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Battlefield 1 Pigeon Gameplay - Most Speechless Scene Ever

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PIGEON Gameplay! This scene in BF1 left me speechless. DICE really did their best to show what The Great War (World War 1) looked like in Battlefield 1's single player & multiplayer. This is one of the many great scenes in the game. Captured by my friend B3st0ner on PC. NEW CHEAP GAMES ► https://www.g2a.com/?reflink=mathchief# SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief?fref=ts My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (8272)
Ciack70 (2 days ago)
Buck Artist (5 days ago)
Lol no one knew who pritchfard is
Manu Traas (18 days ago)
The God dayum pigeon
Crimson Sixth (19 days ago)
if this was CoD.. "Press F to grab the pigeon"
Ethan g-w (22 days ago)
Big Nibba
cibriosis (26 days ago)
I think i said this once..but i have never been more suprised in an action war game..than this scene...i wish other games did this
Ala Marzougui (1 month ago)
there is no heroes in war,both sides are enemies to each,both sides destroy each others countries,people and cultures,i guess the one thing i picked up from this scene(putting aside that it got me right in my heart)that the only good side is the pigeon's side.
Young Rios (1 month ago)
I can go to sleep with the bf1 music . Cod ww2? No
ShaMana999 (1 month ago)
This game has probably the shortest campaign I've ever played but god damn it if it wasn't the best by a mile. So many amazing emotional moments.
spRintZ 4k (1 month ago)
A game has never brought tears in my eyes.but this 😭
douweddouwed - (1 month ago)
Wtf i came here hoping to see what you see when you fly low, millions of men walking
Odi Maxx (1 month ago)
So beautiful. Its the reality of war and how senseless it is
fsffsa5325324 (1 month ago)
If Battlefield 1 had more moments like this, I think it'd be a much better game. I want more single-player DLC.
Marc Caballero (2 months ago)
what were this germans saying when they saw the artillery
ApplePiePlz (2 months ago)
This scene actually made me cry
ibl4m3yrem0m (2 months ago)
most speechless scene ever, i mean pigeons can't talk but they can make pigeon noises
You will be home before the leaves fall from the trees. - Emperor Wilhelm II addressing German soldiers departing for the front in WWI (August 1914)
Oliver The III (2 months ago)
This scene legit made me cri😢
Benjamin Tyler (3 months ago)
goosebumps immediately
Joe N. (3 months ago)
The writers over at DICE are fricken geniuses. I liked BF1 because it showed so many downsides to war and presented moments of peace, contrary to most other war games which seem to glorify war.
Rene Stamer (3 months ago)
Can't remember tja Quest...
GeekStar (3 months ago)
Manly tears were and will ever be shed
Youtube IsGaming (3 months ago)
realse the pigeon thats an order
Rhodes _02 (3 months ago)
Anyone else start crying?~
KongthePotato (3 months ago)
on the massage paper it said Grid 317241 but the allies fired to grid 3642. Coincidence?
Neon_Midnight_Sky (4 months ago)
Not to get all political on people but when i see this it just makes me wonder how beautiful life can be and why we must fight over it.
Hello Again ! (4 months ago)
fu ck the rothschild world wars enginers
luke and lucy gaming (4 months ago)
Is it on the first mission ☺☺☺☺☺
ThisTexas Boyz (3 months ago)
luke and lucy gaming yes
Richik Mukherjee (4 months ago)
Best scene in war gaming history
Rhodes _02 (4 months ago)
anyone else cry thinking about all those deaths? :(
Bao Shao (4 months ago)
you see the guy who reads the note from the pigeon is actually is a American from multiplayer in BallRoom Blitz and Argonne Forest and that class is Assault
Berkay Ak (4 months ago)
Grid, 3,6,4,2
Adrian Adi (4 months ago)
That pigeon is a hero
M R media (4 months ago)
If violent games make people violent then do pigeon games make people pigeons
DerHalbeEuro (4 months ago)
My girlfriend was like "Awww what a beautiful game =)
Flufflepuff (4 months ago)
literally the best part of the entire game
Francesca FAN (4 months ago)
Did finch come back to life or somethin?
Murph Adventures (4 months ago)
A WWE FAN That was Pritchard, the other crewman no one really noticed
MOTHER (5 months ago)
I dont know why but in my game the pigeon is flying into the ground
SmiLe Factory (5 months ago)
no radio back then. but they can build massive gun and tank etc wtf
Hypennik (3 months ago)
Yeah, That's what pisses me off about this era.
hopscotchoblivion (5 months ago)
This is the dumbest shit I ever seen.
Chinyama Kakoma (5 months ago)
Battlefeels 1
iqbal (5 months ago)
What is the name of the pigeon who composed the music??
zigi Ahmed (5 months ago)
Truly epic the reality of what happened
Ryan Wong (5 months ago)
Still think they should’ve died, this should’ve been the last mission in the campaign, would’ve made it more emotional
Deine Mutter (5 months ago)
I want a German singleplayer campaign
Nolan Sandoval (5 months ago)
The pigeon reminds me of the ending of blade runner
Buzzkillaz (5 months ago)
Makes me so emotional this scene. Seeing all the hell below knowing that there is a glimpse of peace only 100ft above it...
Travis Sjursen (5 months ago)
I couldn't watch this on my Xbox, kept saying return to combat zone over the pigeon
"Fly, Cher Ami, fly!"
Digging Deeper #01 (6 months ago)
Dice desperately needs to make more Campaign missions. 5 is just NOT ENOUGH.
BlapBlop (6 months ago)
In what planet do these german soldiers live in to think they can break a tank’s doors open by bashing it with their rifle? Just overanalyzing here because i’m bored enough to do it.
LleoGamingForce (6 months ago)
User Z (6 months ago)
Я рыдал
Official Derp Gaming (6 months ago)
i thought the video is about the pigeon having a massive glitch
Aizad Adam (6 months ago)
*Pigeon dead*
Dormin (6 months ago)
"battlefield might have better online play but call of duty has a better campaign and story!!" *get the fuck out of here you fucking scrub*
Poly Wog (6 months ago)
Feel like this scene had so much damn potential if they just showed more destruction and violence while the bird flew, bullet tracers and such.
TKMaida (6 months ago)
Does not even compare to the last scene in The Runner.
Thndr_ (6 months ago)
That part was the worst. I couldn't control it for crap. Worst part.
jokeonyou89 (6 months ago)
I was speechless and totally overwhelmed by this moment when it appeared from nowhere.
allahu akbar (6 months ago)
Best pigeon gameplay
Lucifer Morningstar (6 months ago)
this moment... - FUCKS UP THE HOLE COD SERIES.
Juan Milla (7 months ago)
Surely though they would tend to use grey pigeons though coz harder to see?
exhaustedbean #33 (7 months ago)
Jonathan Testardi (7 months ago)
This was my favorite out of all the campaign cutscenes!
SansIndoGaming (7 months ago)
dat title i agree
sasithorn Dutjada (7 months ago)
I cry
Owen Drummond (7 months ago)
Anyone know what the German said before the shells exploded?
HEMBRO (4 months ago)
Owen Drummond Watch out theres motars inbound
Lorenzo Chambers (7 months ago)
Sir, new fire mission! opens up letter "Send Nudes"
Lorenzo Chambers (7 months ago)
takes control of pigeon lmao
Frankie Bote Jr. (7 months ago)
Best Game Scene So Far in year 2016 until now
BIG tiny PANDA (7 months ago)
I was already crying in the prologue and when i played this as the last one i dropped to the ground literally gasping for breath. I was crying so much i barely breathed
sadness, death, sorrow
Roger Carleton (7 months ago)
Very cool Bud :-) Like #2
Bane (7 months ago)
If you did not get chills from this scene, you have no heart or you should just go back to an average fps game
Jack (7 months ago)
"God speech my winged friend" I said to my self
SpartanMovies R (7 months ago)
Keith Appanah (7 months ago)
It's epic scenes like this that make Battlefield One the best game I've ever played. COD is nothing compared to this
Oh HistoryBoi (7 months ago)
People say that COD WW2 is better. Me: BITCH PLEASE!
Oh HistoryBoi (7 months ago)
Play this with Sad Song- We The Kings. It gets depressing as fuck.
Chad Summers (7 months ago)
This was DICE saying "yeah, we can make a pretty good looking map."
Bellevue MathClub (7 months ago)
I wish we can also cluster bomb enemy tanks with pigeon poops.
Blood Bath (7 months ago)
the nazis were already at burgerking by the time that dumbass pidgeon got there
The Crazy Khan (3 months ago)
How the fuck do people not know that the Nazi party didn't exist during WW1? Hitler himself was just a soldier at the time.
yrabr (6 months ago)
Blood Bath Excuse me, but at the time of WW1 the Germans were called the German Empire and ruled by a Kaiser.
Captain J. Dreadful (8 months ago)
They did such an amazing job with this game. I love it.
CK (8 months ago)
Dice should add a multiplayer mode that one team play as pigeons and another team shoot with field guns 32 pigeons vs 32 men
Eshara (8 months ago)
Jono Ashley (8 months ago)
imagine being a pigeon ww1. that would be not a good sight
German You Tube (8 months ago)
Beautiful :)
Caterpillar (8 months ago)
Cher Ami. :)
ItsCizza (8 months ago)
I loved all these stories but i just wish the stories could be longer. :( bf1 was a great game.
Arthritis (8 months ago)
When i first played this part of the game i didn't even know i was the pigeon and i could movie it
That-B (8 months ago)
Release the pigeon!
Kevin Chester (8 months ago)
Fun Fact:During The Great War, German soldiers were trained to shoot carrier pigeons out of the sky
Otakun The vegan (8 months ago)
People only talk about the human cost of war, never the animals. These pigeons were heroes and never get the god damn respect they deserve. The German army trained soldiers to specificity shoot horses and pigeons.
Otakun The vegan (8 months ago)
Some Dude show some respect, animals are not food.
Some Dude (8 months ago)
Otakun The vegan thats like thanking a sandwich for feeding me
Sergei Nikiforow (9 months ago)
Strange. I play in the german language and there was written Grid 3 1 4 2. Must be a little mistake.
Aidan Proulx (9 months ago)
I find it a cool scene
황지호 (9 months ago)
I think that scene is most beautiful scene in the battle field 1
CrazyIrishkid (9 months ago)
I fucking cried
LuckyPieSta 56 (9 months ago)
Who still watch this in 2017??

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