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Comics in the Classroom - WD Comics

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Comics should be taught in the Classroom! Here are some books you should demand your English teacher let you read. Twitter [Bob]: http://twitter.com/bobwulff Twitter [Will]: http://twitter.com/WillWulffDamnIt Instagram: http://instagram.com/thewulffden Facebook: http://facebook.com/wulffden Previously: http://youtu.be/0HxEjY14cpI Previous WD: http://youtu.be/JEq2r8h3ykw SUBSCRIBE TO US: http://www.youtube.com/user/WulffDen?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (23)
Jordan TRusso (6 months ago)
Maus The Sandman V for vendetta
Creature (8 months ago)
I am an English teacher, and I push comics hard. I use them in class. Total respect for the genre. I even have my own channel about comics! :)
Kari Min (11 months ago)
I read a bit of Maus for World Geography when I was learning about Nazi Germany
stinkair (1 year ago)
BrBasik (1 year ago)
They should let students read Batman the Long Halloween. It's more of a murder mystery than a super hero book imo.
Beverly Marsh (1 year ago)
i did a presentation on v for vendetta
Luke Cumby (1 year ago)
I get to read maus for my junior English class in high school
Tyson is awesome (1 year ago)
I am readind MAUS in my gigh school english class. I started reading it before I watched this video. Wierd.
Alpertron CP (1 year ago)
I actually studied V for Vendetta for my English Literature A Level. I compared it to Orwell's 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale with its comments on dystopian governments. My English teacher had never heard of it, thought the quotes were great, AND I got a decent mark.
Fred Bushee (2 years ago)
Daytripper, Barefoot Gen, Punk Rock Jesus, I Kill Giants. Gen and Giants are some heavy shit that a highschool class could dissect. How a girl deals with life my retreating into herself, and the biographical depiction of life in Hiroshima and Nagasaki post atomic bombing by a survivor
Terrydactyl (3 years ago)
I liked this video and would love to see more recommendations in a future video. Also, I think that publishing manga from left to right can sometimes be more annoying than beneficial. For example, in Phoenix Volume 4, Akanemaru has his right hand slashed by Gao. Because the panels are flipped and then arranged to be read right to left, it looks like Akanemaru's left hand was slashed even though he refers to it as his right hand. Body language and backgrounds can be harder to understand when panels are flipped.
Ori Dayan (3 years ago)
As a comic book fan I must say that "Catcher in the Rye" is an incredible book and a very important one as well. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, and by all means you're allowed to be as well, but you just can't degrade a book like this in a video! Other than that you rock man! Keep up the good work!
Thunder Goku (1 year ago)
Ori Dayan In my honest opinion, Catcher in the Rye is so boring. When it comes to anything, I can always see why people like it. With Catcher, I don't see the praise it gets, nothing happens in this.
Roshi the Sayian (3 years ago)
Thanx 4 the suggestions ^^
Barry Donnelly (3 years ago)
You should definitely do a video on the Right-Left/Left-Right controversy in manga. Also Brian Lee O'Malley's Lost at Sea is a serious graphic novel that I think a lot of teenagers would like.
WULFF DEN (3 years ago)
Good choice! Anything O'Malley does really would work.
Bee Melon (3 years ago)
I just went to an art exhibit here in Toronto for Art Spiegelman, they had the stuffed mouse he apparently had used for reference, as well as all the original pages displayed all in one room around every wall, I haven't read it either, but just wanted to mention the timeliness of this video and my experience with his art.
Wonkey Ninja (3 years ago)
Hell yes Ghost World. V for Vedetta
Matthew Luck (3 years ago)
I like the catcher in the rye gag. Did you know that JD Salingers kid Matt Salinger played a live action Captain America? And also in 7th grade mt social studies teacher let me give a presentation on Return of the Spider Slayers.
WULFF DEN (3 years ago)
Wish my 7th grade teacher let me do a project on Return of the Spider Slayers. Also, poor Matt Salinger. If only he was in more movies.....
Capn Cummings (3 years ago)
I think Manhattan Projects would be a good book because it's fiction that uses historic figures that you could use in parallel. 
Capn Cummings (3 years ago)
I hope not. I want it to go on till the end of time. lol
WULFF DEN (3 years ago)
True, but it may be too trippy for your standard English class. Also that sucker is long! Does Hickman even have an endgame?

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