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DOOM Gameplay Demo - E3 2015 Bethesda Conference - Finishers, big guns and a chainsaw

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Bethesda opened their conference with some brand new DOOM gameplay. Well. It's a little too perfectly timed to be actual gameplay, but this is E3! Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (1072)
Karl Faucher (1 day ago)
boy am I glad imps got a new design after E3. they look like Anorexic hellknights in this Demo.
Shiny Giratina (20 days ago)
7:46 (looking at painsaw) ah, hell yeah. *(taking painsaw from body)* *AH, HELL FUCKING YEAH.* *IT'S COMMUNICATION TIME.*
Derfymen (1 month ago)
I love how everyone went "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH" at 2:43
Rodrigo Jr Sotto (2 months ago)
By the fact he has a chainsaw in his wepon wheel but still pulls out one from a corpse
Rodrigo Jr Sotto (2 months ago)
Imps looked so diffirent
Neuroticmuffin (2 months ago)
Even though this is most likely scripted the was actually very good! You can do everything you see in the trailer.
Cody Brown (3 months ago)
It all ways pisses me of seeing doomguy die
Shell Shock Cat (6 months ago)
i just noticed that the chainsaw has unlimited gas
임상규 (7 months ago)
Ah! Chainsaw! The great communicator!!
Hego Damask (8 months ago)
Completely exceeded hype
TetrisClock (10 months ago)
9:00 for best glory kill in the game.
xMsry7 (11 months ago)
Their own game and they're playing it all wrong, I've never seen anyone play doom at that pace
HYPE WARRIOR!! (1 year ago)
incredible game thank god this counters for the trash embarrassment that is doom 3
ANDRADA (1 year ago)
4:20 i don't think he shot him...
minion986 (1 year ago)
welcome back ID software. bringing back the bad ass shooters that we all love :)
Johnster (1 year ago)
It's nice to see all the changes made for the final release
Kurt Rozentaun (1 year ago)
i like how crowd reacts :D
Mr Mac Donald (1 year ago)
doom is soooooooo awesome
Popoporkchop (1 year ago)
The game looked great here, but the retail version managed to be even better! It's sad how surprises like this rarely happen nowadays.
Psy Kick (1 year ago)
Music is so much better now in the game. I am glad it is.
Caio Brito (1 year ago)
Adarsh Reddy everything is better now
Gam3rGuy10 * (1 year ago)
There's a few things i wish they left. But still, this game makes up for ALL the gaming sins of 2015. Last year just seemed like the year of bad games. But then doom released. HELL YES.
WeeBrizo (1 year ago)
this seems scarier than the final product
Kryptix (1 year ago)
Why is this stage not in the game? This would look sick
Kryptix (1 year ago)
Ok thanks
Ruston Toups (1 year ago)
Brett Szudzik It is, it's the third level
Doctor Gibuz (1 year ago)
Did you hear that one guy go "Yeah!" as Doom guy ripped that guys arm off to access the panel thing.
Gam3rGuy10 * (1 year ago)
Yeah! (See what i did there?)
Ben Wasserman (1 year ago)
Doom lived up to the hype people. Best FPS game in quite some time
임상규 (1 year ago)
Ahhh! Chainsaw! The great communicator!
이해빈 (1 year ago)
Man, crowd are really excited when chainsaw is coming out
NaLuZa (1 year ago)
I love watching this and just listening to the crowds reactions.
Paxus (2 years ago)
wow... just wow..
elijo sintetico (2 years ago)
I never forget I saw this video for the first time. call my girlfriend. I put it. almost vomits and hit me. but it's not 90's then realized that this is DOOM. I had to put Dear Esther to calm the situation
Tha Botmon (2 years ago)
Its funny that the final game doesnt even look like that !
6 6 6
Cian.Monks (2 years ago)
so after 100% this fantastic game, I decided to come back and look at this footage and boy you can see good changes, the chainsaw didn't have its own dedicated button In the demo but did upon release, the imps look more generic and like wimpy he'll knights in the gameplay, the hud is alot more brighter in the final game, one thing I wished they kept in was in this demo the visor goes back to a full helmet view and you can see the screen getting more cracked as the revenant is making doomguy his bitch but overall the game looks so much graphically better then it did in the trailer, Bethesda didn't dissapoint with this game and let's see what they have in store for Doom 2 :)
Mark Jackson (2 years ago)
But yeah, it actually didn't disappoint, which is one of the greatest things to come along in a while
Mark Jackson (2 years ago)
Bethesda didn't actually make the game, ID Software did. The ones that made the original doom. Bethesda pretty much just published it and maybe directed it some.
KuralsizimBeN (2 years ago)
happy end :)
juanme555 (2 years ago)
LMAO graphics and gameplay on E3 looked worst than final game on pc
Andru451 (26 days ago)
This is xbox gameplay
juanme555 (2 years ago)
+ChiotVulgaire This is a hardcore game baby, this is how they used to do it back in the 90's
ChiotVulgaire (2 years ago)
Funny how with lots of games it tends to be the opposite.
Dmitri Lebedev (2 years ago)
Bodies are torn apart so many times, and every time somebody shouts "yeah!" Are they sick? Come on, in Amercian system, and we submit ourselves to it in Youtube, female breast is forbidden, and this awful stuff is allowed. I suppose if you talk to or film others' kids, you're labelled as pedophile. A discussion that touches race and gender topics makes you vulnerable to political correctness zealots, meanwhile this thing is considered appropriate! This presenter avoids the F word, like it's something shocking and inappropriate, meanwhile the content after it is shown as a good healthy breakfast or something. Come on! This video doesn't even have an "explicit content" prompt or a warning. Not that I advocate for traditionalist things, but this is just disgusting and repelling.
Josm M (2 years ago)
Orangebud131 (2 years ago)
This guys patter is shit
ArKi Animates (2 years ago)
The plasma rifle looks like it's from plasma burst 2
Chronometry (2 years ago)
7:45 for some Ash-inspired goodness.
Ozuno17 (2 years ago)
As someone who played the classic doom games I'd like to ask something. Where the fuck is the heavy metal?
Prankmonkey (2 years ago)
So at 3:38 doom guy puts spent cartridges into the db shotgun. Anyone else catch that? I forgive you programmers for not knowing how primers work.
HAKKINEN (2 years ago)
si no está midway es mierda el juego
Preston Saleh (2 years ago)
this game looks so dope
Twilight Sparkle (2 years ago)
Could you imagine the Moonman mod for this? It would be fucking amazing
AbnormalInfant (2 years ago)
Ripping out someone's hand to gain access to stuff, getting your arms ripped off and slammed across the face with... wonder what the Aussie censormen are gonna say.
Danny Furrison (2 years ago)
Not exactly how I would've ended that gameplay trailor, but still... I want this. ^u^
wishcraft4u2 (2 years ago)
This is an underwhelming generic fps that only exists because marketeers are trying to tap into the whole brutal doom fad
Asian Retardation (1 year ago)
can't have an opinion on something that you've never played
Ethan Tomkins (2 years ago)
Only if the got the multiplayer down...
wishcraft4u2 (2 years ago)
... And then the single player game comes out and it turns out to be the retro fps sensation of the decade. Fancy that!
Ethan Tomkins (2 years ago)
I wouldn't call it a terrible game, I personally thought the way they went about the campaign was terrific. Though the multiplayer was VERY generic, the snap map game mode was fun. It's a nice set up for a sequel... I know this was posted like a month ago, I just thought I would comment that.
Munchies romero (2 years ago)
+wishcraft4u2 DUDE!!! WAIT. WHAT? IDK what you mean....... ;P
Corrie De Beer (2 years ago)
i hope the multiplayer would be good. It would be awesome to have a new competitive arena shooter
Andrei Braga (2 years ago)
this is just my opinion: I think it would have been much much better if they made character to move slowly, realisticaly i mean, and your target cross to heavily swing while your moving. basically give it a realistic feel, you're in the boots of a ordinary marine in an extraordinary situation, fighting demons. make it half survival, but not in the sense you have to scavange for ammo but you have to take care of your life and use a bit of tactic and planing
Mark Jackson (2 years ago)
Your not an ordinary marine, you the thing the almost tore hell apart in the past and your wearing enchanted armor given to you by a demon. Not only that but you have enough strength to break out of metal with your bare hands. I think in this situation it's ok to move a little faster than the norm. Plz don't yell at me cause the game wasn't out then. I meant no trouble.
DOOM SLAYER (2 years ago)
+Andrei Braga he's one of those marines that genetically enhanced I think
Andrei Braga (2 years ago)
+Marino Šimić​ yeah i know. But in the old days irrealistically fast paced action shooters were the thing, so yeah, but nowadays i feel like the people want soething else. Different from a "recipe" used for games 12 years ago...know what i mean? (Its retorical, nevermind XD )
Marino Šimić (2 years ago)
+Andrei Braga Doom was always more action shooter then survival.
CoffeePaladin (2 years ago)
So glad there's no health regeneration.
Franco Elias (2 years ago)
looks kinda like halo
The Mysterious Guy (2 years ago)
Looks interesting, although wouldnt like ppl watching me play it
David Kimbley (2 years ago)
So guys please excuse me so I can go throw up... again :P
Codename Cowboy (2 years ago)
I kinda liked the direction they took Doom 3. More horror based. This looks like it will be fun, and I love the traditional action and gore... but it seems a little too cartoonish..
Mateusz K (2 years ago)
8:38 - walking without head
Karma (2 years ago)
Does anybody know the Doom 3 jewel case key?
Youra Wayke (2 years ago)
Doom is Dead this is absurd and stupidly sluggish for DOOM.
baddmint (2 years ago)
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MrHothead099 (2 years ago)
It looks fun, but is that all to this new Doom game? Doesn't really seem like there's a story, which I think a lot of people will be expecting.
Jake 3752 (2 years ago)
This is a demo, a showing-off. Not a movie trailer. Not every game needs to have an in-depth story. Doom is like the cheesy 80s action movie series of video games, that and Duke Nukem.
Rag Ark (2 years ago)
Did you really expect any story from a 9 minute demo of the game that won't be coming out soon?
Adrian Sanchez (2 years ago)
se avecina downgrade
pec1739 (2 years ago)
the story should be the doom guy gain unbelievably long life, demon strength and speed after hell visit
Paranoid Android (2 years ago)
It looks beautifull, no question about that. But... A DOOM first gameplay video played with a controller? I guess that's why it also seems so slow. Well, I personally think this is going to be exactly like Wolfenstein - The New Order: A great game, but it left something to be desired (in PC anyway), a lot of people felt the hardest difficulty was easier than it should be. The game also felt slow, both for the player and the enemies (for those of us that remember Return to Castle Wolfenstein that different approach is evident) and the reason for that was the reason the same thing is probably going to happen with DOOM: How can you make a twitch shoot-em-up that's not impossible to play with a controller? I guess the answer is, no, you can't... EDIT: Also, a gun wheel? Really...?
RX_vitorino cerqueira (2 years ago)
RX_vitorino cerqueira (2 years ago)
Rebelkommando616 (2 years ago)
well, that was.... bloody. now if you'll excuse me im gonna go throw up
Mip Mup (2 years ago)
Looks like the worst outcome if Doom 3 and Doom 2 had a baby...
Nick Anderson (2 years ago)
just got XB1 1tb, cant wait for dis game
Adamzy 16 (2 years ago)
Doom is dope. I cant see how its copying call of duty or halo like these today gaming juniors say it is. Well news flash kiddies, Doom was around hell of a lot longer. More like some of the call of duty features like zombies or ghosts copied Id's ideas because call of duty isn't what it USE TO BE!!! That's right kids call of duty is now a BRAND.
Poppens (2 years ago)
Just got Bitch Slapped by his own hands.
Peaceful RAGE (2 years ago)
I've never played any doom game and this makes me want to play it! This looks really cool! Will there be any coop?
Otaku Warrior (2 years ago)
+Rayan The psychopath Never thought about it before, but that actually sounds like a cool idea.
A monkey in the wrench (2 years ago)
+THE_JEDI_GUY None in SP but yes in MP and Snap Map.
Peaceful RAGE (2 years ago)
cool!! +Ryan Martinez 
Ryan Martinez (2 years ago)
+THE_JEDI_GUY there is multiplayer
Peaceful RAGE (2 years ago)
ok cool +Otaku Warrior 
Sebastian Rogers (2 years ago)
the original FPS is taking back the throne
GamerzWallpapers (2 years ago)
this goes to far!!! hahah awesome
WookySnacky666 (2 years ago)
Sad ending, I got the feels :'(
WookySnacky666 (2 years ago)
The irony of hearing people clap, using their attached arms and hands, upon seeing a torn off hand, bloodily sliding down from the scanner.
WookySnacky666 (2 years ago)
Why the fuck is he playing with a fucking controller? FPS games like these are by far best played with a good old fashioned Swedish computer mouse. It's nearly unplayable with the fucking gamepads.
WookySnacky666 (2 years ago)
You try brutal doom? I'm more excited playing that than I'm excited about playing this new Doom game in the future. :P
Thanatos Gwyn (2 years ago)
+WolfySnackrib666 Altough it is a fact that FPS (And pretty much any shooter subgenre) are far easy to play with Mouse & Keyboard, it all comes down to a matter of opinion, i fortunately have all platforms (Yes, including PC, in fact, i will play DOOM on PC) and i can play with any type of control i want, so, i guess i'm god tier.
Marino Šimić (2 years ago)
+rasif rahman I am familiar and proficient with both, but there is no way to be comparable in FPS game at all. I also had a friend that never played on the computer before and when he got one in a few months he said the same thing about FPS. Mouse and keyboard simply is better then a controller for such games. You can do turns and strafes much easier, not taking into account aim speed.
rasif rahman (2 years ago)
+gamer hub yes mouse and keyboards are for working on documents..those who cant play with the gamepads are far behind and need to get familiar with it..
Abraham Iglesias (2 years ago)
Don't worry about your preference. You obviously don't understand how the business world works if you think they'd release this for only computers. They wouldn't even be able to cover the cost of all their productions if they'd release for only one device. You should remember that doom came out for the Nintendo 64 which was a controller back then too.
the meat man (2 years ago)
Is it split-screen?
Bean HaMMaR (2 years ago)
Fucking console shit!
WeylandYutaniInc (2 years ago)
5:30 "Plasma rifle in the 40 watt range".
ssfabio (2 years ago)
rovinare un gioco storico .. fatto !! grazie bethesda
Sanguine420 (2 years ago)
A little too perfectly timed to be actual gameplay? Oh my dear lack of gods, how poor a gamer are you? If you think that was 'too perfect' for a bloke who was probably involved in creating/beta-testing the game, I shudder to think what goes on in your head.. GET *BETTER!* -Sanguine
mateusz malisz (2 years ago)
Nie mogę się doczekać,wyjdzie ta gra w przyszłym roku,Kupuję ją na 1000000 % Muszę mieć w kolekcji Gier.Wygląda świetnie ta nowa część Doom'a
bOrdyCZ (2 years ago)
Its shit :D funny how stupid , slow and bad enemy and after 10 minutes of gameplay it is boring ...
Scooby Doobie (2 years ago)
Ur right the game is as Boring as my nans tea party's
blendernoob64 (2 years ago)
I see doors everywhere. Alternate pathways?
GenocidalGod (2 years ago)
I wonder if this will be a money grubbing, dlc based, half developed games sold at full price like so many other recent titles. desting was such a crap load. so is eso.
BloonatoR (2 years ago)
This guy aim so bad they should at least find someone better to promote game!
Alan Martinez (2 years ago)
Me siento realmente emocionado y al mismo tiempo decepcionando por que se que el downgrade en consolas va a ser brutal :C
Cheery Eagle (2 years ago)
holy fuck when he destroyed that guy with his own leg made me love this game even more
Tyler Durden (2 years ago)
This won't get boring after 20 minutes! 😑
Kragathor Zëbudieor (2 years ago)
I like it when we are grabbing a weapon, there's an animation instead of that stupid video game logic where the gun suddenly dissappears and teleported right away to our hands.
Hold_Your_Ground (2 years ago)
Halo meets gears of war meets Doom! This is fucking amazing! I'll have to say, I haven't really been excited for games in awhile but THIS I have to try
Syn het (2 years ago)
It's great but it's a shame that everybody is making reboot or sequel/prequel we want some NEW and ORIGINAL new masterpiece license!
Ian Hoswell (2 years ago)
God damn that chainsaw made for some satisfying kills.
Hellion Malkav (2 years ago)
Whyyyy, Why the gun is not in the middle of his chest????
Goodgoyim Takethepill (2 years ago)
looks promising, but i hope it gets more claustrophobic.. too many enemies at far range instead of sneaking up on you.
Sparta Sr. (2 years ago)
I'd like to hear a soundtrack without that CoD tech sound effects. Only metal.
Generic Internetter (2 years ago)
It was great nostalgia to see some of the original elements revisited, however this fails to capture the gameplay feel of the original Doom and Doom 2. This remake, at best, is the "proper" version of Doom 3D. But that was also a failure. The original gameplay had open environments against multiple enemies, often completely surrounding you. This game (like Doom 3D) looks just like another linear shooter where you pop off two or three enemies at a time. Another big part of the original Doom gameplay was the fact that you had to struggle to find health, armour, and ammo. Granted, this is just a demo, but it still failed to show any kind of scarcity. At no point did it feel like the player is trying to survive. Without that element, it just plays like a conveyor belt of death animations. I feel like I've seen everything I need to see, just from this demo. The mob shown at the end is a rocket guy (forgot the original name). In the original Dooms, he shoots rockets at you and those rockets curve around corners. This kind of tactical challenge, mixed in with other mobs roaming around, is what gave the original Dooms their distinct gameplay feel. However, in this remake, the rocket guy jumps on you and rips your arms off. Not very tactical. Plus I saw no rockets. All the mobs looks more or less the same, which again completely departs from the original Doom games. I can hardly think of any game since that had such a wide variety of mobs, both in their artistics style, and in how they functioned. This remake is probably going to be another total fail. It just feels like another Doom 3D: A graphics-heavy, bloody shitfest of guns 'n' 'splosions; Tactical survival combat not included. For you younger people: 'Find' a copy of the original Doom and Doom 2; You might need to use DosBox. Play them both all the way through. After that, take another look at this trailer, and you will truly understand everything I have said above.
Zeus Mc. (2 years ago)
I have not played video games for a decade but I want to play this one. 1) I used to play it when I was a kid 2) Watching that you just completely lose yourself, its so beautifully simple compared with modern first person shooters and 3) Just because Anita Sarkeesian didn't like it! (What is better than escaping yourself blowing apart zombies with a shotgun with the overarching knowledge that Anita Sarkeesian would be shaking her head if she saw you!?)
Captain Cringus (2 years ago)
you can move your mouse up and down
Alex Knight (2 years ago)
I can't decide whether Doom or Killing Floor 2 will have more gore, I have a feeling that it'll be doom.
666qwertz (2 years ago)
The game pauses when switching weapons? What kind of shit is this? Also: graphics top, sound sucks Also: No mouse????

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