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Valuable Games You Probably Have

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Here's a list of games that are worth a decent amount of money that you probably already own. The price of games from NES - Xbox 360. Twitter: http://twitter.com/bobwulff Instagram: http://instagram.com/thewulffden Facebook: http://facebook.com/wulffden Previous Games: http://youtu.be/Il4pakuQz-4 Previous Wulff Den: http://youtu.be/eUaStLy4G6E?list=PLc3r8OvpITM5eMn-_94M4Ipzx4xpiVgPl SUBSCRIBE TO US: http://www.youtube.com/user/WulffDen?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (81)
Neptune/Purple Heart (6 days ago)
I have Xenoblade Chronicles but couse it is a great game that I will keep in my collection
Yusuf Gazi (1 month ago)
4:49 I'll never sell my childhood.
Nick Nintendo (1 month ago)
I got Pokémon pearl and white
Kyari (1 month ago)
Hey man, just found your channel and wanted to say I really enjoy watching! Keep up the good work!
Bus Bus (2 months ago)
I like Luigi’s mansion and no it’s not because of Nostalgia. I bought it recently.
Star (2 months ago)
I have the Metroid prime trilogy and conkers bad fur day. I probably won’t sell them though.
VampireBuddha (4 months ago)
Conker's Bad Fur Day for the N64 goes for €130 (about $150)
ComicsAttack (4 months ago)
You mean 32x mega drive is the genesis
Captain Raz (6 months ago)
If they are owned by so many, they can't be "rare", right?
jake winchester (7 months ago)
i was shocked when i went to my local game store and found a copy of conkers bad fur day going for 100 bucks ive had that game since it came out and i seriously played the shit out of it until maybe 3 years ago because all my n64 controllers broke
Wu tang reGect163 (7 months ago)
What about ultimate marvel vs Capcom 3 for ps3 I have it hpw much is it worth i was told it's rare
Schmidtyeet (8 months ago)
Mario kart Wii usually sells used for $35-$55 for what I’ve seen so far
Hassaan Muhammad (8 months ago)
im so sad, I sold Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon Black with the Pokewalker for 75$ R.I.P
J J (8 months ago)
I have a limited 2002 PS2 Gungrave from Tokyo with the Gungrave figure with everything in mint condition, original japanese black label FFIX, FFVII PC version with the mousepad, Both Dreamcast Shenmues and Skies of arcadia, Bloodborne Nightmare edition etc.
Travis Carroll (9 months ago)
I've got rock band and lego rock band and a whole band's worth of working instruments
lonetigerx (9 months ago)
i have a couple of these items scattered among a lot of junk...sooo....i'll find them eventually..
SigmaElement (10 months ago)
I have the american AND japanese FFVII original with case. Both.
Karnage Fails (10 months ago)
Yeah, I got KOTOR 2 and FF7 Black label. Oh and Zelda Collectors. Thought FF7 was worth a few hundred wtf lol
Adam (9 months ago)
It was until it was re-released on mobile phones, Steam, PS Classics etc...
Dom Animates (11 months ago)
What about that super MARIO game on the DS
Owen Conatser (11 months ago)
I have gutar hero stuff, zelda collercter stuff and something else
El Mantishrimp (1 year ago)
My friend's dad owns MvC 2 on Dreamcast and the last time I looked, it's worth like $300
Adam (8 months ago)
If it paid for an Xbox 360 it was a good deal for you. The PS2 version is not worth as much anymore either because of the re-releases of the game on the PSN and Xbox Live years later.
Karnage Fails (8 months ago)
I paid $85 for a PS2 version about ten years ago. The disc was completely fucked and it came with no case or booklet. Worked fine and I regret getting rid of it. Think I used the $$ to get an Xbox 360.
Adam (9 months ago)
Sadly, it's only $60-$70 as of today for a complete version.
pk mach (1 year ago)
My mom gave away my SNES with Mario RPG, Mario all Stars, and Link to the past for free
Karnage Fails (8 months ago)
pk mach I feel your pain. My old man got rid of my SNES around '95. His ex-girlfriend got me a new Sony PlayStation when it came out though. After that happened, I didn't really start missing my SNES until after I started getting tired of playing online 360 for years. Hopefully with Switch, we will soon be able to play all those great games again without having to deal with emulation and ROM bullshit.
HWGA (1 year ago)
Why do you hate Luigi's Mansion?
Roman (1 year ago)
pokemon soul silver and heart gold get a pretty penny. that fact made me so smug
Maiden Viking (1 year ago)
Of these we have Mega Man to NES, Zelda Collctors edition to GC, Lugis Mansion to GC (But disc only), Metroid Prime Trilogy to wii and Spyro to the xbox 360
Chintwo (2 years ago)
the simpsons game for the xbox 360 and ps3 slowly becoming more valuable.
Chase Reiter (2 years ago)
if you were a real collector you wouldn't use Amazon 2 price eBay buy-it-now sold listings are the best way to
Ed Bain (2 years ago)
Off to look for some GameCube component cords,damn 200$?
Stanley York (2 years ago)
So yeah, I happen to have all the pokemon games and two pokewalkers with fresh batteries.... A shelf that is worth over $250.... awesome!
Na- GG (2 years ago)
In my opinion I think Sly Cooper and Jack and Daxter for the PS2 would be worth something. Those were my 2 favorite games of the PS2
JustinEvitable80 (2 years ago)
Megaman V and Final Fantasy VII are the only ones on the list I have. I have nothing REALLY rare.
Lordblaarg (2 years ago)
Mike Tyson's Punch-out is pretty valuable.
pokemon Red Gameboy $400, Used $30
Karnage Fails (8 months ago)
Manuel Eduardo Diaz Cabrera What about blue? I have one of those.
pokemon yellow New $300, used $30
AllegedTuna32 (2 years ago)
Earthbound goes for over $100
Seth Basler (2 years ago)
What about crash for gamecube
jebber gaming jaws (2 years ago)
I got super stoked when my father in law brought wife's old NES to us w/ Megaman 2 cib, lol, just one of those moments for me. Also wanted to add Conker's Bad Fur Day to the list here.
jebber gaming jaws (2 years ago)
Great list. Really wish I could find my old copy of Powerstone 2. That game was so freakin sweet!
Michael Bennett (2 years ago)
star wars battlefront 1
zombiebeast69 (2 years ago)
star wars battlefront 2 for ps2
Grayskull Master (7 months ago)
How much?
Pholiage (2 years ago)
Meanwhile here in Sweden Actraiser and Castlevania IV....$300+... godt damn hipster reseller bullcrap..
Nebzy IsMyName (2 years ago)
shouldnt have given that xenoblade away
Miss Vendetta (2 years ago)
I have every single one of those Xbox games...damn *eyes old games*
Extraz snipZe (3 years ago)
I have luigi mansion
Oscar Humberto (3 years ago)
good for eve
Wesley Patterson (3 years ago)
oh my god i sold my version of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon a week after i bought it for 20$........... excuse me while i go kill myself........
Mr Lenny (3 years ago)
What about Super Smash Bros Melee, best selling game on the GameCube, yet it's worth around 60 bucks.
xThat1Gamer (3 years ago)
I'm still trying to figure out how I got here. and I like this shit.
Rey Zephlyn (3 months ago)
WULFF DEN I see Bob is a snack that ages well
WULFF DEN (3 years ago)
+xThat1Gamer excellent
James Davis (3 years ago)
ty for powerstone mention
arceus227100 (3 years ago)
i have the spyro dawn of the dragon for the wii. how much would that be?
WULFF DEN (3 years ago)
+arceus227100 http://lmgtfy.com/?q=spyro+dawn+of+the+dragon+wii
Jack Hayes (3 years ago)
You deserve more subs!
WULFF DEN (3 years ago)
wickednda2k (3 years ago)
Rock Band 3 for the ps3, NEW. crazy prices.
SamTheDitto (3 years ago)
PS1 Yugioh forbidden memories?
Obtuse Optix (3 years ago)
i think i have the FF7 but no case... (wouldn't dare give it up either lol)
starsign-romance (3 years ago)
I have Super Mario Rpg! It's a must play and I'll never sell it. Ive seen Marvel vs Capcom 2 for Dreamcast at $90 Watched twice bc you're so cute >_< Why do you have FF7? It's amazing bc of it's jump to 3D and it's innovations and relatable characters in a modern setting but you dislike RPGS...
dededead inside (3 years ago)
You missed Mario Kart 64 for sure. Goes for about $40-$50.
dededead inside (3 years ago)
+TheNintendoGamer not too sure tbh, sorry.
xgamer866 (3 years ago)
+Jim E. Rustler what about cart and box?
dededead inside (3 years ago)
+TheNintendoGamer yeah
xgamer866 (3 years ago)
Just the cart?
Vasarcdus (3 years ago)
You hated Luigi's mansion?! D:
Vasarcdus (3 years ago)
Understandable. I can't help but love it, though.
WULFF DEN (3 years ago)
+Vasarcdus I wanted it very badly to be a Mario launch title!
Oscar Gomez (3 years ago)
dude FML i had 4 gamecube components!!!
heycristo (3 years ago)
im also sharing this channel, you deserve way more subs!
Elitist Trash (3 years ago)
I'm sharing this channel, it needs more attention.
WULFF DEN (3 years ago)
You're the BEST
ScreenHackTV (3 years ago)
Zelda twilight princess for the gamecube. Especially the PAL version. Worth about 80 because it was the last gamecube game.
Wiz Koulikov (4 years ago)
I thought the Dreamcast version of Marvel Vs Capcom 2 was the most expensive and wanted version. Should've mentioned DBZ Final Bout and Jet Grind Radio. I'm not sure how much Final Bout would go for English or Japanese but I know Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast) used to go for a decent amount of money.

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