than once.
I will dislike this video. Made me remember those damn creatures from King Kong. The nightmares will come back.
Daniel B (3 months ago)
One creature in RE4 that was really terrifying was the Novistadors. They were giant fly-like creatures that skulked around the sewers and prison of Salazar's castle. The worst part about them was they can turn invisible, so you had to always be on your guard. You suffer a horrible death where they vomit digestive juice on your head, melting your face off. The stuff nightmares are made of.
JAGTHEGEMINI (3 months ago)
Ah the Bella sisters... Gotta love them after every vengeful scream a bit more
Rockin Randy89 (3 months ago)
The Chainsaw Guy In Resident Evil Scared The Fuck Out Of Me When I First Got Into Resident Evil 4. Always Panicking & Gettin My Head Sawed Off
Scirzorz (3 months ago)
had to dislike because dumb list and unfunny "Jokes"
Airsoft G.I. Operator (3 months ago)
FUUUUCK YOU the licker thing scared the shit outta me
Nick Slasher57 (3 months ago)
Whats that music in the background? I love it.
W5 Chu (3 months ago)
After I saw the narrator face I thought that was number 1
Burning Elmo (3 months ago)
And how about the comms officerfrom re revelations??
Burning Elmo (3 months ago)
Sees chainsaw man in re4 oh hello but boy you got a chainsaw so I gotta keep my distance Sees Bella sisters oh crap two chainsaw oh wait they look like kids hey your father in that village boi you two girls are. *SLICING INTENSIFIES* Gonna get a spanking
DracheN Lutz (3 months ago)
Did I hear "Crapcom"?
pluh187 (3 months ago)
I too hated that part in King Kong to no end and have found myself desperately trying to erase those disturbing images from my mind so thank you for that. Plus the fact that I forgot all about how much I hated the Iron Maiden from RE 4 and I may never sleep now.
Leona Startz (3 months ago)
Glasps. They are invisible to everyone except Natalia.
Games Bond (3 months ago)
Where is Krouser
Somethingstrange68 (3 months ago)
I didn't know that enemy was called the Iron Maiden. That makes it so much more horrifying to think of geez
Cherif Tekouk (3 months ago)
WTF Nemesis is 10 ? he made RE what it is now
Cherif Tekouk (3 months ago)
WTF Nemesis is 10 he made RS what it is now
Cherif Tekouk (3 months ago)
WTF Nemesis is 10 he made RS what it is now
Cherif Tekouk (3 months ago)
the Regenater is the scariest
Martin Fairclough (3 months ago)
I think the irion maiden is easy to kill. But i hate that massive monster in res6 that chriss and piers has to kill. I dont like it? Perhaps coz ive never beaten the monster lol i forgot what its called. I do like yor list thoe.
Geargamer Jones (4 months ago)
You mean regenrator
kieran O'dea (4 months ago)
you forgot that lisa trevor stitched her mothers skin to herself
Femusara 12 (4 months ago)
fuck you
#PRO 5K PRANCER (4 months ago)
Cerberus Ex Machina
sakura (4 months ago)
squish squish squish
eric blood (4 months ago)
This video is UNWATCHABLE even on Mute! Sorry dude but, you suck!
DoggiePickle45 (4 months ago)
Dylan Ogg (4 months ago)
I'd say that the Licker looks more like Carnage, but the Carnage Symbiote was spawned from the Venom Symbiote, so that's a clever joke right there.
ItzStroikObviosly (4 months ago)
What i thought was scary was the licker beaause it likes your throat and eats u wait licker eat ur own tounge :D
Fraktur Obsession (4 months ago)
I really do not understand how no one ever mentioned Resident Evil OUTBREAK biohazard and file#2 in their videos ! They are the best and very difficult. Thanatos gave me the worst nightmares
PzG D3ATH (4 months ago)
The gravedigger looked more like a giant dick
JP jp (4 months ago)
Okay so I got to say it an out of all the monsters on this list only 2 actually resonated. Nemesis did indeed give me nightmares as a kid lol not because of his appearance but like was said....HE WOULDN'T DIE!!! Never before him had I encountered an enemy that you could literally spend 20- 30 minutes just pumping bullets into it and it just would not die coupled with the fact that he could literally sidestep your grenades....... what the hell!?!? Then they went ahead and gave him a damn rocket launcher on top of his already ridiculously overpowered strength and that damn tentacle he could freaking poison you at any given time and give you the virus that you were spending the entire game trying to do away with. Then that brings me to the other one I got to say my favorite Resident Evil game of all time was Resident Evil 4. And while yes the Bella sisters were annoying and in truth if you look at them extremely gruesome it was indeed the Iron Maiden that took number one on my list as well.... the noise that it made..... the damn spikes and it again just would not DIE!! I have no idea how many game over screens I've seen just on account of that damn thing. I'm not going to lie I've long thought that the infinite rocket launcher was probably the cheapest weapon in the whole game but I will admit to the fact that I simply cannot play the game without it strictly for the regenerators and even more so the Iron Maiden.... As a side note special props mentioned to the transformed version of Salazar in that game as well. that damned plant thing of his that just kept killing you for no apparent reason no matter how many bullets you pump into it...... absolutely ludicrous. The countless times i died fighting it only to find that you had to actually got Salazar himself.....Damn....just damn
Liam (4 months ago)
Two words: crimson heads
Adrian Murphy (4 months ago)
“Nickers” You bloody European
MrDwarriors (4 months ago)
I shit my pants everytime i saw nemesis when i was a kid.
Will the Boss (4 months ago)
Narrator: "There's probably one on your ceiling right now, don't look up" Me: *looks up behind me* "WASSUP BOY!"
City Guard (4 months ago)
But wait, what was the leech zombie made of?
Itz Deathstroke (5 months ago)
We can add Jake Baker to this list now
Senpie Sensie (5 months ago)
resident evil 4 is and will always be the best
Marshall M. (5 months ago)
Damn, Nemesis at 10? T r i g g e r e d
TheRougeSky (5 months ago)
Real leeches already scare me half to death so RE0's Leeches were the stuff of real nightmares for me. Honestly until they came around Grave Digger was my RE boogeyman, now I wish it still was.
F2p Gamer (5 months ago)
3:37 I looked up
That CarGuy (5 months ago)
Can't beat the feeling of meeting hunters for the first time in Res1 with that tapping as they walk...😲😨
Bry The Robot Guy (5 months ago)
Anyone know the name of the music in the background?

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