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Ghost of Tsushima Reveal Trailer PS4 (Paris Games Week 2017)

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Text Comments (131)
D dub (11 months ago)
Only thing I see is no actual game play. What if it's just another shitty open world icon finder like the re-hashed trash Ubisoft shits out on a yearly basis? This trailer gives us nothing we didn't already know.
MsUltraBob (8 months ago)
D dub sucker punch are the producers. So you know graphics and gameplay will be awesome.
Carlo X (11 months ago)
Ps4 is only 250 now. I've been waiting for a good game to buy one (GOW,Spider-Man) but this looks great too
Rein Core (11 months ago)
now we almost need a japanese culture game next to this
Maximillion Roivas (11 months ago)
Well I was hoping for a Way of the Samurai 5 or a new Onimusha. This will do. CG trailer looks awesome. Hope it comes to XBox One. I'd love to play this on the new One X.
Maximillion Roivas (11 months ago)
DarkEndDragon_- What's wrong with casual games? Why are you such a hater? Are you OK? Do you want a hug? Besides...PS4 may have more exclusives but I doubt anyone has all of them. I only have 4 PS4 exclusives. They are Until Dawn, Uncharted 4, Aragami and BloodBorne (my personal fave PS4 game). And now Ghost of Tsushima and Fire Pro Wrestling World are the only games I am looking forward to. There's nothing else that I am excited for on PS4. While on XBox Land, I am looking forward to Anthem, Kingdom Hearts 3, Vampyr, We Happy Few, Metal Gear Survive, State of Decay 2, PUBG and Code Vein.
DarkEndDragon_- (11 months ago)
Minecraft and Halo are awesome games for casuals, yes. The Ones with no exclusives. Lmao. I feel bad for Xbots. But at the same time, they're casuals... hence why all of their games have co-op, they can't finish games on their own, lack of skills and such. They need someone to hold their hands and babysit them in order to finish a game. Pathetic.
Maximillion Roivas (11 months ago)
DarkEndDragon_- What's wrong with Minecraft in 4K and Halo? They're awesome games. Plus...Microsoft is making money from Sony and Nintendo. They own Minecraft afterall.
DarkEndDragon_- (11 months ago)
Yeah, Xboner suits casual gamers. They enjoy Minecraft in 4K, and Halo every year.
Maximillion Roivas (11 months ago)
DarkEndDragon_- I like XBox better than PlayStation.
Matt Sterbator (11 months ago)
Is this going to be like Tenchu?
Van Damme (11 months ago)
I hope this can reach ninja gaiden level because nioh was garbage...
TEEZY x (11 months ago)
Ludwig Cheng (11 months ago)
Looks better than Nioh
Leonhart Leong (11 months ago)
Ali Gillani (11 months ago)
I had xbox 360 I bought ps3 because of play station exclusive games (now ps4). Sony really knows how to nail it. I am ardently waiting for this game.
Moises Villanueva (11 months ago)
Tlou... Gow... Days gone... MONSTER HUNTER WORLD.... Hunt: showdown.. and now this... yo... im poor mf's
Z3R0 GAMING (11 months ago)
is this only at paris
Aquaspoogle Bill (11 months ago)
Sp is got this
18040c (11 months ago)
Azuma Ninja (11 months ago)
Cool...but I hope the gameplay Is just as ok Instead of only CGI to mislead buyers
DarkEndDragon_- (11 months ago)
This is in-game engine, not cgi. Don't be stupid, get your facts right.
PC MASTER RACE! (11 months ago)
Badass! Af
MTL Sniper (11 months ago)
Ps4 pro checkerboard 1440p 30fps
Sugar ray (11 months ago)
This looks amazing!!!
Sheren Faruka (11 months ago)
I dont understand... it's all cutsceanes bruh... i know 7 year old games with better cutsceanes.... Much hype..much dissapointment..
Sheren Faruka (11 months ago)
DarkEndDragon_- lol... in game engine.. the dude doesnt even know its a cutsceane😂😂😂 Ps: i have a pc(more powerfull than any console) and a ps4 to enjoy exclusive .. I wouldnt waste my mone on xbox as exclusive come on PC now Ps4 faggot! BTW Everyone has the right to criticize games..u peasent
DarkEndDragon_- (11 months ago)
Fuck off, then. You're probably Xloser. Oh, by the way, this is in-game engine not cgi. Nice try.
marctorres654 (11 months ago)
Tenchu is the best
HighNoon (11 months ago)
What are they clapping for? I saw no gameplay and didn’t like the feel of other sucker punch games.
This is being made by suckerpunch so they probably won't pull a nioh and make a pc port since suckerpunch does everything exclusively to one platform.
S. Diaz (11 months ago)
Sooo are we calling this Weeb Souls 2.0 or WeebWorld?
TerrenceDaGamer (11 months ago)
Just take all my money Sony every last dollar i dont need it
Hasta Castanyo (11 months ago)
so this game similiar ninja shinobido or tenchu?
Mani Pippiri (11 months ago)
By beloved sucker Punch is back with a sucker Punch baby!!!!!!
Wed Stein (11 months ago)
probably it will play like a tenchu.. more a stealth game.. but im hoping for an open world type of game with Witcher 3 feels on it.. you can change persona as ninja or samurai, play head on or stealth.
DarkEndDragon_- (11 months ago)
Action, Stealth Open-World. But I'm sure you can play it action, you're not forced to be stealthy.
Aliquid Gaming (11 months ago)
I love open world games and stealth games. Shadow Tactics and AC Origins are two great games and closest i thought id get to the setting and game id want. Then i see this and overcome with joy. Im so stoked
Kevin Milo (11 months ago)
This sh*t turns me on
Ricardo Rodriguez (11 months ago)
The Chinese Empires invasion on Feudal Japan in the 12th century. One of the most violent times in Asian Pacific history.
tigerclaw123475 (11 months ago)
Svensef Kirihara (11 months ago)
This looks great! Really a new IP for PS4, not like gow or tlou or shadow of the colossus
ninjammer726 (11 months ago)
tenchu successor fuck yeah
Leonhart Leong (11 months ago)
Live by honor, Kill by stealth.
Leonhart Leong (11 months ago)
ninjammer726 Tenchu next pls~
Svensef Kirihara (11 months ago)
Wed Stein you're right, but for accuracy he becomes a ronin, not a ninja in all the wide term, ninjas like the Tenchu ones born and were trained for being assassins, this is much like a samurai without a master in a path for revenge
Wed Stein (11 months ago)
Svensef Kirihara watch the trailer carefully.. the hero is once a samurai, but later become a ninja. hence the name "ghost" in the title. this is more of a ninja game. well i'm hoping the hero can change class between ninja and samurai.
Svensef Kirihara (11 months ago)
ninjammer726 nope, Tenchu=Ninjas, this is a samurai game
Sam White (11 months ago)
A katana?perfect for cutting an xbox one x in half.
DarkEndDragon_- (11 months ago)
Lmfao. That's one thing to get use out of Xbox since it's useless.
Gamez Tech (11 months ago)
Aliquid Gaming (11 months ago)
Sam White lmfao. Good one
SmokeKlouds (11 months ago)
Oh cool a samurai game, we've been lacking those should be good.. *sees sucker punch is making it* .......GAME OF THE YEAR!
Berrlett-At-Gameplay (11 months ago)
This is from sucker punch a Sony first party studio guys behind sly cooper series and the infamous series and now this which is exclusive to PS4.
Cordero Ebberhart (11 months ago)
I guess the raise in PlayStation plus money is being put to good use
DPG77048 (11 months ago)
the Division reveal and gameplay trailer looked amazing too.... and look at what we got!!! this looks like a set up..#TrustNoOne
GAMERS UNITE (11 months ago)
This ain't Ubisoft bro it's sucker punch, not setup here man
G K (11 months ago)
DPG77048 kk but just to tell you it's from Sucker punch not a casual Xbox one or some lame studio
Jean Achille (11 months ago)
OK, i'm officialy hyped
Reckless God Killer (11 months ago)
😐 my list is getting bigger
Ramon Martinez (11 months ago)
Just take my money now!!!! :D
Joker (11 months ago)
Was it just me, or did anybody else feel a little bit of blood flow down to the tip......?
Fellow Crow (11 months ago)
Admyr 6 (11 months ago)
Well for now only one xbot disliked
criscros95 (11 months ago)
I need it!
Bobby Rush (11 months ago)
Friends said get the Xbox one x PSSH 😂😂😂😂 PlayStation yall better shut up and take my money 😁😁 this game looks lit af
Rap Verses (11 months ago)
Me having both and not giving a fuck about a console war >>>>
SaporousMaximus (11 months ago)
I would get the Xbox One X
Getting you Triggered (11 months ago)
Foreal idc how powerful Xbox one x is. The ps4 is the real deal because the games and still dishing out awesome content. Makes me proud to be a ps4 fan and sony fan in general stuck with theae systems all through the years
Admyr 6 (11 months ago)
Bobby Rush indeed:)
Hugo Damián Pastor (11 months ago)
I didn't catch any "In Game Footage" sign. Is this rendered in real time or just a fancy CGI intro clip?
DarkEndDragon_- (11 months ago)
All in-game engine.
Hyh Ddd (11 months ago)
Just Google it you'll find it
USGishumura (11 months ago)
at some part it looked like it taken from in game, at 1:08 and considering how second son looked and few particle effect looked similar im sure this is rendered in real time.
MarrionCaine (11 months ago)
So no gameplay footage. Every game has good CGI, show me the gameplay.
DarkEndDragon_- (11 months ago)
It's in-game engine, idiot.
Adanta micklewhite (11 months ago)
So Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world game, the distillation of internal pitches that eventually whittled down to one concept: the fantasy of becoming a samurai. As the "ghost" in the title suggests, the game will be an action-stealth experience. And Fox said all of the locations in the trailer are in-engine. Copied and paste u can find it on usgamer page if you want to see for yourself
Adanta micklewhite (11 months ago)
Read online they said it’s all in game footage
MTL Sniper (11 months ago)
Hyh Ddd no it's a fuckin CGI STOP talking out of you're ass and don't let this distract u that's this is running on PlayStation 4 pro NOT PS4 VANILLA
Hyh Ddd (11 months ago)
Not CGI...it was all in engine
emmanuel mosley (11 months ago)
Finally video game developers are going back an taking advantage of samurai culture. So sick of European knights an guns, it was fun but played out. This looks amazing
emmanuel mosley (11 months ago)
Guts Likes It In The Ass that makes it even more awesome!!!! Now I seriously can't wait. Hope sucker punch is faithful.
Guts Likes It In The Ass (11 months ago)
It's not just Samurai culture, this game will be detailing Mongolian warrior culture. Mongol Empire had conquered China, Russia, Middle east and was then trying to conquer Japan so they kinda were the apex warriors of the Medieval age.
emmanuel mosley (11 months ago)
Joel Walker they do but it is usually a back drop. They don't explore fully their own history often
The Protagonist (11 months ago)
Joel Walker I love Way of the Samurai games
The Protagonist (11 months ago)
I've really wanted samurai games since Onimusha way back in 2001
Mr. Nutt (11 months ago)
Sheren Faruka (11 months ago)
Admyr 6 bruh.. dont make assumptions!!! .most pc players.. play multi plats.. and as a bonus come all the other indie games and shit.. I dont see a reason why a person wouldnt play.. witcher3.. half life.. assasins creed.. Forza..wolfenstain etc...on pc Btw.. ALL of these are awsomely optimized!!🙄 Loon at the stats on steam.. origin or uplay!
Soracool123 (11 months ago)
Admyr 6 Well you you obviously make it seem like those things are some sort of negatives with PC (except the pirating part ofc but, let's be honest you can pirate anything for any platform). Also I never said all trailers or sony's now a days are on PC's I said most are.
Admyr 6 (11 months ago)
Soracool123 and i didn't said anything about having choice is bad thing just what most pc players play
Admyr 6 (11 months ago)
CLOROX BLEACH lol that makes no sense
Admyr 6 (11 months ago)
Soracool123 well this trailer is captured from a ps4 pro system just as many other ps4 games and i can't play this on a PC sooo..
masterwordless (11 months ago)
I am so ready for this game sucker punch is back!!!!!!!
Getting you Triggered (11 months ago)
Oh my i have the feeling this is like a nioh type game.. Awesome
Prince Dizzy (11 months ago)
Wow this looks absolutely amazing, can't wait to play this, should be another excellent PS4 exclusive.
G K (11 months ago)
Mr Malunigans something which not a single Xbox one exclusive gameplay could do which would make me buy it instantly
Prince Dizzy (11 months ago)
Mr Malunigans Silly? Wtf?
Burnin Embers Official (11 months ago)
Prince Dizzy what makes u assume that? All they showed was a silly cutscene.
Blair (11 months ago)
Looks like day one purchase for me.
サイレス (11 months ago)
Probably will since sucker punch is known for exclusives.
Mr Benjamin (11 months ago)
First :D

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